Olga & Nelson’s Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium Engagement in DC

With our Washington Nationals sweeping the Boston Red Sox this past weekend, what better way to celebrate our home team’s wins with a baseball-themed engagement shoot, shot at the Washington Nationals Stadium by Darling Photographers [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Olga & Nelson are HUGE baseballs fan – so what better place to have their engagement shoot than at a baseball stadium, donning their favorite team apparel! After some fun pictures at the stadium, the gorgeous couple changed clothes and headed to Capitol Hill to finish out there shoot!

Happy Monday romancers – we have a GREAT week of blogging ahead :)

Olga & Nelson’s Washington Nationals Stadium Engagement Session

About the couple:

Nelson and Olga met when they were 8 years old at the Tabernacle of Faith Church. Olga, a social worker is passionate about working with youth and families. Nelson, is a computer technician and loves sports. These two grew up together in the church and served in the music, children’s church, youth and mission trip ministries.

Click inside for the rest of Olga & Nelson’s adorable Washington, DC engagement session at Nationals Stadium & Capitol Hill!

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My Offbeat Washington DC Wedding ~ A Year Later ~ Part 2

And we are back, with part 2 of my Washington, DC wedding reflection [part 1, written yesterday here]. I must warn you that this post is even picture heavier than the first part. I thought I had split it evenly, but then there were just TOO many good shots I wanted to share from the “formals” [you will see why I quoted formals soon enough] and then all the amazing fun reception pictures too!

And we’re off …

Our venue search led us all over Washington, DC, to find the perfect, non-hotel ballroom for our reception. We wanted something unique, but something that felt very “Washington, DC” to our guests [since it was a destination wedding for most of our family/friends], and of course we also had a budget.

We had it down to 3 serious contenders, the Longview Gallery near Convention Center, the iconic Union Station, and the Decatur House on Lafayette Square. In the end [thanks to my dad claiming he had “Goosebumps” while walking through], we chose the Decatur House, and we couldn’t have been more ecstatic about our decision.

The Decatur House is right next to the White House – it doesn’t get much more “Washington, DC” than that. Plus the brick building, with the tented courtyard perfectly fit in with our “vintage-modern, hipster” feel of our wedding. The coordinators we worked with, Arioth & Hart, were amazing. They were great with email & communication and were so helpful with how much DIY we wanted to do at the venue.

One thing I would recommend, if your schedule/locations permit it, would be to have a significant break between your ceremony and reception. We had 2 hours for our break. This gave us plenty of time to have a receiving line after the ceremony, allow guests to get to the reception location, AND gave us more than enough time to take all our “formal” pictures!

We had outlined a few bars/places guests could go in between the ceremony and reception, and because the weather was so nice, most opted to just walk around near theĀ  White House!

While guests took a break though, we were busy getting some of the most incredible, offbeat, & hilarious “formals” ever.

We still have no idea what Steve was doing in this picture.

Love this shot of Andy & his groomsmen. I basically emailed everyone in the world at Volcom to find out if/when their grey suits would be back in stock, and I was so glad they were going to have them in time for the wedding. I searched FOREVER to find an affordable grey suit for the groomsmen that would fit them nicely and not cost more than $200.

So yes, we actually asked our groomsmen to buy the suits [vice renting a tux] and all of them were OK with that!

And here was my brilliant idea in all it’s glory for my bridesmaids shots – 7 bridesmaids? 7 Harry Potter books? Best.Bridesmaids.Shot.Ever.

I love how their mismatched black dresses look here too!

And now for our wedding party formals ~ Amber and I worked together to find some fun/different ways to get pictures of our uneven wedding party … and the idea we came up with?

Absolute chaos.

We have about 8 of these shots of our wedding party just having an insane amount of fun, doing what they wanted to do and the end result is just hilarious. I smile every time I see them.

And then we got a some-what more formal one in front of the White House. I still love how relaxed/casual it came out though. Just like a big group of friends hanging out. Love.

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My Offbeat Washington DC Wedding ~ A Year Later ~ Part 1

A look back on my wedding day, 1 year later

I seriously don’t think I can believe that a whole year has come and gone since my wedding last November. For today, I have decided to take some time to reflect on the day, what I learned from planning it, and share some advice with readers as I look back at my own offbeat Washington, DC wedding just over a year ago … I hope you won’t mind sharing the therapeutic journey with me :)

My wedding day started in my condo in Arlington, VA ~ I wanted to have all my bridesmaids and parents with me getting ready, so we could be together that morning. The bathroom was a BIT crowded, but we had so much fun helping each other out.

Along with everyone getting ready in my condo – I also wanted “on-site” bridal hair. It took me HOURS of Google searching to find a hair stylist that would not only come to my house, not charge me a RIDICULOUS amount, AND could pull off the “modern-vintage” hairstyle I wanted. I cannot believe how lucky I was to find Julie of Jewel Hair Design for being that hair stylist. She single-handedly created hair masterpieces for my 2 sisters, 2 bridesmaids, my mom and I. And, every single one of us LOVED our hair.

Julie putting the finishing touches on my sister, while my sister helps my Mom :)

Before Kate Middleton made it cool to DIY your wedding makeup – I had decided to I wanted to do my own makeup for my wedding day too! I didn’t want to look airbrushed/too “made-up” so I went to MAC a few weeks before the wedding, practiced a few times before the big day … and then just did it!

My mom and younger sister help me put my dress on

Though I wasn’t big on traditions for my wedding day … I did do the “something old, new, borrowed, blue”. My something old was my late grandma’s pearls that I wrapped around my wrist to be a bracelet. My older sister had worn them in her wedding a few years previously. Here is my dad putting his mom’s pearls on my wrist.

This picture wouldn’t make sense to most people, but to my family, it has become a family tradition. My mom has a picture just like this from her own wedding. When my older sister got married, they continued the tradition, and then we did too! My parents have all three of these pictures framed on their hutch at home. I love this.

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