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Katie & Ryan’s Quintessential Washington DC Engagement Pictures

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[Images: Photography by Steve & Jane]

Well I’m BACK! Back in the blogging groove this week with the most quintessential Washington DC engagement session and love story. It was SO NICE to take a much needed, full week off of work and blogging, but I am happy to be back in my favorite city, sharing more DC love with you guys as we prep for the end of 2014 and the holiday season. I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving … we got to eat outside in Arizona, as it was 70 on Thanksgiving day! But enough about me, let’s get to Katie & Ryan:

Katie and Ryan met through Twitter – how cool is that?! And over a mutual love of DC, beer, and the Washington National’s President mascots they fell in love. I’m not sure you can get more DC than this and they’ll be capping off their DC love with a wedding at the Decatur House (eep!) next Fall.


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How they met:

We met on Twitter! Ryan followed me because he thought I was cute, and I followed him back because I thought I recognized him. We discovered we lived in the same neighborhood and chalked it up to “well maybe I’ve seen you out and about on H Street.” We kept tweeting at each other periodically for the next month or so. Then, in January 2013, the Nats announced they’d be adding a fifth Racing President to their lineup, and I tweeted a link to the Washington Post article on the subject with my commentary “C’MON CHESTER A. ARTHUR” (because, who the f is that amirite, haha). Ryan replied to my tweet with “If it’s not Millard Fillmore, I’m canceling my season tickets.” The response just so perfectly encapsulated my sense of humor, so my next tweet to him was “Can we be friends in real life?” We planned a time to meet up for drinks, and the rest, as they say, is history.

After reading this, I kinda wanna be friends in real life with these two too! So fun.

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Click inside for the rest of Katie & Ryan’s DC engagement pictures AND the awesome proposal story!

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Capitol Romance: Cyndi & Alan’s Washington Monument Engagement

Spring and sunshine and monuments and LOVE. Nothing really says Washington, DC more than this shoot from Will King Photography ! Submitted by the bride to be (yay! I love when couples want to be on Capitol Romance!!) and full of a beautiful love story and proposal.

Let’s get it going!

Cyndi & Alan’s Washington DC Engagement by the Monuments


About the couple & how they met:

Cyndi grew up in New Jersey, attended college at Virginia Tech and had been living in Arlington Virginia for 3 years when she met Alan. She and a friend had been invited to a group house in OBX for Memorial day weekend. They had been going back and forth as to whether they should go since they wouldn’t’ know many other people.

Alan had grown up in Maryland, attending University of Maryland and was living with roommates in Chevy Chase.  He had made plans to go to Dewey Beach for Memorial Day weekend, but when plans fell through he asked a friend if he could join in on the OBX trip he had gone on the year before.


Alan arrived at the house a day later than everyone else, but quickly had Cyndi laughing about a new Cereal Restaurant that opened by where he lived. She appreciated his patience when teaching her horseshoes and had hoped he would ask her out by the end of the weekend. When that didn’t’ happen, she gave him her number, and worried the entire drive home that that had been too forward of her. Alan called the next night to ask her to the Cereal Bar Restaurant.


They spent the summer dating across state lines, and that September Alan moved to Arlington also within walking distance of Cyndi. They spent the next two years getting to know each other.washington dc engagement pictures blog

Click inside for the rest of this Washington, DC engagement session ~ including the proposal story!

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Capitol Inspiration: Bree & Brian’s Dreamy Washington DC Engagement

I mean, seriously, how could I resist an engagement session from a bride to be that shares my name AND shares the same proposal location as me!? (I mean, this is just getting creepy… ;)

Another Friday is upon us, and with that, another wedding inspiration feature. Today’s Capitol Inspiration post features Brian & Bree, captured by Brandon Lata.

Have a happy weekend Romancers!

Bree & Brian’s Washington DC Engagement Pictures

How They Met

Bree moved to DC about a year after Brian, already knowing many of his friends. The first three times they met, however, at least one of them doesn’t remember. That changed one spring afternoon when a mutual friend hosting a cookout promised them both the last piece of chicken. Bree arrived first and sat down with the plate on her lap. When Brian showed up a few minutes later and discovered her with what he believed was his dinner, he grabbed a fork and pulled up a chair.

Sparks flew as they sat knee-to-knee, and Brian spent the next few months trying to convince Bree to go out with him. She eventually agreed and has barely let him out of her sight since. While both still claim the entire piece of chicken was rightfully theirs, they’re also very happy to have shared it!

Click inside for the rest of this adorable Washington, DC engagement ~ including their shots over at the Arboretum & the proposal story!

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