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I‘ll admit I am not at all ready for this week guys. Last Friday destroyed me (2, two-hour meetings at the day job and I worked from 7:30 to after 6 … ouch) and then Evie decided that once again, 5:15am was an appropriate time Saturday AND Sunday to wake up (insert painful emoji). We did get to enjoy some H Street Fest, but the lack of sleep isn’t ideal, especially as Andy heads out of town for the next few days.

The struggle is real. But at least this adorable surprise proposal on the steps of the Supreme Court is full of smiles, laughs, adorable dogs, and a gorgeous engagement ring. Hoping it helps brighten your week like I’m hoping it will mine. Happy Monday Romancers.

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From the photographer:

When Mat decided that he was going to propose to Mana, he knew that it had to be on the Supreme Court steps. The two met in law school and this building had a huge significance to them in their relationship. Mat also knew that, however he proposed, he would have to incorporate “the boys” into the proposal. I was shocked to find out that “the boys” meant their two small doggies Mario & Luigi!

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This was the best planned out proposal I have ever seen or been a part of. Mat contacted me a few weeks prior to photograph the proposal and I did not expect the planning that followed. Mat not only had code names for all participants involved but he also had a definitive timeline as well as an elaborate, fake backstory concocted so a mutual friend to escort Mana to the steps without becoming suspicious. He even arranged for another one of their pals to be playing violin when he got down on one knee. If that wasn’t enough, their dogs were standing by to celebrate with them once the surprise was completed.


He effortlessly coordinated 4 people, 2 animals, a musician and a photographer all to show his commitment to the woman he loves. How romantic is that?! Truthfully, the whole proposal went off without a hitch! I have never seen a woman so surprised in my entire life. The well-dressed Mat knelt down on one knee on the Supreme Court steps as classical violin serenaded the two sweethearts. Through tears of shock and joy, Mana said yes and jumped into the arms of her now future husband.

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By then, crowds of tourists had gathered and applauded the two as they embraced and exchanged the most romantic kiss. I felt like I was watching a movie through my camera lens. I was lucky enough to capture a few portraits with the newly engaged pair after Mana said yes. Their laughter and sheer joy was contagious. We had the best time taking pictures in the surrounding park with their two pups in tow. Hats off to Mat for pulling off the most epic proposal of all time and a massive congratulations to the future Mr. & Mrs. Rommel.


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  1. Congrats, Matt and Mona,
    We are so happy to welcome you to the “Rommel Clan.” We love meshing with other folks…it keeps our clan happy and growing. Matt, you are a highly intelligent and eager person…actually you always have been. You never let a goal out of your sight. Enticing would be a deliberate description of you; as it was with Mona. You recognized a GEM when you saw her. she is intellectually challenging which you need (keeps you humble).

    Fortunately, you have brought Mona to our place in Fl, so we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy all of her charming qualities up front and personal. First impressions were: she is a perfect fit, lovely, intelligent, knows her mind and is as determined to make her life happen as you are. Although we accept all kinds of persons into the Rommel Family, we couldn’t be happier for you, Mona and our Rommel Family.

    Looking forward to seeing you both soon.

    Rog & Mary Rommel

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