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Guest Post: Saying Heck Yes to The Dress ~ How to Pick Your Wedding Dress

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Our favorite bride-to-be guest blogger, Kelsey, is back today sharing her thoughts on picking a wedding dress. We’ve touch on this topic before (thanks to another guest blogger!) but it’s always nice getting multiple perspectives – afterall wedding planning is really not the same for every couple.  Take it away Kelsey!

Saying Heck Yes to the Dress ~ How to Pick Your Wedding Dress | By: Kelsey

Back again to share my fantastic journey of planning a wedding. In going through this whole process, the next question a bride gets after the ‘omg when is the wedding?’ is ‘do you have a dress?’ Personally I think that’s a little sexist, but I also write a blog with the word Barbie in the title so I may not be the best person to dispute this. Anyway, the pressure of finding the perfect dress can be about as stressful as finding your soulmate, but good news for you, you’ve already checked one of those off your list so let me tell you about the other.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this for you, wedding dress shopping is really hard. It is stressful and it is not all champagne and Kleinfeld’s. Unless, of course, you go to Kleinfeld’s in which case, dang girl.


Why is dress shopping so hard? Because after the whole ‘this dress is my destiny’ feeling you may or may not get, you have to decide if that’s what you want to look like for the rest of forever. These pictures last forever. This is not a happy hour Instagram #tbt moment. This is look has to be classic. You want to look back on this dress and react like the image above.

The easiest way to start, rule out what you don’t love and call in the reinforcements. So far in my planning, I have not wanted a lot of help or input from others (because I’m a nasty woman like that), but dresses are a great way to get instant feedback from your friends and family. Think of them as your air tank and wedding dress searching is like scuba diving. Right? Right.

Once you’ve narrowed down what you think you like. Call your [fill in the blank army of strong, powerful women you want to take with you] and book at least two appointments are different salons. [insert image3] Most stores have some pretty great or not so great Yelp reviews so use those to figure out what and where is going to work for you.

Now you’re at the salon. Here’s what you need to do. First, twirl around on that pedestal stage thing for at least eight seconds. Second, touch everything.


Third, find a dress. I recommend trying on a couple of silhouettes even if you’ve ruled them out in your head. What harm can it do? Play dress up for a minute. Also, get comfortable with your sales associate because she’s going to get real up close and personal with you, buttoning, zipping, and clamping you into dresses.


At the end of the day, I tried on 7 dresses. I relied on the gut reactions of my mom and sister, and then I found the dress. I didn’t cry. There were no doves released (as I requested…wth maid of honor). But it was a dress I felt beautiful wearing and a dress that I wanted to get married in.

I won’t bore you with the ‘go with a beachy vibe’ or ‘I want to be able to dance’ information because, you know all that. My comfort requirements were: do I look like Beyoncé and can I sit down in this. Check and check.

So you sign the paperwork and go out to brunch and remember that 4-6 months of waiting is going to be totally worth it.

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2012 Bridal Wedding Gown Trends ~ Layers, Vintage, & Color!

We are back with guest post #3 from Kate Linde Bridal. Last week Kate talked to us about how to incorporate global wedding details into your wedding and this week she will share some insight into 2012 wedding dress trends!

This has been a fascinating year for bridal fashion, turning many recent trends upside down. Inspiration is being drawn from bygone eras and bursts of color. Here is an overview of the 2012 bridal gown trends:

Inside Out: Designers are literally turning parts of gowns inside out – traditional underskirting is peaking through to make an appearance on the outside, sometimes through increasingly popular thigh-high slits. Ball gown style dresses feature ornate trains of ruffles, and may also be painstakingly hand-embellished with petals or even feathers.

[credit: Punk Rock Bride – Michelle]

Multi-Layered Trains: Bi-level trains and hi-low hemlines are adding interest and texture to the more traditional looks. The effect can be gradual, with lots of layers flowing down a ball gown style train, or very high fashion with two distinct, often asymmetric levels boldly dividing the skirt.

Royal Wear: It’s no surprise that Kate Middleton’s 2011 royal wedding gown has taken the runways in many forms in 2012. She has inspired a return to a classic, modest style gown with sleeves and delicate lace touches. Perhaps more surprising is that sister and attendant extraordinaire, Pippa, has made an impact on the industry as well, inspiring sexy and simple gowns of sheer satin for brides and bridesmaids alike!

[credit: Elizabeth St. John Couture – Lorelei]

Color is In: Brides of all ages and backgrounds can now feel free of the requirement to wear white or ivory, which have been edged out by blush, nude, pink and soft gray gowns, often with accents of something bold like black. A particularly popular combination is “nude and black”.

[credit: Vera Wang – Harper]

Vintage: Elaborate hand-beading, embroidery and classic lines with minimalist trains make this season’s vintage gowns all the rage. The dresses are often very ornate, and many times are created from the increasingly popular blush, pink and gray shades noted above.

[credit: Abby Grace Photography Vintage Bridal Inspiration]

Corset gowns: which took the 2011 runway by storm are still seeing an increase in popularity, and many incorporate elements of the previously-mentioned latest trends while still allowing brides the benefits of minimal or no costly alterations and a flattering fit for every size.

Which of the 2012 bridal gown trends appeals most to you? Do you lean toward classic mystique, or the avant garde? You have so much to choose from, so start your gown shopping today!

Global Wedding Details ~ Incorporating Into Your Wedding

We are back with guest post #2 from Kate Linde Bridal. Last week Kate talked to us about how to select your dream wedding dress, and this week she will tell us about some gorgeous details that occur in weddings outside of the US ~ and how you could incorporate them into your own wedding!

Global Wedding Touches for the Jet-Setting Bride

Today’s bride has unprecedented access to the world around her, a world that is becoming a smaller place thanks to ease of travel and the internet. The internationally-minded, jet-setting bride, therefore, has unlimited opportunities to incorporate the best of all cultures, be it a gown from a clever Eastern European designer or a recipe from an ancestral home. Here are some global touches that you can incorporate into your nuptials!

Sweet Treats

[Jessica & Joe’s Old World Wedding via Bridal Musings // images by Brooke Courtney Photography]

When it comes to edible pleasures, brides cast the net far and wide for the best ideas from all lands. Colorful French Macarons are one of the most popular delicacies today. Traditional fruit cake, featured at Will and Kate’s royal wedding, is seeing a comeback. Delicate Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding Cookies and towering French Croquembouche complement or even replace wedding cakes, and the Mediterranean tradition of vast cookie displays to which every guest contributes capture the spirit of love and community that are so meaningful on a wedding day.

Wedding Party

More brides are incorporating cross-cultural wedding party assemblies today than ever before. For example, in the UK, the wedding party, including the bridesmaids and flower girls, wear white and often there are only children in the wedding party. Greek weddings have given us alternate roles for kids: some now act as Bible, Cross, Crown or Gift Bearers, adding to their significance in the ceremony.


You won’t just hear Canon in D or “Here Comes the Bride” on an organ anymore. Brides may follow traditional bagpipes down the aisle at Scottish-inspired weddings. In Russian weddings, couples may choose a “Gypsy violin” or other traditional instrument to provide musical inspiration.


[image via PW Photography]

Couples are borrowing elements from many cultures to make their own days more meaningful. Henna artists are establishing themselves in and out of the Indian wedding community as they are sought out to decorate the hands and feet of adventurous brides. You don’t have to be Jewish today to have a beautiful wedding contract, or Ketubah, artistically lettered just for you. You might even emulate the Celtic tradition of hand-fasting which originally inspired the phrase “tying the knot” to your own celebration.


And last, but certainly not least, we can’t help but turn our attention to bridal fashion. Consider embracing a bridal gown designer that reflects your heritage or accenting the look with such global touches as a Spanish Mantilla veil or a Fleur de Lis pin tucked into your gown.

When it comes to the jet-setting bride, there are no geographical limits. Examine what will make your wedding meaningful to you, and derive inspiration from all corners of this beautiful world!

Kate Linde Bridal connects Eastern European designers with style savvy American brides, as a wholesale distributor of ready-to-wear wedding gowns. Gowns from each collection are hand- made to order and boast a corset-style design that flatters most shapes and sizes. For more information, please visit

Local Find: DC Designer Launched Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress & Trunk Shows!

Washington, DC isn’t always best known for its fashion design scene – but honestly, since starting my blog, I have been finding out that this is kind of a misconception. My blog had allowed me to meet some pretty fab fashion designers in DC. I first met Stephanie with Punk Rock Bride [she practically lives in my backyard!] and then I recieved an email from Liz with Elizabeth St. John Couture [who I also got to attend DC Fashion Week’s Eco Night thanks to!] and now, an email from yet another DC area designer, Claire Cambardella, about to launch a line of eco-friendly wedding dresses.

I am smitten.

Not only are these DC wedding dress designers local, but they push hand-made dresses, with the finest quality, and with our environment in mind – not to mention their designs perfectly align with our “offbeat” and non-traditional vibes here.

Head on over to Claire’s website for more ~ but I am happy to share that she will be having two trunk shows coming up on April 14 in Washington, DC (at the lululemon in Georgetown) and April 29 in Annapolis, MD!

Here are the details:

April 14- “3265 Popup”. This will be a sneak peek at the line before our launch party on the 29th.  It will be at the Lululemon Athletica in Georgetown from 11-6, at 3265 M St. NW WDC 20007 with 10% discount on all orders placed that day

April 29- Launch Party and Trunk Show at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Philip Merrill Environmental Center.  12-3.  We will be  officially debuting the line, enjoying refreshments at our gorgeous waterfront venue, offering door prizes (from us as well as other local and green vendors) and offering consultations to help brides find and customize their perfect dress.


Let us know if you attend either of these shows ~ would love to hear how it goes!! :)

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