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Calvin & Stephanie’s Alexandria, VA Waterfront Engagement

Today is flying by after I try to play catch up from a weekend visiting family up in New Jersey. It’s still a disaster zone up there people, and it was shocking to see the destruction from Hurricane Sandy first hand. I invite you all again to please keep the victims affected by this natural disaster in your thoughts and if you have resources to share, consider donating money, blankets & goods, or your time. If you cannot donate, I won’t hold it against you, but I would ask that you maybe share something like this effort, “Restore the Shore” on your social media.

Ok, but back to blogging I will go and how slightly ironic that my schedule has an engagement along the waterfront as my first post back. This one is in from Carrie Holbo Photography and it features Calvin & Stephanie, a stunning sunset, and some beautiful shots along the water in Northern Virginia.

Calvin & Stephanie’s Alexandria, VA Waterfront Engagement


How they met:

Calvin and I met my sophomore year of high school, unfortunately timing just didn’t work out for us then.  Both of us were unavailable then, but I’ll admit I enjoyed seeing his smiling face everyday at school.  He also always tells me, “…ever since screen printing…”, claiming that he’s loved me ever since a screen printing class we were in together.  What a sweet talker.  

Anyway, fast forward about five years…I was moving back to Virginia from Ohio (where I finished up college) and came across Calvin’s facebook page.  Of course, I added him and the rest is history! I came back to Virginia and we’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since.

i LOVE the shade of Stephanie’s lace dress! – how awesome would bridesmaids look in that ?!

Click inside for the rest of this beautiful Northern Virginia engagement session & for Calvin & Stephanie’s proposal story!

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