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Ryder & Allison’s Modern, Industrial DC Wedding at Longview Gallery

Images:Robin Shotola Photography

I‘ve been finding it harder and harder to blog thanks to our President & Gov’t being dead set on taking away our rights & access to affordable healthcare. I’m finding it hard to find motivation to do normal things, when things outside of my control just feel so horrible and I just want to DO something. I donate, I go to protests when I can, and I tweet (Lord, do I tweet) … but it doesn’t feel like enough and I want to do SO much more to stop the awfulness.

But I know there is only so much I can do, and I also realize that it’s important to step away from Twitter & the news, and re-focus on my life, my family, & the amazing opportunities I have to meet such amazing people through this blog/company. Allison & Ryder are two of these people, that I feel fortunate to have gotten to meet and spend one of the biggest days of their lives with. I loved their enthusiasm for each other, for their morals, and for including traditions in their wedding that meant something to them. I also love how they changed the traditions that did not work for them (my favorite: both of them stomping on a glass at the end of the ceremony, not just Ryder).

I know that while running a wedding & lifestyle blog might not be saving the world, it might bring some happiness & reminders of love to peoples’ lives – and right now, we could all certainly use a lot more of both of those things.

What will you remember most about your wedding day?:

Ryder — The feeling of walking from the hotel where I got ready to the venue — feeling a) I’m so ready for this, and b) all the anticipation of what’s about to come, both the actual wedding and for the rest of my life.

Allison — Being under the chuppah during the ceremony literally surrounded by family and friends (since our ceremony was in the round), holding Ryder’s hand and feeling a phenomenal amount of love and joy.

Both — Hearing the vows the other person had written and realizing that, despite not sharing anything about them with each other in advance, that they we had written practically identical vows.

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Justin & DJ’s Quintessential Washington DC Engagement

It’s been a while since I featured a quintessential “DC Engagement” down by the monuments. When I saw this one from Jenn Lynn Photography pop into my Two Bright Lights inbox, I was taken not only by the images, but by the couple’s sweet love story too.

The couple, Justin & DJ, actually met while deployed in Afghanistan as civilians (non-military folk for those not in the know). They spent time together getting to know each other and quickly learned that they wanted to be together forever, upon returning home.

Justin & DJ’s Washington, DC Engagement Session

About the couple:

Justin knew at first sight that he wanted to get to know DJ better, but it took some convincing on his part that she really DID want to hang out with him.

She said she was there to work. :) Little did she know that she’d be meeting the love of her life, too!

They hung out for the next several months & saw quite a bit of one another. Since there aren’t a lot of distractions when you are working overseas on a military base, there is ample opportunity to get to know one another quite well.


 They knew when they both came home that this was meant to be & decided to start planning their big day.

DJ is headed back overseas for a few more months at the end of this year, so it was really important to them to be married before she left.


They are planning their wedding in record time, but not a hint of stress was detected during their engagement session. They were happy to be together, in love & ready to say “I do”.

Their wedding was a small, intimate affair at the Morrison House in Old Town Alexandria on Sept. 8th.

Congratulations Justin & DJ – thank you for sharing your Washington, DC engagement and love story with us! A special thanks again to Jenn Lynn Photo and Two Bright Lights for making this submission possible!


Capitol Inspiration: Modern Washington DC Wedding Invitations from Tabibi Design

When Tabibi Design shared a sneak peak of this ultra rad Washington, DC wedding invitation on her Facebook, I just knew I had to have them. The wedding invitation suite has everything that I love – modern fonts, a cassette tape iconography, hot pink & black color scheme, a sweet DC skyline, a creative RSVP card …. oh and it turns out that the bride is actually a CapRo reader and found Tabibi through us. Doubley awesome, right?!

 Amanda & Brad’s Modern Washington, DC Wedding Invitation by Tabibi Design

Photo images were taken by Tabibi Design & Sarah Park.

 A bit about the couple from their designer, Tina:

Amanda and Brad are an amazing DC couple. They were in search of nontraditional, creative and unique resources for their DC wedding. Amanda discovered Capitol Romance’s blog and was amazed by the inspiration and information. After she searched Bree’s blog, I received an email from Amanda inquiring about custom stationery for their big day. I am so happy she discovered Tabibi Design through Capitol Romance.

On their Washington, DC wedding invitation design:

They really wanted the stationery to represent their fun personalities and contain a few meaningful elements. Amanda is a Press Representative for the Kennedy Center in DC and Brad is a wedding DJ. They both share a love for their city and music. Hot pink and black were the signature colors for the event.

I decided to incorporate a simple city skyline and put a fun spin on the type treatment. Amanda asked me to somehow incorporate the Kennedy Center into the suite. I did just that by illustrating the building on the accommodation card.

I absolutely love the outcome of the rsvp postcard. Amanda and Brad provided the content for this piece. I usually develop most of the content for the stationery I create so when Amanda informed me that they drafted copy for the response card, I was completely thrilled to see what they came up with!

They wanted their guest to interact by listing a song request to “I promise to dance if you play”. I thought this was a clever way to include their guests at the reception. Amanda and Brad were so easy to work with. They are huge supporters of small local business owners and I’m thankful to be given the opportunity to work with this couple.

 this card was designed to be on the tables at the receptions for the guests to read:

Thanks to Amanda, Brad & Tabibi Design for sharing these awesomely inspiring, modern Washington DC wedding invitation designs! I cannot wait to see their wedding pictures!

What do you think guys? Are you as smitten as I am?

Heather & Scott’s Washington, DC Engagement Session on Roosevelt Island

I am an absolute sucker for dogs. My sister and her husband just adopted an adorable coonhound mix and now I get to blog this adorable Mutt, Brady, with his loving masters, Heather & Scott. Andy & I also babysat a co-workers dog this weekend, and watching my mini-doxie, Sadie, play with another dog was really giving me the itch to adopt another.

But back to Heather & Scott – the couple snuck in a last minute engagement session in DC’s Roosevelt Park and brought there pup along. Including a dog in your wedding day or engagement session ALWAYS makes for some fun photos and some good, clean natural laughter. Make sure you click through to read the proposal story too – it includes an iPad. Love a good IT proposal ;)

Thanks to Kelly Ewell Photography & Two Bright Lights for this adorable Washington, DC engagement session.

Heather & Scott’s Washington, DC Engagement Session at Roosevelt Park

From the photographer:

When your job is to be a planner, you know everything will be set out in fine detail and no stone will be unturned when putting your wedding together. I’m sure it adds a whole new level of attention to detail though, when it comes to your own big event. Especially when you’re doing it from a distance.

As Heather puts the polishing details together for her wedding to Scott in just a few weeks up in Philadelphia, she didn’t think she would have time for an engagement session with her photographer there. But with little pockets of time open while they were still here in the DC area, she rang me up to see if we could make something happen.

Click inside for the rest of Heather & Scott’s DC engagement session ~ including the proposal story!

Capitol Inspiration: A Washington DC Trash the Dress Session

Baltimore MD based photographer, Joanna Tillman, dropped this gorgeous “Trash the Dress” meets “Rock the Frock” shoot in my gmail inbox a few weeks ago! She thought it would be perfect for Capitol Romance since it’s equal parts classy and offbeat.

I’m honored that someone thinks I’m classy ;)

Anyway, the couple decided to jump back into their wedding attire for a fun jaunt around Washington, DC. They hit up Ben’s Chili Bowl on U for some half smokes and then got into more of the ‘trashing’ of the dress in Meridian Hill Park. I always love hearing the bride or couple’s response to why they chose to do this sort of shoot. Bayside Bride has a great post on the “Trash the Dress” debate if you want to weigh in!

 Washington DC Trash the Dress Shoot

Here is are the details from Kristen, the bride:

“A few years after I graduated college I started working for an organization that assists people with intellectual disabilities in the city. During my time there I met Dick, a fellow assistant, and it didn’t take long for us to start spending lots of time together. We took long walks in the city, ate awesome food together, and soon we both knew that this was it!

We got married in early fall at a vineyard (it was beautiful!), but after the wedding we decided we wanted to take the time to do a fun photo shoot that showed off our personalities and also some of the local treasures DC has to offer!”

Click inside for the rest of the images from this Washington, DC Trash the Dress session by Joanna Tillman Photography!

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