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Caitlin & Susie’s Super DIY Literary Themed Wedding in Maryland

Words can’t really describe the feelings I get when I remember Caitlin & Susie’s wedding day this past May. I had the absolute honor of getting to be a part of their big day (as their coordinator) and I knew from the minute I met them, I wanted to be a part of their love, their relationship, and of course, their wedding day. And boy, was I right – their super DIY, complete labor of love, wedding day was something so so special. I have never seen so many family and friends that were so open, so welcoming, and so full of love. I was welcomed in by their families and friends, as if I had been a long-time family friend all along.

This wedding day was so full of happy tears, smiles, hugs, and absolute, blissful joy. I am so happy I got a chance to meet these two wonderful women and share in their special day. A warning ahead of time, this one is PICTURE HEAVY people. It’s nearly impossible to chose between all the gorgeous images Sarah Gormley Photography sent me!!!

 Caitlin & Susie’s Ultimate DIY, Literary Themed Wedding in Maryland

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Photographer: Sarah Gormley | Wedding Coordination: Me ~ Capitol Romance  Venue: Episcopal Church of the Ascension | Susie’s Dress: Wendy’s Cincinnati Bride | Caitlin’s Dress: Fabulous Bridal | Susie’s Shoes: Custom Designed Chuck Taylors | Caitlin’s Shoes: TOMS Wedding Wedges | Hair: Marlow Prado-Blankenship | Flowers: Eight Street | Cake and Cupcakes: Sweets By E | Invitations: Type Case Industries | Hairpieces: Etsy | Flower Girls’ Kissing Ball: Etsy | Decorations: DIY | Catering: DIYed (seriously …. by Susie!!) | Cake Topper: Etsy |

Cait & Susie’s wedding was also featured on A Practical Wedding!

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 We had a really wonderful vintage-spring-literary-fun wedding. Suz and I both really wanted a wedding that reflected us, both as individuals and as a couple. We are pretty different (opposites attract, yes!) but one thing we definitely have in common is our ridiculous love of books. Suz is an especially large fan of Jane Austen’s writing and I will pretty much read whatever you place in front of me, so when it came time to pick a trend for our wedding, books were an easy choice. The best part was having an excuse to track down every library-estate-book sale this side of the Chesapeake! We both really loved combing through stacks of dusty, old books and giggling at some of the titles. It was a wedding chore that wasn’t so much a chore, as it was an excuse for a fun date with my lovely wife-to-be.

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Colors were an easy choice; Susie loves anything bright and vibrant so she went with orange. Turquoise is my favorite and a perfect complement to orange so bam, easy choice. We decided not to be too strict with our color palette so you’ll see many different interpretations of turquoise and orange in our wedding pictures.

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Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Caitlin & Susie’s Super DIY Wedding! Including all the gorgeous book page details and literary themed items!

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Capitol Wedding: Kendra & Patrick’s Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Alexandria, VA

Last night I spoke on a panel of fellow editors in Baltimore at the Two Bright Lights bootcamp. I was honored to be asked to speak about Capitol Romance and our submission process. A lot of questions were asked by varying wedding vendors about what editors look for in submissions. I think I might blog a recap of my answers to some of the questions, especially since I wasn’t able to get to answer them all at the bootcamp with 7 other editors there!!

Anyway, one of the questions was about detailed weddings and I was adamant in my response that here on Capitol Romance, we do not require all wedding submissions to have a ton of details. We love to focus on the couples, the couples’ story, and the focus on WHY they chose to have their wedding the way they did. This leads me perfectly into today’s intimate wedding ceremony (yes, just a ceremony). The couple had a big reception/party later, but for them, it was important to have their family and friends surround them, locally to witness their wedding ceremony.

This beautiful, intimate Northern Virginia wedding ceremony was submitted by Anna Bruce Photography via Two Bright Lights.

Kendra & Patrick’s Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Alexandria, Virginia

How they met:

Patrick and I met back in the summer of 2008 through a mutual friend. I was attending UofA in Tucson, while Patrick was going to a community college in Phoenix. During the summer I was back in Phoenix staying with my parents and started going to group get-togethers through our mutual friend. It kind of went like this: I was in to him, but he was in to someone else. Once he became interested in me, I just wanted to be friends. Somehow it worked out, because we have been together ever since!

DIY Wedding Details:

Flowers – My mother purchased the roses at Costco and put my bouquet together

Cookies – My aunt made the personalized cookies and mint chocolates from scratch. The cookies were frosted sugar cookies.

Shoes – Loft Dress – Ann Taylor on the Sales rack

Makeup – Did my own makeup with whatever I had in my makeup drawer

Cake – A friend of ours made the adorable cake from scratch. It was a white cake with a strawberry filling.

Jewelry – Purchased my earrings and necklace at Macy’s

Food – We purchased all the food from Costco

Ceremony and Mini Reception: The Journey, Springfield

Click inside for the rest of the images & their proposal story!

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