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Jennie & Jeff’s Stop Motion Save the Date Video & LINK LOVE

Jeff & Jennie – Save the Date! from Jennie on Vimeo.

Time to brag a little. These cool kids in this awesome stop motion save the date video happen to be clients of mine. They love DC, they love Penn State, and they love each other! I am SO pumped to get to work Jeff & Jennie’s wedding at Virtue Feed & Grain next April. I just love how fun their save the date video is – even featuring some rad DIY chalkboard signage that Jennie learned how to make at one of our Capitol Romance DIY workshops!! Now while everyone else is gearing up for the weekend and the holidays, here are just a few LINKs to get you to the weekend!

How awesome is this DC hoodie?! I need it!

While I really cannot stand Taylor Swift … these Jewish boys pulled off a pretty spectacular parody.

In a funk lately? Consider putting your phone down and trying one of these things instead.

I think I am classifiably obsessed (and need help) with this song by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars. Like I cannot stop listening (and let’s be honest, dancing) to this song. In my car, my kitchen, my couch – doesn’t matter.

And with that … have a GREAT weekend Romancers! Andy & I are NJ bound tomorrow, but I’ll be blogging here and there next week and the week after! Happy Holidays!


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Amanda & Blake’s Fun, “Southern Comfort” Washington DC Wedding

Today’s Washington DC wedding is that perfect mix of “classic DC” and “handmade alternativeness” (yes I just wrote alternativeness. English majors everywhere cringe). Amanda & Blake’s goal for their wedding day was to have FUN and make their guests feel special. They spent a ton of time making sure their guests felt at ease (with welcome bags, flip flops, mad libs, a babysitter at the reception, and more) and they used a theme of “southern comfortable elegance” to set the mood.

They chose the Whittemore House for their venue – a beautiful mansion in the middle of the city. With it’s brick walls and stunning exterior, it really feels like you are mostly at someone’s house, not a wedding venue. And that was exactly what Amanda & Blake wanted! Check out all their gorgeous wedding pictures and details below. They also shared their adorable Save the Date video with us too! A special thanks to Emily Clack Photography for sharing her images.

Amanda & Blake’s Fun, “Southern Elegance” Washington DC Wedding

romantic elegant washington dc wedding whittemore house


Photography: Emily Clack Photography | Catering: Occasions Catering | Venue: The Whittemore House | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

How they met:

We are the classic story of boy meets girl, girl thinks boy is cute and funny, boy falls madly in love with girl, girl finally gives boy a chance. :-)

The real story is we met through our mutual friends, Janice and Colin Quill, on January 24, 2010 at Clyde’s in Georgetown while Blake was bartending.  Amanda was there with Janice to have brunch with some girlfriends when the Quills decided that Blake should come check out the “cute blonde sitting with Janice”…Amanda was also instructed to check out the “cute bartender with a beard.”  Later that night we all went out so the “cute blonde” and the “cute bartender” could formally meet.  Well, the rest is history.

elegant dc wedding bouquet

On their wedding theme:

Our theme was “southern comfortable elegance.” We wanted everyone to feel special at our wedding, so we hired a catering company that had impeccable service. However, we also wanted everyone to feel comfortable, so for dinner we served a choice of fried chicken or pecan crusted rockfish with shrimp and grits and green beans on the side.

modern wedding dress ruffles

On their color palette of blues, greens, yellows & pops of pink:

The colors were really just inspired by springtime colors, but we mostly used navy and green as a canvas, with pops of pink/coral and yellow. I didn’t want everything to be “matchy matchy”.

modern groom plaid tie billy ball boutonniere

elegant navy blue bridesmaids dc wedding

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Amanda & Blake’s gorgeous Washington DC wedding at the Whittemore House.

Becky & Greg’s DC Wedding Save the Date Video

This blog post begins with one of my favorite activities – internet creeping. Only in this instance, I actually wasn’t doing the creeping (for once), someone at Andy’s job was. A couple weeks ago, Andy sends me this:

The guy who shot the marketing videos for us (Greg) is engaged.  Greg and his fiance were hanging out with my coworker Aaron this weekend, and Aaron somehow mentioned my name.  Greg’s fiance recognized my name from your blog and was freaking out that she had a connection to you and apparently was saying how she can’t even look at your blog or social media anymore because she thinks you’re too cool and that their wedding won’t be nearly as good as ours.  Hahah.  Just thought I’d share.

Internet stalking is SO AWESOME. But, Becky is 100% wrong. I am NOT at all too cool and their wedding will CERTAINLY be just as good (if not better) than ours. Want proof? Well I’ve got it – these love birds shot an amazing Save the Date video for their upcoming Washington, DC wedding and you guys are going to love it. I certainly did :)

Becky & Gre’s Washington DC Wedding Save the Date Video

washington-dc-engagement-photos-becky-and-greg (1)

[Leo Druker Photography]

Becky shares the deets on their save the date video:

I have been a wedding blog junkie for pretty much the entirety of our relationship, and have watched/cried to a number of wedding videos featuring couples who I’ve never met in my entire life.  Greg of course finds this extremely bizarre, but too bad – I love them and that will never change.  When getting estimates for my own wedding video, which I was absolutely set on having, I realized that the cost for such a thing was so astronomically out of my budget, it was never going to happen.  With my heart crushed, I started thinking of other ideas, and then remembered…oh yea, my future husband is a pretty fantastic videographer/editor…maybe we have something here!

We decided to make a save-the-date video and use it as the homepage on our website, which we listed on the postcards our guests received with the wedding announcement.  As we started storyboarding, we came up with the idea of waking up on our wedding day and collecting our bridal party throughout the city.  We meet at the Carnegie Institution for Science at the end, which is where we are getting married this December, and where I work as a Special Events Coordinator.

We enlisted the help of a friend, who graciously shot the groom’s scenes, while Greg filmed me with my bridesmaids and edited everything together.  The video turned out better than I ever could have imagined, and it was so much fun to make with our friends, all of whom we love so much.  Now we have this memory captured on film that we can watch and cherish for years to come (I’ve watched it easily 50 times already).  It’s also a great way for us to set the tone for our wedding, and a lot of our guests have already reached out to tell us how excited they are for December!

What do you think? Do you guys love it just as much as I do!? The song is just PERFECT! Check back this afternoon for the full set of their awesome DC engagement session from Leo Druker Photography.

Capitol Video: Keri Kae & Andy’s Rooftop Party Save the Date Video

A couple months ago we hit 500 Fans on Facebook and gave away a “Save the Date” wedding video as a prize, courtesy of our AWESOME friends at Friends with Cameras.

The winners were Keri Kae & Andy, lovers of travel and music, and self proclaimed “geeks” aka my kind of people :) Jason, the leader of Friends with Cameras chatted with the couple and learned that one of their most favorite things was spending time with friends on the roof of their building. So they decided to feature a rooftop party for their save the date video!

Friends with Cameras puts it:

We had fun, and the video I think it’s fun, and shows their personalities.

So check it out for yourself!

Keri Kae & Andy’s Rooftop Party Save the Date Video in Arlington, VA

keri kae + andy – save the date from Jason Stewart on Vimeo.

Capitol Video: Mayumi & JD’s Multi-cultural, Offbeat Save the Date Video

Mayumi and I met a few weeks back when she sent me an email saying she was so happy she had found my blog because she and her fiance were planning a small-budget wedding in DC and they needed some help. We shared a few emails and I was ecstatic to learn that Mayumi is practically my NEIGHBOR as she is a student at Gallaudet University – the only liberal arts university for deaf and hard of hearing students, which is located near my house in NE DC.

Mayumi’s fiance JD, and her parents and grandparents (in Japan!) are all deaf. Somehow, Mayumi explained to me, she was born with the ability to hear and is what the community calls “CODA” [Child of Deaf Adults].

Obviously ASL is a huge part of both Mayumi & JD’s lives and they want their wedding to incorporate this part of their lives, into it. Personally, learning ASL is on my short-term life goals list, especially now that so many of my neighbors are deaf or hard of hearing, and it’s such a part of the greater H St./NE DC community. Meeting Mayumi and learning her love story and hearing of her wedding plans have only strengthened my desire to do so.

I apologize for all the back story – but I feel it was important to share – as so much of my blog stems from the people I have gotten to meet as a result of running it.  I consider myself lucky to get to meet so many wonderful, different, and unique people in the DC MD and  VA area and also get to learn and share their love stories.

SO – onto the real purpose of this post – Mayumi & JD’s Offbeat Save the Date Video! One part “about us” one part  “save the date” the couple made this video themselves!

Adorable right?! Mayumi shares:

We have our save-the date announcement video (it is sort of like our engagement photos…but we made it into a storybook style video).

I was born in a city famous of its extreme temperatures (BOILING HOT in the summer and FREEZING COLD in the winter) called Kumagaya, Saitama prefecture. At 15, I decided to move to Canada to study English…met my Canadian family and so many wonderful friends. After college, I made another life-turning decision to move to Fremont, California to study American Sign Language (ASL). Currently, I live in Washington D.C. awaiting to receive my Master’s in Deaf Education next May.

JD hails from Virginia. You know when you see a geek that has a fascination with comics, drawing, and ASL storytelling, well, that’s him!

How they met:

We were both students at Ohlone College, CA when we met. JD was Mayumi’s ASL tutor for two years…and we’d been friends for a while until sparks eventually developed!

The Proposal!

JD proposed on his iPad! How appropriate is this, considering his devotion to apple products (Steve Jobs would certainly be proud!). With his iPad on his left palm, he showed a receipt for a pair wedding band purchase displayed on his iPhone on his right palm.


A proposal on an iPad?! Love the geek chicness of this – can’t wait to see how their wedding turns out! Thanks for sharing Mayumi!!!

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