Capitol Inspiration: 1950s Themed Engagement Session, The Notebook

Happy Friday Romancers! What a weird week this was. With a Holiday in the middle, it felt a bit disjointed for me, but I always find comfort in ending the week with an inspirational wedding feature. Today I have a STUNNING 1950s engagement shoot based on the Notebook, from Texas-based wedding photographers, Close to Home Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

There is a TON of 1950s style inspiration in this post – between the couples retro outfits and the bride to be’s perfect pin-up hair. Enjoy – and have a GREAT weekend!

1950s Engagement Session based on The Notebook

From Close to Home Photography:

Sarah and Jason came to me with the idea of a pre-WWII session and mentioned that her favorite movie was “The Notebook”. Salado, a quaint vintage town north of Austin was the perfect place to showcase their love, which they describe as fun, flirty, and romantic. They are high school sweethearts who are the “definition of timeless love”.

Click inside for the rest of the pictures from this adorable, 1950s-inspired engagement session based on The Notebook!

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Melanie & Justin’s Retro Amusement Park Engagement in Maryland

Its barely 9:30am and I am already having one of “those” days. It started with the rain, thus making it nearly impossible to get out of bed. It was followed by a near-accident on my commute to work, as a bald-tired car thought it could take a 35mph turn at about 65mph [he was wrong, as I watched him do a 360 across two lanes of traffic in front of me]. It continued with arriving at work to my badge having expired. I don’t know where it will go next.

BUT I do know that it will at least have ONE shining moment in this otherwise frustrating Monday – this gorgeous retro Maryland engagement session from Live It Out Photography.

Melanie & Justin were actually the winner’s of the Photography Session Giveaway that we hosted at Borrowed Event with Live It Out Photography! I couldn’t have been happier that they won – as their December wedding sounds absolutely amazing and they are two of the CUTEST people I have ever met. I love their style and laid-back vibe and the love they have for each other is just intoxicating.

Thanks so much to Amber, one of my fav alternative wedding photographers in the DC, MD, VA area, for sharing these awesome retro engagement pictures!

It’s not a feature from Live It Out without some visually impressive Polaroids – courtesy of the Impossible Project Film. If you like Polaroids – and the intoxicating influence that these pictures portray, check out Amber’s The Present Company Project – a look at meeting strangers, asking simple questions, and capturing it on film.

How did you guys meet?

Melanie: I walked into a friend from high school’s apartment in college and had two bags of baking supplies on both arms and the book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World already creased to my favorite recipes. Up three flights of stairs and I knocked on the door and went in. The first person I saw was a handsome man with a big red beard sitting on the sofa. I can’t remember if I said hello because I am pretty shy when it comes to good facial hair. I’m sure I buried the bottom half of my face into my scarf and unloaded my soymilk bottles and flour bags onto the kitchen table.

Justin: I was visiting my friend’s apartment and I saw this girl come into the apartment with her arms loaded with baking supplies.  The thing I remember thinking was, “Wow, she’s cute, how can I talk to her?”  I tried not to stare while she unpacked her things, but I took a quick glance or two. I just sat listening and hoping.  Then the moment came- was teaching her to make Vegan cupcakes-so I spoke up and said, “Can you make mine with extra egg, lard icing and top it with bacon bits, please?”  I don’t even think she looked at me, but I think I remember her giggling.  I look back and think, “Hm, I am lucky that I even got a first date when I used the word ‘lard’ in my opening statement and made fun of her.” What a great first impression!

I have some serious hair-envy over Melanie’s gorgeous soft curls. Also – don’t forget that if you want to rock a bow tie like Justin – we are giving a handmade bow tie away!

For our first date, Justin invited me to meet him at the library on a beautiful march morning. I already had breakfast plans so I told him I’d try to stop by later in the morning. I walked up and saw him, sitting on the bench outside, head back, eyes closed, in the sun. I thought, “what great timing, he’s just leaving!” I didn’t know until later, but he had waited for me for two hours, just to see if I would come. We fell in love through half a year of long distance while I was in England.

Click inside for the rest of Melanie & Justin’s adorable retro Amusement Park engagement session by Live It Out Photography and to read the details of the adorable proposal – with flamingos!

Capitol Inspiration: A Retro, Vintage Military Engagement Session

Another week has come to an end, and with it, we have some amazing, inspiring photos to share with you of a vintage military engagement session at a retro plane hanger! There is so much to pull from this shoot ~ beautiful vintage makeup, a retro 1950s style dress to kill, and the most adorable couple. Thanks to David Champagne Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights] for this awesome submission!

A Retro, 1950s Military Engagement Session on a Vintage Airplane Hangar

From the photographer:

Because Justin is a navy pilot, Sally and Justin decided to have a vintage pin-up session at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA.

Enough said. Happy Inspiration Friday ~ enjoy your weekend!

i am always a sucker for wing tip eye liner & bright red lips

hello there pin-up wedding hair inspiration!

Click inside for the rest of this darling vintage, military meets pin-up styled 1950s engagement session!

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