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Nicole & Dean’s Offbeat, Personalized Maryland Wedding at Brookeville Academy

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Images: Shanna Edberg Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

I mean I can never say no to a real DC area wedding features a bride in a dress color other than white! Nicole ROCKED her red wedding dress and all the details of this adorable, intimate & small budget Maryland wedding are just so fun. As self proclaimed “geeks”, Nicole & Dean opted for a “first video game” instead of a first dance and they walked down the aisle to Battlestar Galactica – um hell yes. Their wedding was a 100% them and was made possible by all their family & friends. Enjoy!

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Pretty much *all* of our wedding was offbeat. We’re a very geeky, nontraditional couple, and like many couples, we have a lot of student loan debt. We wanted to show our family and friends a fun, meaningful time without breaking our (very small) budget, which was a challenge in the area. We also paid for the wedding pretty much on our own.

I chose to wear a red dress because I almost never wear white. I wanted to wear a color that I felt beautiful and comfortable in. We chose red and black because they’re bold, striking, beautiful colors. Folks on the groom’s side wore fighter jet lapel pins to showcase Dean’s love for planes, and folks on the bride’s side wore neuron lapel pins or necklaces to showcase my love of brains! We wrote our own ceremony and vows to incorporate our love of science, video games, and other geeky things.

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We were very fortunate to be able to use our ceremony venue. We were married at the Smith Center near the Meadowside Nature Center, which generally doesn’t allow large groups (besides non-profits) to use their venue. They actually usually don’t allow members of the general public to rent their space. However, Dean’s grandpa, who passed away years ago, used to take Dean there when he was little. The staff at the Smith Center worked with us and with the Meadowside Nature Center to find a way to allow us to have our ceremony on their property. It was really meaningful for Dean and his family, because it felt like his grandfather was able to be there in spirit.

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Click inside for all their fun science & geek themed wedding details!

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Arzoo & Buddy’s Intimate, Traditional Pakistani Wedding at the Blue Rock Inn, VA

This afternoon’s Traditional Pakistani wedding ceremony is dropping with gorgeous, deep red hues and intoxicating, brassy golds. Sarah Goodwin Photography shares with us [via Two Bright Lights] the intimate wedding of Arzoo & Buddy which took place at the Blue Rock Inn in Virginia, after they were legally married in April!

I believe I have seen this referred to as getting “weddinging”. You are already married – but have a reception or separate ceremony later on! I love it.

¬†Arzoo & Buddy’s Traditional Pakistani Intimate Virginia Wedding

Details on the couple:

Aarzoo & Buddy met in October 2008 when they worked for the same organization in Pakistan. Buddy is from the US and Aarzoo is from Pakistan (she is a model & does lots of bridal modeling in Pakistan). They did not start dating until February 2011 and shortly after Buddy moved back to the US permanently. Via Skype he proposed to Aarzoo in October 2011 & she made the move to the US and in just a few weeks they had decided on a wedding date.

How gorgeous is the setting of their Virginia wedding ceremony?!

pretty much in love with the glittery gold tips on Arzoo’s nails!

Aarzoo wore the traditional red dress, gorgeous dramatic jewelry and henna tattoos of Pakistan.

Click inside to see the rest of Arzoo & Buddy’s beautifully intimate Pakistani wedding at the Blue Rock Inn in Virginia.

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