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Capitol Wedding: Mark & Allison’s Intimate & Offbeat, Courthouse Wedding in Rockville, MD

When I saw Amber Wilkie Photography post a link to this wedding on her blog, I just knew I had to have it. A bride in polka dots? An intimate, courthouse wedding ceremony? And some of the most darling portraits, full of too many smiles and laughs between a couple that is so obviously in love? I mean, come on!

Thankfully Mark & Allison were game, and fortunately Amber Wilkie was kind enough to share her gorgeous images with me. So sit back, relax, and prepare for a ton of smiles from this one Romancers.

Mark & Allison’s Intimate, Offbeat Courthouse Wedding in Rockville MD

About the couple & their decision to have an intimate, courthouse wedding:

Mark and Allison met in Library school. Their first date was a Nationals Game and Mark, being the intelligent guy he is, did not know it was a date at first.

Allison wanted a small courthouse wedding for a number of reasons. Mostly because she is somewhat shy and wanted a more private ceremony. Also, small courthouse weddings are the norm in her family, so she didn’t feel pressured to do anything big. They planned to have the ceremony on the Rockville Courthouse on a Friday, with an Indian buffet after the ceremony. They planned a party at Mark’s parents houses the next day for all the friends and family.

Allison thought her Dad wasn’t the sentimental or traditional type, but it turned out that he wanted to walk her down the aisle. So when they came into the ceremony room they walked to the back and then walked down an aisle of their own making.

Details on the amazing, polka dot, 1950s style wedding dress Allison wore:

Allison’s choice was based on several criteria: not white (she hates wearing white), needs to be poofy (Allison loves historic clothing, especially hoop skirts and crinolines and in her mind fancy always means poofy), it can’t be too expensive, it should be a dress that could possibly be worn again, & not strapless (woo hoo .. not strapless, a girl after my own heart)

Therefore, she landed on Whirling Turban’s custom, fabric wing bust dress. Whirling Turban has been a favorite of mine for affordable, vintage wedding dress for a while. Be sure to check it out!

 Fun story! The zipper broke while Allison was in the security line at the Courthouse (thank you nice lady for telling her!) so her family had to rush to the rescue to get it shut again. Her aunt found some binder clips, that luckily did not have to be used, because her cousin forced the zipper back together, only a little crooked at the top. Allison brought safety pins for the party the next day, but never needed them. Phew!

Click inside for the rest of Mark & Allison’s intimate & offbeat Courthouse wedding in Maryland. Including the amazing portraits at where else, a library!

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Offbeat Bride Inspiration ~ Hair, Makeup, & Design

Look #6: Offbeat Bridal Inspiration

We did it – we made it to Friday and saved our absolute best look, for last. I just couldn’t be a part of a bridal inspiration styled shoot that didn’t have offbeat brides included. If you have read my blog for a while then you know [because I often say it] that I am just crazy about Offbeat Brides.  The Original Offbeat Bride blog/tribe was my bible when I planned my own wedding. I love seeing brides [& grooms!] that dare to be different, take nerd chic to the next level, and overall have a TON of fun.

That being said, Leanne absolutely rocked our Offbeat Bride look. Hot pink hair? Check.  Tattoos? Check. A non-floral bouquet? Check. A polka dot wedding dress? Check… and it just keeps getting better from there [especially considering the amazing graffiti wall we found behind Longview Gallery].

Introducing some seriously offbeat wedding inspiration to the Washington, DC area … our Offbeat Bride, Look #6!

Vendor Listing

Venue: Longview Gallery, Washington DC

Dress:Blush Bridal Boutique

Bouquet: Capitol Romance’s own tulle & ornament wedding bouquet!

Poster Design & Printing: Hitchcock Creative

Vintage Wedding Hairpiece: My Bridal Gems [available for purchase!]

Hair: Krstyal Morant

Makeup: Kira Sanders

Model: Leanne Hundley


My favorite poster – maybe because I wrote the content? Or maybe ’cause I just love the mismatched fonts, and the bright pink & orange colors?

i love the dramatic smokey eye that Bridal Beauty Associates put on Leanne. LOVE

a bride with tattoos … my favorite

Leanne rocked my offbeat tulle & ornament bouquet [which my mom lovingly made]

how much do I love this polka dot wedding dress? … like SO freakin’ much!

enter amazing wall of graffiti

and some serious “Top Model” posing … like no joke, Tyra would be so proud

Some dude was watching us during the shoot and Leanne shot him this look. hilarious.

*A reminder that this styled shoot was a collaboration between Bridal Beauty Associates, Abby Grace Photography, & Capitol Romance *

What do you think of our tattooed, offbeat bridal inspiration!? Did you love it as much as I did!? Can someone in Washington, DC please have a wedding like this … please!?

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