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Capitol Inspiration: Tatiana & Ben’s Offbeat, Retro Wedding in the Catskills

Early this year my sister and her husband Tom attended one of their good friends’ weddings up in the Catskills. I was waiting on bated breath to hear how everything went, seeing as this was the couple whose ah-mazing retro Save the Date I had featured previously:

The invites were just as cool [if not cooler] and naturally their wedding was just the most amazing thing ever and I am SO excited that Tatiana & Ben are letting me feature it here!

They had an awesomely offbeat wedding at the Peekamoose Restaurant and used DIY and a 1950s flare to hand-craft their special day. Everything about their wedding was 100% custom and 100% them. I asked Tatiana to share the details with me and her first response was this:

I’m not even going to try to cram 14 months of planning into a few paragraphs, so I just wanted to touch upon some things that really stuck out with us and had the biggest impact of our wedding planning process.

So not only will you get inspiring wedding pictures – you will all get a BOAT LOAD of awesome advice on how to stay true to yourselves, how to stay sane, AND how to keep things on a budget!

Tatiana & Ben’s Retro DIY Budget-Friendly Wedding in the Catskills


Venue: Peekamoose Restaurant
Photographer: Megan Schley
Dress: Dolly Couture
Florist (just for bouquets): Elderberry Design
Bridal party dresses: Modcloth & Trashy Diva 

 So, see what I mean?! Tatiana’s amazing 1950s wedding dress and retro up do outdone only by their expressions of absolute joy and happiness at being married.

Let’s begin:

 Tatiana’s yellow tulip bouquet with a red polka dot wrap

Tatiana’s first piece of advice – how to pay for your own wedding … and stick to a budget:

BUDGET.  Oh lord.  This was a doozy.  We paid for everything ourselves, and didn’t want to take out of our savings or put anything on a credit card in order to have a kick-ass wedding.  And we killed it!  We set an estimated number we thought we needed and gave ourselves a reasonable time frame to save up that amount.  And while our original budget practically doubled (because our little naive minds basically just pulled that ridiculously low number our of our ass), we still saved up everything we needed and even had some leftover.  You can do it!  Opening a joint savings account helped.  Because while I might spend some of my own money in stupid ways, I did not touch it once it was in our wedding account.


 how adorable is this wedding venue lodge?!

  if you think these mismatched bridesmaids shoes are too cute … just wait until you see their fabutastic patterned dresses!

Tatiana’s advice on how to stay sane on your wedding day:

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE AWESOME.  The weekend of our wedding, we rented a house to stay with our 6 friends (those that were involved in the wedding).  Other than saying “yes” when Ben proposed, that was the best decision I made.  Our friends helped with the last minute details, but best of all they helped by keeping us calm, keeping us honest, and keeping us laughing.


Click inside for the rest of Tatiana & Ben’s offbeat, DIY 1950s wedding in the Catskills!

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