Arzoo & Buddy’s Intimate, Traditional Pakistani Wedding at the Blue Rock Inn, VA

This afternoon’s Traditional Pakistani wedding ceremony is dropping with gorgeous, deep red hues and intoxicating, brassy golds. Sarah Goodwin Photography shares with us [via Two Bright Lights] the intimate wedding of Arzoo & Buddy which took place at the Blue Rock Inn in Virginia, after they were legally married in April!

I believe I have seen this referred to as getting “weddinging”. You are already married – but have a reception or separate ceremony later on! I love it.

¬†Arzoo & Buddy’s Traditional Pakistani Intimate Virginia Wedding

Details on the couple:

Aarzoo & Buddy met in October 2008 when they worked for the same organization in Pakistan. Buddy is from the US and Aarzoo is from Pakistan (she is a model & does lots of bridal modeling in Pakistan). They did not start dating until February 2011 and shortly after Buddy moved back to the US permanently. Via Skype he proposed to Aarzoo in October 2011 & she made the move to the US and in just a few weeks they had decided on a wedding date.

How gorgeous is the setting of their Virginia wedding ceremony?!

pretty much in love with the glittery gold tips on Arzoo’s nails!

Aarzoo wore the traditional red dress, gorgeous dramatic jewelry and henna tattoos of Pakistan.

Click inside to see the rest of Arzoo & Buddy’s beautifully intimate Pakistani wedding at the Blue Rock Inn in Virginia.

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