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Capitol Romance Best of 2014: Best Maryland Weddings of the Year

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I tried hard to narrow down ALL our real weddings of 2014, but I just couldn’t do it down to 5. So I decided to do a Top 5 for Maryland, Virginia, AND DC Weddings, because the features this year were just THAT awesome. So we’ll start things off with our Top 5 Maryland Weddings of 2014 ~ check them out:

#5. Kimmie & Marios Modern Bright Orange & Grey American Visionary Arts Museum Wedding

I just loved the bright colors of this one and how MODERN Kimme & Mario went with the decorations of one of my fav Maryland wedding venues.


Image: Kathleen Hertel

#4. Trish & Ned’s Vintage, DIY Maryland Wedding at Glen Echo Park

The vintage dreaminess of this Glen Echo Park Wedding has stayed with me since I blogged it. One of my readers even commented that if I had a chance to plan my own wedding again – it might look like this (she’s so right). So much gorgeous happening here.


Image: Cassidy Duhon Photography

#3. Chuck & Marcia’s Handfasting Wedding Ceremony at a Renaissance Faire

This was one of our most unique wedding features this year – a handfasting ceremony AT a Renaissance Fair. I loved it.


Image: Douglas Pettway

#2. Caitlin & Susie’s SUPER DIY, Literary Themed Wedding in Maryland

What else can I say about Cait & Susie’s AH-MAZING DIY wedding. I was fortunate to actually be a part of this one, and it will be one that stays with me for a while. So much love between these two ladies, their families, and their friends. This entire wedding was thrown for around $10K and was completely DIYed by the brides and their family members.


Image: Sarah Gormley

#1. Andrea & Nate’s Colorful, Offbeat Maryland Wedding at the Visionary Arts Museum

I’m a sucker for bright colors, brides with short hair, and tattoos – what can I say?! AVAM makes this list twice, but Andrea & Nate’s wedding couldn’t be more different than Kimmie & Marios’.


Image: A.E. Landes Photography

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Capitol Romance: Matt & Tom’s Offbeat, Art Gallery Wedding in Maryland

Today’s real wedding feature is the photographer’s FIRST EVER submission. I was honored to get to share her first wedding feature, and even more honored to share such a special love story.

Matt & Tom met online, and immediately hit it off. Tom is an LGBT activist, and Matt is a music teach – and both focuses were woven perfectly through their offbeat, orange & teal wedding! A special thanks to Erica Abbey Photography for sharing this real Maryland wedding feature.

Matt & Tom’s Offbeat, Art Gallery Wedding in Maryland

^LOVE this picture

Short “about the couple”

Tom, an LGBT activist and Matt, a music teacher and vocalist, met on OKCupid and hit it off immediately. What more could they want than someone else who’s outgoing and driven, but nerdy enough to play Mario Kart or marathon Batman cartoons?

We didn’t opt to buy our tuxes for the wedding, but we did want to keep a part of the outfit that reflected our style. We found a website that refashions vintage fabrics into neckties that had a really charming checkered pattern using both of our colors. We decided that it’d be a cute idea to have one with a necktie and one with a bowtie so that our matching outfits could be a little more unique.

It took us a while to pick our colors (teal and orange). It was an early Summer wedding that was partially indoors and outdoors so we wanted something appropriate for the season, but we also wanted colors that were slightly more casual and fun because that reflects the type of people we are. We spent a lot of time looking at color palettes online and ended up picking one that was based on a picture of a tropical beach; it’s the most common natural occurrence of our two colors together as well as the place most people are thinking about on June 2!

Click inside for the rest of Matt & Tom’s offbeat, Maryland wedding at the Strathmore Mansion.

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