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Ronalyn & Chris’ Old Town Alexandria Engagement Pictures in Virginia

We’re back this afternoon with a sweet little engagement session from Jeffrey Ocampo Photography. Jeff explained that Ronalyn & Chris love living and working in Old Town Alexandria, and so they are using it as the backdrop for their entire wedding theme. They met in college and their friendship eventually blossomed into more. I’m pretty much in love with Ronalyn’s style (that mustard hat, the top bun) and who can say no to an engagement session that features an adorable Corgi too !?  Check out their entire engagement session and love story (including a fun family BBQ proposal) below!

Chris & Ronalyn’s Old Town Alexandria, Virginia Engagement Pictures

old town alexandria alternative engagement pictures

“How we met” told from Ronalyn:

Ronalyn and Chris met at Virginia Commonwealth University 10 years ago.  At a party one evening, Ronalyn engaged in an unusual conversation with mutual friends — the subject?  Her bed.  Apparently, it’s too small to be a Queen, but too big to be a Full.  Chris rudely interrupted and said, “well, then it must be Princess-sized.”  *Wink wink*

Their friendship blossomed shortly after, but when Chris revealed his true feelings, Ronalyn freaked out and ignored him for about a month and now they’re set to marry on November 2014.  They live in Old Town Alexandria with their corgi, Kirby.

old town alexandria alternative engagement pictures old town alexandria alternative engagement pictures old town alexandria alternative engagement pictures old town alexandria alternative engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of Ronalyn & Chris’ adorable Old Town Alexandria, VA engagement pictures & proposal story.

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Capitol Romance: Yvonne & John’s Old Town Alexandria, Northern Virginia Engagement Session

We’re back this afternoon with a beautiful Northern Virginia engagement session from Carrie Holbo Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. Yvonne & John (hey that rhymes!) met in the Air Force and are getting married later this year in Vegas (wooo!) but they wanted to have their engagement session near their home in Old Town Alexandria. It’s hard to tell that this shoot was in January – the light looks warm and inviting, and Yvonne & John don’t look cold at all!

The two of them are gorgeous and so in love and have quite the surprise proposal story to share! Congratulations Yvonne & John!

Yvonne & John’s Northern Virginia Engagement Session in Old Town, Alexandria

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

How they met:

John and I had a mutual friend who was trying to play match maker (and it worked) and told me about him and vise versa. We then found each other through her “friends” list on Facebook and friended each other.

At the time, I was on a 6 month deployment to Tampa Florida and had 1 month left before I returned to Virginia when John and I started communicating through e-mail. It only took a few days for me to realize that we had a lot in common and the conversations started flowing! After a few days of e-mails, we exchanged phone numbers and we moved on to text messages and phone conversations…we talked everyday after that! John and I made plans to meet for the first time in person the night I returned from Florida. We were both so excited and were counting down the days until then! I left Florida on Wednesday 8 June 2011 and arrived on Thursday the 9th and met him for dinner as soon as I arrived. We’ve been together ever since…

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

Click inside for the rest of this beautiful Northern Virginia engagement session in Old Town, Alexandria, and for the awesome surprise proposal on an airplane!

Calvin & Stephanie’s Alexandria, VA Waterfront Engagement

Today is flying by after I try to play catch up from a weekend visiting family up in New Jersey. It’s still a disaster zone up there people, and it was shocking to see the destruction from Hurricane Sandy first hand. I invite you all again to please keep the victims affected by this natural disaster in your thoughts and if you have resources to share, consider donating money, blankets & goods, or your time. If you cannot donate, I won’t hold it against you, but I would ask that you maybe share something like this effort, “Restore the Shore” on your social media.

Ok, but back to blogging I will go and how slightly ironic that my schedule has an engagement along the waterfront as my first post back. This one is in from Carrie Holbo Photography and it features Calvin & Stephanie, a stunning sunset, and some beautiful shots along the water in Northern Virginia.

Calvin & Stephanie’s Alexandria, VA Waterfront Engagement


How they met:

Calvin and I met my sophomore year of high school, unfortunately timing just didn’t work out for us then.  Both of us were unavailable then, but I’ll admit I enjoyed seeing his smiling face everyday at school.  He also always tells me, “…ever since screen printing…”, claiming that he’s loved me ever since a screen printing class we were in together.  What a sweet talker.  

Anyway, fast forward about five years…I was moving back to Virginia from Ohio (where I finished up college) and came across Calvin’s facebook page.  Of course, I added him and the rest is history! I came back to Virginia and we’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since.

i LOVE the shade of Stephanie’s lace dress! – how awesome would bridesmaids look in that ?!

Click inside for the rest of this beautiful Northern Virginia engagement session & for Calvin & Stephanie’s proposal story!

Jeannette & Luis’ Manassas Battlefield Engagement in Northern Virginia

We are back and starting 2012 with a bang! I am still recovering a bit from my amazing New Years weekend, but that isn‘t going to stop me from posting all week with some amazing features to start off this new, fresh year!

2012 is going to be great, I can just feel it!

This morning we are sharing a beautiful Manassas Battlefield engagement shoot from one of our new favorite Washington, DC wedding photographers, that we hope to get to work with more in 2012, An Endless Pursuit [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. I first fell in love with the Manassas Battlefield back when I featured Vince & Rebecca’s adorable Maryland engagement shoot. You will quickly see why [if you don’t already] I love this location for a Maryland engagement session.

Jeannette & Luis’s Alternative Virginia Engagement Session at the Manassas Battlefield

An Endless Pursuit shares a little insight into Luis & Jeannette:

Luis and Jeannette are a beautiful, fun couple from Maryland that drove down to Northern Virginia for a lovely Autumn engagement session. They chose to spend the day with us at Mannassas Battlefield for the scenic views that were filled with vibrant Autumn color. Luis and Jeannette will be getting married in the Spring of 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland, and we can’t wait to photograph the story of their wedding!

And, I cannot wait to see the photographs from their wedding! But for now, let’s all just enjoy this beautiful Maryland engagement session!

Click inside for the rest of Jeannette & Luis’ beautiful Manassas Battlefield Engagement Session & to read the proposal story!

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