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Ashley & Brian’s Casual Alexandria Virginia Engagement Pictures

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Images: Stephen Gosling Photography

It’s a Federal Holiday for me today, so I am off to spend the morning with my sister & Evie, getting some indoor playtime in. I wanted to do a service event with her for MLK day, but it’s impossible to find 1-off projects, especially ones that would let me bring a 20 month old! Maybe next year (or if you know of any, please let me know!). I’m planning on blogging for most the week, but it’s going to be a weird one as we head out of town Thursday evening for a weekend with family. I will try and keep the week/blog as positive as possible, with as many messages and reminders of love as I possibly can. I hope you’ll join me in that venture. Happy Monday & sending you all vibes of strength, hope, & love on a day meant to remember someone that embodied all of those things.

So let’s officially start the week with love ~ Ashley & Brian’s engagement session is on the blog.

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How they met:

Ashley decided to move from Columbus, OH to San Diego, CA in April of 2014 for a new adventure and change of pace… it was only going to be temporary. While living with a friend, she started going to a local church and noticed Brian on Sunday mornings. Two different friends asked Ashley what she thought of Brian, not knowing that she had secretly been eyeing him for weeks. One of those same friends mentioned to Brian that she thought Ashley and Brian would “get along” and Brian (having secretly noticed Ashley as well, unbeknownst to her) decided to introduce himself in mid July 2014. They soon started dating after that and what was originally meant to be temporary became a permanent adventure.

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The Proposal story:

On Brian’s birthday, June 22, 2015 Ashley had the novel idea to throw a surprise party on the beach for Brian with a bunch of their friends. Little did she know that one of those friends had tipped Brian off about the surprise, when they found out he was going to propose. Ashley drove Brian blindfolded to the beach while all the while Brian had the engagement ring hidden in his coat pocket. When they got to the beach, Ashley told Brian to leave his coat in the car, he definitely didn’t need it at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on the beach. He insisted that he bring it. When they got there, Ashley took the blindfold off and yelled surprise!

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Brian nodded and started greeting everyone (secretly telling all of their friends to circle up because he was about to propose). Brian began a speech in front of their friends saying how blessed he was but something was missing and it “wasn’t quite perfect.” Ashley panicked a bit thinking she had not thrown the perfect birthday party surprise and pulled out his gift, which was a brand new iPad. He opened it and said “well I wasn’t expecting that!” He then got down on one knee and said “Ashley, I love you, will you marry me and make this moment perfect?” And no, we hadn’t planned to coordinate our outfits that day.

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Carolyn & Jon’s Northern Virginia Great Falls Park & Blackfinn Engagement Pictures

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Images: Megan Chase Photography

OMG you guys I’ve hit that point. The point in September when I am just READY for Fall. The crisper temperatures this weekend, the start of Football and this Great Falls Park engagement session. But mother nature always does this – gets me excited as I dig out my scarves and boots and then BOOM back to the 90s. We’re escaping to Vermont this weekend for one last mini-vacation and I am hoping to find cooler temperatures up there!

For today we have a beautiful engagement session from Megan Chase and it features our very own bride-to-be blogger, Carolyn!!! Enjoy her gorgeous pictures & insight into their engagement session locations decisions. Happy first day after a long weekend Romancers ;)

blackfinn great falls park northern virginia engagement pictures (4)

For Jon & I’s engagement session I was torn between two different styles. The casual, more true to how we are on a daily basis and the fancier side of our lives (not as often). So I asked our amazing photographer Megan if it was possible to do 2 different sessions and she said yes!!! I was so excited!

The First session was done in Great Falls Park, which is such a picturesque outdoor setting. Jon loves nature and being outside and I love it in controlled settings. So we chose more casual outfits and woke up super early for a sunrise engagement session. The lighting was gorgeous and this was also the perfect setting to bring the little Pheebster along. We were a little nervous throughout the session because for the shots of just Jon and I she sat off to the side and we noticed that the amount of vultures that were appearing around us started to grow. Thankfully they left her alone. I was freezing by the end of the session, but so happy! I knew the photos were going to be amazing!

blackfinn great falls park northern virginia engagement pictures (2)

For the second session I thought it would be a blast if we staged it in Blackfinn, which is a bar across the street from where Jon lived at the time. We like to hop on over and grab a drink once in a while just to change things up (aka in between our Netflix binges). They were so welcoming and accommodating for this shoot and it turned out exactly as I had imagined! I got my hair done by Anna Fazio that day, she is so amazing for waking up so early to accommodate me! It contributed to the more put together and sophisticated look I was going for. I love this shoot because it also incorporates our usual drink choices.

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So between the two sessions the photos captured our variety of personal interest all through photos! So if you and your honey can’t decide which is the perfect setting for your engagement shoot or if you both have different likes; try choosing two different spots to showcase everything you both are about!

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Hair in the bar shoot was done by Anna Fazio.  Huge thanks to Blackfinn in Merrifield for letting us use their space!!

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Amber & Obi’s Engagement Pictures at Busboys and Poets in Shirlington

fun DC area engagement pictures busboys and poets Shirlington (7)

Images: Lissa Ryan Photography

It was a really nice weekend over here at Capitol Romance HQ. Andy & I enjoyed an excellent impromptu date night (margaritas!) on Friday night and then Saturday I got to work a truly beautiful & awesome wedding at Glen Echo Park. We capped it off yesterday with some shopping at our favorite local vintage shops (Miss Pixies, Good Wood & Simon Vintage) and Andy watched Evie while I hit up some MUCH NEEDED yoga at Maketto (it’s FREE on Sundays! Join me next time!). It’s a busy week here as its full of personal and professional appointments – so let’s get it going!

Amber and Obi are getting married in August at Meadowlark Gardens, and they started their adorable engagement pictures at Busboys & Poets before heading over the bridge to Georgetown.  The gorgeous graffiti, beautiful couple, and Amber’s stunning offbeat engagement ring (a yellow diamond!) make these two a perfect Capitol Romance couple!

fun DC area engagement pictures busboys and poets Shirlington (3) fun DC area engagement pictures busboys and poets Shirlington (9)

From the Bride (How they Met):

Obi and I met randomly outside of the gym at my apartment complex. Obi lived in the townhouses next door, and was using his coworker’s access key to use the gym. I don’t remember the reason, but I got off work early and was headed to the leasing office which is right next to the gym. Obi saw me walking and came outside to introduce himself, and the rest is history!

fun DC area engagement pictures busboys and poets Shirlington (1)fun DC area engagement pictures busboys and poets Shirlington (2)


Aubrey & Raja’s Old Town Alexandria Engagement Pictures on the Water

Their names are Aubrey and Raja and they have been dating for the last ten years!

That was the first line of the email I got from Wolfcrest Photography on today’s real engagement session feature! I’m a sucker for couples that have been together for years before finally tying the knot and plus the beautiful foliage & Old Town’s gorgeous historic scenery make for a beautiful Virginia engagement session feature today. Enough from me, more love! Happy Monday Romancers!

Aubrey & Raja’s Old Town Alexandria Engagement Pictures

old town alexandria engagement pictures

How they met:

When he first met me during our freshmen year of high school, Raja was pretty sure I didn’t like him. He walked up to me in Mr. Corey’s Western Civ class to introduce himself and said, “Hi Audrey, my name is Raja”. I looked at him and said, “It’s Aubrey”, and that was it. I do not remember this exchange, but for his 14-year old self, it was traumatic.

Not one to be discouraged though, he charmed me into being his friend, partially to get cliff notes on the history reading that he never did, but mostly because he thought I was cute. You see, he had a crush on me as soon as he saw me; and while it’s been a long time since Mr. Corey’s history class, he still does.

old town alexandria engagement pictures old town alexandria engagement pictures old town alexandria engagement pictures old town alexandria engagement pictures

click inside for the rest of Aubrey & Raja’s Old Town Alexandria engagement pictures in Northern Virginia!

Cass & David’s Northern Virginia Field Engagement Session

This weekend was one of those rare weekends where Andy & I literally had nothing to do. It was ah-mazing. We got house work done, we took the dog on a long walk, we took a day trip to Baltimore to visit AVAM and stopped by Housewerks & Second Chance on our way home. We watched Harry Potter, cleaned the house, and got a TON of relaxing done. I am quite confident we won’t get to have this sort of weekend again until December.

But anyway – there are more important things at hand, like today’s beautiful Northern Virginia engagement session & love story from one of our FAVORITE DC photographers, Tim Riddick Photography. Tim’s images are always some of the most beautiful & raw that I get submitted to me, and I am always delighted to share his work. David & Cass are no different, and their engagement pictures, set amidst a field during “golden house” are magazine-worthy. Check them all out below!

Cass & David’s Northern Virginia Field Engagement Session at Golden Hour

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

[images submitted via Two Bright Lights]

How they met:

Towards the end of the second semester of having almost every class together, David asked Cass out on their first date. He showed up at her door with a bouquet of flowers and they both proceeded to pretend they were respectable and knowledgeable on classy things like wine. A few months later they went on their first ever road trip—to Myrtle Beach.

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

After graduation, they embarked on a six-week trip to Europe. After flying into London, they bought a Euro-pass and traveled by train to Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome. David then flew home and Cass worked as an RA for a U.S. study-abroad program in Florence for a month.

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

After Europe, they both moved to Brentsville on a beautiful six-acre lot on the river. In search of better job opportunities, they moved to Arlington a year later. David worked as a Web Developer in Alexandria and Cass worked as a Project Manager in Rockville, MD. They lived there for three years.

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

Click inside for the rest of these gorgeous images from Tim Riddick Photography & David & Cass’ proposal story!

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