Katelynn & Zach’s Annapolis Maryland Engagement Session

Welcome back to this afternoon’s post, a lovely engagement session featuring the stunning couple, Katelynn & Zach, and an equally stunning backdrop: Annapolis Maryland. This beautiful Maryland engagement session was submitted by Sknow Design via Two Bright Lights.

Katelynn & Zach have a beautiful love story and proposal story to share and I am just a TAD obsessed with Katelynn’s vintage dress [ok, fine … way more than a tad]. Take it away Katelynn!

Katelynn & Zach’s Annapolis Maryland Engagement Session

How they met:

“Zach and I officially met on Halloween 2010 when I visited Messiah College with the intent of transferring from another Pennsylvania school.  It wasn’t until transferring to Messiah in January 2011, though, that we really hit it off– we both were on the swim team there, and as two science majors, our paths crossed frequently.  Eventually, talking in the hallway between classes and across the tables in the cafeteria led to hanging out in the dorms and making late night trips to Wal Mart for some Ben & Jerry’s.

By April, we knew we had a good thing going and wanted to give dating a try!


The love story continues:

We decided upfront that we should try to keep it casual until we made it through summer break (as he lives in Lancaster and I’m from the Eastern Shore), but it was pretty apparent by July that we were both head over heels for one another.

A whirlwind school year lead to the decision to study abroad in Germany together for 3 weeks in May of 2012, something that we both were eagerly anticipating for months in advance!

The whole trip I had literally been counting down to our day visit to Austria since that’s where the Sound of Music was filmed and I’ve been slightly obsessed with that musical since probably conception.  The train ride down to Salzburg from Munich I was shaking because I was so excited to see everything!

We spent the morning taking a cable car up to the top of a mountain in the Alps; what I thought was going to be just a little hill that would show us the whole city turned out to be a 10 minute ride up into the Alps and the best view I’d ever seen!  We were actually on top of a cloud, climbing in the Alps, and looking out over Salzburg.  It was so incredibly romantic, but also so cold up there.

After that, we came down from the mountain and explored the city, which was SO charming and beautiful.  We got to see the Sound of Music Pavilion (where Rolf and Louisa sing “16 Going on 17” and Maria and Captain Von Trapp– the couple who actually stay together!!– sing “Something Good”).  There was even a bride and a groom getting their wedding pictures taken there!!!  We had a candlelit lunch, then saw the nun’s convent and the church with Mozart’s grave (where the Von Trapp family hid from the Nazis).

Click inside for the rest of Katelynn & Zach’s gorgeous Maryland engagement session ~ including the proposal story in Germany!

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Natalie & Melissa’s Hot Pink Wedding Brunch at the Eastern Shore

Another week has come and gone. This one surprised me – it was one of my first FULL weeks back at my day job, and I thought it was going to CRAWL. Fortunately, it blew by in a whirl and another Capitol Inspiration ~ Friday’s Wedding Inspiration post is upon us already!

Hoping everyone has some nice weekend plans in store. Andy & I are off to traverse the Garden State [our hometown – NJ! What? What! … ok, i’ll stop], while I attempt to recover from my first Bikram yoga class last night [good LORD I have NEVER sweated like that in my life]. Anyone else got some fly weekend plans?

While you ponder and hopefully share, please enjoy today’s offbeat wedding inspiration, courtesy of  Andi Grant Photography. Andi submitted [via Two Bright Lights] this beautiful brunch reception wedding that took place on the Eastern Shore, after the beautiful couple, Natalie & Melissa, had their civil service in Washington, DC.

Natalie & Melissa’s Summery, Hot Pink Wedding Brunch in Maryland

i never get tired of adorable doggies at weddings (especially when they have a “Dog of Honor” bandanna! awwwwwww!)

 Click inside for the rest of these beautiful images from Andi Grant Photography ~ of Melissa & Natalie’s hot pink and yellow wedding … lots of wedding floral design inspiration to come!

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Melanie & Justin’s Retro Amusement Park Engagement in Maryland

Its barely 9:30am and I am already having one of “those” days. It started with the rain, thus making it nearly impossible to get out of bed. It was followed by a near-accident on my commute to work, as a bald-tired car thought it could take a 35mph turn at about 65mph [he was wrong, as I watched him do a 360 across two lanes of traffic in front of me]. It continued with arriving at work to my badge having expired. I don’t know where it will go next.

BUT I do know that it will at least have ONE shining moment in this otherwise frustrating Monday – this gorgeous retro Maryland engagement session from Live It Out Photography.

Melanie & Justin were actually the winner’s of the Photography Session Giveaway that we hosted at Borrowed Event with Live It Out Photography! I couldn’t have been happier that they won – as their December wedding sounds absolutely amazing and they are two of the CUTEST people I have ever met. I love their style and laid-back vibe and the love they have for each other is just intoxicating.

Thanks so much to Amber, one of my fav alternative wedding photographers in the DC, MD, VA area, for sharing these awesome retro engagement pictures!

It’s not a feature from Live It Out without some visually impressive Polaroids – courtesy of the Impossible Project Film. If you like Polaroids – and the intoxicating influence that these pictures portray, check out Amber’s The Present Company Project – a look at meeting strangers, asking simple questions, and capturing it on film.

How did you guys meet?

Melanie: I walked into a friend from high school’s apartment in college and had two bags of baking supplies on both arms and the book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World already creased to my favorite recipes. Up three flights of stairs and I knocked on the door and went in. The first person I saw was a handsome man with a big red beard sitting on the sofa. I can’t remember if I said hello because I am pretty shy when it comes to good facial hair. I’m sure I buried the bottom half of my face into my scarf and unloaded my soymilk bottles and flour bags onto the kitchen table.

Justin: I was visiting my friend’s apartment and I saw this girl come into the apartment with her arms loaded with baking supplies.  The thing I remember thinking was, “Wow, she’s cute, how can I talk to her?”  I tried not to stare while she unpacked her things, but I took a quick glance or two. I just sat listening and hoping.  Then the moment came- was teaching her to make Vegan cupcakes-so I spoke up and said, “Can you make mine with extra egg, lard icing and top it with bacon bits, please?”  I don’t even think she looked at me, but I think I remember her giggling.  I look back and think, “Hm, I am lucky that I even got a first date when I used the word ‘lard’ in my opening statement and made fun of her.” What a great first impression!

I have some serious hair-envy over Melanie’s gorgeous soft curls. Also – don’t forget that if you want to rock a bow tie like Justin – we are giving a handmade bow tie away!

For our first date, Justin invited me to meet him at the library on a beautiful march morning. I already had breakfast plans so I told him I’d try to stop by later in the morning. I walked up and saw him, sitting on the bench outside, head back, eyes closed, in the sun. I thought, “what great timing, he’s just leaving!” I didn’t know until later, but he had waited for me for two hours, just to see if I would come. We fell in love through half a year of long distance while I was in England.

Click inside for the rest of Melanie & Justin’s adorable retro Amusement Park engagement session by Live It Out Photography and to read the details of the adorable proposal – with flamingos!

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Christiana & Aaron’s Glen Echo Park Engagement in Maryland

I still can’t believe that I have never been up to Glen Echo Park, to witness the amazingess of this vintage amusement park in person. I swear I will go ONE of these days.

But, for the time being – I will instead, drool over this place through the wonderful engagements & weddings that take place there. Today we have Christiana & Aaron’s Glen Echo Park engagement session thanks to Soft Box Media Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. I’ll NEVER grow tired of looking at pictures from shoots at Glen Echo. Never.

Christiana & Aaron’s Vintage Amusement Park Engagement at Glen Echo Park, MD

in LOVE with Christiana’s dress & shoes!

From Softbox Media:

Christiana & Aaron are one of THE most adorable couples we’ve ever met. They’re spunky. Fun. Creative. We were so excited when they wanted to do their engagement photos at Glen Echo Park…a historic mainstay of the DC area and a spot near and dear to their hearts. From the vintage carousel to the art deco facades, we had a fantastic time capturing their spirit in these photos.

And I’ll have a fantastic time blogging these photos. Thanks! :)

Click inside for the rest of Christiana & Aaron’s Glen Echo Park engagement session!

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Marissa & Trey’s Casual, Brookside Gardens Maryland Engagement

LOVE me some Tim Riddick Photography ~ one of my all-time alternative Washington, DC wedding photographers for sure. Thanks to him, I have Marissa & Trey’s beautiful, casual Maryland engagement session to share this afternoon!

Spring is a fab season for engagement session ~ and parks [personally] make one of the best engagement session locations. They are so full of beautiful, natural shots that really bring out a couple’s love & affection. Enjoy!

Marissa & Trey’s Brookside Gardens Engagement Session in Wheaton, MD

About the couple:

Trey and I met when I was 16 years old (over 7 years ago.) He was living in Miami at the time and we met through a friend, becoming inseparable immediately. We hung out as friends for months and one fateful night Trey asked me if I’d be his “girlfriend or something?” I laughed and we talked on the phone all night (I said yes of course) and since that night we have not gone to bed not as boyfriend and girlfriend or fiancées or, now husband and wife.

Just a few months into our relationship I moved with my mother to North Carolina, while Trey stayed behind in Miami. It was a tough few months but not long after he followed. We were together for 5 years when he popped the question.

Click inside for the proposal story and the rest of this adorable Maryland engagement session from Tim Riddick Photography!

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Dave & Lauren’s Tilghman Island, MD Engagement Session

Yesterday’s weather was practically winter here in DC [though I guess we should consider ourselves lucky, because parts of PA got SNOW]. It’s warmed up a bit, but this gorgeous Maryland engagement session from Leo Druker Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights] will be sure to nip that cold in the butt completely. Lauren & Dave’s engagement session on Tilghman Island, outside the Eastern Shore, is full of gorgeous light and lots of warmth & love.

The couple explains why they chose Tilghman Island as their engagement shoot location:

Dave’s family has owned a house on Tilghman Island ever since he was little.  He spent a lot of vacation time and holidays there as a child.  While Dave and Lauren were dating, they often could not find time to spend alone with just the two of them because of roommates and friends and exciting lives in DC.  They went to the “Maryland house” (as Dave calls it) several times to get away from everyone and spend some time alone.  These days at Tilghman Island were filled with kayaking, swimming, exploring St. Michael’s, doing puzzles, and making dinner, so shooting there was perfect.

Lauren & Dave’s Tilghman Island, Eastern Shore MD Engagement Session

A bit about the couple:

Dave is originally from Atlanta, GA, but grew up in Philadelphia, Hong Kong, England, and then back to Philadelphia.  He graduated with a Masters in Engineering from Cornell in 2009.  He loves to play sports, watch sports, read, and hang out with friends.

Lauren is originally also from Atlanta, GA, where she spent most of her childhood and also went to college.  Lauren graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2010.  She loves to run, play with her two cats, and hang out with friends.

How they met:

Dave and Lauren met in the Summer of 2010 through some mutual friends at work.  The two were introduced at a happy hour at Chevy’s.  After a courtship period involving work lunches at Korean BBQ restaurants, kickball at the Washington monument, and nights out in DC, they got engaged one year later.

Click inside for the rest of the pictures from Dave & Lauren’s Tilghman Island, Eastern Shore Maryland engagement session by Leo Druker Photography and the couples proposal story!

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Heather & Steve’s Gramercy Mansion Wedding in Baltimore, Maryland

This morning I have an adorably sweet Baltimore, MD wedding to share with you from wedding photographer, Kathy Hertel Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. Heather & Steve had spent a really long time together after meeting in high school, but allowed time to pass before they made the decision to get married. To them, the wait was worth it, Heather told me:

“Time makes it worth the while knowing that there is always going to be someone by your side waiting with you. “

Heather & Steve’s wedding at the Gramercy Mansion in Baltimore, featured a soft, spring color palette and lots of intimate, hand-made touches. I know you guys will love this one! Enjoy.

Their love story:

What is special about our love is the fact we fell in love at the right time and at the right moment. Even though we knew each other in high school, it wasn’t the right time to fall in love. Timing is everything. Both Steve and I knew we were at the right time in our lives to fall in love when we spoke “I love you,” for the first time. We shared 8 years through easy and difficult journeys and we were there together to share in those times. Time makes it worth the while knowing that there is always going to be someone by your side waiting with you.

Steve and I knew it was the right time to get engaged when we couldn’t imagine sharing our time with someone else but each other. We were engaged in 2009 during our romantic cruise to the Bahamas. To some people, it was about time. To us it is the perfect time to start this new journey together as husband and wife. We now look to our futures in seeing all the time we have to live our lives to start a home, a family, a new journey.

We wanted the wedding to be romantic, elegant, and simply intimate. Right from the start, we had luck on our side when choosing our location of our wedding ceremony and reception. When we toured the Gramercy Mansion, we were immediately enchanted by the elegance and charm that we fell in love. Gramercy had everything we were looking for; a romantic garden scenery, antiques that decorated the reception rooms, and all without bringing any additions to make it attractive for our wedding.

From then on, everything else fell right into a perfect place for our wedding.

Click inside for the rest of Heather & Steve’s Baltimore, MD wedding at the romantic Gramercy Mansion.

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DIY Inspiration: DIY Details from a Frederick, Maryland Wedding

[don’t forget to post any of your favorite DIY projects, current & past, on Twitter today using the #DIY Wednesday hashtag AND/OR post a link to your favorite DIY projects on our Facebook post ~ sharing is caring :) ]

Sweet Bee Photography sent me this adorable Frederick, Maryland wedding a few weeks back via Two Bright Lights, and I have been super excited to share it ever since. The couple is musically inclined [the bride sings in a band known as the Mood Swings] and their wedding, naturally, included lots of musical-themed and DIY details.

Their adorable DIY wedding included boutonnieres made from guitar pics [how much do I love this?!], fans for the bridesmaids instead of bouquets, an adorable “Linus & Lucy” cake topper, and an INSANELY touching ring bearer book [more details on this below].

the guitar pick boutonnieres – LOVE



Sweet Bee Photography shares the beautiful, personal details of the non-traditional ring bearer book:

One thing that really struck me about this couple was the ring bearer pillow/book.This little guy was quite adorable and he had the honor of carrying something very special to the bride and groom. It was a book they had had through the ups and downs of their relationship. They would essentially write lover letters, sometimes apology letters, sometimes…”It’s our wedding day” letters and they would pass it back and forth. After they had each written their letter on their wedding day, they tied it with ribbon to match their wedding party and tied their rings to the end.

I thought it was such a fun tradition that I think couples could even start on their wedding day

Click inside for more pictures of the ring bearer love story book [love this non-traditional wedding detail so much!] and some action shots of the Bride & her band in action!

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Jane & Derrell’s Graffiti Engagement Session in Baltimore, Maryland

“He is my miracle, that saved my life.”

If you saw my booth at Borrowed – then you know already how I feel about graffiti.

I LOVE it. I find the art [yes, I consider it art] of graffiti/street art to be slightly intoxicating, raw, and rather exciting. Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Exit Through the Gift Shop“, or perhaps I was a graffiti artist in a previous life [how cool would THAT be!?], but when I see wedding pictures in front of graffiti or street art, well, I just HAVE to have that on my blog.

So, thanks to Anny. Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights] I have a fantastic, Baltimore, MD engagement session to share with you today … and yes, it features not only some seriously awesome graffiti, but a seriously in love couple ~ so … win win.

Plus, Jane & Derrell’s love story is a seriously raw & tough emotional journey – not your average, ROMCOM-type tale. It has some lows – but it makes the high [their proposal!] that much sweeter.

Derrell & Jane’s Graffiti Engagement Shoot in Baltimore, MD

About the couple:

Derrell and I were both born and raised in Baltimore. We met when we were 9 years old at our local basketball rec league. We would later attend the same high school, and were captains of our basketball teams.

Our junior year, we both were teacher aide’s during the same period. He would hurry up to finish his work to spend time with me, and he would start to walk with me to my classes. People always joked and called us “love and basketball” like the movie, but we paid it no mind.

We started dating the first month of our senior year in high school, and from then on it’s been better than the movie, and more than just love and basketball. At the age of 16, I was put out of the house on my own, and he’s been with me through thick and thin.

He has helped me heal from a wretched childhood, and has literally helped me rebuild my life from nothing (absolutely broke, hungry, and just a duffle bag of clothes) to being able to have more so that we can give back to others. He has kept me smiling every single day. He is my miracle that saved my life.

What an incredible love story right? Really makes you put things in perspective!

Click inside for the rest of Jane & Derrell’s Baltimore, MD engagement feature AND the adorable proposal story!

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