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Cristina & Gonzalo’s Dreamy, Springtime Frederick MD Engagement Pictures

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Hey wedding planning couples. Want to look extremely gorgeous/handsome on your wedding day? Glowing like your happiness is literally EMITTING itself from your faces? Then you should probably hire Elizabeth Fogarty Photography. She dropped a wedding we worked on together, last week, on her blog – and it’s just so insanely beautiful! Couple that with the MD engagement she shared with us today, and seriously, it’s hard to take your eyes off these images. She finds a way to personify happiness through her images and I just love sharing her work here. Thanks for the submission Liz :)

Cristina & Gonzalo’s Dreamy, Springtime Frederick MD Engagement Pictures

Frederick Maryland Engagement Pictures (7)

Photographer: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

 Talk about a Fairy Tale, well the Latino version with lots of laughter and joy at least. Cristina went down to Peru to help out at an orphanage, and on the LAST week there, she met Gonzalo. During the next few days, he would either look for her or text her. She came back to the States, and it was not quite over yet. It started with facebook chat, made its way to texting, and finally they admitted feelings for each other.

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Click inside for the gorgeous engagement ring and the rest of Cristina & Gonzalo’s engagement session

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Lisa & Chris’ Bowling Alley Engagement in Maryland

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This past weekend was my BIGGEST wedding of the season! Lisa & Chris planned a food and wine festival themed wedding for over 150 people, and mostly all the decor and tablescapes were DIYed (I think I can now add Floral Design to my resume … uh yeah right – totally kidding). It would have never been possible without the help of some seriously awesome people, and Lisa & Chris’ super awesome family! My husband dutifully hung lanterns and helped with the escort station, and Jessica with Jessica Adams Designs was key to making the tables, centerpieces, and food stations look absolutely perfect. I cannot thank both of them enough.

There will be a LOT MORE to come from Chris & Lisa’s wedding (though I did post some sneak peaks on my Instagram!) but for now while these two jet off onto their honeymoon, I thought I’d share their adorable bowling alley engagement thanks to J/K Photography.

Lisa & Chris’ Bowling Alley Engagement Session in Maryland

maryland bowling alley engagement pictures

Lisa & Chris are part of a bowling league, so having their engagement pictures at a bowling alley just made way too much sense. They also had their rehearsal dinner at a bowling alley too (which I love!).

How they met (from the bride):

We met at a party in summer 2005.  It was at a mutual friend’s house.  I worked with Ian and Chris had just joined his band.  Fast forward to Fall, and we had seen each other a bit, I’d even seen his band play.  We kept running into each other, and had become part of the same crowd.  We ate lunch together once a week (along with our friend Ian).  We spent Tuesday nights at the same party every week.  It was there that we realized we had a lot of common interests.  He not so subtly would lean closer and closer to me throughout each night as we sat in the kitchen of this house party.  Finally, after a year of hanging out at parties and with other friends, we took the plunge and started dating.  We were inseparable from that moment on.  I spent the next semester working in Disney World so we would spend hours on the phone every day. We even watched entire football games together since my roommates were not sports fans.  If he could put up with me being 1000 miles away so soon after we started dating, I figured he was a keeper.

maryland bowling alley engagement pictures

The proposal story, as told by the groom:

To say that I had a plan for my proposal is like a bunch of high school kids sitting in their parent’s basement saying ‘we should start a band!’

First I should point out that Lisa has never been a jewelry person.  No bracelets, necklaces, earrings, nothing.  She not so subtly stated to friends of ours she didn’t want an engagement ring.   As an alternative, she said that she wanted a hand-made rocking chair.  This knowledge in hand, I set out to make me (her?) a rocking chair.

Fortunately, at that time I had a co-worker who did a lot of woodworking and a woodworking hobby shop on the base where I work.  I asked him how tough it would be to make a rocking chair having no experience (outside of some terrible carvings in boy scouts) with wood working.  He replied that he had not even tried something like that because of the difficulty of the rockers.  Needless to say his response was a bit of a downer.

maryland bowling alley engagement pictures

Unfettered, I started reading up on woodworking techniques and looking how I was going to actually try to go about this.  Then things went from bad to worse; due to budget cuts, the wood-hobby shop on base was closing down, with no plans to reopen in the future.  I was gutted, I felt like I was back to square one.

During one of our Friday visits to the local wine bar with our friends, Lisa hinted that rather than a rocking chair from scratch, she’d be ok with one that had be refurbished (ok hinted may not be the right word, “just propose already” might be a better phrasing).  I also discovered that a friend of ours had a small woodworking set up in his garage.  Confidence buoyed, I set about searching through the myriad of antique shops around town (we live in a beach town in southern Maryland, we probably have as many antique shops as we have gas stations) for a rocking chair I could fix up.  Easy right?

maryland bowling alley engagement pictures

Right about this time, I signed up to race in my first Ironman.  For those unfamiliar, an Ironman is a triathlon that is just long.  And when I say long, I mean “I’m hoping to finish in less than 15 hours long.”  Unsurprisingly, a race that will take 15 hours to complete takes up a fair amount of time to get ready for.  Training six days a week, with weekends being almost completely dedicated to running, biking and driving to various smaller races to prepare began to eat up most of my free time.

During my various training runs and rides, I would think to myself “man, this is race is probably going to be a day I’ll remember forever, why not make it even better and propose after the race!”   With previously stated lack of free time, this seemed like a pipe dream at best, but at this point, Lisa and I had been together for almost six and a half years and had owned a house together for the last three; this proposal was a long time coming and there probably wasn’t going to be a better chance (debatable of course, but your brain probably isn’t functioning at 100% when it’s 85 degrees and has been on a bike for five hours).

maryland bowling alley engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of Lisa & Chris’ bowling alley engagement pictures AND the rest of the proposal story!

Irene & Deji’s National Harbor Maryland Engagement Pictures

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A sweet & stylish little “day-after” session for you all this afternoon. Irene & Deji got married a year ago, but decided to do some pictures around Maryland’s National Harbor for a late engagement session. The pair have an amazing sense of fashion and killer smiles. Photography Daisy Saulls shares, “Irene is the owner/creator of LaBellaZZa Group and Deji looks like he might have just stepped out of GQ magazine”. I think you will soon be agreeing with Daisy.

Irene & Deji’s Fashionable & Chic National Harbor MD Engagement Session

national harbor engagement pictures maryland stylish

Photographer: Daisy Saulls | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

How they met (from the bride):

Deji and I met during the Fall of 2007 at an event in Washington DC. We exchanged a few comments but did not have a long conversation.

We had an opportunity to meet again during my graduation from College which he attended as his friend (our Best Man) also graduated from the same college on the same day. Again, it was brief comments and not a lot of conversation.
Finally, fate intervened when I had to relocate after my graduation from college. I ended up in Odenton, Maryland which was close to where he lived. When he found out, he asked to take me out and show me around the new neighborhood which I agreed to. We had a wonderful time and had more dates after that.

Two and a half years later, while enjoying a trip on a Gondola in Central Park New York, He proposed to me and the rest is history.

national harbor engagement pictures maryland stylish

How they met (from the groom):

From the Groom:
There was something about Titi from the first time I met her. Even though we did not share a lot of words, I knew I had to have a conversation with her. When I did get the opportunity to talk to her, it was everything I had expected.

national harbor engagement pictures maryland stylish

national harbor engagement pictures maryland stylish

Click inside for the rest of Irene & Deji’s Maryland engagement session at National Harbor, including a look at her stunning engagement ring!

Capitol Romance: Sharon & Rob’s Industrial, Outdoor Maryland Engagement Session

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I really love when couples opt for atypical engagement shoot locations. Sharon & Rob did just that – choosing a private residence in Silver Spring, Maryland that has old, dilapidated buildings with abandoned rooms and fallen walls in the middle of the woods. I also loved the contrast of their stylish engagement shoot attire against the muted walls of the old buildings.

This engagement feature with Rob & Sharon’s beautiful love story is sure to give you some warmth on this (ridiculously) cold, snowy DC day! Images provided by Marcella Treybig Photography & submitted via Two Bright Lights.

Rob & Sharon’s Outdoor, Industrial Engagement Session in Silver Spring, Maryland

 silver spring maryland engagement pictures wedding blog

How they met:

A mutual friend introduced Rob and Sharon over Thanksgiving break 2005.  Since Sharon was still at Northeastern in Boston and Rob was at WashU St. Louis, they didn’t really keep in touch.  Fast forward to June 2007 when Sharon was home after graduation.  Once again, the pair connected through mutual friends, and spent the rest of the summer dating.  Sharon was convinced she wanted to work in Boston, and moved back in September.  Rob came to visit, making her realize where her heart truly was: in DC!!  They have been inseparable ever since.




maryland engagement pictures wedding blog

Click inside for the rest of this beautiful Maryland engagement session, including the proposal story!

Capitol Romance: Lindsey & Gaurav’s Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland Engagement

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We are back with a beautiful Maryland engagement session by Michelle Zahn Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. This adorable couple took to a beautiful winery, on Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland for their engagement session. They snapped photos with some wine and amid the beautiful fall foliage, but I think my favorite part of this engagement session was when the couple practiced some yoga on the top of the mountain!

I love this first shot…

Lindsey & Gaurav’s Sugarloaf Mountain, MD Winery & Yoga Engagement Session

From the photographer:

Lindsay & Gaurav are set to get married September 2013, so we got some engagement photos this fall before the leaves fell off the trees. In talks with the couple, I discovered they both loved wine and yoga. We decided to incorporate both of their favorite activities into the engagement session – using the vineyard and mountain where they got engaged as a backdrop.

Following a relaxing start to the session with a glass of wine, we raced to the top of the mountain to beat the sunset, and just before it did, Lindsay & Guarav got in a quick session of yoga on top of the mountain.

Click inside for the rest of Lindsey & Gaurav’s Maryland winery engagement session!

Capitol Romance: Lauren & Jake’s ‘Gone Fishin’ Maryland Engagement Session


Lauren is a beach bum at heart, loves to travel [even recently as far as Thailand and Cambodia], and loves to sing. Jake is a native Minnesotan, who moved to DC in 2006 to pursue a career in forest policy [cool!] and enjoys any concert that entails 80s Hair Bands [yes!]. They met over quoting from Anchorman. Jake wrote the first half and Lauren finished the quote. Since then, they have been completing each others sentences ever since.

Thanks to Eastport Photography & Two Bright Lights for this adorable dockside Maryland engagement session!

 Lauren & Jake’s Dockside, Gone Fishin’ Maryland Engagement Session

The Proposal Story:

It was a Friday night in South Bethany Beach.  After dinner, at about 9pm, Jake suggested we take a walk on the beach. It had just stormed and the waves were so gigantic, you could hear them crashing from down the street. As Jake held my hand, I wondered why he was squeezing so hard. He also seemed distracted which was quite unlike Jake. He then suggested we walk onto the sand and made our way to the spot I’ve frequented since childhood.

He wanted to stop and asked me to put my flip flops down. Puzzled, I obliged. After grabbing my hands and saying some amazingly lovely things, outlining the course of our relationship, Jake got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I was so utterly shocked that he had gotten down on one knee and could not believe what was happening; I had to double check, “Jake are you asking me to marry you”? To which he replied, “YES LAUREN”. Of course, I said YES!!

Just as Jake put the ring on my finger, a giant wave crashed, water barreling towards us. As we were getting soaked and our flip flops were washing away, Jake kept saying, “the ring Lauren, don’t lose the ring”! It was as memorable as it was comical. With ring and flips flops in hand, we paused for a moment to “soak” in the moment and then headed back to the beach house to call our families!!

Congratulations Lauren & Jake! Thank you for sharing your beautiful proposal story and engagement session with us. A special thanks again to Eastport Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this submission possible!

Capitol Romance: Vanessa & Adam’s Potomac, MD Sunflower Field Engagement


I am NOT happy about this weather we are having. It is December … in Washington, DC … it is NOT supposed to be 60+ degrees! How can I really get into the “let it snow”, “have a holly jolly Christmas” season when it feels like May?

I digress.

We’re kicking off the week with a Maryland engagement session from my fav, Michelle VanTine Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. Vanessa & Adam took to a GORGEOUS sunflower field for their engagement session and the result was beautiful. Michelle called the shoot her “Golden Hour” shoot because of the way the sun danced all over the couple and the field. She was so, so right in naming it this. Check it out:

Vanessa & Adam’s Potomac, MD Sunflower Field Engagement Session 

 How they met:

After living in DC for six months, my sister (twin sister, that is) and friends decides that we needed expand our circle and meet some new people. What could possibly be a better place to meet a bunch of fun 20-somethings, who don’t take themselves seriously than by playing a little game of kickball?! The fact that is was also right in front of the Capitol was the cherry on top!

I still remember first seeing Adam, and thinking “WHOA,” but it wasn’t until halfway through the season that our teams finally played each other. It turned out that Adam’s team only had about four people show up, but that didn’t stop them from pummeling my team. After the game, all the of the teams meet at the bar- where Adam stood next to me while we played some drinking games. The poor guy was so bad, that I finally jokingly yelling at him for first portion of the night. Thankfully, he’s a good trooper.

As the night was dying down, my sister whispered to me, “he’s going to ask for your number.” I was completely surprised, because as far as I could tell, I had been yelling at the guy for a good chunk of time, but he did! The sweet gentleman that he is called me the very next day and asked me out to dinner. The rest is history.

When looking back to why I originally joined the kickball league, was to meet people- no one in particular, but just make new friends. Little did I know, that I would meet and find my best friend and love of my life in the most unexpected places. Thanks Kickball!

Click inside for the rest of this adorable Maryland engagement session amidst the beautiful sunflower fields (and to read the proposal story!).

Lyllian & Matthew’s Brookside Gardens, Maryland Love Shoot


 I am easily amused. Which is why I chose this picture as the featured photo for Lyllian & Matthew’s Maryland love shoot in Brookside Gardens.

I love it. But, this isn’t the only photo to love in this set from Darling Photography, submitted via Two Bright Lights. Lyllian & Matthew had a gorgeous love shoot a few weeks before their November wedding, and they hopped around a bunch of places in Maryland – including a baseball field!

Darling Photography shares:

This session is of the beautiful Lyllian and Matthew. They got married 11/11/11 (November 11th 2011) – when I asked them why? they answered: We have known each other since we were very young, lived in the same neighborhood, and friended the same friends. We started dating November 11th – 11 years ago; and of course we wanted to make it special and waited for this date to say I do.

It had rained for weeks in the D.C. area this past summer and fall – we must have changed Lyllian and Matthew’s engagement session several times due to the weather. The day we shot their engagement session was the only date we had for the session before their wedding on Nov 11th; for which they needed the images so they would be displayed during their reception. The images turned out amazing. We started their session at their high school Magruder H.S. with Matthew’s favorite sport – baseball. Matthew was not only a team player at his High School, but still loves the game, and coaches on weekends. After going to their old high school we headed to the beautiful Brookside Gardens and ended the day in downtown Bethesda.


Click inside for the rest of Lyllian & Matt’s beautiful Maryland love shoot from Darling Photography!

Ben & Mariah’s Laid Back, Maryland County Fair Engagement


As promised this morning, we now have an adorable, Maryland engagement session to share this afternoon.  Come check out Mariah & Ben‘s engagement shoot by Jenn Link Photography! Jenn’s awesome wedding photography skills shine in Mariah & Ben‘s county fair engagement session at the Montgomery County Fair in Gaithersburg!

I really love the casual, laid back nature of this shoot, couple & the way Jenn photographs them. Plus, I am a sucker for beards and bright lights, so hopefully you will enjoy this one as much as me.

I really love the randos in the background of this one.


 who knew sitting on a concrete divider could be so adorable?


 Read more to see the rest of the pictures from a Maryland county fair engagement session from Jenn Link Photography!

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