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Tashana & Howard’s Super Chic Maryland Engagement Pictures

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Images: Mlaw Studios via Two Bright Lights

Another weekend come and gone and Andy is FINALLY done working insane hours. It was so nice to have a “normal” day together yesterday as a family – meeting neighbors at the local park, organizing & cleaning the office, and mostly just spending time together :) We have a great week ahead on the blog and I am looking forward to the not AS ghastly hot temperatures. Here’s a gorgeous engagement session to get your Monday going.

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I remember when I met this lady my now soon to be wife. I had nothing, she had nothing. She was fresh out of college just moved back to Baltimore. I had just lost my apartment due to me losing my job at the time. We exchanged numbers via Twitter. We talked on the phone for about 3 months just getting to know each other before we even went on a date. After the long conversations day in and day out we finally went on our first date. From there we never looked back.

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We built a friendship than built a relationship. We helped each other find jobs which we both lost and later found careers. It took me no time to realize that this was the woman for me! I thank spoke with her parents and got their blessings. I planned a surprise engagement party which then I proposed as soon as she came through the door, she cried I cried as she said YES! Till this day I still crush! We still build and we still grow! Love! #FrinksToBe

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Heran & Jeremy’s Laid Back, Baltimore Engagement Pictures

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Images: Bombs Over Betty Photography via Two Bright Lights

Well another weekend has come and gone. Andy & I survived a trip to IKEA yesterday and it was nice to kind of just “be” around DC this weekend. We watched Spotlight on Friday and then Saturday night we enjoyed dinner & some beers on our deck … even with an uninvited guest hanging out. Yesterday I made Andy takes some promo snaps of the new additions to our online store – more Capitol Romance Wedding Planners, but this time in Purple & Teal! We are first completing our VERY FIRST wholesale agreement (!!) with the new colors and will then have the additional binders up in the shop, ASAP. I can’t wait for you to see them!

For today we have an adorable, laid-back Baltimore, MD engagement session. I love the smiles & laughter in this shoot and just how comfortable the two are with each other and in front of the camera. Plus the bride to be is a Harry Potter fanatic. Need a I say more? Just what I needed to get this week going.

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How they met:

Jeremy and I grew up 5 minutes from each in Edison, NJ. Whenever I tell people that they seem surprised we weren’t high school sweetheart or something – easy explanation. We didn’t really roll with the same crowds! He was a jock and I loved math. Jeremy swears I must have knew who he was as “he was kind of a big deal” but honestly, I just really loved math, hated sports and wasn’t even allowed to date in high school!

It wasn’t until my sophomore year at Rutgers University when a mutual friend introduced us, I’ll never forget the first night we met in the basement of a gross Rutgers fraternity. We bonded over our foreign parents and loveeee for 1/2 priced appetizers at Applebee’s.

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A few weeks later after collecting all of our quarters we had our first date at approximately 10:01pm. We shared 8 appetizers and 2 waters. Jeremy recently told my friends he knew he had met the love of his life when I ordered 4 apps on a first date. #FOODISLIFE

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Read more for the rest of this adorable Maryland engagement session, love story & proposal details!

Matt & Lindsay’s Vintage Record Store Engagement Pictures in Maryland

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Images: Kathleen Hertel Photography via Two Bright Lights

What a weekend Romancers! We kicked off our 2016 wedding season with the most bad ass DC local wedding. Our fav venue, an insanely awesome vendor team, and the bride wore BLACK. Really can’t think of a better way to get into the wedding season this year. Hope you guys all had a great weekend too, despite the cold & rain (and even a little snow). Here’s an adoraaaable vintage inspired, record store engagement session in Maryland. The outfits alone are enough to get me through this Monday. Enjoy!

pin up 1950s inspired maryland record store engagement pictures (4) pin up 1950s inspired maryland record store engagement pictures (1)

From the photographer:

Their story is actually quite cute. He is a police officer, she is a 911 operator, and they met outside a Wawa while he was on duty. The first time they met she had a boyfriend so they just talked. Then a year later after running into each other multiple times at the same Wawa he found out she was single and finally asked her out. They love pin-up style photos so we took to Downtown Frederick for their engagement session. We went into an old fashioned record store to create the perfect Save the Dates.

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From the couple:

We met at Wawa around Feb/March 2011. I was with my friend and we had just gotten off work we were sitting in my car and we saw Matt pull up in his patrol car. He came up to us and started talking to us. We would chat at Wawa for a few months then we gave each other our numbers and went on our first date at havre de grace on June 12, 2011. We got engaged on September 13, 2016 at havre de grace where we had our first kiss! :)

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Shervonne & Elliot’s Baltimore City Engagement Pictures in Maryland

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Images: B.O.B. Photography via Two Bright Lights

How are we doing Romancers? Did you survive Jonas? Or are you like me, still attempting to survive? While I LOVE snow, this one has been a challenge with Evie at home and Andy away. I’m feeling ALL of the Cabin Fever feels and attempting to stay positive that Andy’s flight is actually allowed into Reagan tonight. In the meantime, I’ll try and continue to keep myself busy and not think about the fact that I’ve barely left my house since Thursday. Here’s a gorgeous love story, couple & their engagement pictures in Baltimore City to help get you through your work-from-home Monday.

Cherry_Eubanks_BOB_Photography_2B9A4806X3_lowbaltimore city engagement pictures

Elliot and I met 10 years ago via friends who were actually trying to set each of us up with other people! We are a bit of a Ying & Yang – I’m from Baltimore, He’s from Pittsburgh. I’m art & design focused and he’s an engineer by trade. I’m a feminist who enjoys her political debates with a glass of wine, and he can school any NFL coach on their defensive strategy – all while giving bourbon advise. He’s a neat freak, and I’m a clutter queen. On paper we probably don’t make sense, but together in real life we’re very complimentary to each other.

Cherry_Eubanks_BOB_Photography_2B9A4907X3_lowbaltimore city engagement pictures 2016-01-25_0001baltimore city engagement pictures

I picked the engagement pictures locations based on our experiences together at that location, and my love of public art. The Patterson Park Pagoda was where we would go for walks when we first started dating…so that location was near and dear to both of us, and I have admired the Baltimore Love Project for years and wanted to include that in our story.

Cherry_Eubanks_BOB_Photography_2B9A5081X3_lowbaltimore city engagement pictures

Elliot proposed the very same day we bought our first home together, so this past year has been quite a whirlwind of new home ownership, a million questions from family & friends, and the dreaded wedding planning. So I guess the thing I most looked forward to for our engagement session was spending an afternoon with him, and just being close to each other as we created an expression of our love.

Cherry_Eubanks_BOB_Photography_2B9A5097X3_lowbaltimore city engagement pictures Cherry_Eubanks_BOB_Photography_2B9A5074X3_lowbaltimore city engagement pictures Cherry_Eubanks_BOB_Photography_2B9A4635X3_lowbaltimore city engagement pictures

Brittany & Kevin’s Sunrise Morning Light Engagement Pictures in Baltimore, MD

baltimore rooftop engagements pictures (5)

Images: Ashton Kelley Photography

This weekend Andy & I were going every single minute. I am WIPED to say the least this Monday morning but I don’t regret a second of it. There was SO much holiday fun. We got our tree! We had a blast at PARCEL Market, running our DIY Holiday Totes Workshop and shopping our little hearts out. Then yesterday we drove up for the day to Sesame Place to spend time with my family and got home last night to get ready for the week. I am exhausted again just typing it out ;) So apologies for the delay this morning in blogging, but there really wasn’t even a slice of time to get on my laptop over the weekend. But we got a GORGEOUS Maryland engagement session on the rooftop of the couples’ own apartment building for you, and as always, we are kicking off the week with LOVE. Happy Monday.

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We met in high school at Atholton in Columbia, MD as freshmen. We have been together on and off for about a decade! I will admit we had some rocky times. We tried to make it work while I was at college in Georgia playing basketball and lacrosse at Berry College while Kevin was in New York playing football at Marist. It was hard on us. We finally found our way back to each other when we moved back to Columbia in 2012. We bought a house together in Baltimore in November of that year.

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On June 4th, 2015, I arrived home from work. I found a note from Kevin asking me to come up to our rooftop deck. Little did I know at the time we would be doing our engagement session in that very spot. I was pleasantly surprised to find Kevin with peach roses, champagne, and our favorite song playing.With “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran playing in the background, Kevin got on one knee, and the rest was history! We celebrated with our family and closest friends the following night at The White Oak Tavern and we’re planning our wedding at Belmont Manor in 2016.

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