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Capitol Inspiration: Monet Inspired Lily Pond Wedding Shoot at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, DC

To say that I am in love with today’s wedding and the photographer behind it [Sarah Gormley Photography] is an understatement. Just WAIT until I unleash the awesomeness of this lily pond meets Monet inspired wedding shoot on you!

Everything about this shoot is just awesome – the couple, the styling, the location [Washington, DC’s Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens] and the way they executed a theme, perfectly. Sometimes themes can come off overboard, or cheesey, especially when attempting to tie it to real-life wedding things, but Sarah & her list of A+ vendors [listed below] killed it. Ok, enough gabbing from me …. prepare for awesomeness:

Monet Inspired Lily Pond Wedding Shoot at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in DC


Sarah, the photographer, shares:

After hearing about the lily ponds at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, a little-known National Park Service site tucked away in a northeast corner of the otherwise bustling city of Washington D.C., I knew I wanted to do a lily-themed styled shoot. However, it was important to me to find some sort of a twist on the traditional wedding theme of lilies, to find something that more closely reflected my own style as a photographer, and most importantly, the style of the couple I was working with.


Floral Designer: Liz Borst
Invitation Designer:  Jenna Ketchmark Design
Equipment Rentals:  Something Vintage
Lily Pad Headpiece:  Scarlett and Maria
Feather Hairpiece: Ice Green Eyes
Dress & Suspenders: Junction Vintage
Bowtie: J.Crew

The inspiration for the shoot:

 Meditating on ways in which lilies have manifested themselves in art in the past, I decided to incorporate Monet into the mix, using a Water Lily print by the famous impressionist painter as color inspiration. This allowed us to focus on darker, earthy greens, purples and browns, and to style the bride in a more alternatively-cut vintage lace dress. Old paint brushes, antique books and a classic Underwood typewriter help to date to the shoot back to the early 1900s, when Monet completed the bulk of his renowned Water Lilies series.

Love and thanks to my dear friends Samantha and Joey, and of course to all the amazing vendors who made this shoot possible.

Click inside for the rest of this beautiful Monet inspired lily pond wedding shoot!

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Mark & Sup’s Blooming Lotus Flower Engagement Session at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

I am STRUGGLING this morning guys. I’ve got to be honest – being a bridesmaid in a wedding is exhausting, I have no idea how vendors work weddings every weekend!!! I give them a ton of credit [as should you!]. So while I take some time to find my happy place this morning, I’ll share this beautiful Washington, DC engagement session courtesy of Michelle VanTine Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

A bit about the shoot from the photographer:

We scheduled the shoot around the blooming of the lotus flowers at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in DC. Being Thai, [the bride, Sup] told me that these flowers had a special significance in her culture and so we thought this would be a perfect set for a romantic shoot.

These flowers are rare and stunning. They only bloom for about two weeks a year, and only open for about two hours in the morning. They have this inner glow that I was really happy I could capture in the images. I really enjoyed fusing the art of the session with the beauty of the garden and we were all really happy with how the images turned out.

Mark & Sup’s Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Engagement Session in Washington, DC

Mark & Sup’s love story:

Mark and Sup met through friends.  Mark works in the same office as Sup’s sister, May, and some other mutual friends.  The first sighting was back in June 2010, when Mark and Sup both attended a friend’s barbeque.  Mark noticed Sup then… but decided to lay low and play it cool.  Meanwhile, Sup & Friends were plotting friendly “group” gatherings, in the hopes of giving Sup an opportunity to get closer to this stud.  S

everal misses later (Mark went to a friend’s house to watch a Christmas chick flick, hoping Sup would be there… but she wasn’t), the stars finally aligned in January 2011, when Mark, Sup, and Sup’s hapless, unknowing sister went to watch Country Strong together.  May had no idea she was actually going to be chaperoning a date, but quickly realized what was happening as she sat, silently eating bar snacks by herself, as Mark and Sup hit it off.

Things heated up quickly from there.  Soon Sup and Mark were emailing inside jokes to each other and planning other “group” hang-out sessions so they could be together.  The final blow came the night of Super Bowl XLV.  After several hours of eating meatball subs, guacamole, wings, and cake with friends, the friends left these two rabid football fans alone so that the real showdown could begin.  As Mark inched closer to Sup, Sup was still wondering whether she was in the friend zone or the end zone.  She soon got her answer when Mark went in for the touchdown and they shared their first kiss.

About the pipe cleaners, I was in my art studio with my daughter doing artsy fartsy stuff and suddenly it hit me that I could use the pipe cleaners to write things. I stayed up late that night making up fun words like “Mr” “Mrs” “Will you marry me” etc. I thought it was a really creative and fun ide

Click inside for the rest of this adorable Washington, DC engagement session!

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