Arzoo & Buddy’s Intimate, Traditional Pakistani Wedding at the Blue Rock Inn, VA

This afternoon’s Traditional Pakistani wedding ceremony is dropping with gorgeous, deep red hues and intoxicating, brassy golds. Sarah Goodwin Photography shares with us [via Two Bright Lights] the intimate wedding of Arzoo & Buddy which took place at the Blue Rock Inn in Virginia, after they were legally married in April!

I believe I have seen this referred to as getting “weddinging”. You are already married – but have a reception or separate ceremony later on! I love it.

 Arzoo & Buddy’s Traditional Pakistani Intimate Virginia Wedding

Details on the couple:

Aarzoo & Buddy met in October 2008 when they worked for the same organization in Pakistan. Buddy is from the US and Aarzoo is from Pakistan (she is a model & does lots of bridal modeling in Pakistan). They did not start dating until February 2011 and shortly after Buddy moved back to the US permanently. Via Skype he proposed to Aarzoo in October 2011 & she made the move to the US and in just a few weeks they had decided on a wedding date.

How gorgeous is the setting of their Virginia wedding ceremony?!

pretty much in love with the glittery gold tips on Arzoo’s nails!

Aarzoo wore the traditional red dress, gorgeous dramatic jewelry and henna tattoos of Pakistan.

Click inside to see the rest of Arzoo & Buddy’s beautifully intimate Pakistani wedding at the Blue Rock Inn in Virginia.

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Rebecca & Matt’s Offbeat, Intimate Washington DC Wedding at the Tabard Inn

The Tabard Inn. How do I love thee, let me count the ways.  The Tabard Inn is quickly becoming one of my FAVORITE offbeat, intimate wedding venues in Washington, DC. Already this amazing venue has given me Jess & Mitch’s alternative, intimate Washington DC wedding feature [from Michelle VanTine Photography]. And now I get to share yet another amazing offbeat DC wedding feature thanks to Red Shoes Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

A small ceremony, a brunch reception, a short wedding dress from Etsy [with a pink petticoat!], and freshly baked donuts instead of a cake – all the makings of a Capitol Romance favorite; an alternative DC wedding that I am over the moon to get to share with you all [thank you Alison!].

Rebecca & Matt’s Intimate, Offbeat DC Wedding at the Tabard Inn

More from Red Shoes Photography:

They wanted the day to be casual and laid back, mingling with guests before the ceremony while sipping mimosas and bloody mary’s and foregoing a grand entrance. Rebecca’s dress was from Etsy, with a fantastic pink petticoat underneath. They did not have a cake, but chose freshly baked donuts instead.

Later that night they held a party for friends at an empty restaurant two doors down from the bar where Matt works as a bartender. He cleaned up the space, their friends hung decorations, and a DJ spun tunes all night. Their beverage choices were simple: champagne, whiskey and miller light. Matt loves cookies, so there was a table heaped with cookies for friends to nibble on while they danced.


Reception Venue & Catering:  The Tabard Inn
Floral Designer:  Petal’s Edge Floral Design
Makeup Artist:  Bridal Beauty Associates

I really love the intimacy of just one long table for an intimate wedding reception

Pretty much in love with the vintage wedding attire they are sporting – that blue suit is awesomesauce.

Click inside for the rest of Rebecca & Matt’s offbeat DC wedding from Red Shoes Photography!

Capitol Wedding: Cornelia & Ramzi’s Modern Purple Wedding in Leesburg, VA

This afternoon I have a gorgeous modern, purple wedding to share thanks to Stephanie Leigh Photo Design [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. There are a handful of things that I love about this offbeat Virginia wedding ~ the bride’s bright purple shoes, her short wedding dress, some hand-made purple wedding details, and the fact that this intimate wedding only had 12 attendees outside of the lovely couple, Cornelia & Ramzi!

Cornelia & Ramzi’s Intimate & Offbeat Modern, Purple Wedding in Leesburg, VA

From the photographer:

The wedding took place on a beautiful spring day in April. Cornelia & Ramzi invited their families to share their day. Since Cornelia is from Austria & Ramzi is from Lebanon, the wedding was very intimate with a total of 12 sharing in the day they devote themselves to each other. The ceremony was sweet and beautiful.

The wedding colors were shades of Purple. Cornelia wore a short fun white dress with shiny purple heels, that really set the tone of the day.

love Cornelia’s simple fishtail braid for her wedding hairstyle & that flower!

also really love her bold, purple eye shadow!

the beautifully intimate ceremony setup

Click inside for the rest of Cornelia & Ramzi’s modern, intimate purple wedding at the River Creek Country Club in Leesburg, VA!

Zoe & Kenyon’s Offbeat, DIY Northern Virginia Wedding

Zoe & Kenyon’s Northern Virginia wedding has many Capitol Romance elements involved ~ the bride did her own hair & makeup, wore a white dress with black details, made almost everything 100% DIY, AND included one of my favorite non-traditional elements: SHE proposed to HIM!

Their wedding was a beautiful, multi-cultural affair that was extremely intimate [only 15 people on the entire guest list!], but still beautifully designed and wonderfully personal. Proving again that small budgets can still yield gorgeous weddings. Thanks to Charo Photo [submitted via Two Bright Lights] for this beautiful, offbeat Northern Virginia wedding submission!

Zoe & Kenyon’s Intimate, Non-traditional Northern Virginia Wedding

For more photos & a TON of inside details from Zoe on their love story, wedding planning and details, hope on over to Poptastic Bride’s feature!

From Charo Photo:

This is one of those weddings I won’t forget. Almost 100% DIY (I was the only vendor aside from the hotel), multi-cultural, intimate, limited-budget, 30-something couple… with so much emotion, laughter, hope for the future… so freaking great. Even with her small budget and a very short engagement, Zoe pulled details together that were adorable, and appropriate for the 15-person guestlist and the setting.

now THIS is a “first-look, groom’s reaction shot” if i have ever seen one!

Click inside for the rest of Zoe & Kenyon’s beautiful, intimate small-budget Northern Virginia wedding ~ including the touching proposal.

Capitol Wedding: Sarah & Chris’ Intimate Maryland Wedding in Shadyside

I have a beautiful intimate Maryland wedding for you this afternoon courtesy of Jenn Lynn Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Sarah & Chris’ Intimate Maryland Wedding

From the photographer:

Chris’ sister contacted me about photographing her brother’s wedding. The photography was going to be their wedding gift…what a nice sister, I thought! I didn’t meet Chris & Sarah until their engagement session, which was in downtown Annapolis. I could tell immediately how sweet & in love they were (and so young!).

Sarah was getting ready to graduate from Boston College in the spring while Chris had graduated from Georgia Tech & was living back in Maryland. They were very much looking forward to being together again once they were married.

The wedding was a small affair in Shady Side, MD made up of family & close friends. The most moving part of the day was after the ceremony when Sarah took her bouquet to her father’s grave. It was a quiet, intimate moment, but the picture is something that captures the emotion of the day.

Such a moving picture to see a bride bringing her bouquet to her father’s grave. Wow .. just wow.

Click inside to see the rest of Sarah & Chris’ intimate Maryland wedding!

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