Capitol Inspiration: Details from a Rustic, Mountain Wedding in Yosemite

Last night I went to the opening of a brand new pizza place on H St [H&Pizza] and I think I am in some sort of pizza hangover realm. So apologies for the lateness of this post AND my utter lack of being able to function enough in my brain to write cohesive thoughts about today’s wedding inspiration post.

Fortunately, this Yosemite mountain wedding from wedding photographer, Joleen Willis [submitted via Two Bright Lights] doesn’t require much added mumbo jumbo from me – the pictures truly speak from themselves. The handmade details, the flowers arranged by the bride’s mom and the stunning wedding portraits in front of mountains …. well, it’s all TRULY gorgeous. Happy Friday Romancers!

Wedding Inspiration from a Rustic, Handmade Wedding in the Mountains

Renee and Burke were married May 12th at the beautiful Evergreen Lodge just outside the entrance to Yosemite. It was truly a location fit for them, as they both find themselves at home when they’re outdoors exploring and adventuring.

 Renee’s mom Gail is a florist, and of course Renee would not trust any other with her florals! Gail assembled all of the florals on site. She had most of the florals delivered for her to build locally, EXCEPT FOR the white bellflowers! Those are from Gail’s garden all the way in Michigan! She packed them carefully in her suitcase and brought them all the way here to California!

Click inside for more details & DIY wedding inspiration from this beautiful, handmade mountain wedding!

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Capitol Inspiration: Harry Potter Engagement Shoot [Slytherin-themed]

Hey, have I told you lately how much I love twitter – Oh, right … I think I tell you all this about ten times a day. ANYWAY thanks to Twitter, I found Geekvites [don’t forget our discount promo we have going on with them!] and through Geekvites, I found the amazing Danielle – a fellow Harry Potter obsessee. My kind of girl ;)

Images courtesy of photography Alyson Hickey.

Danielle entered our Geekvites discount promo and through there we got to talking – she was buying the amazing Harry Potter invites and then told me about her awesome Harry Potter themed engagement shoot – with Slytherin flare.

More from Danielle:

 I had seen some other great Harry Potter engagement photos out there and knew that if I was going to put me and my fiance through the rigors of an engagement shoot it would at least have to be nerdy and fun. We’re both big Harry Potter fans, so it fit.

My fiance’s name is Kyle and we are an internet dating success story.  I knew as soon as I met a guy that didn’t object to the fact that I still loved stuffed animals, actually liked that my apartment looks like JK Rowling and Tolkien actually barfed all over it and didn’t mind that I talk to my cats (their names are Edgar and Allan Frog) he was the one for me.

I was looking to keep costs down, so I didn’t want anything overly stylized.  So I took a couple of brooms that I bought from Alivan’s for our Halloween costume a couple of years ago (we were Quidditch players on opposing teams, him Slytherin, me Gryffindor).

Since then we’ve both been officially sorted on Pottermore (which you NEED to do if you haven’t already) and I discovered that I am in fact a Slytherin, which makes sense to me now.

Click inside for the rest of Danielle & Kyle’s Harry Potter engagement session ~ with a cauldron full of Slytherin styling.

Capitol Inspiration: Details & Floral Inspiration from a Colorful New Jersey Wedding

We’ve made it to yet another wedding inspiration Friday feature! I am currently writing this to you from a Starbucks in Rosslyn, VA, as I ponder what it’s like to get to work from home/remote locations and be super jealous of those that get to! But I digress and get back to the task at hand, an offbeat wedding from my home state, New Jersey [please refrain from any Jersey Shore comments].

Thanks to You Are Raven photography & Two Bright Lights and a slew of other vendors, I get to share this beautifully offbeat wedding that has so much amazing floral design [with a true explosion of bright colors]. I know you guys are going to love this one ~ especially any bride & grooms-to-be out there that are planning on having LOTS of bright colors in their wedding color palette.

The bridesmaids wore bright teal dresses with cardigans [i love this look!], the bride’s pearl engagement ring is truly unique, and the bright, mismatched floral centerpieces are to DIE for. Enjoy!


Event Planner:  Moment to Moment Events
Floral Designer:  Leaves of Grass
Reception Venue:  Grounds for Sculpture
Makeup Artist:  Blush & Brushes
love love love the bride’s matte blue wedding shoes!

quite possibly the best “waiting for first look” shot i’ve ever seen. i love this

Click inside for the rest of the images from this inspirational, offbeat & colorful wedding feature!

DIY Inspiration: DIY Boutonnieres

For today’s DIY Wednesday, I thought a nice post of DIY Inspiration would help us get over the hump day and onto the second half of the week.

One thing I was adamant about with my wedding was that I didn’t want to have flowers. It seemed like an ingenious idea at first … until I realized how much of a wedding/reception is decorated by flowers. Things came together in the end, but one of the things I enjoyed making ourselves was the men’s boutonnieres.  It was easier than I thought once I read through a few DIY blogs and decided that simple, was better.

For today, I started with ours and then hope you enjoy some other examples of DIY boutonnieres.

Paper flower boutonniere!

paper flower boutonniere

The tattoo inspiration here is to die for!!

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Introducing DIY Wednesdays

Hi Everyone,

Before we posted something wedding-related today, I wanted to mention that from here on out, we plan to make Wednesdays, “DIY Wednesdays”.  Here we will feature DIY projects, DIY inspirations, or anything else that is DIY related.

If you did something DIY for your wedding – let us know! We would love to feature it on DIY Wednesdays.

Stay tuned for an awesome DIY project this afternoon.

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