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DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Custom Tufted Headboard

Ok, so this post is not really wedding related. BUT I know for a fact that a lot of my readers are already married, so I have often thought about how to broaden the blog a bit to focus on marriage & happy relationahips in general, just as much as on weddings.

So, while I get busy attempting to figure out how to do that, I am excited to share a really cool lifestyle DIY tutorial today from Kelly Ewell Photography!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Custom, Tufted Headboard

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  • your choice of fabric
  • plywood
  • 2″ foam
  • batting
  • Sharpie
  • ruler
  • spray glue
  • staple gun
  • long upholstery needles
  • wax upholstery thread
  • washers
  • crown molding
  • 2×3 wood planks (like 2×4′s but less wide)
  • wood stain and brush
  • connecting brackets and screws (I’m not sure what these are really called but I’ll show them below)
  • patience

What To Do:
1. Measure the width of your bed for how long you want your headboard to be. Now I measured my mattress and took into consideration that the duvet and all adds some width because it’s fluffy. So I maybe added an inch to each side. This was the width I made my plywood.

(As a side note and jumping ahead, I added the wood frame around this so the headboard ended up even wider. I totally didn’t consider that when measuring. Oops. It looked too wide to me, but everyone else said they would have done the same thing. So maybe it’s ok.)

2. So you have your width, and the height it really just subjective. How tall do you want the headboard to come over your mattress? Once you determine that, you’ve got your size.

3. Onto the plywood. I didn’t get one 4′x8′ big sheet and cut it down to size. We got two smaller 2′x4′ pieces. Less cutting and they fit in the car. We bracketed them together, made our measurements, and cut the length. Since our height was 2′, we didn’t even have to cut for that dimension. Now you have your base.

(As a note, the plywood is needed to give the headboard strength. I saw some websites that used peg board since it had all those little holes in it, but it’s way too flimsy in my opinion.)

Click inside for the rest of the step-by-step guidelines and pictures to make a DIY Tufted Fabric Headboard!

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