Ngoc & Jason’s Whimsical, Willow Tree Virginia Engagement Session

Welcome back to our normal Monday routine. Up now we have a beautiful engagement session and touching proposal story courtesy of Michelle VanTine Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Michelle asked Ngoc & Jason to use 3 words to describe themselves, and the one that stood out the most was whimsical. Michelle thought it would only make sense then to add some whimsy into their willow tree Virginia engagement session by infusing some vintage elements into the shoot.

Ngoc & Jason’s Whimsical, Vintage Virginia Engagement Session

A note from DC wedding photographer, Michelle VanTine:

When working with clients I often ask them to describe their style in 3 words. I can’t remember all 3 words that Ngoc used but I do remember that the word whimsical stood out to me. I wanted to do something more creative than just stand in front of something scenic so I tried to infuse some creative elements. I started with a romantic “rendez vous” under a weeping willow. Next I set up a cute scene with a vintage quilt, typewriter and books, and finally I had the idea to set up a canvas in the middle of the daffodils and had the couple paint their initials in a heart. I thought it came out very romantic, creative… and whimsical!

How Jason & Ngoc met:

I had just moved up to DC after accepting a new job offer. My friend immediately connected me and invited me to go to the Outer Banks, NC for the weekend. Figuring I needed to meet new people anyway, at the last minute, I decided I’d come along for the ride. The second day at the house, Jason stopped by and forever changed my life. I knew from the moment I saw him that this guy was different from the rest. He was witty; he was fun; and frankly, he was adorable. However, I thought there was no way I could ever keep up with him. Within an hour of meeting him, he was already asking me to drive one of his friends back to DC so he could extend his vacation. How random! But that’s Jason…

 The proposal:

Because Jason was leaving for 24 days I wasn’t surprised when he invited me to spend some quality time together the weekend before. Saturday morning, we started driving south and ended up in Williamsburg. At this point, I had figured out that we were going to Christmastown (Busch Gardens decorates the theme park like a real Christmas town).

Point one: Jason had known that I LOVE Christmas, so it was the perfect experience. What I didn’t know was that he had arranged our best friends to be there! There I was sitting in the car when Phil, Jason’s best friend, pops up out of nowhere and starts snapping pictures. Then my best friend and her hubby, Jen and John, arrive. Point two: Jason knows I love taking pictures, so he had arranged for our best friends to capture the events of the day.

Click inside to continue reading the rest of Jason’s magnificent proposal to Ngoc and to see more from their whimsical Virginia engagement session, thanks to Michelle VanTine Photography.

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Capitol Romance: Elaine & Drew’s Indie Baltimore Engagement Session

Happy Monday Romancers. We are a bit backwards this morning, with a sweet, vintage Baltimore, MD engagement session from alternative wedding photographer, Live It Out Photography [check out that brandy-new logo she’s got too! so rad!] up first and some non-sucky wedding music this afternoon.

Elaine & Drew’s Indie Hipster Baltimore, MD Engagement Session

There is so much to love in this urban Baltimore love shoot by one of Washington, DC’s best alternative wedding photographers. Tons of brick, amazing light, some super cool shots of the city ~ and of course, a TON of love going on here between Elaine & Brad. They are getting married this spring, and I just cannot wait to see their wedding pictures! Enjoy!


Click inside for the rest of Elaine & Drew’s indie Baltimore love shoot!

Capitol Romance: Michael & Layna’s Alternative, Quirky Richmond Virginia Engagement Session

This afternoon’s engagement session comes to us from one of my favorite Virginia wedding photographers ~ Kimie with IYQ Photography. I know I’ve droned on before about how her vibe and mine are just totally in-sync. But I just can’t help it, when I like something, I like to tell everyone :)

So I am super excited to share a totally rad engagement session from IYQ Photography. The gorgeous lady, Layna, might look familiar ~as she was the stunning model in the bright yellow “It’s Always Sunny” bridal inspiration shoot we featured last Friday!

About the couple:

Michael and Layna are the greatest. The end. Ok no, but pretty damn close. They met way back when in Kindergarten and have been friends ever since. However, they only started dating about three years ago. See, Layna was the typical ‘lost girl’ who had to date every jerk on the planet before realizing she deserved the nice guy. Meanwhile, she used to set Michael up with her friends saying how sweet and kind he was and that he’d be a great boyfriend. Little did she know….

After years of heartbreak for each of them, they finally saw what was right under their noses all along. Their mouths. No, wait, each other! Since then they have found the true meaning of love; which Kimie from IYQ Photography has captured perfectly in every session. Kimie’s knack for weirdness in the best possible way is what drew them to her and they’ve been basically obsessing over her work ever since!

 Click inside to see the rest of this rad, alternative Richmond, Virginia engagement session .. and read some pretty AWESOME news from the couple …

Capitol Inspiration: Nonmatching Groomsmen

I am always talking about how much I love bridesmaids in uncoordinated, mismatched, and different dresses. However, I thought it was a bit 1-dimensional of me to not include the men of the wedding world in this idea too. Just as much as we don’t want the ‘maids in a cloned array of boredom, the groomsmen too could have some fun and branch out from the monotone world of matching suits and tuxes.

So for this afternoon’s wedding inspiration post, I thought we could look at some grooms and groomsmen who dared to be different. Groomsmen with splashes of different colors, mismatched suits, or anything in between. Let’s do this.

Quite possibly one of the coolest colorful groomsmen attire spreads ever

[via Green Wedding Shoes]

See, the groomsmen don’t have to match either. Still looks rad.

[via Simply Divine Events]

Not ready to commit to something entirely mismatched or TOO many different colors? Well then maybe just the accents (ties, shoes, socks) are right for your groomsmen.

[via Polyvore]

[via Jagg Photography]

Click inside to see more mismatched and nonmatching groomsmen pictures!

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