My DIY Fabric Flower Sash Tutorial

Last week I shared some DIY Flower Sash tutorials & inspiration. Last week I went to work, attempting to make one myself, to dress up a little black dress I was planning on wear for a wedding I was attending.

For today’s DIY Wednesday post – I thought it would be fun to share how my fabric floral belt came together – and add my own DIY tutorial with how I ended up making it!

How to make a DIY Fabric Flower Belt or Sash


First, using the research I did the previous week, I ended up using a combination of these two DIY Fabric Flower Sash tutorials. One from Monkey See Monkey Do and the other from Bromeliad.


  • long strips of fabric [approx 4 inches wide and ranging in length depending on size of your flowers]
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • hot glue & hot glue gun
  • card stock
  • ribbon
  • industrial velcro

Because my fabric strips weren’t long enough – I cut three out and sewed two together so that I could endĀ  up with one larger flower and one smaller flower:

This is a shot of my extra long piece – it was probably 3-4 feet long [sorry I didn’t measure!!]

Next, fold the fabric strip in half and hand sew thread across the bottom, along the cut edges. I made loops of about one inch:

As you sew you will start to see that the fabric strip will begin to bunch up. This is OK! This is supposed to happen to make the fabric eventually form a flower.

Here is a shot of the final sewn fabric:

The next part I struggled with BIG time. This was taking the sewn fabric [above] and forming it into something that looked like a rose or flower. I ended up taking one end, and sort of just gathering the fabric in a circular pattern. This make take some practice and a couple tries!

Once I had something that faintly resembled a fabric rose, I went to town with hot glue. I cut a piece of card stock into a small square, threw some hot glue on it and delicately placed my fabric flower onto the square.

From there I added more hot glue into the flower to make sure it was all going to stick/stay in place on the card stock.

I trimmed the card stock a bit so that you couldn’t see it. Then I hot glued the two flowers to the end of a piece of purple, satin ribbon.

Then I used industrial velcro to finish off the belt. [A lot of other tutorials just tied the belt into a bow at the end – I thought about buttons or snaps, but had the velcro on hand, so I just used that. I think I might go back and use snaps instead :) – FYI]

I measured the ribbon around my waist and then SNIP, I cut the end and place the other piece of velcro there.

And VOILA! A beautiful hot pink fabric flower sash that added a bit of modern whimsy to my little black dress! I thought they ended up matching the shoes pretty well too! You could easily make this DIY fabric flower belt to snazz up a dress or even to snazz up your bridesmaids dresses!



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Capitol Inspiration: Paper Flower Wedding Decorations & Centerpieces from Whimsical, Real PA Wedding

Our DIY origami flower bouquet tutorial and our paper flower tutorial are two of our most popular posts on the site. So when I came across a real wedding, from talented wedding photographer, Jillian McGrath Photography, that used paper flowers instead of real flowers, among other gorgeous, hande wedding decorations and details – I knew I just had to feature them on Inspiration Friday.

Ryan & Amanda’s Whimsical Vegan PA Wedding

Over on Jillian’s blog you can see the full set of Amanda & Ryans wedding pictures [and believe me, you will want to see these gorgeous images], but for today I wanted to focus specifically on all their gorgeous paper flower details, handmade decorations, and more!

Amanda shares why she decided to go flower-less for her bouquets & centerpieces:

Although flowers are gorgeous, I knew that I did not want flowers for the bouquets and centerpieces. The majority of cut flowers are not even locally grown. They come from other places miles and miles away, and in some cases from other countries.

I wanted to have a wedding with the least amount of carbon footprint as possible. I’m also not a fan of pesticides and it is very challenging to find organic and locally grown flowers. I remember reading that Valentine’s day alone accounts for tons of CO2 emissions which is equivalent to the yearly footprint of about 500 Americas. That’s not something I want to contribute to. ;) Also, I loved the idea of being able to keep the flowers as they will never die.

[However] there were some flowers there because my best friend Amanda actually ordered some flowers. I tried incorporating pumpkins [too] because they are seasonal in October.

Amanda & Ryan’s beautiful paper flowers were provided by Etsy shop artist, Danas Paper Flowers, but if you had the time you could make the flowers using our step-by-step origami paper flower or sheet music flower tutorials!

A special thanks again to Jillian McGrath Photography for sharing her beautiful detail images with us!

How adorable are these unique paper flower centerpieces?!

I also love the simple addition of wine bottles, pumpkins and wood hearts. Adorable handmade wedding centerpieces for sure!

Click inside for the rest of these gorgeous, handmade & flower-less paper wedding details & decorations from Jillian McGrath Photography!

My Offbeat Washington DC Wedding ~ A Year Later ~ Part 2

And we are back, with part 2 of my Washington, DC wedding reflection [part 1, written yesterday here]. I must warn you that this post is even picture heavier than the first part. I thought I had split it evenly, but then there were just TOO many good shots I wanted to share from the “formals” [you will see why I quoted formals soon enough] and then all the amazing fun reception pictures too!

And we’re off …

Our venue search led us all over Washington, DC, to find the perfect, non-hotel ballroom for our reception. We wanted something unique, but something that felt very “Washington, DC” to our guests [since it was a destination wedding for most of our family/friends], and of course we also had a budget.

We had it down to 3 serious contenders, the Longview Gallery near Convention Center, the iconic Union Station, and the Decatur House on Lafayette Square. In the end [thanks to my dad claiming he had “Goosebumps” while walking through], we chose the Decatur House, and we couldn’t have been more ecstatic about our decision.

The Decatur House is right next to the White House – it doesn’t get much more “Washington, DC” than that. Plus the brick building, with the tented courtyard perfectly fit in with our “vintage-modern, hipster” feel of our wedding. The coordinators we worked with, Arioth & Hart, were amazing. They were great with email & communication and were so helpful with how much DIY we wanted to do at the venue.

One thing I would recommend, if your schedule/locations permit it, would be to have a significant break between your ceremony and reception. We had 2 hours for our break. This gave us plenty of time to have a receiving line after the ceremony, allow guests to get to the reception location, AND gave us more than enough time to take all our “formal” pictures!

We had outlined a few bars/places guests could go in between the ceremony and reception, and because the weather was so nice, most opted to just walk around near theĀ  White House!

While guests took a break though, we were busy getting some of the most incredible, offbeat, & hilarious “formals” ever.

We still have no idea what Steve was doing in this picture.

Love this shot of Andy & his groomsmen. I basically emailed everyone in the world at Volcom to find out if/when their grey suits would be back in stock, and I was so glad they were going to have them in time for the wedding. I searched FOREVER to find an affordable grey suit for the groomsmen that would fit them nicely and not cost more than $200.

So yes, we actually asked our groomsmen to buy the suits [vice renting a tux] and all of them were OK with that!

And here was my brilliant idea in all it’s glory for my bridesmaids shots – 7 bridesmaids? 7 Harry Potter books? Best.Bridesmaids.Shot.Ever.

I love how their mismatched black dresses look here too!

And now for our wedding party formals ~ Amber and I worked together to find some fun/different ways to get pictures of our uneven wedding party … and the idea we came up with?

Absolute chaos.

We have about 8 of these shots of our wedding party just having an insane amount of fun, doing what they wanted to do and the end result is just hilarious. I smile every time I see them.

And then we got a some-what more formal one in front of the White House. I still love how relaxed/casual it came out though. Just like a big group of friends hanging out. Love.

Read more to see the rest of Part 2 ~ A reflection on my offbeat Washington, DC wedding ~ A year later

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