DIY Inspiration: DIY Wedding Programs

I have been a terrible blogger since the long weekend this past weekend. I have been super swamped at my day job and really, all excuses aside, I apologize and will promise to do better next week, with getting posts scheduled and published in the mornings.

Yesterday I had a friend ask some advice on wedding programs ~ she was getting stressed out, and I offered my thoughts:

  • programs, while a nice addition, are not a necessity
  • programs oftentimes get overlooked or simply thrown out after the ceremony anyway
  • programs can be a waste of time AND money

But while I shared those thoughts, I also realize that they are a nice gesture for your guests to see what will be happening in your ceremony AND it gives the couple a vehicle to recognize the special people that made their wedding day possible.

So for today’s DIY Wednesday post, I thought I would share some links to DIY Wedding Programs [inspiration & tutorials] to help couples keep programs simple and affordable and not kill a ton of their precious time.

Let’s start with an origami fortune teller program. Um, I love this

Bride Goggles Blog

The ever popular DIY Wedding Program Fan

via Intimate Weddings blog

An idea similar to our “poster program” ~ using a window!

via Adore Wedding blog

Simple & quick to make ~ A Chalkboard Wedding Program

via Dynamite Weddings

Ok ~ your turn! Share some of your favorite DIY wedding programs or even your own!!

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DIY Tutorial: Easy, Budget-Friendly Photobooth Backdrop

A couple weeks ago for DIY Wednesday, I shared some awesome DIY Photobooth Inspiration – many that linked to tutorials. For the Bachelorette Party that I planned this weekend, I decided to make my own budget-friendly photobooth backdrop, so that the girls could have some extra fun taking pictures with sweet props donated by a reader [more on the props to come!].

Today I thought I would share some pictures and details on how I made a super easy, and super cheap photobooth backdrop using cardboard, ribbon, and streamers. Oh, and lots of hot glue.

My Cheap & Easy DIY Photobooth Backdrop


  • Cardboard
  • Streamers
  • Ribbon [multiple colors, texture, widths]
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue


1. Start by measuring the width of the space you intend to hang the photobooth backdrop on. This is how wide of a piece of cardboard you will need to cut. [I cut a piece of cardboard about 1-2 inches high by 4 feet wide]

2. Measure the height between where you intent to hang the photobooth backdrop, and the ground [so you know how long to cut the pieces of streamers and ribbon].

3. Start cutting LOTS of ribbon & streamers at a length, just a bit longer than the height you measured in Step 2. [There is not a lot of specifics here, because you can make your backdrop as lush or thin as you want … I used purple streamers, a thick royal purple ribbon, and a thin, sheer pink ribbon].

4. Once you have cut a good amount of strips, being hot glueing the strips to the back of the cardboard base. A glued each streamer with a slight over-lap and would then go back through and hot glue a few strands over pieces I already glued:

5. Continue until your backdrop reaches the fullness and color that you deem necessary. I Used mainly streamers and added a darker, thick purple ribbon every inch or so across the cardboard, and then threw in a few strands of a light pink ribbon:

[My photobooth backdrop … and my husband]

 6. I fastened the cardboard into the wall with nails [I tried 3M stickies first, but it didn’t hold].

7. To top the backdrop off, I made [ok, actually Andy made] some letters from cardboard that I then spray painted hot pink:

 8. I hung all the letters above it and VOILA! A cheap and easy DIY Photobooth Backdrop.

Here are a few shots of the girls & I having fun with our props in the photobooth this weekend!


Charles & Scott’s Offbeat DC Wedding at their Apartment Building!

This offbeat, Washington, DC wedding might take the cake with most original and alternative wedding venue I’ve ever seen: the couple’s apartment complex!

I mean, regardless of the fact that it belongs to an apartment complex, why the hell NOT use a brand new club room and a fabulous open courtyard – a perfect site for both a ceremony and a reception!?

Well, that’s exactly what Charles & Scott did in order to accomplish an insanely special, personalized wedding ceremony full of offbeat and DIY details. A special thanks to Red Shoes Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this wedding feature possible!

Charles & Scott’s Alternative & Offbeat, Budget-Friendly Washington DC Wedding


Photography: Red Shoes Photography

Catering: Eat & Smile Foods, Paris Caterers

A bit about the couple and their offbeat Washington, DC wedding:

Charles and Scott met in Baltimore and moved to DC, where they decided they would have their wedding.

Their [wedding] venue was unusual, as it was their apartment building! Their complex has a great open courtyard and brand new club room, which were the sites for their ceremony and reception. Scott did all the flowers himself, and the food was an endless parade of hors d’ouevres, from sliders to s’mores. The small wedding was mainly family and close friends.

One of the most touching parts of the day was the ceremony. Charles and Scott wrote their own vows, and as they were reading them, I do not think there was a dry eye in the crowd. They also had the bands they had worn all through their engagement engraved with a special saying, which they didn’t show to each other until the ceremony. It was very special, and incredibly moving!

So many details that I love here – the DIYed flowers, the couple writing their own vows, and custom engravings on the wedding rings – all set at such a unique and budget-friendly venue in the DC area. Love it! Enjoy!

Click inside to see the rest of Charles & Scott’s super offbeat, & intimate Washington DC wedding at their awesomely alternative wedding venue!

Capitol Inspiration: Pictures of Handmade, DIY Rustic Wedding Details

Boy do I have a real wedding inspiration post for you today kiddos. The always lovely Sarah of Ampersand Photography dropped this nugget of DIY-goodness into my Two Bright Lights inbox and though I was hoping to get more details from the couple, I figured it would make for a great Capitol Inspiration post instead!

The couple, the bride’s Aunts and cousins DIYed the shiz out of this rustic, handmade wedding. Just WAIT until you see all the details. Handmade rustic signage and centerpieces, all to adorn the couple’s church in Virginia, where they had the ceremony and the reception!

So without further ado:

A Handmade DIY Rustic Wedding in Virginia

 Click inside for the rest of these lovely details from a real DIY rustic wedding from Ampersand Photography!

Capitol Inspiration: Details from a Rustic, Mountain Wedding in Yosemite

Last night I went to the opening of a brand new pizza place on H St [H&Pizza] and I think I am in some sort of pizza hangover realm. So apologies for the lateness of this post AND my utter lack of being able to function enough in my brain to write cohesive thoughts about today’s wedding inspiration post.

Fortunately, this Yosemite mountain wedding from wedding photographer, Joleen Willis [submitted via Two Bright Lights] doesn’t require much added mumbo jumbo from me – the pictures truly speak from themselves. The handmade details, the flowers arranged by the bride’s mom and the stunning wedding portraits in front of mountains …. well, it’s all TRULY gorgeous. Happy Friday Romancers!

Wedding Inspiration from a Rustic, Handmade Wedding in the Mountains

Renee and Burke were married May 12th at the beautiful Evergreen Lodge just outside the entrance to Yosemite. It was truly a location fit for them, as they both find themselves at home when they’re outdoors exploring and adventuring.

 Renee’s mom Gail is a florist, and of course Renee would not trust any other with her florals! Gail assembled all of the florals on site. She had most of the florals delivered for her to build locally, EXCEPT FOR the white bellflowers! Those are from Gail’s garden all the way in Michigan! She packed them carefully in her suitcase and brought them all the way here to California!

Click inside for more details & DIY wedding inspiration from this beautiful, handmade mountain wedding!

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