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Julice & Steve’s DIY, Picnic Themed Woodlawn Manor Wedding in Maryland

Thrift store finds, DIY bouquets from herbs, pops of orange, and dreamy photography courtesy of An Endless Pursuit. What more could I ask for in a gorgeous real Maryland wedding submission?! (Answer: nothing). Julice & Steve poured their hearts and souls into their wedding and the end result is so beautiful. I know you guys are going to love this one.

Julice & Steve’s Natural, Picnic Themed Woodlawn Manor Wedding in Maryland

organic picnic maryland woodlawn manor wedding (3)


Photographer: An Endless Pursuit | Venue: Woodlawn Manor | Catering: Stone Soup Catering | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

 organic picnic maryland woodlawn manor wedding (13)

My main goal was shooting for a picnic type feel. Very casual and let nature just do its thing as far as visual aesthetics, and decorations went. I relied heavily on the trees, gardens, fences, little shacks, and the grass area from our venue.

organic picnic maryland woodlawn manor wedding (11)

I chose herbs and such as our bouquets and cake decorations because I didn’t want to hire a florist and pay $3,000-5,000, even 10,000 on flowers! Therefore I opted to make my own bouquets and boutonnieres, herbs were the most affordable, easy to work with, could withstand a few days after we had assembled them.

organic picnic maryland woodlawn manor wedding (12)

The reason I chose blue plaid table runners is because my favorite artist Degas used a lot of blues and orange complimentary colors, which is why I chose orange flowers.

organic picnic maryland woodlawn manor wedding (14) organic picnic maryland woodlawn manor wedding (18) organic picnic maryland woodlawn manor wedding (17) organic picnic maryland woodlawn manor wedding (21)organic picnic maryland woodlawn manor wedding (6)

Click inside for the rest of Julice & Steve’s adorable, picnic themed, Woodlawn Manor wedding in Maryland!

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Caitlin & Susie’s Super DIY Literary Themed Wedding in Maryland

Words can’t really describe the feelings I get when I remember Caitlin & Susie’s wedding day this past May. I had the absolute honor of getting to be a part of their big day (as their coordinator) and I knew from the minute I met them, I wanted to be a part of their love, their relationship, and of course, their wedding day. And boy, was I right – their super DIY, complete labor of love, wedding day was something so so special. I have never seen so many family and friends that were so open, so welcoming, and so full of love. I was welcomed in by their families and friends, as if I had been a long-time family friend all along.

This wedding day was so full of happy tears, smiles, hugs, and absolute, blissful joy. I am so happy I got a chance to meet these two wonderful women and share in their special day. A warning ahead of time, this one is PICTURE HEAVY people. It’s nearly impossible to chose between all the gorgeous images Sarah Gormley Photography sent me!!!

 Caitlin & Susie’s Ultimate DIY, Literary Themed Wedding in Maryland

ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (13)


Photographer: Sarah Gormley | Wedding Coordination: Me ~ Capitol Romance  Venue: Episcopal Church of the Ascension | Susie’s Dress: Wendy’s Cincinnati Bride | Caitlin’s Dress: Fabulous Bridal | Susie’s Shoes: Custom Designed Chuck Taylors | Caitlin’s Shoes: TOMS Wedding Wedges | Hair: Marlow Prado-Blankenship | Flowers: Eight Street | Cake and Cupcakes: Sweets By E | Invitations: Type Case Industries | Hairpieces: Etsy | Flower Girls’ Kissing Ball: Etsy | Decorations: DIY | Catering: DIYed (seriously …. by Susie!!) | Cake Topper: Etsy |

Cait & Susie’s wedding was also featured on A Practical Wedding!

 ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (7) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (10)

 We had a really wonderful vintage-spring-literary-fun wedding. Suz and I both really wanted a wedding that reflected us, both as individuals and as a couple. We are pretty different (opposites attract, yes!) but one thing we definitely have in common is our ridiculous love of books. Suz is an especially large fan of Jane Austen’s writing and I will pretty much read whatever you place in front of me, so when it came time to pick a trend for our wedding, books were an easy choice. The best part was having an excuse to track down every library-estate-book sale this side of the Chesapeake! We both really loved combing through stacks of dusty, old books and giggling at some of the titles. It was a wedding chore that wasn’t so much a chore, as it was an excuse for a fun date with my lovely wife-to-be.

ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (9) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (8) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (1)

Colors were an easy choice; Susie loves anything bright and vibrant so she went with orange. Turquoise is my favorite and a perfect complement to orange so bam, easy choice. We decided not to be too strict with our color palette so you’ll see many different interpretations of turquoise and orange in our wedding pictures.

ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (11) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (12) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (14)

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Caitlin & Susie’s Super DIY Wedding! Including all the gorgeous book page details and literary themed items!

Liza & Mike’s Personalized, DIY Rustic Barn Wedding in Maryland

Douglas Pettway Photography has been killing it lately! Sending me some of the most awesome, personalized, and moving real weddings. This one, Liza & Mike’s, is no different. The couple both grew up in Virginia, so they knew they wanted something laid-back, and natural when it came to their wedding. They came across a barn in Southern MD at Jefferson Patterson Park and just fell in LOVE. They loved the casual barn and knew the natural setting would make for some killer portraits (they were right!).  They hired their family & friends to come together to make this wedding possible, and it’s so apparent just how much love was involved in this wedding day. Take it away Liza & Mike!

Liza & Mike’s Personalized, DIY Jefferson Patterson Park Wedding in Maryland

DIY maryland barn wedding


Photographer: Douglas Pettway | Venue: Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum | Wedding Coordinator: Erica – friend of bride | Desserts: Cakes and Confections – no wedding cake only bite size desserts | DJRich Barreto | CatererWhitman’s Catering | Flowers: DIY – assembled by friends and family | Hair: Platinum Hair Salon

 map bunting wedding decoration

We loved the casual barn setting with simple decorations. This was a DIY wedding so we didn’t want to go overboard with the decorations since we were in charge of taking it all down and being cleaned up by 10 pm. The natural setting was beautiful so we didn’t need to do too much. We bought lace runners and used juice glasses to do simple flower arrangements.

DIY maryland barn wedding DIY maryland barn wedding

A coworker had told me about the venue. We had looked at a ton of places in VA. Since we both grew up in VA I assumed that’s where we would get married, but we fell in love with this venue in Southern MD. The water and beach was a great background for our couple pictures.

DIY maryland barn weddingoutdoor wedding ceremony benches jefferson patterson wedding ceremony

Click inside for the rest of Liza & Mike’s gorgeous, handmade Maryland barn wedding.

Matt & Kirsten’s DIY, Vintage Maryland Backyard Wedding

Today’s Maryland wedding is the perfect mix of classic charm and backyard DIY. Kirsten & Matt had a tight budget but also had some specific style ideas in mind. Kirsten always loved the 40s and 50s and decided to use that famous midshipman kissing the nurse picture as their inspiration. They used common Maryland waterfront themes, a bright color palette of navy & yellow and some fun vintage touches to execute their small budget, backyard wedding.

They also relied one lots of family and friends to make their wedding come to fruition. The bride’s sister made the invitations and friends made everything from the bouquets & arrangements to the cake and even appetizers! The groom’s parent’s backyard was the perfect venue, and the strings of globe lights adorned the property perfectly! A special thanks to Horace & Mae Photography for the submission!

Matt & Kirsten’s DIY, Backyard Maryland Wedding with Vintage Touches

navy blue bridesmaids yellow shoes


Photography: Horace & Mae Photography | Flowers: DIY | Venue: Groom’s Parents’ House | Signs: DIY | Cake: DIY

From the bride:

I’m one of four girls in my family and the first to get married, so to be nice on my parents, I wanted to keep the wedding as low budget as possible. Our colors were navy and yellow with a nautical meets vintage feel. I’ve always been fond of the 40s and 50s and seeing as how I was marrying a boy from Maryland, the photo of the midshipman kissing the nurse was the perfect inspiration. We had the wedding in a small church, and the reception in the backyard of my in-laws’ waterfront house.

vintage bride hair diy backyard maryland wedding navy yellow bride bouquet

Unfortunately, none of my family could really be involved in the planning being on the other side of the country and all. But my sister Sarah made all of the wedding invitations, and my mother in-law was instrumental in helping me organize and keep track of everything we borrowed. The week of, however, all family members in both sides helped set up and prepare for the wedding. We had friends making the appetizers, the bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower arrangements, and the wedding cake.

vintage bride makeup DIY vintage backyard maryland wedding

Click inside for the rest of Kirsten & Matt’s small-budget, backyard Maryland wedding!

Kim & Brandon’s DIY, Intimate Maryland Wedding at Woodlawn Manor

Today’s real Maryland wedding has everything I look for in submissions: a personalized ceremony and reception, a bride in chucks, DIY details made by the bride’s mom, mismatched bridesmaids, and so many fun, original details all based on things that were meaningful to the couple. Kim & Brandon picked a venue, color scheme, and details all based on decisions that were dear to their hearts and personalities. Add all this to the gorgeous weather they had at their completely outdoor wedding (no tent! gutsy.) and you’ll see why I had so much trouble narrowing down today’s wedding feature to under 35 pictures! Thanks to Voula Trip Photography for the images!

Kim & Brandon’s DIY Maryland wedding at Woodlawn Manor

offbeat maryland wedding bride in chucks


Photographer:  Voula Trip Photography | Linens and Coverings: Gaithersburg Party Rental | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men’s Warehouse | Officiant: Seneca Creek Community Church | Photo Booth: Silly Shotz | Makeup Artist: Blend Event | Cake Designer: Caked Up | DJ: DJ Tim Dogg | Event Planner: Weddings By Tanzi | Venue: Woodlawn Manor | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

How they met:

Kim and Brandon met at a church youth event. Kim was in the kitchen helping with clean-up when she was introduced to Brandon. We didn’t make a big deal of it then but we eventually became friends. It was an accidental “date” for movies and froyo (our friends blew us off because of other plans) that we realized we had something worth exploring further. A few months later, over Pho, Brandon told Kim about his growing feelings for her. We decided to put our all in discovering the potential of our relationship and the rest is history! We quickly discovered each other’s passions, strengths, weaknesses, and faith and quickly become inseparable.

stunning black bride offbeat DIY paper flower bouquet

The proposal:

The day Brandon got the ring, Kim was stopping by his place for dinner. He made a delicious meal and could hardly wait for her to finish it to pop the question! Despite being in the privacy of his home, he was still very nervous. Kim said “yes! of course!”. She really appreciated the moment being just between them two since she’s not a big fan of being the center of attention when sharing intimate moments like this.

DIY offbeat paper flower bouquet offbeat groom custom van sneakers DIY paper flower boutonniere

Kim and Brandon were all smiles throughout the whole day. They were so excited to get married to each other that their joy just shines through in their images.

offbeat intimate woodlawn manor maryland wedding

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Kim & Brandon’s intimate, DIY Maryland wedding at Woodlawn Manor.

Alice & Chad’s DIY Purple Maryland Barn Wedding at Linganore Winecellers

It’s with a heavy heart (and a big sigh) that I start today’s blog post. I have written the “struggling to blog post XXX tragedy” before, and I don’t want to write it again. But I can’t ignore the fact that yesterday the city I love, the city I live and work in, was struck by terrible tragedy. I am still trying to make sense of how someone could do what was done yesterday.

But as a wedding blogger & coordinator, I think I need to consider myself lucky – in that so much of my life and days are filled with stories and images of love & happiness, not hate & sorrow. And so, though yesterday was tragic and will continue to be for all those families that were affected, there is a duty in each of us to continue on with strength and messages of love. It is the only way we can attempt to move on from such horrific events.

So for today I am sharing an extra special Maryland wedding – one that was originally planned for later in my editorial calendar, but I thought it was just TOO full of love and happiness, to not share today. It features an adorable couple (Alice & Chad) that are just SO happy and in love on their wedding day, that it’s down right contagious. And isn’t that something we’d all like to catch today? Without further ado:

Alice & Chad’s DIY Maryland Barn Wedding at Linganore Winecellers

DIY purple sunflowers maryland barn wedding


Photography: Photography by Brea | Venue: Linganore Winecellers | Flowers: Local Color Flowers | DJ: Do Justice to Music | Cupcakes: Jessica Kerin | Caterer: Fine Cuisine Catering | Hair and Makeup: Victoria Budosh | Bridesmaid Dresses: Jersey Maid | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

 From the photographer:

#chalicewedding happened at Linganore Winecellars on August 24th. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and a stunning location to provide the backdrop as these two amazing people committed their lives to each other. Their simple but stunning details were the perfect fit as well! There was a lot of heart that went into this wedding and I just love their cute DIY centerpieces and details! Even the flowers that were provided were freshly picked wild flowers!

DIY maryland wedding

What? I LOVE Alice’s yellow engagement ring!!! So unique!

unique yellow engagement ring

From the bride:

I was never that girl that dreamed of having a fairytale wedding one day, until I met Chad. Chad and I were acquaintances for a few years before we started dating, but soon after that first date, I found myself with a new best friend for life.

My mother-in-law likes to call us “the ying-yang couple” and you can see it right off the bat. Chad with his super blonde hair and my super black hair paired us up looking like “how is this possible?”. Yet, here we are, married & happily living together.

wild flower bouquet

offbeat hipster groomsmen

DIY maryland wedding

Click inside for SO MUCH more of Alice & Chad’s DIY Maryland barn wedding!

Capitol Wedding: Kate & Ben’s Handmade, Local & Sustainable Maryland Wedding Reception

I love this afternoon’s real Maryland wedding feature submitted by One Summer Day. It features a completely handmade, and locally focused Maryland wedding reception (after the couple already married in Maine). The couple, Kate & Ben, wanted to have a reception back home in MD with their family and friends and they wanted the day to reflect what they hold important in their lives, namely their Chesapeake Bay pride.

One Summer Day shared that their wedding was chock-full of gorgeous vintage and DIY touches that all drew organically from elements of the Eastern Shore, both, in terms of visual details, as well as sustainability and local economy.

Lots of fun DIY, handmade details and a ton of involvement from family and friends made this beautiful MD wedding reception possible!

Kate & Ben’s Handmade, DIY & Local Maryland Wedding Reception

handmade local maryland wedding small budget DIY


Photographer: One Summer Day | Bride’s Dress: BHLDN | Groom’s suit and sneakers:  J. Crew and New Balance | Band: Flashback | Caterer: Highfield Bakery | Florist: DIY | Venue: Groom’s Uncle’s Home | Rentals: Eastern Shore Tent and Events | Lighting and dance floor: Borrowed from neighbor | Linens: Vintage from Ebay | Tablescapes: DIY, Vintage Oil Lamps & Postcards | Oysters: Marinetics Choptank Sweets | Chalk artwork: Grooms’s cousin, an art student | Parasols: Oriental Trading Co. | Wayfinding Signs: DIYed by Bride | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

 Details from the couple:

Our reception was separated from our wedding by a week and several states–we got married in Maine with 17 people, but still wanted to celebrate in Maryland with our folks and friends. I wanted to be sure it had the relaxed feel of our wedding itself, and most of that was achieved by taking time with the details I really cared about, but letting go of an ideal of perfection.

handmade DIY chalkboard sign wedding

Ben and I are both proud Marylanders, and as I work at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, it was really important to us that it reflect our local roots in a lot of those details- a chalkboard with “marriage made in Maryland” welcoming guests, Maryland flags behind the band, postcards like the ones in my museum’s collections for the tables, a family farm on the Tred Avon River.

handmade local maryland wedding small budget DIY

I also wanted it to feel timeless, so ditching the tent and going for a good old under-the-stars barbecue seemed like a way to make it fun, easy, and less formal, but still special. We were VERY lucky that it didn’t rain, and it made dancing under the clear night sky that much more incredible.

handmade local maryland wedding small budget DIY

handmade local maryland wedding small budget DIY

handmade local maryland wedding small budget DIY

handmade local maryland wedding small budget DIY

Click inside for the rest of the beautiful images from this handmade Maryland wedding, including more information on their small budget & DIY details!

Capitol Wedding: Amanda & Keith’s DIY Woodland Wedding in Maryland

Oh I am REALLY in love with today’s DIY Maryland wedding. The bride, Amanda, is an art teacher – so naturally she put her amazing talents to work, customizing and hand making all the elements of their woodland “tree” inspired wedding. Their wedding details involved a ton of branches, bark, and wood – perfect inspiration for a fall/winter weddings – and mostly collected from the couple’s own backyard! The other element I loved about this  wedding was all the family and friend involvement. Amanda’s mom made the wedding cake, her maid of honor made the favors, and even the marshmallows were homemade!

A special thanks to ZADesignz for the images [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Amanda & Keith’s DIY Woodland Wedding in Maryland


Floral Designer: Fantasy Florals
Reception Venue:  Elkridge Furnace Inn
Dress Store:  David’s Bridal
DJ:  The Pros
Jewelry:  Chiky on Etsy
Tuxedo and Mens Attire:  Mens Warehouse

About the couple:

 Amanda and Keith met at a party in September 2007 and immediately hit it off. Amanda works as an art teacher in Anne Arundel County, and Keith is in the process of becoming a paramedic. Some of their hobbies include camping, geocaching, and anything else that is free and fun :) They got married on their 5 year anniversary, November 10, 2012. Right now they live in Odenton with their dog Dexter, and are enjoying this time they have together before having kids in the future.

 [Amanda hand glued EACH pearl and bead on these shoes! stunning!]

On their color pallet selection:

When it came to colors we both love the complementary color combination of purple and yellow and it seemed like a good fall palette, so when went with it.


LOVE Amanda’s dark purple sash. Perfect way to modernize and customize your wedding dress!

Just wait until you see how well Amanda & Keith executed their “tree” themed wedding:

We chose the tree theme for our wedding because we love the outdoors and we loved the symbolism of a tree as family and rebirth as we started our new lives together. Since I’m an art teacher and very crafty, I hate to spend money on things I can make. With a tree themed wedding all of our resources came from our back yard. I loved carrying out the theme from the invitations to the centerpieces, it was nice to have everything match and blend together so well.

Click inside for the rest of Amanda & Keith’s DIY Woodland Maryland Wedding ~ including a TON of handmade, DIY tree wedding details!

Meghan & Jeremy’s DIY, Backyard Baltimore, MD Wedding in the Woods

A beautiful Baltimore area wedding on the blog this morning. Meghan & Jeremy‘s simply stunning wedding is the perfect example of how understated, handmade details  can still be full of beauty. You will love Meghan’s unique, goddess-like dress, the lovely lavender bouquets, and a TON of details from the bride herself about why those chose to have the type of wedding they did, completely handmade & in the woods of Baltimore!

Thanks to Amie Hauck Photography for sharing the beautiful images!

Meet Jeremy & Meghan:

Jeremy and I met in college.  We didn’t actually like each other and argued in and out of class all the time.  In retrospect, our capacity for finding things to argue about looked a lot like chemistry, and when we did finally get together none of our friends were surprised.  After graduating, we both moved to Annapolis, Maryland, where we reconnected and immediately began dating.  We knew pretty quickly that we felt seriously about each other and talked about getting married (and picked out rings) months before we became formally engaged over a long weekend in another historic little town, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.


Meghan tells us how they started their wedding planning, reviewing what was important to them, and what kind of wedding they wanted to have:

When we started thinking about what we wanted the wedding to be like, we knew it was important to us to have our friends and family there with us to celebrate.  Neither of us is very traditional, however, so we rethought many of the wedding standards, wanting to keep costs down, keep things simple, and remember that the day is about celebrating our marriage.

It was also very important to us that our guests enjoy themselves.  To keep organized but not have things get totally taken over by the craziness of theknot-style to do lists, we listed everything that really mattered to us in a spreadsheet to track when things needed to be done, when they did get done, and actual and estimated costs.  Ultimately, we wanted to keep things easy and low-stress.

I love Meghan’s simple dried lavender bouquet. Like really love it.

Dried lavender, ribbons & a beautiful vintage brooch – bam, DIY bouquet made by Meghan’s sister:

 She made my bouquet out of leftover dried lavender and ribbon and attached a brooch that belongs to our elderly grandmother, who was unable to travel to Maryland for the celebration.

How dreamy are these portraits in the woods? Gives them almost an ethereal, nymph-like aura

Click inside to see more beautiful pictures from Meghan & Jeremy’s simply stunning outdoor Baltimore wedding (including a lot more details from Meghan!)

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