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Sarah & David’s Dupont Circle Neighborhood Engagement Pictures

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Images: Hay Alexandra Photography

WHAT A WEEKEND Romancers! We kicked off our 2015 wedding season with a bang on Saturday with Stef & Joe’s GORGEOUS Carnegie Institute wedding and then kept the fun going with our first DIY Workshop of the year yesterday. I cannot wait to share pictures from BOTH of these amazing days. They were too much fun (though my feet and back officially hate me this morning … and let’s not even talk about DST, because I REALLY needed that hour of sleep it stole from me ;-p)

We’re kicking off the week as we normally do – with a lovely little DC engagement session. Today’s features Sarah & David, a DC couple that loves their Dupont Circle neighborhood and so naturally they had their engagement pictures there! They often frequent Glen’s Garden Market & Krammerbooks, so these two places made perfect settings for their pictures. Happy Monday Romancers!

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 We actually met at dinner! Which is great, because we both love food :) We met a mutual friends birthday dinner. I had tried online dating but wasn’t interested in doing that any more. I was the last person to show up to dinner and I sat at the end of a very long table of couples both married and dating. I was at the single end and was ranting about how there are no more fish in the sea. I assured them that my dating stories were worse than anything they’ve heard and had the whole table laughing. I’m pretty outgoing, and used to talking a lot, so I didn’t notice the adorable man sitting across the table from me. The one who I’m now going to marry! If I had known he was going to remember this night for the rest of his life, I might have censored myself. I was wearing a patagonia hoodie and no make up and I cringed when we finally locked eyes thinking “Today! Why did you do this TODAY! With this cute guy right across from you!!!”

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The first words David ever said to me as I finally stopped talking for food and water were, “You, I like you.” I remember going home and telling my mom how horrifically unlady like I was and how maybe I shouldn’t have been talking about single life around this new cute guy at church, that I should practice taking my foot out of my mouth instead of putting it in. David still remembers me saying I was single way more than I wish he would, but the most important part he remembers is that he was drawn to me. I think its great he fell in love with me that way. You know, when I wasn’t at my best. It just shows how perfect he is. And the rest is history.

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The proposal:

After coming back from California David had planned a speech and asked my dad for my hand in marriage in September, it’s kind of like my dad said yes first. David and I were both planning a trip up to NYC for his 29th birthday and we knew most of our days would be dictated by great food and drinks. Again, this is something we love. It only makes sense, since we fell in love over great food and great drinks in the first place! In our hunt for the perfect place for what I thought was David’s birthday dinner we found the restaurant Robert atop the Museum of Art and Design. We wanted a place with great views and that is exactly what we got. Little did I know David had called a few weeks in advance to get the best seat in the house where we were overlooking both Columbus Circle and Central Park. We had taken a cab to Robert and David his normal chatty self was indeed not. I thought to myself something was up but engagement, we had only really been dating for five months. In the cab I asked him, “you’re not going to do anything dramatic are you? It’s your birthday I am suppose to be surprising and showering you with gifts, not the other way around.” I was certain it wasn’t an engagement, but definitely something was up, what was it I thought? David’s so selfless that he would be the one to make his birthday all about me. I wanted to make it about him! He assured me he wasn’t but once we arrived and sat down the waiter brought over two dozen beautiful long stem roses. I was floored, they were beautiful I was all dressed up in NYC and my boyfriend had just gotten me flowers after he said he wouldn’t. Because he’s adorable and romantic and again, selfless. I kissed, hugged and thanked him for being the sweetest man. We ordered and I tried to talk about our trip but David wasn’t back to chipper self. He started acting weird. The weird you always hear about before somebody is about to propose and the girl starts thinking maybe its a break up dinner. It wasn’t more than a few minutes later he took out a card and I read the front and it was kind and loving, he had memorized what he had written inside and recited it. The very end of the card read, “you know how you say you love doing life with me? I want to do every day and the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” Through out dating I would say I love doing life with you when we would be checking out at the grocery store, dry cleaners, grabbing a drink at Glenn’s or leaving someones house after dinner. It meant more than I love you, but less than marry me, it means I love my life with you. He opened the ring box and it was a beautiful round and brilliant diamond on a yellow gold band. I thought I said yes right away but David says it was nearly 10- 15 seconds. The rest of dinner was just us and champagnge. I had completely lost my apetite for the amazing food and kept joking with David saying, “I’M A BRIDE NOW!” He was more than happy to eat for the two of us now that his nerves had subsided and he recalls it as the smartest night of his life.

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Jenn & Victor’s Casual Washington DC Engagement Pictures at Capitol Hill Books

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Images: Mathy Shoots People

If you’ve never been to Capitol Hill Books near Eastern Market – you must go! I’ll never forget the first time I went – it’s quirky beyond belief with books stacked literally EVERYWHERE. This place is NOT for anyone that is claustrophobic (some of the passageways between books are SO tight and the ceilings in the basement might not be higher than 6 feet). You have the constant feeling that touching one book might take the whole place down. I also always wonder about the fire hazard it seems to be (but that’s just me).

One of my favorite things too are the hilarious “spoilers” on some of the books near the front. Totally worth it if you find yourself near Eastern Market, once it’s not so bitterly cold anymore. Anyway – Jenny & Victor decided to take their DC engagement pictures here and I just LOVE it. The shots are stunning and fun and everything engagement pictures shoot be! Check them all out:

capitol hill bookstore washington dc engagement pictures (4)

In Jenny’s words:

I’m originally from San Jose, California — I met Victor, a native of Northern Virginia, a little over five years ago when I left home for school at the University of Pennsylvania. I remember making idle conversation with him in a creative writing class we shared early sophomore year, whereupon I learned we were both English majors. Our professor, overhearing, said that we’d be seeing a lot of each other. Little did I know just how right she was — I started running into Victor around campus, at study groups for Economics, and even my literary magazine meetings! A week after our first conversation he invited me out on the pretense of doing fieldwork for our latest nonfiction assignment, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

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Click inside for the rest of this adorable DC engagement session & the proposal story!

Kate & Patrick’s Quintessential Washington DC Engagement Pictures in Georgetown

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Images: Michael Munoz Photography

I‘m not going to lie, it was Kate’s perfect black & White striped dress that first caught my eye with this engagement session. Coupled with Michael Munoz Photography’s beautiful images and SO many smiles, I thought this would make a perfect DC engagement session feature.

This week is a busy one with our first 2015 Fuel DC event on Tuesday and my finally getting to go to a “The Hour” Gluten Free Happy Hour on Wednesday, so I was happy to have some time this past weekend to catch up on emails and mostly relax. Andy spent the weekend hard at work trying to finish the office floors & starting our bedroom floors (which now has us temporarily sleeping in the #CapRoHQ office) AND two of our good friends got engaged Saturday night AND I watched Harry Potter 7 (Parts 1 and 2) this weekend. so all in all, a great weekend.

So let’s get Kate & Patrick to help us kick off the week!

washington dc engagement pictures georgetown (2)

How they met:

Kate and Patrick first met on a sunny summer day in our nation’s capital. It was Kate’s second day of work at a local university. She stopped for coffee in the student center café when Patrick walked through the door wearing mesh shorts, earbuds and a backward baseball cap- most likely Yankees. A co-worker introduced them and Kate learned that Patrick also worked at the university, was training for a half marathon and shared her affinity for television science fiction dramas. Kate thought Patrick was handsome and charming. Patrick thought Kate had a beautiful smile.

After seeing her during several summer orientation sessions and campus projects, Patrick sent Kate a riddle that led her to their first date at the National Zoo. A few dates later- including a choose-your-own-adventure date, an epic eight-hour date, most of the Smithsonian museums and gelato on the Waterfront, Patrick knew he found the one!

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The proposal story:

Patrick selected the engagement ring on his birthday. He wanted to remember the moment when he found the perfect one and he knew Kate wouldn’t suspect he was shopping for her that day. Although he had been plotting elaborate proposal schemes, including a fake fall during a run downtown, Patrick decided to pop the question at one of the couple’s favorite places– Georgetown Waterfront Park. The couple held their engagement photo session at the same location. “Kate and Patrick told me that their favorite D.C. locations were in the old part of town, including some contemporary locations along Georgetown Waterfront Park and some archetypal locations such as the old Aqueduct Bridge.

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Kate and Patrick are set to tie the knot on June 21, 2014 in downtown D.C.

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Katie & Patrick’s Engagement Pictures on Roosevelt Island in Washington, DC

roosevelt park washington dc engagement pictures (8)

[Images: Boraie Photography]

It’s Monday, but a holiday – so hopefully most of you are out participating in a Day of Service, or enjoying the couch, or still had to go to the office and instead are thinking about how awesome it would be to NOT be there. I am luckily surfing the couch today and catching up on some admin things and blogging. I spent the weekend mostly in a car, traveling up to PA for a surprise 30th birthday for one of my longest friends, and then stopping for a quick visit in Philly on the way back to DC. I am excited to be in DC these next few weekends while Andy & I continue work on our upstairs floors and getting the nursery ready!

For today I have a sweet little engagement session from CapRo newbie, Boraie Photography. Mohamed shares the adorable e-sess of Kate & Patrick, two athletes that fell in love and love to run together. I love how they included running in their engagement pictures! Check it out.

roosevelt park washington dc engagement pictures (4) roosevelt park washington dc engagement pictures (5)

Kate and Patrick met in August 2013. Their second date was a walk around Roosevelt Island. A little over a year later, they thought it fitting to take their engagement pictures there. Kate and Patrick are both avid athletes, and going out for a run is one of their favorite activities to do together. They wanted their engagement session to capture this aspect of their life as well. Kate and Patrick look forward to marrying next summer.

roosevelt park washington dc engagement pictures (6)

Click inside for a few more of Kate & Patrick’s adorable DC engagement pictures!

Allie & Elliot’s U Street Engagement Pictures in Washington DC

washington dc engagement pictures (3)

Images: Aimee Custis Photography

Happy Monday Romancers! Today’s post is coming from the great white north …. otherwise known as New Jersey. I am currently up in the great garden state for the next 2 weeks to spend some quality time with friends & family and hopefully get some rest and relaxation in before the start of 2015. Because BOY OH BOY guys, 2015 is going to be NUTS.

But I will be blogging here and there over the next few weeks and for today as have an awesome Washington DC engagement session from Aimee Custis Photography. Allie & Elliot crashed the Ulah Bistro in Shaw/UStreet and just have the most adorable “how we met” story. Let’s go!

washington dc engagement pictures (4)


We were introduced by our mutual friend, the Internet. Appealing to my professed love of “good jokes and bad jokes,” Elliot sent me an OkCupid message that made me laugh, and, within a few days, we were pitching fake sitcoms to each other via email. We met for drinks at Ulah Bistro and wound up talking for hours without ever getting into the obligatory listing of siblings or “What is it that you do, exactly?” So basically, well done, Internet!

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Click inside for the darling proposal story!

Sarah & Riley’s Gorgeous Cherry Blossom Engagement Pictures in DC

Tomorrow might be the first official day of Fall but that doesn’t mean we can’t have gorgeous DC Cherry Blossom engagement pictures. Right?! Kicking off the week with a little gorgeousness from Porter Watkins Photography. Happy Monday all.

Riley & Sarah’s Gorgeous Washington DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Pictures

dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (13)

Photography: Porter Watkins Photography

I love their short and sweet love story:

Riley and I met during our time at James Madison University. He was this gregarious, tidal wave of energy, and we hit it off instantly, never expecting to fall in love.

dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (10) dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (4) dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (8) dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (12)

Click inside for the rest of the beautiful engagement pictures AND the amazing proposal story in Iceland!

Allie & Dylan’s DC Engagement Pictures at Tryst and Meridian Hill Park

Oh Monday. Sometimes I can handle you and other days all I want to do is punch you in the face. Today is the punch-facing kind of Monday. I had a wonderful weekend in NJ with my family, celebrating my sister & her husband’s baby shower. But between the humidity, the late bed time, these allergies of mine, and the fact that it’s Monday – well, let’s just say I need this DC engagement session more so than most Mondays.

Allie & Dylan’s DC Engagement Pictures at Tryst & Meridian Hill Park

washington dc engagement pictures tryst meridian hill park (5)


Photographer: Aimee Custis Photography | Locations: Tryst & Meridian Hill Park

 I have the fortunate duty to not only get to share this adorable couple’s engagement session but to be working their wedding this Fall too! Allie & Dylan are amazing clients and I love everything about their wedding so far. I can’t wait to share that day with them in October :)

washington dc engagement pictures tryst meridian hill park (8)

How we met:

We met in freshmen year Irish History class at Dartmouth. It was a course reserved for upperclassmen, but Allie and I separately petitioned to get into the class. We were the only freshmen in the class. I was also the cashier at the campus convenience store on Sunday nights when Allie and her friends would come in to get snacks before Grey’s Anatomy aired. It took me a few weeks to finally introduce myself, but 8.5 years later, we’re getting married.

DC tryst engagement pictures (2) washington dc engagement pictures tryst meridian hill park (4) DC tryst engagement pictures (3)

Click inside for the rest of Allie & Dylan’s adorable DC engagement session!

Michelle & Ron’s Laid Back, Casual Washington DC Engagement Pictures

Happy Monday Romancers!!! We are BACK in action after a full-fledged wedding weekend down in Virginia Beach. I had the absolute pleasure of being a wedding GUEST this weekend (actually a Bridesmaid at that!) and I am still recuperating a bit from all the dancing. Working weddings is a KILLER for someone, like me, who LOVES to dance. My dance itch was nearly incurable and my husband even said to me that I was clearly making up for some lost time at the reception. My feet are still throbbing a bit (and I wore flats!). Needless to say, I cut a rug, and then some. But onto today’s blog post! Thanks to Val & Sarah (gahhhh I love these two), I have an awesome, laid-back Washington DC engagement pictures session to share. Michelle & Ron took their engagement pictures in their neighborhood and even down in the metro!

These came out SO COOL. I’ve seen a few DC Metro engagement pictures before – but naturally Val & Sarah gave it their own flare and the result is just all kinds of awesome. Check out the sess and adorable DC love story below!

Michelle & Ron’s Laid Back, Alternative Washington DC Engagement Pictures

alternative washington dc engagement pictures (10)


Photographer: Val & Sarah

 How they met:

We met at our white coat ceremony in the beginning of pharmacy school. He came across the room and said something like, “I came over to introduce myself because our moms have been trying to say hello to each other. So hi I’m Ron!” [our moms probably noticed there was another filipino family so they wanted to connect based on that commonality]. We started talking and he said he was taking his mom on a tour of DC and asked if my mom and I would like to come along. I agreed and we had a great time together.

This was actually the beginning of a new and fun FRIENDSHIP. We were actually each other’s pharmacy school best friends. We studied together, worked out together and joined the same fraternity. But halfway through pharmacy school he admitted he had feelings for me. Apparently it was obvious to everyone but oblivious me.  After some reluctance and hesitation, I gave in and gave him my heart.

alternative washington dc engagement pictures (7) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (9) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (8) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (11) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (16)

Click inside for the rest of Michelle & Ron’s adorable DC engagement pictures AND for the proposal story!

Alissa & Nathan’s Springtime, Washington DC Engagement Pictures

Keeping the love going this Monday with a beautiful little DC engagement session from one of our fabulous blog sponsors, Sweet Tea Photography. Alissa & Nathan fell in love in DC, so it made perfect sense for them to do their engagement portraits in the District. Happy Monday Romancers.

Alissa & Nathan’s Springtime, Washington DC Engagement Pictures

dc engagement pictures

How they met:

While Alissa and Nathan had both lived in D.C. for several years, it wasn’t until mutual friends planned a tubing trip in 2012 to Blacksburg, Virginia that the two met. After drinks at one of Nathan’s favorite college bars, TOTS, and a fun weekend on the river, Nathan called Alissa when they returned to D.C. for their first official date at Smith Commons.

dc engagement pictures dc engagement pictures dc engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of Alissa & Nathan’s adorable DC engagement session and proposal story!

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