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Mary Olive & Eric’s Sweet DC Winter Engagements Pictures at Eastern Market

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Images: Meghan Rose Photography

Guys this weather is killing me. Also this cold that Evie has (and subsequently now I do too), but that’s another story… I realllllly cannot stand this warm weather in December! It’s so not right, and it’s really keeping me from getting in the holiday spirit! Please tell me I am not alone here!! So to help, I am sharing Mary & Eric’s super sweet DC engagement pictures from earlier this year, you know, when winter actually meant cold temps and SNOW. I miss my boots, sweaters, and scarves guys. Really I do. Happy Monday.

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From their photographer:

They were natural, relaxed….most importantly, they were happy. I loved that they weren’t afraid to be silly with each other in front of me, that I could just give them suggestions that they would then take and make their own. They fell into poses comfortably and, despite the frigid temperatures, made it look cozy and inviting. They are the type of people you just want to be around!

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How We Met (in Mary Olive’s words):

We were both working as AmeriCorps members with DC Habitat for Humanity and living in a house with 4 other coworkers. Half-way through our year of service, we started spending more and more time together. After working side-by-side 5 days a week, we would casually find ourselves spending weekends together as well. We never left the house at the same time, but somehow always ended up in the same spot. One spring night we found ourselves out at a bar talking with some Australian paratroopers. Neither one of us is exactly sure how it happened, but we spent the whole night holding hands across the table.

Uncertain of what this meant, each sought the advice of friends. Anne, Eric’s friend since age 2, told him that it meant MO was into him and he should make a move. Sarah Rodriguez, MO’s friend from high school, told her, “You’re not in middle school, grow up and kiss him!” After each pondered the advice of friends, we finally kissed at a Memorial Day barbecue in 2009. Six years later – and two years after Eric proposed – we decided to get married in the city where our relationship began.

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Here is our proposal story (in Eric’s words):

After four years of dating, three apartments, and two cities together, Eric decided it was (finally) time to propose. He was spending the summer in Washington, DC, where the couple met, while Mary Olive continued nursing school in North Carolina. She was planning a trip up to visit for their anniversary on Memorial Day weekend and Eric knew this was the perfect opportunity to pop the question. After a quick call to his future mother-in-law, Eric discovered that there was a family ring that he could use to propose. The ring was originally Mary Olive’s great-great-grandmothers. After the ring was taken in to be cleaned, it was put in the mail to Washington, DC. Dinner reservations were made. Eric thought he was good to go.

Unfortunately, the postal service had other plans. Rather than make it out for delivery before the holiday weekend, the ring never left the sorting room of the Watergate building post office. (Because something always goes wrong at the Watergate…) Eric panicked. After talking to Mary Olive’s mother, who was concerned about her ability to keep the proposal a secret any longer, he decided he still needed to propose that night. As a nod to their history working for Habitat for Humanity, he went to the hardware store for metal nut. If you squinted, it sort of looked like a ring, right? That night, after dinner, Eric proposed at Mary Olive’s favorite spot in the city – along the National Mall, between the illuminated Capitol building and Washington Monument. Mary Olive was so surprised and overwhelmed, that she did not even need to squint to see the engagement ring in the nut.

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Deeona & Michael’s Alternative DC Engagement Pictures at National Gallery of Art

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Images: Barbara O Photography

A SUPER productive weekend (crafting! new haircut! rad client consults! a new kitchen table! fun with friends!) and now a short week means EXTRA hustle for me. I have LOADS to do before the Thanksgiving weekend, but I cannot wait to be NJ bound with Andy, Evie & Sadie and enjoy some serious relaxing and  food and family. We’re kicking off the week with LOVE (because that is just what we do) and we’ll be blogging through the week with the exception of Thursday. Because on Thursday, you shouldn’t be reading wedding blogs, you should be eating ALL the things and enjoying time with the ones you love. So here goes Deeona & Michael’s super rad, DC engagement session at the National Gallery of Art.

alternative washington dc engagement pictures (12)

Deeona and Michael met at their University and rapidly fell in love with each other.

alternative washington dc engagement pictures (10) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (8)

Michael wanted the proposal to be really special and meaningful. He had a business trip scheduled to Barcelona and took advantage of it and made it a bit longer in time and took Deeona and the ring with him. Long story short, between looking for the perfect moment, perfect location and being afraid of carrying an expensive ring around ( Barcelona is known by their pickpockets), he end up not purposing in Barcelona and the same way the ring went inside a box to Europe, came back to the States. How funny is that?

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After a well-travelled engagement ring, he prepared a super romantic dinner at their house and waited for her to come back home from work and did everything by the book. They’ll get married next May at St. Regis Hotel in downtown DC.

alternative washington dc engagement pictures (3) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (7) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (5) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (6) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (1)

Amanda & Mike’s Washington DC Engagement Pictures in Logan Circle

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Images: Ken Pak submitted via Two Bright Lights

What a weekend Romancers. Andy, Evie & I were up in NJ all weekend having some SERIOUS Fall fun (pumpkin picking! yes!) and celebrating the love of two dear friends at their gorgeous NJ wedding. I think I’ve FINALLY (almost) kicked this sinus cold too. So I am SO READY to get to enjoy some nice Fall weather runs this week and gear up for my LAST wedding coordination gig of 2015. But really, where has this year gone?! I hope you all had a great weekend, this week on the blog is going to be great. Let’s kick it off with a super rad DC engagement session featuring one SERIOUSLY gorgeous couple. Like really, these two are magazine ready. Happy Monday Romancers.

alternative hipster DC engagement pictures (2)

How they met, as told through the groom to be, with commentary from the bride to be:

Amanda and I first met our senior years at James Madison University. On the first weekend back, I saw her at a friend’s place. Too shy to go up to her, (Or busy playing beer pong ;)) I spent the entire evening and rest of the week trying to figure out who she was, there was something special about her. Later that week a mutual friend of ours told me they were friends and invited me to a party that weekend where Amanda was going to be. At the party, I had a deck of cards in my hand and knew one good card trick. (There’s just something about a magician, right ladies?) The seat next to me on the couch opened up, I made eye contact across the room with Amanda, and asked her if she wanted to see a card trick. Cheesy right? (A bit, but really adorable) Well it worked. We dated through college and eventually moved to Northern Virginia.

alternative hipster DC engagement pictures (3) alternative hipster DC engagement pictures (4)

After a few years of living at different places with some roommates we decided we should shack up together. (Roomies!) This was the best decision ever as we continued to grow closer and closer to one another, and learned that life living together was fun and easy. (Life truly feels fun and free with him) Amanda always made me feel special, happy, and free. After about 5 years of dating and living together for a year I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my days with her by my side. (Swoon)

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Click inside for the proposal story!

Houston & Sarah’s Laid Back, Casual Washington DC Engagement Pictures in Georgetown

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Images: Mathy Shoots People via Two Bright Lights

Guys this week! It’s just going to FLY BY. I am leaving on Wednesday to start my journey north for an EXTRA SPECIAL wedding weekend – my brother’s. At which I am officiating!!!!!!!!! (I’m not sure that has 100% set in yet!). But I am PUMPED. And then from the wedding I am taking my husband on a super secret trip to celebrate his 30th birthday so posting will be LIGHT these night few weeks just FYI!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I said goodbye to some great friends that are moving to St. Thomas, watched my PSU boys win a football game (and watched my Gmen blow another), and then literally didn’t leave the house yesterday (sometimes you just need those days). But let’s kick off the week with some LOVE shall we? An ADORABLE Georgetown engagement session, featuring Houston & Sarah – two happy kids, oh-so-in-love. What better what to start a week? Get it.

casual washington dc engagement pictures georgetown (9)

Houston and I started chatting online late one night in March 2010. We talked almost every second of every day after that first night, me from my dorm room in DC and him from his in South Carolina. After he graduated college a few months later, I flew down to visit him and his family for a week. We immediately clicked and everything just felt right. In August 2011 he found a job in DC and we were finally and very happily not 500 miles apart anymore.

casual washington dc engagement pictures georgetown (2) casual washington dc engagement pictures georgetown (5)

On our 4th anniversary, I was fairly certain he was going to propose, but he was acting so chill that I started thinking maybe I was wrong. After an amazing dinner at Filomena in Georgetown, we decided to stroll along the waterfront, which is one of our favorite places. By the time we found a nice place to sit, he was visibly nervous. I wanted to help him out, so I said, “Wow, this has been the best day. I can’t imagine what could make it any better,” setting him up for his response: “Well, I can think of one thing…” It was perfect.

casual washington dc engagement pictures georgetown (6) casual washington dc engagement pictures georgetown (3) casual washington dc engagement pictures georgetown (7) casual washington dc engagement pictures georgetown (8) casual washington dc engagement pictures georgetown (1)


Julie & Emery’s H Street NE & Union Market Alternative Engagement Pictures in DC

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Images: The Oberports

This weekend was far from relaxing, but BOY was it awesome. Friday we went to the Nationals game – Evie’s first! And by a total random turn of events, we got to sit ON the dugout at the stadium. Like literally, my hands were ON the Nats dugout – it was SO COOL. Then we got up early to head to Philly for the day on Saturday to visit my sister, brother in law, and our niece Stella – we had some serious hang time, and ate some REALLY good pizza. Then yesterday we recooped slightly, but not without a trip to the burbs to have brunch with Andy’s cousins & Aunt. Serious family time you guys.

So I am a bit sleepy today catching up from all of that – but I’ll manage because on Saturday we start our journey to Vermont for ALL OF NEXT WEEK (!!!!). Lake house vacations in Vermont are my absolute favorite. I can’t wait for some serious R&R. But for today I have a SUPER RAD DC engagement session thanks to the oh-so-talented photography duo, The Oberports. Though they are based in WV, they make the journey to DC from time to time and I am ALWAYS pumped when they do, because that means I get a shot at featuring their awesome work. Today is no exception, as I share Julie & Emery’s rad Union Market engagement pictures in my home neighborhood of H Street/NE DC. Happy Monday all.

alternative washington dc engagement pictures union market H Street NE (1)

From Julie:

I actually don’t remember much from our first date.  I remember that Emery was carrying sheets with him.  Now, a couple years later I realize they were from free-cycle, a free listserv where other people’s unwanted things can become your new, free possessions. Although now as I write this, I am almost certain he told me he picked them up from a friend… as if somehow that was a better source of free sheets. Either way, it wasn’t very impressive at the time, especially not for a first date.  But Freecycle would later give birth to a futon and our amazing record collection so he definitely moved up from those sheets. (Thanks for your diligence on that one, babe.  A few bad record finds was definitely worth getting that one great one).

alternative washington dc engagement pictures union market H Street NE (10) alternative washington dc engagement pictures union market H Street NE (11)

But free sheets and all, we ended up having an amazing date. What I do remember is talking about everything. I remember him actually being interested in where I was from and the road that led me to that day. He asked questions of which he was genuinely interested in the answer, a refreshing experience when so often in DC I found myself downplaying my roots in an effort to somehow highlight my credentials and fabricate a pedigree.

alternative washington dc engagement pictures union market H Street NE (12)

Emery is able to bridge my worlds in a way that helps me make sense of my own journey.  With him I can be all sides of myself without fear of judgment. It is not that he makes me complete, but reinforces the fact that I am complete on my own. He compliments my attributes and minimizes my flaws in a way I cannot express. I have never felt as special and content as I do by his side. As we take on this new adventure, I only hope that we continue to grow together, creating a shared life experience full of big ideas, open arms and compassionate spirits.

alternative washington dc engagement pictures union market H Street NE (13)


Carlos & Alberto’s Modern Washington DC Engagement Pictures

washington dc engagement pictures (9)

Images: Tim Riddick

Another weekend has come and gone in what feels like the blink of an eye. Friday night I had a rehearsal and Saturday was a nutso day (cleaning the house, attending a bridal shower, seeing my little sister’s very first apartment, and then working one of the MOST AWESOME weddings ever). Sunday was spent with more cleaning (we have a photo shoot going down at the house tonight), a neighborhood BBQ, and FINALLY some much needed relaxing. I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to next weekend, where the only thing I have is our 2nd to last DIY Workshop of the year (seriously, why haven’t you bought tickets yet?!).

Today we have a gorgeous DC engagement session from the always super awesome Tim Riddick. These two grooms-to-be are so stylish, and as always, Tim’s images really help bring their love alive in the pictures. Have a great Monday Romancers and hope to see some of you on Sunday!! :)

washington dc engagement pictures (1)

Carlos and Alberto met in the spring of 2014 at a frozen yogurt shop named Yogurtland located in North Miami Beach.  They had been chatting on social media for a few weeks and had finally decided it was time to meet.  Shortly after this meeting, dinners and lunches were scheduled.  The chemistry was so fiery, that by summer, they were dating & “going steady.”

washington dc engagement pictures (10) washington dc engagement pictures (11) washington dc engagement pictures (3) washington dc engagement pictures (4)


Kara & Justin’s Brewery Washington DC Engagement Pictures at Yards Park

View More: http://mathyshootspeople.pass.us/justara


Images: Mathy Shoots People

This weekend was pretty awesome thanks to my amazing husband. He set up an entire Treat Yo Self day for me on Saturday wherein I got a massage (ah-mazing) and my hair did (SO insanely overdue). Then yesterday we had a BLAST making mini pinatas at the latest DIY workshop!  And now I get to share an AWESOME DC engagement session featuring two of my amazing clients for this year, Kara & Justin. Kara & Justin are cool beyond words and I am SO excited for their wedding (in just about a month!) at Josephine Butler Parks Center. Check out their super chill DC engagement pictures around Yards Park (including a stop at Blue Jacket Brewery) and love story below. Happy Monday Romancers!

View More: http://mathyshootspeople.pass.us/justara

How we met:

Justin and I met on OkCupid. I had been doing the online dating thing for almost 2 years, with no real luck. At the urging of his parents, Justin decided to give it a shot, and was only online for about a month before he and I met. If you haven’t experienced the online dating world, its kind of slim pickin’s out there. Few people take the time to complete their profile in a way that is reflection of themselves, but Justin’s did just that. It also didn’t hurt that he was really cute ;) So I messaged him, and crossed my fingers that he would respond back. Apparently, I was one of the few girls that sent him a message using full words and sentences, as opposed to “U R a QT”.

View More: http://mathyshootspeople.pass.us/justara View More: http://mathyshootspeople.pass.us/justara

We exchanged messages regularly, and within a week or so, scheduled our first date. I had a basketball game earlier in the day that ran late, making me late for our date. When I texted him to let him know I was running behind, Justin was worried I was going to stand him up. I did not, and we shared a great meal, getting to know each other more. From that point on, we were pretty much inseparable.

View More: http://mathyshootspeople.pass.us/justara alternative washington dc engagement pictures brewery yards park (11)

Click inside for so much more! Including the proposal story!

Julia & Ed’s Washington, DC Engagement Pictures in Adams Morgan

local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (6)

Images: Mathy Shoots People via Two Bright Lights

I’m back in Jury Duty  again today (because clearly that is what every 35 week preggo lady wants to be doing…) but couldn’t leave you all empty handed on a Monday! Today we have Julia & Ed’s adorable Washington, DC engagement pictures – mostly taken in their apartment and around their Adams Morgan neighborhood. I love how “DC” their love story is and I LOVE when couples do more laid-back, local DC engagement sessions like this as well! Thanks to Mathy Shoots People for submitting this one!

local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (11) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (10)

Julia and Ed met at Johns Hopkins University. They were friends who lost touch but came back into contact when they enrolled in the same class one semester. The friendship quickly picked back up and eventually turned romance during Snowmageddon when Edward asked Julia out on a double date! From there they quickly progressed into a full blown relationship and have been inseparable ever since.

local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (2) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (8) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (3)

He proposed on the Spanish Steps of 22nd street in DC in 2013, blocks from their home. (which were included in the engagement pictures!)

local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (7) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (5) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (4) local washington dc engagement pictures adams morgan bikeshare (9)


Sarah & David’s Dupont Circle Neighborhood Engagement Pictures

dupont circle alternative washington dc engagement pictures (1)

Images: Hay Alexandra Photography

WHAT A WEEKEND Romancers! We kicked off our 2015 wedding season with a bang on Saturday with Stef & Joe’s GORGEOUS Carnegie Institute wedding and then kept the fun going with our first DIY Workshop of the year yesterday. I cannot wait to share pictures from BOTH of these amazing days. They were too much fun (though my feet and back officially hate me this morning … and let’s not even talk about DST, because I REALLY needed that hour of sleep it stole from me ;-p)

We’re kicking off the week as we normally do – with a lovely little DC engagement session. Today’s features Sarah & David, a DC couple that loves their Dupont Circle neighborhood and so naturally they had their engagement pictures there! They often frequent Glen’s Garden Market & Krammerbooks, so these two places made perfect settings for their pictures. Happy Monday Romancers!

dupont circle alternative washington dc engagement pictures (4)

 We actually met at dinner! Which is great, because we both love food :) We met a mutual friends birthday dinner. I had tried online dating but wasn’t interested in doing that any more. I was the last person to show up to dinner and I sat at the end of a very long table of couples both married and dating. I was at the single end and was ranting about how there are no more fish in the sea. I assured them that my dating stories were worse than anything they’ve heard and had the whole table laughing. I’m pretty outgoing, and used to talking a lot, so I didn’t notice the adorable man sitting across the table from me. The one who I’m now going to marry! If I had known he was going to remember this night for the rest of his life, I might have censored myself. I was wearing a patagonia hoodie and no make up and I cringed when we finally locked eyes thinking “Today! Why did you do this TODAY! With this cute guy right across from you!!!”

dupont circle alternative washington dc engagement pictures (8) dupont circle alternative washington dc engagement pictures (2)

The first words David ever said to me as I finally stopped talking for food and water were, “You, I like you.” I remember going home and telling my mom how horrifically unlady like I was and how maybe I shouldn’t have been talking about single life around this new cute guy at church, that I should practice taking my foot out of my mouth instead of putting it in. David still remembers me saying I was single way more than I wish he would, but the most important part he remembers is that he was drawn to me. I think its great he fell in love with me that way. You know, when I wasn’t at my best. It just shows how perfect he is. And the rest is history.

dupont circle alternative washington dc engagement pictures (6)
The proposal:

After coming back from California David had planned a speech and asked my dad for my hand in marriage in September, it’s kind of like my dad said yes first. David and I were both planning a trip up to NYC for his 29th birthday and we knew most of our days would be dictated by great food and drinks. Again, this is something we love. It only makes sense, since we fell in love over great food and great drinks in the first place! In our hunt for the perfect place for what I thought was David’s birthday dinner we found the restaurant Robert atop the Museum of Art and Design. We wanted a place with great views and that is exactly what we got. Little did I know David had called a few weeks in advance to get the best seat in the house where we were overlooking both Columbus Circle and Central Park. We had taken a cab to Robert and David his normal chatty self was indeed not. I thought to myself something was up but engagement, we had only really been dating for five months. In the cab I asked him, “you’re not going to do anything dramatic are you? It’s your birthday I am suppose to be surprising and showering you with gifts, not the other way around.” I was certain it wasn’t an engagement, but definitely something was up, what was it I thought? David’s so selfless that he would be the one to make his birthday all about me. I wanted to make it about him! He assured me he wasn’t but once we arrived and sat down the waiter brought over two dozen beautiful long stem roses. I was floored, they were beautiful I was all dressed up in NYC and my boyfriend had just gotten me flowers after he said he wouldn’t. Because he’s adorable and romantic and again, selfless. I kissed, hugged and thanked him for being the sweetest man. We ordered and I tried to talk about our trip but David wasn’t back to chipper self. He started acting weird. The weird you always hear about before somebody is about to propose and the girl starts thinking maybe its a break up dinner. It wasn’t more than a few minutes later he took out a card and I read the front and it was kind and loving, he had memorized what he had written inside and recited it. The very end of the card read, “you know how you say you love doing life with me? I want to do every day and the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” Through out dating I would say I love doing life with you when we would be checking out at the grocery store, dry cleaners, grabbing a drink at Glenn’s or leaving someones house after dinner. It meant more than I love you, but less than marry me, it means I love my life with you. He opened the ring box and it was a beautiful round and brilliant diamond on a yellow gold band. I thought I said yes right away but David says it was nearly 10- 15 seconds. The rest of dinner was just us and champagnge. I had completely lost my apetite for the amazing food and kept joking with David saying, “I’M A BRIDE NOW!” He was more than happy to eat for the two of us now that his nerves had subsided and he recalls it as the smartest night of his life.

dupont circle alternative washington dc engagement pictures (5) dupont circle alternative washington dc engagement pictures (3)

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