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Kevin & Laura’s Laughter Filled, Washington, DC Engagement Pictures

Images: De Nueva Photography 

My name is Bree Ryback, and I’ve been a terrible blogger. I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that I only managed to blog once last week – and I mostly start every week with an apology & a hope that I do better. Well, this time I mean it (like for reals guys). I have some super rad real weddings to share & hoping inspiration strikes for a few personal posts throughout – because drumming up your own content all the time is HARD. But hey, we got a lot going on (as usual) off the blog, with NEW THINGS hitting the #CapRoStore & officially launching our 2018 pricing for the wedding coordination side of things … and oh yeah trying to completely overhaul the blog & all our branding. (Yay!).

I hope you guys got to enjoy the weekend, with that decreased humidity – I am not entirely sure where it went. Lots of wedding consults, a desperately needed hair appt, and outdoor activities kept us pretty busy. Andy heads to Comic Con on Thursday, so I think (hope) that means I’ll have some time this weekend to knock things off my ever-growing to-do list. But…. I guess we’ll see!

We’re starting the week, as we always do here at Capitol Romance, with LOVE. An adorable DC couple, with their adorable love story, showing the best that local DC has to offer with their engagement pictures. Take it away guys :)

After spending a few years in San Francisco, Laura decided to move back east in the summer of 2014. Aiming for New York City, she ended up getting a job in Washington, DC, just before the start of the school year. Clearly she had been looking for love in the wrong place, as I have lived in the DC area my entire life.

Veterans of the online dating scene, Laura and I met through the online dating app Hinge in November 2014. On our second date, Laura jokingly offered me a ride to New York City the next day, as we both were heading north for Thanksgiving. Against all better judgment, I met Laura in her school’s parking lot the next day for what turned out to be a seven-hour car ride. The trip went well enough that Laura came back to DC a day earlier than scheduled, so we could see each other again.

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Debbie & Dan’s Washington DC Engagement Pictures in Georgetown

Images: Anna Kerns Photography

What a freakin’ fabulous weekend we had. I hope you guys did too. We took Evie to a plethora of parks (both dry & of the spray park variation), got in some nice workouts, biked down to Yards Park to enjoy the wading pool & FINALLY say Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them (so good .. but still so mad about them casting Johnny Depp). Really just a “DC” weekend with plenty of sleep, wine, good food & outdoor fun. After a crazy week last week, I am slightly looking forward to the regular routine this week, and hopefully getting some good blog posts out to you guys. We’re kicking things off with Debbie & Dan’s Georgetown engagement pictures in DC (clients of Kara’s!). Happy Monday Romancers.

After a couple weeks of flirting on GChat and challenging each other to quizzes on Sporcle, Daniel finally asked me out to lunch in Georgetown, specifically Peacock Cafe. Later that night, we met up at a local bar (in large part thanks to one of Daniel’s groomsman, who was an amazing wing-man). At the bar, my matron of honor told Daniel how smitten I was with him. We shared a kiss that night and became an official couple soon after–although we kept our relationship a secret at work for a few weeks.

Lindsay & Mark’s Washington DC Engagement Pictures on Capitol Hill

Images: An Endless Pursuit

I’m hurting Romancers. This weekend concluded my 3 weekends in a row of wedding craziness, and man it hurt more than I thought it would. Not to say I regret it (I loved each one) but having only 3 days off in the past 21 days is a little insane, especially for my (almost) 32 year old bod. I just don’t bounce back like I used too! I know I owe you an update on SO MANY things – there is SO much going on over here, I promise I’ll post one soon, but for now let’s attempt to stay motivated together, with this beautiful Capitol Hill engagement session from An Endless Pursuit.

Lindsay and Mark met in college at the University of Wisconsin while volunteering during the 2008 election cycle, but they lost touch after election day. They reconnected three years later after they had both moved to Washington and joined the DC Badgers community. Lindsay and Mark started meeting at the Badger bar for football games and eventually started dating. During their five years together, Lincoln became one of their favorite date spots – they celebrated birthdays, Valentines Days, and going away parties there.

Kristin & Eric’s Playful, Classic Washington DC Engagement Pictures

Images: Michael Justin Studios

I am writing this post to you from a 2 hour+ plane delay in Pittsburgh. I spent the weekend mostly in the car or waiting at the airport (my flight to Pittsburgh from DC was delayed too … thanks American Airlines) – but I got to wish my two best friends the happiest of baby showers and see them one last time before their lives change forever, so I am trying to make the most of this time in the airport.

For this Monday, we have a super cute, classic Washington DC engagement session – full of some of the most iconic spots in DC for engagement pictures. Always good to start the week with love, right? I am going to try my best to blog this week, but it’s going to be a long one … insane day job meetings, getting our house ready for real estate listing pictures, day tripping to NJ on Wednesday for Evie’s birthday … and more. OMG I am just exhausted typing all that and that’s only the half of it. One day at a time …right? Alright, back to the regular scheduled programming:

Erik and I met at a party at our college. A mutual friend of ours invited my roommate and I to a party. Everyone there was from the same area and we didn’t really know anyone. I remember sitting on the couch and watching everyone do karaoke. Erik made a joke to his one friend calling her “Emily Minaj” and my roommate and I were cracking up. That’s when I noticed Erik.

Erik and I had our first date on Valentine’s Day of 2011. I never really had a valentine so I was excited to go out. He picked me up and we went to dinner and a movie. Earlier in the day Erik also dropped chocolate and roses to my dorm when I was in class. We talked about where we were from, our families and friends. Everything really. The conversation was a little hard. I think we both felt kind of awkward. We didn’t know each other really and we were out on valentines day. When I went on the date with Erik, I remember being so nervous. I don’t think I was ever that nervous before going out with someone. Erik genuinely cared about the date we had and wanted to make sure it was perfect. Erik is a gentleman. He always has been and I think he always will be.

Jaysen & Christopher’s DC Engagement Pictures at the National Mall

Images: Chris Ferenzi Photography via Two Bright Lights

Hope you guys enjoyed the 3 day weekend and holy crap THIS WEATHER. We spent a good deal of the long weekend outside, enjoying the parks & slides of NE DC with Evie. She returned the favor with only sleeping 3 hours on Saturday night. That was fun. But T & J’s awesome Whittemore House wedding was the best distraction from the lack of sleep, and I enjoyed some serious downtime yesterday to try & make up for it. Looking forward to a short work week (even though Andy will be traveling over the weekend) & getting back into a routine. Here’s an awesome DC engagement session to get your week going.

How they met:

“We met on a crisp fall evening in October 2013. Jaysen had just finished a performance of Measure for Measure at the Shakespeare Theatre and Christopher was returning to the city from a Halloween party at his brother’s house. We wandered around the Gallery Place and Penn Quarter neighborhoods (not far from where we’re getting married!) talking and learning a little bit about each other. Two nights later, we had our second date. Jaysen was fascinated by Christopher’s large family and Christopher wanted to learn everything he could about Jaysen’s life as an actor. Two nights after that, we had our third date, and though it was still early, we both knew that we were falling in love with someone special.

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