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Jaysen & Christopher’s DC Engagement Pictures at the National Mall

Images: Chris Ferenzi Photography via Two Bright Lights

Hope you guys enjoyed the 3 day weekend and holy crap THIS WEATHER. We spent a good deal of the long weekend outside, enjoying the parks & slides of NE DC with Evie. She returned the favor with only sleeping 3 hours on Saturday night. That was fun. But T & J’s awesome Whittemore House wedding was the best distraction from the lack of sleep, and I enjoyed some serious downtime yesterday to try & make up for it. Looking forward to a short work week (even though Andy will be traveling over the weekend) & getting back into a routine. Here’s an awesome DC engagement session to get your week going.

How they met:

“We met on a crisp fall evening in October 2013. Jaysen had just finished a performance of Measure for Measure at the Shakespeare Theatre and Christopher was returning to the city from a Halloween party at his brother’s house. We wandered around the Gallery Place and Penn Quarter neighborhoods (not far from where we’re getting married!) talking and learning a little bit about each other. Two nights later, we had our second date. Jaysen was fascinated by Christopher’s large family and Christopher wanted to learn everything he could about Jaysen’s life as an actor. Two nights after that, we had our third date, and though it was still early, we both knew that we were falling in love with someone special.

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Aaron & Meghan’s Tidal Basin & Georgetown, Washington DC Engagement Pictures


Images: Lauren Love Photography

I was a bad blogger last week – I apologize (as always). Commuting to Chantilly daily for a week-long training for the day job was much more exhausting than I had estimated. I hope you guys had a great weekend. I took a train on Saturday to meet my mom in NYC and had a BLAST. We walked to Bryant Park, Grand Central Station, The TREE, and then enjoyed dinner, lots of socio-political conversation, and then, laughed for hours at the Puffs off-broadway play (a must-see for you Potter heads) An amazing day, that was only slightly less than perfect by us missing the last bus to NJ and having to take a not-so-cheap cab ride home!

We’ve got a good week on the blog though, and visiting NYC FINALLY put me in the Christmas spirit (aka time to freak out about shopping and buy ALL THE THINGS). The 12 Days of Deals is still going strong on the shop (don’t forget – a new deal each day!) and we have dear friends visiting us this upcoming weekend. So not too many complaints over here :) Now let’s get the week started with some LOVE, shall we?


How they met:

Aaron was a young attorney at a law firm in Charleston, West Virginia where Meghan started working as a summer associate. They kept their clandestine office romance a secret until Meghan secured a job with a law firm in Washington, DC.

washington-dc-alternative-engagement-pictures-ideas4 washington-dc-alternative-engagement-pictures-ideas3 washington-dc-alternative-engagement-pictures-ideas5

How he proposed:

Approximately a year before the proposal, Meghan and Aaron enjoyed a nighttime walking tour of DC’s monuments. Amidst the crowds of tourists and rowdy groups of school children, they were drawn to the peaceful glow of the empty and undersized DC War Memorial. Amazed at their sudden solitude and the picturesque setting, they kissed passionately only to hear dozens of “whoooos!” from a large tour group of teenagers that had somehow quietly made its way to the Memorial. To recreate that special moment, Aaron took Meghan on a guided monument tour that ended at the DC War Memorial where he proposed with several excited tourists looking on.

washington-dc-alternative-engagement-pictures-ideas6 washington-dc-alternative-engagement-pictures-ideas8 washington-dc-alternative-engagement-pictures-ideas11 washington-dc-alternative-engagement-pictures-ideas10

Mel & Matt’s Renwick Gallery Engagement Pictures in Washington, DC


Images: Ash Carr

I was hoping I would be feeling better after a weekend with family, and though I am crying less each day, I won’t pretend to be miraculously OK. I am not ready to be done processing what happened in our nation last week and I am not sure I will ever be able to be silent about the horrible acts of hate that are now becoming a daily occurrence in our country – one even occurring in our home (a church in Silver Spring). However, I will try my hardest to keep the hatred off this space and instead try to get back to more regular blogging of real people, and their very real love. Because if there is one thing our country could really use right now, it’s love.

Today we have a gorgeous engagement session from talented photographer Ash Carr. Mel & Matt are fortunately clients’ of ours (Kara will be rocking their wedding this weekend!) and they took their engagement pictures at the Renwick Gallery in DC before the amazing exhibit closed. Loving their session and love story today – hoping it’s a distraction from everything else going on out there <3

washington-dc-renwick-gallery-engagement-pictures1 washington-dc-renwick-gallery-engagement-pictures2

Matt and I met at a birthday party for a mutual friend. We hit it off! I thought Matt was the cutest dude ever, and since we are both very creative people we were also blown away that we both shared a love for some of the same obscure artists. We seemed to have a lot in common, but the timing wasn’t quite right.

We ended up becoming friends on Facebook, and would both later admit to Facebook stalking one another throughout the years. And even though we never saw each other in person again for a while, we were able to get to know each other a little more through this, and really see how much we had in common, which was quite a bit!

washington-dc-renwick-gallery-engagement-pictures3 washington-dc-renwick-gallery-engagement-pictures4

Three years later, the same mutual friend had another birthday party, which gave us a second chance to hit it off again. And we did. And this time the timing was perfect! A week after the birthday party, we had the best first date ever, of all time, possibly in the entire history of first dates. Well, at least for us!


A year after our first date, we moved in together. Less than two years after that we decided to purchase our first home together, one we planned to renovate. We both became crazy obsessed with planning the design of our new kitchen and spent a whole day planning out every detail, all the way down to designating a drawer or cabinet for every single kitchen item we have! Just the sort of thing we both love to do. We had stayed up super late planning, and were finally in bed. We lay there talking about how fun it was to plan our new home and life together and how only the two of us would be this crazy over planning a kitchen, and how we loved each other for it. Matt got up to get something, and when he came back he opened up a little box with a ring inside and proposed to me! And I said “Yes!”. It was a perfect moment just for us.


Mariah & Rob’s Laugh-Filled & Casual Washington DC Engagement Pictures


Images: Stephen Gosling Photography

This weekend we got to be wedding guests. And man I am STILL in recovery. It doesn’t help that Evie seems to be on another sleep strike (UGH) so I am a day behind on everything. We did squeeze in some Fall fun out in the burbs on Sunday though, which almost makes up for this suddenly summer-like weather again (what the heck, I JUST changed my closet over!).  Anyway, I’ve been reading FAR too many political posts these days and these engagement pictures are just the distraction I needed: pure, unobstructed LOVE. I have never seen laughter just pop out of the images, like it’s doing in today’s pics. I needed this. Enjoy.


They met in song. He a city boy from Trenton. She a girl from the backcountry of Washington State. Each drawn to a concert by an obscure singer at a DC club. He took the last empty seat. It was next to her’s. Their mutual love of music provided the bridge between their lives.

^Coolest “About Us” write-up ever? I think so.

washington-dc-relaxed-alternative-engagement-pictures6 washington-dc-relaxed-alternative-engagement-pictures1 washington-dc-relaxed-alternative-engagement-pictures7

The proposal came the following year. High on a mountaintop in her native state. He asked her to pause their hike. She demurred, insisting that they had promises elsewhere to keep. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.  When he presented the ring, she burst into uncontrollable laughter. And said yes.

washington-dc-relaxed-alternative-engagement-pictures2 washington-dc-relaxed-alternative-engagement-pictures4 washington-dc-relaxed-alternative-engagement-pictures8

Pam & Tom’s Kennedy Center Engagement Pictures in Washington DC


Images: Kir2Ben Photography

Happy Tuesday Romancers. Somehow I survived the BIGGEST wedding of my life this past weekend and am still alive to tell the tale. Two weeks ago my bride texted me to tell me their venue was being shut down immediately due to mold … and so began the most insane two weeks of my couples’ lives. Finding a new venue, notifying guests, signing new contracts, hiring new vendors … and the list went on. Somehow it went off with only a few hitches and I cannot wait to see the images Documentary Associates captured, because it was downright stunning.

Yesterday I spent the morning trying to put the finishing touches on the brand new #CapRoShop – and with help from Alesha, Kara & Lauren Louise Photography, we are targeting a November 1st launch!!! We’ll be doing a week of giveaways to celebrate and our CapRoNewsblast subscribers will be the first to know. But anyway, for today I have a darling engagement session taken at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. SO much laughter and happiness on these two (which I could totally use after that insane debate Sunday night). Here’s hoping the rest of this (short) week goes well for you all!


From the photographer:

It is strange how some people come into your life. I met Pam and Tom in a very nontraditional way. Most of my brides find me through word of mouth, mutual acquaintances or Instagram. When a parent of a student I teach mentioned that her friend was getting married, I felt it was bizarre fate that my two businesses would collide. Going into our engagement session, I didn’t know what to expect! I had most of my conversations with Pam prior to setting up the session. She seemed extremely laid back concerning wedding photos: no bridesmaids, no getting ready pictures, a small window for bride and groom portraits.

kennedy-center-engagement-pictures-5 kennedy-center-engagement-pictures-2

I was surprised that she would want the complimentary engagement session at all but, oh man, am I glad she did! Our sunset session was amazing. Truth be told, I didn’t even suggest the location! Pam’s father works closely with the Kennedy Center and Tom thought it would be the perfect place for photos. He was right! The view was spectacular and there were very few people on the roof because sunset was right smack in the middle of a show. How lucky were we!? Not only was the location perfect but this couple was heaps of fun! They were complete champs with posing but also got creative with some moves of their own. When I told them to “practice their first dance” this was the move the duo busted out! I can’t wait to capture their actual first dance this October.

kennedy-center-engagement-pictures-6 kennedy-center-engagement-pictures-3

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