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Olga & Nelson’s Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium Engagement in DC

With our Washington Nationals sweeping the Boston Red Sox this past weekend, what better way to celebrate our home team’s wins with a baseball-themed engagement shoot, shot at the Washington Nationals Stadium by Darling Photographers [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Olga & Nelson are HUGE baseballs fan – so what better place to have their engagement shoot than at a baseball stadium, donning their favorite team apparel! After some fun pictures at the stadium, the gorgeous couple changed clothes and headed to Capitol Hill to finish out there shoot!

Happy Monday romancers – we have a GREAT week of blogging ahead :)

Olga & Nelson’s Washington Nationals Stadium Engagement Session

About the couple:

Nelson and Olga met when they were 8 years old at the Tabernacle of Faith Church. Olga, a social worker is passionate about working with youth and families. Nelson, is a computer technician and loves sports. These two grew up together in the church and served in the music, children’s church, youth and mission trip ministries.

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Elizabeth & Kenny’s Fashionable & Fun Capitol Hill Engagement

“I honestly believe that if two people are really right for each other, no matter how hard they try to avoid it, they will end up together. We are living proof.”

In case you didn’t see my twitter or Facebook feeds this morning, I am a bit run down after catching a cold late Sunday night on our return trip from Pittsburgh. So I apologize for the delay in this Washington, DC engagement feature!

Elizabeth (Lizzy) and Kenny bring the fun and fashion to their Capitol Hill engagement session, captured by Evelyn Alas Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights].They also share their adorable journey to becoming a couple [I just love Lizzy’s quote above] and the proposal!

Lizzy & Kenny’s Washington, DC engagement session on Capitol Hill

How they met:

Kenny and I met my sophomore year of college. A mutual friend of ours invited us both to her birthday party. If you had told me that night I had met my future husband I would have told you that you were crazy. We had exchanged numbers but I don’t think either of us planned on ever calling each other.

A few weeks later I was helping some of my Nepali friends with their homework. They needed a Sociology book. I did not have it but they said they really needed it and pleaded I ask all of my friends. I sent out a mass text asking everyone that went to Liberty University if they owned it. One of those recipients was Kenny. He thought I was just trying to find an excuse to talk to him and out of flattery asked me to hang out sometime.

After a few other back and forth favors [Lizzy needing help with a car in the shop, Kenny needing help after locking his keys in his car] the relationship started to take form:

We never brought up dating but it was clear that was where our relationship was heading. I finally broke the silence and told Kenny I did not want a boyfriend. He was so mad; he did not want to hear it. However, he couldn’t stay away so we just continued to hangout without being in a relationship. Finally after months of that I asked him to be my boyfriend. His answer was, “Yeah! A girl asked me out, I can cross that off my list. But no, I will not be your boyfriend.” Ridiculous.

The next day Kenny picked me up for class and gave me a single rose and asked to me to be his girlfriend. The rest was history.

Click inside to see the rest of Lizzy & Kenny’s Capitol Hill engagement session in Washington, DC!

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