Sarah & Steve’s Offbeat, Alternative Maryland Baseball Wedding ~ Part 1

This morning I get to share Part 1 of a fan-freaking-tastic Maryland wedding. This wedding has everything that I strive to showcase on my blog. I cannot thank Sarah (the bride) enough with submitting her wedding to me – it reinforces my hope that more DC area weddings CAN be offbeat, alternative & non-traditional.

Lucky for you all, I got so many awesome pictures of Sarah & Steve’s offbeat, DIY baseball-themed Maryland wedding, that I am splitting it into 2-parts! Part 2 will be featured on Thursday! Ok, enough from me – let’s get to it.

Sarah & Steve’s Alternative, Offbeat Baseball-Themed Maryland Wedding


Ceremony and Reception Space: Ripken Stadium (Aberdeen, MD)
Photographer: Barnyard Photography
Floral Designer: Bouquets by Bell
Dress & Veil: Davids Bridal
DJ: A.I. Entertainment
Invitations and Mad Libs gifted by: Fold (invites)
Cake: The Bride’s Mom!
Hair and Makeup: Michelle Faith Ogden of Chesapeake Salons

About the couple:  

Steve and I met 6 years ago through mutual friends but it was far from love at first site.  We would see each other out in Baltimore or at parties from time to time but we never really talked or showed any interest in each other.  Two years after we met, Steve randomly showed up when we were out for my birthday.  For some unexplained reason, there was an immediate spark.  We went out on our first date shortly thereafter and have been together ever since.

I am a student going to school to be a Middle School social studies teacher.  My husband is a software developer.

love the design of these wedding madlibs!

love bride Sarah’s birdcage veil and soft, vintagey curls. Sometimes it’s nice to see a bride leave her hair down!

On having their wedding at a baseball stadium – using a ton of DIY and vintage elements:

My husband and I are complete opposites.  I love the 1940’s and 50’s, vintage, soft colors, and rustic elements.  My husband on the other hand, loves modern, red and black, and sleek.  He also happens to be OBSESSED with baseball (the Baltimore Orioles in particular).

So, we were at a bit of a crossroads when it came to planning the wedding.  We both wanted the wedding to represent both of our personalities so we decided to try to pull off a vintage inspired baseball wedding.  I didn’t want our wedding to be to “themed” so we tried really hard to keep the baseball elements still classy.

And OH did they succeed …

On the baseball stadium wedding venue:

It was my husband’s dream to be married on home plate at Camden Yards.  However, they do not allow you to get married on the field there.  So, we chose Ripken Stadium (an O’s minor league stadium) instead.  It proved to be much more budget friendly anyway!

During the ceremony our guests sat in the stands and the pastor (my stepdad) stood at home plate.  He then called in the groomsmen (who were in the dugout) and they each ran up to line up on the first base line.

Then, he called my husband who came running up from the bullpen to ACDC’s “For Those About to Rock.”  Clearly, this was not a black tie affair so we tried to keep things quirky and fun.

Yes. The husband entered the wedding reception by running from the bullpen to ACDC. I just cannot get over the awesomeness of this.

Click inside for a TON more pictures from this awesome vintage, offbeat baseball themed wedding at Ripken Stadium in Maryland! There is SO much more to share …

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Melanie & Justin’s Retro Amusement Park Engagement in Maryland

Its barely 9:30am and I am already having one of “those” days. It started with the rain, thus making it nearly impossible to get out of bed. It was followed by a near-accident on my commute to work, as a bald-tired car thought it could take a 35mph turn at about 65mph [he was wrong, as I watched him do a 360 across two lanes of traffic in front of me]. It continued with arriving at work to my badge having expired. I don’t know where it will go next.

BUT I do know that it will at least have ONE shining moment in this otherwise frustrating Monday – this gorgeous retro Maryland engagement session from Live It Out Photography.

Melanie & Justin were actually the winner’s of the Photography Session Giveaway that we hosted at Borrowed Event with Live It Out Photography! I couldn’t have been happier that they won – as their December wedding sounds absolutely amazing and they are two of the CUTEST people I have ever met. I love their style and laid-back vibe and the love they have for each other is just intoxicating.

Thanks so much to Amber, one of my fav alternative wedding photographers in the DC, MD, VA area, for sharing these awesome retro engagement pictures!

It’s not a feature from Live It Out without some visually impressive Polaroids – courtesy of the Impossible Project Film. If you like Polaroids – and the intoxicating influence that these pictures portray, check out Amber’s The Present Company Project – a look at meeting strangers, asking simple questions, and capturing it on film.

How did you guys meet?

Melanie: I walked into a friend from high school’s apartment in college and had two bags of baking supplies on both arms and the book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World already creased to my favorite recipes. Up three flights of stairs and I knocked on the door and went in. The first person I saw was a handsome man with a big red beard sitting on the sofa. I can’t remember if I said hello because I am pretty shy when it comes to good facial hair. I’m sure I buried the bottom half of my face into my scarf and unloaded my soymilk bottles and flour bags onto the kitchen table.

Justin: I was visiting my friend’s apartment and I saw this girl come into the apartment with her arms loaded with baking supplies.  The thing I remember thinking was, “Wow, she’s cute, how can I talk to her?”  I tried not to stare while she unpacked her things, but I took a quick glance or two. I just sat listening and hoping.  Then the moment came- was teaching her to make Vegan cupcakes-so I spoke up and said, “Can you make mine with extra egg, lard icing and top it with bacon bits, please?”  I don’t even think she looked at me, but I think I remember her giggling.  I look back and think, “Hm, I am lucky that I even got a first date when I used the word ‘lard’ in my opening statement and made fun of her.” What a great first impression!

I have some serious hair-envy over Melanie’s gorgeous soft curls. Also – don’t forget that if you want to rock a bow tie like Justin – we are giving a handmade bow tie away!

For our first date, Justin invited me to meet him at the library on a beautiful march morning. I already had breakfast plans so I told him I’d try to stop by later in the morning. I walked up and saw him, sitting on the bench outside, head back, eyes closed, in the sun. I thought, “what great timing, he’s just leaving!” I didn’t know until later, but he had waited for me for two hours, just to see if I would come. We fell in love through half a year of long distance while I was in England.

Click inside for the rest of Melanie & Justin’s adorable retro Amusement Park engagement session by Live It Out Photography and to read the details of the adorable proposal – with flamingos!

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: “Friday I’m in Love”

Happy Monday Romancers. Another start of the week begins and we are kicking things off with The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love” as today’s Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck, modern wedding song suggestion!

“Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn’t even start
it’s Friday I’m in love”

I know this song is a romantic comedy staple, but I just don’t care. I LOVE this song and it’d make for a perfect addition to your cocktail hour playlist, or even the perfect alternative rock song for your wedding ceremony.

Check back this afternoon for a lovely Washington, DC area engagement session from Michelle VanTine Photography!

Capitol Nontradition: Bouquet Alternatives ~ Venetian Masks!

“Our love story is unique and quixotic…..we want to express that in our wedding theme and our lives as a couple.”

Remember that amazing offbeat steampunk brooch bouquet from our Steampunk Bridal Inspiration shoot?! Well, Always & Forever Brooch Bouquet [who is going to be at Borrowed on Sunday!!! ahh!!] is back with another amazing non-traditional, bouquet alternative ~ Venetian Masks.

When Natalie emailed me about this bride she had, that was asking her to make venetian masks for her and her bridesmaids to have instead of bouquets – I was excited to learn more.

Then, when I got the write-up from the bride, Lia, on why she decided to have her bridesmaids hold Venetian Masks instead of bouquets, I was so pumped. Everything she said about weddings and her wedding was EXACTLY what I believe and use as my mission for Capitol Romance.

From Lia:

We are both excited to showcase the beautiful masks, custom made by, Nathalie and show others that weddings do not have to be the same uninspired, dreary and boring premise. I hope to inspire other couples that they can dream beyond the usual and still have an exquisite as well as elegant affair.

Right … RIGHT?! Ok maybe I am more excited than other people might be, but this seriously made my week people ~ and was the exact email/insight I needed to hear from a real bride as I head to Borrowed this weekend :) Enjoy Lia’s beautiful Venetian Masks, her nontraditional bouquet alternative, made by Always & Forever Brooch Bouquets!

i love the brooches at the base of the mask ~ gorgeous!

this will be the bride’s venetian mask of course!

and now for the venetian masks for the Bridesmaids!!

More about how Lia & her husband met:

I met my fiance, Courtney, while on vacation on a cruise back in 1998, while on spring break from medical school. He is from Montreal, Quebec, with a Jamaican ethnic background, and I am from North Carolina. Ilike to refer to him as “My Janadian”.

During our encounter on the ship, we both flirted with one another and promised to stay in touch as we sadly went back to our respective countries. At the time, we always knew that we had a connection….something that we have always explained as mysterious love. We only got a chance to spend 4 days with one another, however, it was the best 4 days of our romantic lives. Due to other commitments in life, we didn’t meet again, until 2008, when life allowed us to reconnect. After 2 years of dating cross country, we decided to take our long distance relationship to the next level. In 2010, Courtney proposed to me, while we were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. It was such a well planned surprise proposal! After a couple of months went by, we then began to plan our wedding event.

A bit more on why they chose the venetian masks as their bouquet alternative:

Both of us have an appreciation of art and unique things…..and, we knew that our wedding could be nothing less than incomparable and exclusive. I have always loved splashes of color and bling and have always incorporated in everything that I wear and do. So, for the wedding, we decided to celebrate our magic and mystique love with custom made masks that give both an essence of romance and mystery.

My bridesmaids will walk down the aisle with their beautiful masks and flirt with the guests as well as the groomsmen, by revealing parts of their lovely faces. This will make everyone excited as most people love the feeling of curiosity. As for me, during the reception, I will also wear my wedding mask and also flirt with my husband and engage the guests with my playfulness. We also bought over 200 hundred assorted masks with feathers, jewels, as well as other fabrics and decor for all of our guests to wear.

Thank you so much Lia for sharing your amazing love story, bouquet alternatives, and reasoning for having venetian masks for you and your bridesmaids at your wedding. I seriously cannot wait to see your wedding pictures! A special thanks to Always & Forever Brooch bouquet for the pictures!

What do you think? Would you do something this nontraditional or offbeat for your wedding? I love it!

Capitol Romance: Elaine & Drew’s Indie Baltimore Engagement Session

Happy Monday Romancers. We are a bit backwards this morning, with a sweet, vintage Baltimore, MD engagement session from alternative wedding photographer, Live It Out Photography [check out that brandy-new logo she’s got too! so rad!] up first and some non-sucky wedding music this afternoon.

Elaine & Drew’s Indie Hipster Baltimore, MD Engagement Session

There is so much to love in this urban Baltimore love shoot by one of Washington, DC’s best alternative wedding photographers. Tons of brick, amazing light, some super cool shots of the city ~ and of course, a TON of love going on here between Elaine & Brad. They are getting married this spring, and I just cannot wait to see their wedding pictures! Enjoy!


Click inside for the rest of Elaine & Drew’s indie Baltimore love shoot!

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