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Terms of Use

Content created and written for Capitol Romance is for general information purposes only. We reserve the right to change, delete, and update these terms and conditions at any time, for any reason, and without direct notice. Content on this website is for use at a readers own risk and Capitol Romance does not bear any liability for loss or damage that could result from using this site or the content within this site.


Capitol Romance is a blog with content created, selected, or edited solely by the editor.  Capitol Romance reserves the right to reject, remove, or change content at any time, for any reason, without prior notice.  Capitol Romance works to maintain a certain appeal to specific audiences across all portions of this website. 

Capitol Romance is not responsible for content not created by the editor. Guest post editors [sponsored or non-sponsored] reserve full responsibility and liability for content, images, and sources published in their posts.  Capitol Romance makes every possible attempt to insure all published content follows proper copyright sourcing guidelines.


Capitol Romance uses all copyrighted images on this site under the Fair Use Doctrine of U.S. Copyright Law. We make every effort to receive written permission prior to publishing images on this site.  If you find an image on Capitol Romance that is missing a source, is cited incorrectly, or is yours, and you wish for it to be removed, please contact us.

Image copyright belongs to the individual businesses responsible for creating the content published on Capitol Romance. Any individuals that submit images to Capitol Romance must first have permission from the copyright owner. We will assume that any guest poster or individual submitting images they do not own, has received prior permission from the copyright owner. Capitol Romance  is not responsible or liable for obtaining prior permission for submitted content.

For all intents and purposes, video recordings published on this website will follow the same terms of use as images.


Capitol Romance does not participate in link exchanges with other vendors, companies, or blogs. Links listed on the Capitol Romance blogroll are up to the personal discretion of the editor and are for information purposes only. Capitol Romance does not imply endorsement or claim liability for any content posted on links located on the blogroll.

Links to external websites within the content of Capitol Romance are for informational purposes only. Information, content, and images found on external websites do not pertain to the terms of use and policies listed here, and are managed and owned fully by the owners of the external websites. Inclusion of an external link within the content of this website does not imply endorsement to any material or images contained on the external site. Capitol Romance is not responsible or liable for any information listed on external websites.

Exclusivity and Syndication

Capitol Romance does not hold exclusivity rights on any content included on this website. If you see content listed on our site that is infringing upon exclusivity or syndication rights from your site, please contact us.

If you would like to use images, posts, or content seen on Capitol Romance, you must properly credit Capitol Romance, any original source of the material, and the photographer credit, if an image is used. Capitol Romance is not responsible for any misuse of re-posted content, to include improper citations and/or improper use of images first published on this site.


While we welcome feedback, insight, thoughts, & opinions, Capitol Romance wishes to keep this website as a safe, positive, and resourceful environment. All comments that are deemed inappropriate, offensive, SPAM, self-promotional, or unsafe will be removed at the discretion of the editor.  All comments are subject to approval.

Capitol Romance is not responsible or liable for any content published as a comment post. Comments do not reflect the views of Capitol Romance.


Certain personal information and data is collected on this website by the use of external tools (Google Analytics, StatCounter, and through commenting on posts). This information is never shared, sold, or traded unless required by law. Capitol Romance considers your privacy to be extremely important and will never, willingly, allow access to your personal or financial data to any third. General subscriber information, including the usage of our website and related services, can be disclosed at the discretion of the editor, for general use purposes.

Advertising, Paid Sponsorship, Giveaways and Guest Posts

Side Bar Advertising [Coming Soon]

Advertisements listed on the right-hand side bar under “Sponsors” are paid advertisements. Each advertiser is required to complete an advertiser application and complete payment terms in order to be accepted as a sponsor on our site.  Failures to complete timely payments or inaccuracies found within a vendor’s application are subject to immediate termination with no prior notification.

Capitol Romance makes every attempt possible to accept only licensed, non-discriminatory vendors (based on budget, sex, race, religion, sexual preference, etc). If you believe a vendor is misrepresenting their company, please contact us.


Capitol Romance does not receive money in exchange for vendor-sponsored “Giveaways”. Giveaways are hosted and fulfilled by sponsoring vendors in exchange for a blog feature highlight on their company and the giveaway. Sponsors are given a featured blog post and social media marketing, in exchange for providing a giveaway to blog readers.

Vendors and Capitol Romance Giveaway entrants, enter all giveaways at their own risk. Giveaways are non-transferrable and are not redeemable for cash. Capitol Romance makes every attempt possible to ensure giveaways are fulfilled, however, Capitol Romance is not responsible for issues or problems that might arise from a Vendor-sponsored giveaway.

Vendor Guide [Coming Soon]

Vendors that appear in the Capitol Romance Vendor Guide are non-paying vendors. These vendors are preferred vendors that Capitol Romance has worked with and recommends to their blog readers and wedding coordination clients. Vendor Guide vendors must complete an application to verify the validity of their business, licensing, and non-discriminatory policies.

Guest Posts

Capitol Romance does not participate in pay-for-post, guest posting. Guest posting will only be accepted by editor-initiated posts, or if the guest post writer is a vendor in the Washington, DC metro area, that reflects the terms, conditions, and business goals of Capitol Romance.

General Sponsorship Terms

Paid advertising is not a factor in content selection for the blog posts. All vendors are given equal opportunity to have content and images featured on Capitol Romance’s main blog feed.

Capitol Romance reserves the right to change, remove, or reject any advertisement, at any time, for any reason. This can occur without prior notice and without liability. Capitol Romance will make every attempt possible to notify a vendor as soon as possible, if their advertisement is being removed or changed. 

By reading these policies and this website, you agree to the terms of use stated above. If you do not wish to follow these terms, please do not continue to access this website.