Akriti & Kris’ Traditional Indian & Rustic Maryland Wedding


I apologize again for the lack of posting yesterday – life seems to be crazy at the moment as I prepare to head to Pittsburgh tonight to be a part of two of my best friends’ wedding :) Fortunately though I have a STUNNING traditional Indian Maryland wedding to share today and some gorgeous portraits to share tomorrow for Wedding Inspiration Friday.

Thanks to Porter Watkins Photography & Two Bright Lights I get to blog the beautiful wedding of Akriti & Kris – a gorgeous couple that strayed away from the typical hotel venue and used inspiration from their childhood to plan and execute a one-of-a-kind traditional Indian wedding.

Akriti & Kris’ Rustic, DIY Traditional Indian Maryland Wedding

Reception Venue:  Brittland Estates

Akriti & Kris’ love story:

We met when we were 18, during our first year of college. We instantly became best friends, and since then, we’ve been inseparable. Flash forward 8 years and it was time to plan our wedding! (Kris did propose first, of course!).

About their DIY wedding:

We both wanted a wedding that was unique and memorable for everyone. With that in mind, we avoided the typical hotel venue and actually took our inspiration from the way a traditional Indian wedding would be done back in the day. That is, in the childhood home of the bride.

Since Akriti’s parents’ house wasn’t big enough for all the guests we ended up renting a house on the Eastern Shore.

Our wedding really was a fully DIY project involving the whole family.

 The wedding day began with the groom’s procession to the wedding house.

Kris’ cousin, Nick, a musician and producer actually composed the music and then the whole family, armed with instruments, performed it for the walk up to the house.

That, my friends – is FREAKING SWEET. Having a friend compose custom music for your wedding and having it played LIVE while marching to the wedding venue? Well I am just in AWE.

 Click inside for the rest of Akriti & Kris’ traditional Indian wedding at the rustic Maryland wedding venue ~ including lots more on their DIY wedding details!

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Shani & Jeff’s Romantic Peach & Pink Maryland Wedding


Kicking off our Tuesday with a lovely Maryland wedding courtesy of ZADesignz [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. Shani and Jeff had a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony at the Mount Airy Mansion, in Upper Marlboro, MD. Her reception was very elegant, with some DIY touches, hand-making wedding details like the table numbers, favors, place cards, and napkin holders. Shani & Jeff chose a beautiful, light & summery color palette with pink and peach!

Shani & Jeff’s Pink & Peach Mount Airy Mansion Wedding in Maryland

The proposal:

We got engaged January 26, 2011.  I had an exam earlier that morning and Jeff was going to treat me to dinner to celebrate my months of studying.  I was rushing to meet him at his home so we could drive to the restaurant together.  I was worried we might be late for dinner.  I remember he was not rushing.  In fact he was standing still and smiling at me.  I remember saying, “Come onnnnn! Aren’t we going to be late?!”  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  It was perfect.   We then enjoyed a romantic dinner at a poetry lounge followed by watching a play.


 About the Wedding:

Our wedding was held at Mt. Airy Mansion in Upper Marlboro, MD.  We chose this venue because both the mansion and the landscape epitomized the setting for a storybook wedding.  The secluded historic mansion is nestled in 1000 acres of woods.  Much of the beauty was provided by the natural greenery of shrubs, canopies of oak trees and the enchanting magic of weeping willows.

  We exchanged our vows in a sunken garden.

Click inside for the rest of this beautiful, romantic peach & pink Maryland wedding!

Featured: Shel Silverstein Inspired Wedding ~ Lightbulbs, Clouds, & Gold Wedding Details!


Friends, fans, and countrymen/women – a little styled shoot that Abby Grace Photography and I worked on [along with some other FABULOUS vendors] is featured on Wedding Chicks today! Go check it out, leave us some love and be sure to check back here in a few weeks for a ton more images from the shoot!

Full vendors involved:

Photographer & Design: Abby Grace Photography
Design & Coordination: Capitol Romance
Venue: Black Horse Inn
Makeup: Dainty Artistry
Hair: Jewel Hair Design
Dress Shop: Fabulous Frocks
Flowers: Anthomanic
Groom’s Attire: styled by Ethan Field
Shoe Designer: Payless!
Stationery: Weswen Design
Veil or Hair Accessories: Two Back Flats

Shel Silverstein Inspired Wedding Shoot ~ Gold, Lightbulbs & Cloud Wedding Details


Katelynn & Zach’s Annapolis Maryland Engagement Session


Welcome back to this afternoon’s post, a lovely engagement session featuring the stunning couple, Katelynn & Zach, and an equally stunning backdrop: Annapolis Maryland. This beautiful Maryland engagement session was submitted by Sknow Design via Two Bright Lights.

Katelynn & Zach have a beautiful love story and proposal story to share and I am just a TAD obsessed with Katelynn’s vintage dress [ok, fine ... way more than a tad]. Take it away Katelynn!

Katelynn & Zach’s Annapolis Maryland Engagement Session

How they met:

“Zach and I officially met on Halloween 2010 when I visited Messiah College with the intent of transferring from another Pennsylvania school.  It wasn’t until transferring to Messiah in January 2011, though, that we really hit it off– we both were on the swim team there, and as two science majors, our paths crossed frequently.  Eventually, talking in the hallway between classes and across the tables in the cafeteria led to hanging out in the dorms and making late night trips to Wal Mart for some Ben & Jerry’s.

By April, we knew we had a good thing going and wanted to give dating a try!


The love story continues:

We decided upfront that we should try to keep it casual until we made it through summer break (as he lives in Lancaster and I’m from the Eastern Shore), but it was pretty apparent by July that we were both head over heels for one another.

A whirlwind school year lead to the decision to study abroad in Germany together for 3 weeks in May of 2012, something that we both were eagerly anticipating for months in advance!

The whole trip I had literally been counting down to our day visit to Austria since that’s where the Sound of Music was filmed and I’ve been slightly obsessed with that musical since probably conception.  The train ride down to Salzburg from Munich I was shaking because I was so excited to see everything!

We spent the morning taking a cable car up to the top of a mountain in the Alps; what I thought was going to be just a little hill that would show us the whole city turned out to be a 10 minute ride up into the Alps and the best view I’d ever seen!  We were actually on top of a cloud, climbing in the Alps, and looking out over Salzburg.  It was so incredibly romantic, but also so cold up there.

After that, we came down from the mountain and explored the city, which was SO charming and beautiful.  We got to see the Sound of Music Pavilion (where Rolf and Louisa sing “16 Going on 17″ and Maria and Captain Von Trapp– the couple who actually stay together!!– sing “Something Good”).  There was even a bride and a groom getting their wedding pictures taken there!!!  We had a candlelit lunch, then saw the nun’s convent and the church with Mozart’s grave (where the Von Trapp family hid from the Nazis).

Click inside for the rest of Katelynn & Zach’s gorgeous Maryland engagement session ~ including the proposal story in Germany!

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers


Happy Monday! It’s been a while since our last “wedding music that doesn’t suck” post – but I think today’s alternative wedding song suggestion will make up for that. In case you haven’t heard of The Lumineers, they are an awesome folk rock band out of Denver. They sound like if you put Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros in a blender with a cup of Guster and a dash of Of Monsters & Men. The result is awesome, and consequently a fantastic alternative, folk rock wedding song that would be PERFECT for a modern first dance song, or moving, modern processional song.


I belong with you, you belong with me

You’re my sweetheart

I belong with you, you belong with me

You’re my sweetheart

Love we need it now, let’s hope for some

What do you think? Do you love this awesome, modern rock wedding song like we do?


As with all our wedding song suggestions – we’d love to hear if you used one you’ve seen here in your wedding OR if you have your own, awesome non-sucky wedding songs to share!

Natalie & Melissa’s Hot Pink Wedding Brunch at the Eastern Shore


Another week has come and gone. This one surprised me – it was one of my first FULL weeks back at my day job, and I thought it was going to CRAWL. Fortunately, it blew by in a whirl and another Capitol Inspiration ~ Friday’s Wedding Inspiration post is upon us already!

Hoping everyone has some nice weekend plans in store. Andy & I are off to traverse the Garden State [our hometown - NJ! What? What! ... ok, i'll stop], while I attempt to recover from my first Bikram yoga class last night [good LORD I have NEVER sweated like that in my life]. Anyone else got some fly weekend plans?

While you ponder and hopefully share, please enjoy today’s offbeat wedding inspiration, courtesy of  Andi Grant Photography. Andi submitted [via Two Bright Lights] this beautiful brunch reception wedding that took place on the Eastern Shore, after the beautiful couple, Natalie & Melissa, had their civil service in Washington, DC.

Natalie & Melissa’s Summery, Hot Pink Wedding Brunch in Maryland

i never get tired of adorable doggies at weddings (especially when they have a “Dog of Honor” bandanna! awwwwwww!)

 Click inside for the rest of these beautiful images from Andi Grant Photography ~ of Melissa & Natalie’s hot pink and yellow wedding … lots of wedding floral design inspiration to come!

Capitol Wedding: Sarah & Steve’s Offbeat, Alternative Maryland Baseball Wedding ~ Part 2


As promised, we are back with Part 2 of Sarah & Steve’s awesomely offbeat Maryland wedding, which took place at Ripken Stadium! The ceremony in Part 1 dazzled us with custom vows and the groom entering from the bullpen, to ACDC. Part 2 showcases the couple’s awesome detail skills with vintage baseball playing cards as escort cards, big league chew, and more!

Sarah & Steve’s Offbeat, Baseball-Themed Maryland Wedding ~ Part 2

The bride Sarah shares her thoughts on mismatched groomsmen and mismatched bridesmaids attire:

Clearly, this was not a black tie affair so we tried to keep things quirky and fun.  Our groomsmen all wore mismatched grey suits and black chucks.  We had our two best men’s chucks embroidered with “Best Man” and my husband’s said “Groom.”

I still wanted romantic elements to the wedding though.  My husband allowed me to use the soft colors I love so I let my bridesmaids choose their own dresses in the shades of pale pink, cream, and tan.  All but two of the dresses came from Modcloth.

love these adorable, fun baseball-inspired wedding party pictures! bridesmaids blowing bubble gum and the groomsmen pouring gatorade on the groom. awesome.

Clearly the entire bunch was having a TON of fun with their wedding party pictures ~ I don’t blame them. Plus, I always feel that natural laughter like this, makes for much better pictures than the posed stuff!

Click inside for the rest of Part 2 of Sarah & Steve’s offbeat, baseball themed Maryland wedding, including tons of DIY wedding details!

DIY: DC Couple DIYs Wedding Bands at Wedding Ring Workshop


A long long time ago [... I can still remember how the music used to ... err what?] I wrote a blog post about Wedding Ring Workshop – the ultimate wedding DIY. It’s a place you can go to actually craft your own, custom wedding rings, under supervisor from the professionals of course!

Andy & I, initially, wanted to do this SO BAD for our own wedding rings. I can’t think of a much cooler wedding ring, then one you made yourself! Sadly though, we ran out of time and couldn’t get it done. Fortunately, one of my readers saw my post on the workshop and her and her husband went! So Megan & Chris [you might remember them from their fabulous modern Washington DC wedding here] went and shared pictures and details of their own experience with Wedding Ring Workshop, that I now get to share with all of you!

Chris & Megan’s DIY Wedding Ring Experience

From Megan:

What a crazy concept!  When I first came across the company (through this blog) I thought it was a silly idea (there is NO way we can make good looking rings ourselves!), but I was very intrigued by it.  At the time, my husband and I were looking for wedding bands that were similar and complimented each other.  More and more as we searched jewelers and websites, we kept going back to the wedding ring experience idea.  Why not make our own rings?

We contacted the company and spoke to Lewis, he was extremely helpful, was able to ease our concerns.  He was very patient with all of our questions and did it with a smile.  Most importantly, we were reassured we would not mess up the wedding bands.  The price for this experience is dependent on the type of metal you select, and since the price of metals fluctuates often, the price is locked in when you book your reservation.


 Chris and I made our wedding bands on a very cold January Monday morning in Warrenton, Virginia.  We arrived at 9 am eager and anxious.  Christopher was our jewelsmith, and he was extremely knowledgeable and patient.  We discussed and drew designs until everyone was comfortable with moving forward.  Then he presented us with the block of palladium.  It was one solid block that looked like a Lego.  Christopher measured the the block and we cut it into two pieces.  I made Chris’ ring and he made mine.

Throughout this process, we learned how to anneal, weld, file, and properly size the bands.  The last step we did was to polish the bands.

 If you look at some of the pictures our photographer took of the wedding bands, you will notice that it could appear that my wedding band was simply taken from the inside of Chris’s.  They compliment each other perfectly…  My ring literally fits inside Chris’!

For the finishing touch, Christopher let us choose and do out own inscriptions on the bands. Mine says “Always” and Chris’ says “Forever,” with our wedding date next to them.

Thinking of making your own wedding bands? Megan offers some advice from their experience:

Some suggestions… If you are looking for a very detailed band, I would not suggest making your own band.  Some detail work can be done, but the jewelsmith will have to do the more intricate work, meaning you will actually work on it less.   If you would like stones in the band, you can not set them yourself, they send the ring to a professional to take care of that.  Ladies- make sure you wear your hair up so it does not get in the way!


 At the end of our day, we were able to go home with 2 wedding bands that we made for each other.  And a bottle of champagne too!  Our rings are amazing pieces of jewelry that we made with love.

Thank you Megan & Chris for sharing your Wedding Ring Workshop experience with us!! What do you think Romancers? Would you make your own wedding band?

Sarah & Steve’s Offbeat, Alternative Maryland Baseball Wedding ~ Part 1


This morning I get to share Part 1 of a fan-freaking-tastic Maryland wedding. This wedding has everything that I strive to showcase on my blog. I cannot thank Sarah (the bride) enough with submitting her wedding to me – it reinforces my hope that more DC area weddings CAN be offbeat, alternative & non-traditional.

Lucky for you all, I got so many awesome pictures of Sarah & Steve’s offbeat, DIY baseball-themed Maryland wedding, that I am splitting it into 2-parts! Part 2 will be featured on Thursday! Ok, enough from me – let’s get to it.

Sarah & Steve’s Alternative, Offbeat Baseball-Themed Maryland Wedding


Ceremony and Reception Space: Ripken Stadium (Aberdeen, MD)
Photographer: Barnyard Photography
Floral Designer: Bouquets by Bell
Dress & Veil: Davids Bridal
DJ: A.I. Entertainment
Invitations and Mad Libs gifted by: Fold (invites)
Cake: The Bride’s Mom!
Hair and Makeup: Michelle Faith Ogden of Chesapeake Salons

About the couple:  

Steve and I met 6 years ago through mutual friends but it was far from love at first site.  We would see each other out in Baltimore or at parties from time to time but we never really talked or showed any interest in each other.  Two years after we met, Steve randomly showed up when we were out for my birthday.  For some unexplained reason, there was an immediate spark.  We went out on our first date shortly thereafter and have been together ever since.

I am a student going to school to be a Middle School social studies teacher.  My husband is a software developer.

love the design of these wedding madlibs!

love bride Sarah’s birdcage veil and soft, vintagey curls. Sometimes it’s nice to see a bride leave her hair down!

On having their wedding at a baseball stadium – using a ton of DIY and vintage elements:

My husband and I are complete opposites.  I love the 1940′s and 50′s, vintage, soft colors, and rustic elements.  My husband on the other hand, loves modern, red and black, and sleek.  He also happens to be OBSESSED with baseball (the Baltimore Orioles in particular).

So, we were at a bit of a crossroads when it came to planning the wedding.  We both wanted the wedding to represent both of our personalities so we decided to try to pull off a vintage inspired baseball wedding.  I didn’t want our wedding to be to “themed” so we tried really hard to keep the baseball elements still classy.

And OH did they succeed …

On the baseball stadium wedding venue:

It was my husband’s dream to be married on home plate at Camden Yards.  However, they do not allow you to get married on the field there.  So, we chose Ripken Stadium (an O’s minor league stadium) instead.  It proved to be much more budget friendly anyway!

During the ceremony our guests sat in the stands and the pastor (my stepdad) stood at home plate.  He then called in the groomsmen (who were in the dugout) and they each ran up to line up on the first base line.

Then, he called my husband who came running up from the bullpen to ACDC’s “For Those About to Rock.”  Clearly, this was not a black tie affair so we tried to keep things quirky and fun.

Yes. The husband entered the wedding reception by running from the bullpen to ACDC. I just cannot get over the awesomeness of this.

Click inside for a TON more pictures from this awesome vintage, offbeat baseball themed wedding at Ripken Stadium in Maryland! There is SO much more to share …

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