Becky & Greg’s DC Wedding Save the Date Video

This blog post begins with one of my favorite activities – internet creeping. Only in this instance, I actually wasn’t doing the creeping (for once), someone at Andy’s job was. A couple weeks ago, Andy sends me this:

The guy who shot the marketing videos for us (Greg) is engaged.  Greg and his fiance were hanging out with my coworker Aaron this weekend, and Aaron somehow mentioned my name.  Greg’s fiance recognized my name from your blog and was freaking out that she had a connection to you and apparently was saying how she can’t even look at your blog or social media anymore because she thinks you’re too cool and that their wedding won’t be nearly as good as ours.  Hahah.  Just thought I’d share.

Internet stalking is SO AWESOME. But, Becky is 100% wrong. I am NOT at all too cool and their wedding will CERTAINLY be just as good (if not better) than ours. Want proof? Well I’ve got it – these love birds shot an amazing Save the Date video for their upcoming Washington, DC wedding and you guys are going to love it. I certainly did :)

Becky & Gre’s Washington DC Wedding Save the Date Video

washington-dc-engagement-photos-becky-and-greg (1)

[Leo Druker Photography]

Becky shares the deets on their save the date video:

I have been a wedding blog junkie for pretty much the entirety of our relationship, and have watched/cried to a number of wedding videos featuring couples who I’ve never met in my entire life.  Greg of course finds this extremely bizarre, but too bad – I love them and that will never change.  When getting estimates for my own wedding video, which I was absolutely set on having, I realized that the cost for such a thing was so astronomically out of my budget, it was never going to happen.  With my heart crushed, I started thinking of other ideas, and then remembered…oh yea, my future husband is a pretty fantastic videographer/editor…maybe we have something here!

We decided to make a save-the-date video and use it as the homepage on our website, which we listed on the postcards our guests received with the wedding announcement.  As we started storyboarding, we came up with the idea of waking up on our wedding day and collecting our bridal party throughout the city.  We meet at the Carnegie Institution for Science at the end, which is where we are getting married this December, and where I work as a Special Events Coordinator.

We enlisted the help of a friend, who graciously shot the groom’s scenes, while Greg filmed me with my bridesmaids and edited everything together.  The video turned out better than I ever could have imagined, and it was so much fun to make with our friends, all of whom we love so much.  Now we have this memory captured on film that we can watch and cherish for years to come (I’ve watched it easily 50 times already).  It’s also a great way for us to set the tone for our wedding, and a lot of our guests have already reached out to tell us how excited they are for December!

What do you think? Do you guys love it just as much as I do!? The song is just PERFECT! Check back this afternoon for the full set of their awesome DC engagement session from Leo Druker Photography.

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Brittany & Nelson’s Yellow, Handmade, Rustic Virginia Wedding

Brittany & Nelson’s handmade, rustic Virginia wedding is one of those submissions that makes me eternally happy to be a wedding blogger. Their love emanates from their images and they planned a wedding in the vein of everything I try  to preach here : exactly as they wanted, as a perfect reflection of their selves & and their relationship. Brittany shared this detail that I think perfectly sets the stage for their entire wedding feature:

“We use the term “yellow” to describe how we feel when we’re together – relaxed, golden, happy – and so it was the basis for our wedding colors (as well as the color of my engagement ring!). The wedding ended up being a beautiful mesh of mine and Nelson’s personalities – Nelson’s charcoal modernism and my sweet, sunny vintage with weathered industrial to hold it together.”

So there you have it – a truly yellow wedding, in more than just the color! A special thanks to Holly Cromer Photography for sharing this gorgeous, handmade Virginia wedding on film!

Nelson & Brittany’s Yellow, Handmade Rustic Virginia Wedding

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding


Photographer: Holly Cromer Photography | Videography: East West Production | Cakes: Homemade | Catering: Canton Buffet | DJ: Derrick Davis | Venue: Moose Lodge, Gallax Virginia  | Ceremony Music: Dogwood & Holly Bluegrass Band | Decorations: Handmade or thrifted | Flowers: Wholesale wildflowers arranged by family

How they met:

We met via mutual friends at Waffle House during our first semester of college. I was majoring in Biology with the intention of entering medical school and Nelson was studying religion and ministry. He flirted like crazy and even though I had a boyfriend at the time, I couldn’t deny the incredible spark between us.

A group trip to Charleston, SC and a summer visit later, we were in love! After two and a half years of cafeteria dates, Skype convos, and blissful soulmateship, Nelson whisked me away for a surprise trip ending in a romantic October bayside proposal. We were married that June just after graduation!

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

peonies bride bouquet

Details on their wedding theme:

The wedding was in my charming hometown of Galax, Virginia. Our theme, color, and mood for the day was yellow. We use the term “yellow” to describe how we feel when we’re together – relaxed, golden, happy – and so it was the basis for our wedding colors (as well as the color of my engagement ring!).

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

^ The girl cousins on my dad’s side have a tradition of sewing a piece of our grandmother’s wedding dress into the lining their own. She passed away two years ago so it was a special way to remember her.

We also included a lot of neutral colors and vintage details that complimented the rustic setting in rural Virginia. The wedding ended up being a beautiful mesh of mine and Nelson’s personalities – Nelson’s charcoal modernism and my sweet, sunny vintage with weathered industrial to hold it together.

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

Details on the bride’s beautiful lace, halter dress and inclusion of winks at her late grandmother:

Though I knew from the beginning I was tired of strapless and didn’t want that, it took me trying on about 25 dresses before I realized I wanted classic all-over lace. I found it in an off-the-rack Tara Keely halter that had modern lines but was still delicate in design and easy on the budget. I added a charcoal satin sash as an accent and to compliment my dark-centered anemone bouquet. In addition, I wore some old gold earrings with pearls in the middle, which is reminiscent of her since her name was Pearl.

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

Love the groom’s charcoal grey suit, and yellow tipped Cole Haans:

Nelson picked a Diesel leather-lapel tux jacket to wear with gray suit pants and a black, white, and gray plaid tie. Nelson is all about his kicks, so he rocked Cole Haan LunarGrand wingtips, which were so indicative of the awesomeness that is Nelson.

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Nelson & Brittany’s gorgeous, handmade Virginia wedding caught on film by Holly Cromer Photo!

Cass & David’s Northern Virginia Field Engagement Session

This weekend was one of those rare weekends where Andy & I literally had nothing to do. It was ah-mazing. We got house work done, we took the dog on a long walk, we took a day trip to Baltimore to visit AVAM and stopped by Housewerks & Second Chance on our way home. We watched Harry Potter, cleaned the house, and got a TON of relaxing done. I am quite confident we won’t get to have this sort of weekend again until December.

But anyway – there are more important things at hand, like today’s beautiful Northern Virginia engagement session & love story from one of our FAVORITE DC photographers, Tim Riddick Photography. Tim’s images are always some of the most beautiful & raw that I get submitted to me, and I am always delighted to share his work. David & Cass are no different, and their engagement pictures, set amidst a field during “golden house” are magazine-worthy. Check them all out below!

Cass & David’s Northern Virginia Field Engagement Session at Golden Hour

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

[images submitted via Two Bright Lights]

How they met:

Towards the end of the second semester of having almost every class together, David asked Cass out on their first date. He showed up at her door with a bouquet of flowers and they both proceeded to pretend they were respectable and knowledgeable on classy things like wine. A few months later they went on their first ever road trip—to Myrtle Beach.

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

After graduation, they embarked on a six-week trip to Europe. After flying into London, they bought a Euro-pass and traveled by train to Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome. David then flew home and Cass worked as an RA for a U.S. study-abroad program in Florence for a month.

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

After Europe, they both moved to Brentsville on a beautiful six-acre lot on the river. In search of better job opportunities, they moved to Arlington a year later. David worked as a Web Developer in Alexandria and Cass worked as a Project Manager in Rockville, MD. They lived there for three years.

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

Click inside for the rest of these gorgeous images from Tim Riddick Photography & David & Cass’ proposal story!

Kirsten & Christian’s Small Budget, Rustic DIY Virginia Wedding

“It was important to Christian and I that there was a strong sense of us in it.”

After 7 years of being together, Kirsten & Christian decided it was finally time to get married. So with a modest budget ($15k) and a resolve to do things DIY, they started planning their beautiful, DIY Virginia wedding. A special thanks to Porter Watkins Photography for submitting the beautiful images and to Kirsten for providing a TON of details on how their accomplished such a gorgeous, rustic wedding on such a reasonable budget!

Lots of images, details & insight all below! Happy Thursday Romancers :)

Kirsten & Christian’s Rustic Blue & Yellow, DIY Virginia Wedding

DIY creative Virginia wedding blue yellow


Photography: Porter Watkins | Venue: Amber Grove | Cake/Desserts: The Desserterie | Caterer: Amber Grove | Cinematography: Jay Robinson | DJ: Jerry Strickland | Floral Design: Pandora’s Posies | Classical Guitarist: Rafael Scarfullery 

DIY creative Virginia wedding blue yellow

Kirsten wrote the details of their day so beautifully, like a story – I will be keeping it mostly in her form:

It is a day I will never forget, for the beauty and joy but also for all of the regular hoopla that tends to go along with weddings. Perhaps it was Christian and I’s newly adopted Hawaiian lifestyle (we moved to Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii a year and half before the wedding) or just a failure of organization, but if it wasn’t for our parents and family I don’t think anything would have been on time.

DIY creative Virginia wedding blue yellow

The wedding was sort of a Vintage Romantic/Rustic/DIY affair. It was important to Christian and I that there was a strong sense of us in it.

white rustic bridal bouquet

We decided on a budget of no more than $15,000, we still needed to figure out guest list size so we were aiming for less if we could make it! My Dad committed 2/3 of the wedding budget to us as our Wedding gift. Christian’s parents offered to pay for the cake and of course the Rehearsal Dinner, but the biggest help from them was definitely covering the cost of our astronomical flights back to the East Coast from Hawaii.

DIY creative Virginia wedding blue yellow

My Step-Mom and Grandparents also made financial gifts to us to use toward the wedding. My Mother committed to helping us with the remaining costs and all of the planning, which was a huge task, but we needed a point person on the East Coast since we had decided we didn’t want a wedding planner.

vintage engagement ring

So, we picked a date, September 30 because on the day of the wedding we would have been together for seven years and that was a huge milestone for us that we wanted to share with our family. After picking the day and deciding on bridesmaids and groomsmen, who we sent handmade cards to asking, “Will you be my ‘fill in the blank’?” we started looking for venues.

DIY blue wedding programs Virginia

DIY Virginia wedding ceremony decorations

Click inside for the rest of Kirsten & Christian’s DIY, Small-Budget Rustic Virginia wedding by Porter Watkins Photography!

Allie & Danny’s Offbeat, Dinosaurland Engagement Session in Virginia

In the little town of White, Virginia, there exists a place that is probably the closest we might ever get to a real world, Jurassic Park. This place is called Dinosaurland and it is awesome.

Enter Allie & Danny, an equally awesome couple that, fell in love with a short story that described their relationship perfectly. The story just happened to involve dinosaurs too, so they decided to make dinos a complete part of their engagement session AND wedding! Oh this is going to be so so awesome. Check out their amazing offbeat Virginia engagement session and love story below!

Photos courtesy of Kate Triano Photography.

Allie & Danny’s Offbeat Virginia Engagement Session at Dinosaurland

offbeat alternative virginia engagement pictures dinosaurland

^I die. Not only is this engagement session full of so much awesome, Allie & Dan are adorable & oh so stylish!

Allie explains how the dinosaurs found their way into their love story:

Many years ago Danny and I found a book that described us and our relationship to a “T”. The story is about love of course but the twist is that the characters are dinosaurs! We wanted to make the story a part of our wedding and will be reading it during our ceremony on September 14, 2013 at the Barns of Hamilton Station.

We racked our brains when thinking about a location for our engagement session when it hit us…DINOSAURLAND!!! Located in White, Virgina, Dinosaurland is one part road trip must see and one part playground but the ultimate in quirky must sees close to DC!

offbeat alternative virginia engagement pictures dinosaurland

offbeat alternative virginia engagement pictures dinosaurland

offbeat alternative virginia engagement pictures dinosaurland

Their love story begins….

It should have happened long before it did. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe our paths crossed so many times without ever meeting. The semi-accurate timeline below is your quick reference guide in how fate led to our inevitable love story:

offbeat alternative virginia engagement pictures dinosaurland

1989: Danny and Allie both attend Reston Day Camp for the summer but since Allie is a year older, they were in different groups. Although they didn’t know each other they both loved exploring the woods, the crazy/awesome counselors, and Lake Newport pool parties every Friday!

offbeat alternative virginia engagement pictures dinosaurland

Click inside for the rest of Allie & Dan’s dino-riffic, Dinosaurland engagement session, love story and by Kate Triano Photography.

Giveaway: Enter to Win a Makeover & Glamor Photoshoot with Anna D Bruce Photography


Hey Capitol Romance readers – looking for a day of indulgence? Maybe a way to have some fun and get some pictures of yourself lookin’ super fly? Well thanks to Anna D Bruce Photography, you might get your chance for free!

Introducing a new giveaway: A Glamor Makeup & Photoshoot “Celebrate Yourself with a Day of Beauty & Glamor”!

glamour photo shoot makeover giveaway

This giveaway entitles the winner to a double makeover & photoshoot with Anna D Bruce, a total value of $498.

Curious about a Glamor Makeover & Photogshoot!? Check out the hot hot hot images:

glamour photo shoot makeover giveaway

glamour photo shoot makeover giveaway

glamour photo shoot makeover giveaway

Click inside for the final details on this giveaway and for how to enter!

Winne & Ryane’s Old Town Alexandria Virginia Engagement Session

On Friday I took my two good friends that were visiting from Austin, around the city in what felt like one, day-long perpetual Hot Yoga session. WOW was it humid!! We were biking, walking, and sight-seeing for pleasure, I cannot imagine was work might have been like for any of my vendor friends that had to work an outdoor wedding this weekend! Yikes!

Regardless of the heat & humidity, we had a blast. Maybe even a little too much fun as I feel my eyes feeling heavy & my back slightly aching at just 8pm on a Sunday ;) Maybe those are just the signs that I really am getting closer to 30.

I digress. We are kicking things off this week with a really beautiful engagement session in Old Town Alexandria, from Sheaulee Ng Photography. Winne & Ryane began they love story on an ice skating trip at the sculpture garden (something I still have yet to do!) and decided to enter the next chapter of their lives together with a proposal at Times Square on New Years! A bit later Ryane actually proposed AGAIN at their home in Alexandria, VA :) How many lucky people get to say they got proposed to not once, but twice?!

So enjoy this beautiful Old Town Alexandria engagement session this morning and check back later today for the winner of our Cupcakes & Cocktails Ticket Giveaway AND the announcement of a NEW giveaway! Monday – let’s do this!

Winne & Ryane’s Old Town Alexandria, Virginia Engagement Pictures

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures

Photographer: Sheauleen Ng Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Their love story, from Rayne:

It all started with a look as I finally caught her eye. As I looked back, I saw these beautiful eyes with a lovely smile and a gentle spirit. That one look led to a date ice skating at the sculpture garden where we held hands for the first time followed by more dates and eventually the first kiss. As a new couple, we became inseparable as we got to know each other better.

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures

They decided to have their engagement session in Old Town Alexandria,. VA because:

…we have spent many days and nights walking, eating and enjoying the sights and sounds of Old Town Alexandria.

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures

quirky formal old town alexandria virginia engagement pictures


Click inside for the rest of Winne & Rayne’s adorable Virginia engagement session! Including the proposal stories & a shot at her beautiful engagement ring!

Jared & Michelle’s Offbeat, Til Death Halloween Wedding in Maryland

You had me at “a bride in black, with a ’til death do us part” theme. The “Cake Fight” was only the (wait for it) icing on the cake, that is this awesome, offbeat Maryland wedding submission from Marcella Treybig Photography.

Jared & Michelle’s kick ass wedding is the perfect reflection of the wedding themes I try and push here: they did things THEIR way, making decisions based on who they are and what reflects them as a couple. There is no way they could fit into the cookie cutter wedding themes – because it’s not who they are, so instead of attempting to do that, they said screw it, and did things how they wanted! Which included a whole lot of awesome. I think you guys are really going to like all the touching and personalized decisions they made with their offbeat, intimate Maryland wedding.

Jared & Michelle’s Offbeat, Halloween Wedding in Maryland

offbeat halloween til death wedding maryland farm outdoors


Photography: Marcella Treybig Photography | Venue: Private home in Maryland | Bouquet: DIY Brooch Bouquet | Decorations & Flowers: DIY | Cake: Bride’s brother | Catering: Provided by family | DJ: Friend with a laptop | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jared and Michelle were looking to do a small wedding that really reflected “them” as a couple and I think all the awesome DIY touches this stylish bride did really set her wedding on that course.

offbeat bride maryland tattoos black wedding dress

offbeat bride maryland tattoos black wedding dress

Michelle went thrift shopping to find all those awesome brooches she had in her bouquet and really did an awesome job.

She lost a very close friend to her and (some of the other friends present at her getting ready room) who gifted her a photo of the passing friend in a charm and attached it to her bouquet. It was a really touching moment as she shed many tears that morning getting ready.

offbeat halloween dark brooch bouquet

I pretty much love this “version” of the standard “bride holds up dress to reveal sparkly, expensive shoes” image. Michelle opted for some black knee socks & kickass black boots instead. Love.

offbeat bride maryland tattoos black wedding dress


Jared is an artist, he works on cars and does some awesome custom paint jobs – which is why they chose to wear those shirts “suits just isn’t who we are”. They got all the guys personalized shirts with their names on them and these sweet knifes too.


Michelle on her way to her first look! haha!

offbeat bride maryland tattoos black wedding dress

offbeat halloween til death wedding maryland farm outdoors

Click inside for the rest of this awesome Halloween “Til Death Do Us Part” themed Maryland wedding!

Matt & Katie’s Georgetown Bookstore Engagement Session in Washington, DC

I really am a sucker for bookstore engagement pictures! I just love the way the bookstores frame the couple and backdrop a bunch of mismatched stacked books, with a multitude of colors, gives the engagement pictures. It also helps though when the couple is SUPER adorable and the images are beautifully captured! Oh and their love story – it’s adorable, involving the adventures of a squirrel and a fake goblin king.

I mean, obviously these are my kind of people :) A special thanks to Birds of a Feather Photos for submitting this beautiful DC engagement session via Two Bright Lights!

Matt & Katie’s Georgetown, DC Bookstore Engagement Session

georgetown DC unique bookstore engagement pictures

How they met:

Katie and Matt met in DC where they work together as technical writers. Although their office is small, they somehow managed to go several months with little interaction. A situation that changed completely one day when Matt ate lunch with a squirrel named Jerry. Based on this chance encounter, Matt created an entire world revolving around Jerry and his fight against the Goblin King; he took Katie on secretive quests and adventures throughout DC, planting paper goblins in suspicious locations and making regular visits to Jerry for squirrel updates. Along the way a friendship formed during these outings, filled with late night discussions and car rides full of inquisitive chatter.

georgetown DC unique bookstore engagement pictures

georgetown DC unique bookstore engagement pictures

Soon, their friendship turned into a fun and adventures romance, brimming with laughter and surprises. This romance led to where they are today – planning for a wedding and a lifetime together, and knowing it will be an adventure they’re both excited to embark on.

georgetown DC unique bookstore engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of Katie & Matt’s Georgetown engagement session in Washington, DC ~ including a close-up of Katie’s gorgeous engagement ring and some details on their upcoming wedding!

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