Let’s Get Personal: Inspired by My Sister (and how it relates to wedding planning)


This morning I shared an article from Self Magazine on my social media accounts – it covers 14 Young Cancer Survivors, their stories, their advice, and their thoughts on what it feels like to really have cancer. One of the 14 survivors that they interviewed was my older sister, an inspiring young cancer survivor.

I felt compelled this morning to share my sister’s story (and the stories of 13 other young women) that have all lived through having cancer. I felt compelled because sometimes I have to admit, I get a little fed up with the wedding world.

I get fed up with the constant pressure put on couples to have a highly-detailed, “blogworthy” wedding. I get fed up with the cost of weddings. I get fed up with the swooning and the gorgeousness and the sense of competitiveness that exists. I get fed up with the vendors that aren’t in it for the love and I get fed up with the couples that lose themselves in their planning.

And then you read stories like these.  And to me, it puts it all into perspective. Life is short. Life is precious. Life needs to be celebrated and stress-free, whether you are planning a wedding or not.

So how this relates to wedding planning? Well let me share another favorite quote of mine:

I’ve found myself saying this to friends that are stressing out during wedding planning, and will continue to share it with clients:

“On the day of your wedding, it just won’t matter. It will be the most amazing day of your life, so it is not worth the stress now.”

No matter how stressful wedding planning can seem at times – you should remember that there are bigger, more stressful things that could happen in your life. Weddings are a celebration – a union of love and they shouldn’t be full of anger, stress, or competition.


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Jess & Tyler’s Modern Purple Washington, DC Wedding

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Keeping things chic today with this modern purple wedding from Travis Curry Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. I’m not always down with the Georgetown weddings [they don't often fit the bill of offbeat/budget-friendly] but this one felt a bit different.

The couple are high school sweethearts [we know I have a soft spot for those] and the couple kept a lot of personalized touches and traditions in their wedding that reflected their personalities – so I thought it still fit into a “capitol romance” worthy wedding feature. Oh also – I don’t think I will ever stop loving purple weddings. It’s just such a good color on everyone and everything!

Jess & Tyler’s Modern Purple Washington, DC Wedding at the Fairmont


Floral Designer:  Black Eyed Susan Florist
Reception Venue:  The Fairmont Washington DC
Makeup Artist:  BEHIND THE VEIL, LLC
Officiant:  Creative Ceremony

About the couple:

Jess and Tyler are high school sweethearts, their wedding was not just a union of them, but of their family and friends who’ve supported and watched their love grow and flourish over the years.

i really love this creative ring shot in crayons!


Click inside for the rest of the images from this modern, Washington DC purple wedding!

Capitol Inspiration: Modern Washington DC Wedding Invitations from Tabibi Design


When Tabibi Design shared a sneak peak of this ultra rad Washington, DC wedding invitation on her Facebook, I just knew I had to have them. The wedding invitation suite has everything that I love – modern fonts, a cassette tape iconography, hot pink & black color scheme, a sweet DC skyline, a creative RSVP card …. oh and it turns out that the bride is actually a CapRo reader and found Tabibi through us. Doubley awesome, right?!

 Amanda & Brad’s Modern Washington, DC Wedding Invitation by Tabibi Design

Photo images were taken by Tabibi Design & Sarah Park.

 A bit about the couple from their designer, Tina:

Amanda and Brad are an amazing DC couple. They were in search of nontraditional, creative and unique resources for their DC wedding. Amanda discovered Capitol Romance’s blog and was amazed by the inspiration and information. After she searched Bree’s blog, I received an email from Amanda inquiring about custom stationery for their big day. I am so happy she discovered Tabibi Design through Capitol Romance.

On their Washington, DC wedding invitation design:

They really wanted the stationery to represent their fun personalities and contain a few meaningful elements. Amanda is a Press Representative for the Kennedy Center in DC and Brad is a wedding DJ. They both share a love for their city and music. Hot pink and black were the signature colors for the event.

I decided to incorporate a simple city skyline and put a fun spin on the type treatment. Amanda asked me to somehow incorporate the Kennedy Center into the suite. I did just that by illustrating the building on the accommodation card.

I absolutely love the outcome of the rsvp postcard. Amanda and Brad provided the content for this piece. I usually develop most of the content for the stationery I create so when Amanda informed me that they drafted copy for the response card, I was completely thrilled to see what they came up with!

They wanted their guest to interact by listing a song request to “I promise to dance if you play”. I thought this was a clever way to include their guests at the reception. Amanda and Brad were so easy to work with. They are huge supporters of small local business owners and I’m thankful to be given the opportunity to work with this couple.

 this card was designed to be on the tables at the receptions for the guests to read:

Thanks to Amanda, Brad & Tabibi Design for sharing these awesomely inspiring, modern Washington DC wedding invitation designs! I cannot wait to see their wedding pictures!

What do you think guys? Are you as smitten as I am?

Heather & Scott’s Washington, DC Engagement Session on Roosevelt Island


I am an absolute sucker for dogs. My sister and her husband just adopted an adorable coonhound mix and now I get to blog this adorable Mutt, Brady, with his loving masters, Heather & Scott. Andy & I also babysat a co-workers dog this weekend, and watching my mini-doxie, Sadie, play with another dog was really giving me the itch to adopt another.

But back to Heather & Scott – the couple snuck in a last minute engagement session in DC’s Roosevelt Park and brought there pup along. Including a dog in your wedding day or engagement session ALWAYS makes for some fun photos and some good, clean natural laughter. Make sure you click through to read the proposal story too – it includes an iPad. Love a good IT proposal ;)

Thanks to Kelly Ewell Photography & Two Bright Lights for this adorable Washington, DC engagement session.

Heather & Scott’s Washington, DC Engagement Session at Roosevelt Park

From the photographer:

When your job is to be a planner, you know everything will be set out in fine detail and no stone will be unturned when putting your wedding together. I’m sure it adds a whole new level of attention to detail though, when it comes to your own big event. Especially when you’re doing it from a distance.

As Heather puts the polishing details together for her wedding to Scott in just a few weeks up in Philadelphia, she didn’t think she would have time for an engagement session with her photographer there. But with little pockets of time open while they were still here in the DC area, she rang me up to see if we could make something happen.

Click inside for the rest of Heather & Scott’s DC engagement session ~ including the proposal story!

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: Frank Turner’s “Song for Eva Mae”

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I won’t even try and guess how long it’s been since I blogged a “wedding music that doesn’t suck” post. I think I might have been a tad overly ambitious when I started this blog and thought I could think of a new wedding song to showcase each Monday. So I apologize if anyone wanted more regular song suggestions, but I promise you today’s suggestion is a great one – perfect for a father-daughter dance.

The song comes to us from one of my FAVORITE folk-rock artists, Frank Turner. And just check these lyrics:

Now Eva Mae,
Don’t you judge me too hard
I try to be a good man to be the best with what I got
Eva Mae,
I will teach you what I know
And watch over you everywhere that you go

Frank’s voice always gets me, and the tempo of this song is perfect for a slower father-daughter dance. What do you think?

Capitol Advice: Keep Wedding Decisions Face-to-Face


After my very first initial consultation with an engaged couple interested in my brandy-new DC wedding planning & coordination services, I realized that I had shared some advice with them, that might be something worth blogging about.

It was something I had decided to do early on in our own wedding planning process, that would hopefully make it easier when bringing my somewhat strong, and nontraditional wedding views and wants, to my more traditional parents, who were mostly funding our wedding day. Not an easy trail to navigate in the least!

I decided [along with some help from my father] that we should keep most of our wedding chatter, opinions, discussion, and desires in a FACE TO FACE format only.

me and my awesome parents on my wedding day

Email and text messaging, while convenient and quick, leave WAY too much to be misconstrued or misread. A simple email could turn into an argument or hurt feelings, when that was never anyone’s intention in the first place.

In case you haven’t heard – weddings are TOUGH to plan. While awesome, they are equally stressful and can oftentimes be known to bring out “the best AND the worst” in the people involved.

Weddings are highly personal – and I think that is why there is so much emotion that can sometimes turn into arguments. Everyone’s goal [the couple AND their parents] is to have a beautiful wedding day – but due to the seemingly endless amounts of decisions that need to be made to get there, it’s easy to let emotions get the best of you and that is only augmented by the lack of context in emails and texts. Using email and texting to discuss these endless decisions only increases the likelihood of an argument, hurt feeling, or misplaced emotion.

my two dads [my father-in-law and father]

So my advice?

Don’t use email or texting for your wedding decisions, opinions, or discussions. 

Try your hardest to have these discussions face-to-face with your parents [especially if your parents are funding the majority of your day, like mine graciously did]. Face-to-face conversations decrease the chance that opinions will be taken out of context, or misconstrued.

Don’t live close enough for a face-to-face convo? Well you are in luck, because the same modern technology that gives us texting and email, also gives us things like Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, and even *gasp* phonecalls!

It’s important to remember throughout the entire wedding planning process that while it’s YOUR day – it’s partially your parents’ day too. So, chances are they will have their own wants and desires for your wedding day and everyone should respect all opinions involved.

Ok Romancers ~ what do you think? Good advice? Or do you think email/texting is still OK for wedding decisions?

Jen & James’ Handmade & “Family Love” Warrenton VA Wedding


Though I’ve never been to Warrenton, Virginia I think I might need to spend some time there. I have had a recent influx of wedding submissions from the area, and it’s only about an hour from Washington, DC. Also, these wedding venues/locations are STUNNING.

Thanks to Ever After Visuals [submitted via Two Bright Lights] we get to share the beautiful wedding of Jen and Jim at the Airlie Foundation Center in Warrenton VA. The couple is extremely close to their family, and it was evident in their wedding pictures that they included this closeness in all the details and events of the day.

The couple and their family spent a lot of time hand-crafting this wedding. Jen’s Godmother spent hours baking all the homemade cookies for favors and the bride’s father spent countless hours hand-carving, sanding, and staining 16 different walnut boxes, branding Jen & James’ names and the wedding date into them as well.

Jen & James’ Handmade Warrenton, VA Wedding at the Airlie Foundation

Floral Designer:  J. Morris Flowers | Reception Venue:  Airlie Foundation | Dress Store:  Ellie’s Bridal Boutique | Cake Designer: Edibles Incredible Desserts | DJ:  Good Note DJs

From the photographers:

If I had to pick a theme for Jen and Jim’s wedding, it would probably be: Family Love. We love how incredibly close to their family each of them are and how, because of that, they had an amazing wedding day. It was very important that each and every person feel loved and cherished throughout Jen and Jim’s wedding. The wedding itself Jen described as a “group effort”.

Jen designed the earrings she wore using small diamonds from a ring of her late grandmother and pearls from her great grandmother given to her by her parents as a birthday present.

Each bouquet had a special pin from Jen’s grandmothers attached to it. Jen’s bouquet attached a pin to her bouquet that Jim’s aunt gave her that belonged to his late grandmother.

Click inside for the rest of Jen & Jim’s handmade Warrenton, Virginia wedding from Ever After Visuals ~ including tons of information about their families efforts on the wedding details!

Giveaway: 1 Washington DC Cityscape Print ~ An Alternative Guest Book Option


Today’s giveaway comes to us from Studio KMO ~ Artwork by Karen M. O’Leary. Karen reached out to us a few weeks back, offering to giveaway one of her Washington DC city prints ~ [a $35 value] that would make a fantastic, alternative guest book for those getting married in DC!

I think it’d be so cool to have your guests sign around the outline of the city you got married in ~ maybe even putting a little heart over the location of your ceremony/reception!

For more pictures and sizing specifications, please check out the Etsy listing.

Enter away ~ contest ends Thursday, 20 September 2012!

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Andrea & Jake’s Intimate, Vintage Wedding at the George Washington Hotel in Virginia


One of the things I pride myself on with Capitol Romance is that I try hard not to fall into blogging just one category of wedding type. I like to feature ALL kinds of weddings, as long as they are in the DC, MD or VA area and have an air of individuality, uniqueness, creativity and/or offbeatness [yes I made that last word up]. One day I’ll post a rustic, barn wedding, and the next I’ll post a modern, art gallery wedding. Couples are all races, shapes, sizes, and ages.  Some weddings are full of DIY details, and some aren’t.

Such was the case with Andrea & Jake’s intimate, vintage-infused wedding at the George Washington Hotel in Winchester, Virginia. There weren’t a ton of details – but the choices they made were beautiful and appealing to me, because they mirrored the essence of the couple’s personality to a T. Simple, stunning, & striking. Andrea’s cascading curls and red lips, are out-done only by her stunning, vintage gown. And her red, classic florals are gorgeous ~ and designed by the bride, herself!

A special thanks to Julie Napear Photography for submitting this beautiful wedding, via Two Bright Lights.

Andrea & Jake’s Intimate, Vintage George Washington Hotel Wedding in Winchester, VA


Photographer: Julie Napear Photography

Hair Stylist:  Stephanie Novak Artistry
Floral Designer:  Flowers by Snellings
Reception Venue:  George Washington Hotel

From the wedding photographer:

This one is very close to my heart. I met Andrea at a bridal show, and she did flowers for my wedding in 2007. We’ve been friends ever since, and in August of 2011, we took a road trip to Charleston, SC, where Andrea assisted me for a wedding I was shooting. I remember her telling me about this new guy who had come into her bar, and they spent a lot of time talking on the phone(between beaching, shopping, and other vacation activities). Right after we got back to Virginia, they started dating… and I was so excited to see her so happy   :-)


look at the amazing detail with the pearls at the bottom of this bouquet!

About the couple & how they met:

Jake and I met shortly after I started my second job bartending in July.   He walked in one Saturday night and my life changed.  We started off as friends and became more than that very quickly.  We had lots of things in common from sports to recent heartaches.

One cold sunny day in January he proposed as we took a walk around the local lake.  Our families, including my two children were so excited and happy that we had found each other.

Click inside for the rest of this beautifully simple, clasicc vintage influence wedding at the George Washington Hotel

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