DIY Tutorial: How to Make DIY Fance Notecards with Erasers

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means – a super duper awesome rad DIY tutorial from the ever-amazing Ribbons & Bluebirds! Today Jenn is sharing some DIY goodness on how to fancy up your postcards, notecards, and envelopes by just using an eraser!! This would be a perfect DIY to gussy up your thank-you notes, your RSVP cards, or maybe even your escort cards. Really – the possibilities are endless! Take it away Jenn!

I love stamping as a great easy way to add embellishment to paper goods, but I don’t love that you have to actually buy a separate stamp for every design you might want. Enter the simple eraser stamp – finally those #2 pencils from your grade school days are useful again! Obviously this technique won’t work for more intricate (or large) designs, but it is so simple to grab a pencil and start stamping!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make Fancy Notecards with an Eraser Stamp ~ with step by step instructions!


Photography & Tutorial by Ribbons & Bluebirds

You will need:

  • A pencil with rubber eraser (yes, a mechanical pencil would work!)
  • Stamping ink pad
  • Blank notecards
  • Embossing powder and embossing heat tool (optional)
  • Pen for your message


Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: I chose a gold ink pad because I knew I wanted to use a gold embossing powder detail, but any colour will work! Press your pencil eraser into the ink pad – it may take a few dabs to get the whole top evenly covered. Then press onto your notecard, and voila! It is really that easy. Add stamped dots to the notecard in whatever pattern you like.


Step 2: To make the dot design I am showing, start in the corners with a few dots close together. As you grow the pattern outward from the corner, space your dots further apart to give a gradient look. Optional: to add extra emphasis and embellishment to the corners, sprinkle embossing powder over the corner dots within 20 seconds or so after stamping them. Tap excess powder off, and emboss using your heat tool.


Step 3: After your stamped design is dry, you can write a message on the front to complete your design, or leave it blank for multi-purpose use!


*BONUS TIP!!* You can also use an x-acto knife to create shaped designs in your eraser, like little hearts or stars. To create a shape, use a fine-tip marker to draw your desired shape onto the eraser. Then carefully cut away around it from the top down, then again around the edges to remove the excess eraser. Be careful using the x-acto so close to your fingers!

eraser_stamp_notecards(5) eraser_stamp_notecards(6)

Don’t forget, a pretty envelope gets your recipient extra excited about your message :)


How EASY but AWESOME right?! I could totally see someone doing this for an awesome escort display or to fancy up their RSVP cards for sure! Thanks again to the awesome Jenn of Ribbons & Bluebirds for sharing today’s super rad DIY wedding tutorial! Let us know if you end up using our tutorial ~ we’d love to see your end results!

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Sarah & Riley’s Gorgeous Cherry Blossom Engagement Pictures in DC

Tomorrow might be the first official day of Fall but that doesn’t mean we can’t have gorgeous DC Cherry Blossom engagement pictures. Right?! Kicking off the week with a little gorgeousness from Porter Watkins Photography. Happy Monday all.

Riley & Sarah’s Gorgeous Washington DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Pictures

dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (13)

Photography: Porter Watkins Photography

I love their short and sweet love story:

Riley and I met during our time at James Madison University. He was this gregarious, tidal wave of energy, and we hit it off instantly, never expecting to fall in love.

dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (10) dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (4) dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (8) dc cherry blossom engagement pictures (12)

Click inside for the rest of the beautiful engagement pictures AND the amazing proposal story in Iceland!

Caitlin & Susie’s Super DIY Literary Themed Wedding in Maryland

Words can’t really describe the feelings I get when I remember Caitlin & Susie’s wedding day this past May. I had the absolute honor of getting to be a part of their big day (as their coordinator) and I knew from the minute I met them, I wanted to be a part of their love, their relationship, and of course, their wedding day. And boy, was I right – their super DIY, complete labor of love, wedding day was something so so special. I have never seen so many family and friends that were so open, so welcoming, and so full of love. I was welcomed in by their families and friends, as if I had been a long-time family friend all along.

This wedding day was so full of happy tears, smiles, hugs, and absolute, blissful joy. I am so happy I got a chance to meet these two wonderful women and share in their special day. A warning ahead of time, this one is PICTURE HEAVY people. It’s nearly impossible to chose between all the gorgeous images Sarah Gormley Photography sent me!!!

 Caitlin & Susie’s Ultimate DIY, Literary Themed Wedding in Maryland

ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (13)


Photographer: Sarah Gormley | Wedding Coordination: Me ~ Capitol Romance  Venue: Episcopal Church of the Ascension | Susie’s Dress: Wendy’s Cincinnati Bride | Caitlin’s Dress: Fabulous Bridal | Susie’s Shoes: Custom Designed Chuck Taylors | Caitlin’s Shoes: TOMS Wedding Wedges | Hair: Marlow Prado-Blankenship | Flowers: Eight Street | Cake and Cupcakes: Sweets By E | Invitations: Type Case Industries | Hairpieces: Etsy | Flower Girls’ Kissing Ball: Etsy | Decorations: DIY | Catering: DIYed (seriously …. by Susie!!) | Cake Topper: Etsy |

Cait & Susie’s wedding was also featured on A Practical Wedding!

 ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (7) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (10)

 We had a really wonderful vintage-spring-literary-fun wedding. Suz and I both really wanted a wedding that reflected us, both as individuals and as a couple. We are pretty different (opposites attract, yes!) but one thing we definitely have in common is our ridiculous love of books. Suz is an especially large fan of Jane Austen’s writing and I will pretty much read whatever you place in front of me, so when it came time to pick a trend for our wedding, books were an easy choice. The best part was having an excuse to track down every library-estate-book sale this side of the Chesapeake! We both really loved combing through stacks of dusty, old books and giggling at some of the titles. It was a wedding chore that wasn’t so much a chore, as it was an excuse for a fun date with my lovely wife-to-be.

ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (9) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (8) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (1)

Colors were an easy choice; Susie loves anything bright and vibrant so she went with orange. Turquoise is my favorite and a perfect complement to orange so bam, easy choice. We decided not to be too strict with our color palette so you’ll see many different interpretations of turquoise and orange in our wedding pictures.

ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (11) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (12) ultimate DIY book themed Maryland wedding (14)

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Caitlin & Susie’s Super DIY Wedding! Including all the gorgeous book page details and literary themed items!

Hanna & Jamison’s Personal, DIY Woodend Sanctuary Wedding in Maryland

You might remember the insanely gorgeous Hanna & Jamison from their AWESOME Union Market engagement session in DC. If not, check it out, or just scroll to begin viewing the insane beauty of their wedding day, capturing PERFECTLY by Porter Watkins Photography. I seriously cannot imagine anyone else capturing this wedding – Porter killed it, and Hanna & Jamison poured themselves into their wedding (its obvious) and the result is breathtaking. Enjoy ever pin-worthy image. I know I already have.

Hanna & Jamison’s Personalized, Gorgeous Woodened Sanctuary Wedding in Maryland

personal woodend sanctuary wedding maryland (32)


Photography: Porter Watkins Photography | Wedding Coordinator: The Plannery | Venue: Woodend Sanctuary | Catering: A Main Event | Cake: Room 11 Cake, Katie Ross cake, Parkway Diner cake | Ceremony Music: Randy Barrett Trio | Reception Music: DIY iPod | Florist: H. Bloom | Hair Stylist: Meg at Eastern Confederate

personal woodend sanctuary wedding maryland (23) personal woodend sanctuary wedding maryland (22)

- When Jamison and I got engaged, we sat in the National Arboretum and contemplated our next steps. Driving straight to Reagan National and flying to Vegas, heading to the DC courthouse then taking off to Paris, having a small ceremony on my parent’s farm, having a big party with our friends and family in our beloved city; these were all appealing options. In about 15 minutes we made the call. The decision was simple, we’d be happy getting married in a courthouse, in our living room, or on a faraway cliff so long as we had the legally binding ceremony and some sweet outfits. But, we reasoned, how many opportunities do we have in our lives to bring our tribes together? When would we next be able to bring my four big families, his close-knit extended family, and our friends from DC and all over the world together? We needed to party with our people.

personal woodend sanctuary wedding maryland (25) personal woodend sanctuary wedding maryland (14) personal woodend sanctuary wedding maryland (26)

That became the core of the entire wedding process and simplified how we made decisions about the day. Instead of using the loaded “W” word, we thought Party. We host parties all of the time and we’ve never given out a welcome bag, hence we did not fret about welcome bags. Music, good food, and alcohol; these are central elements to our kind of party, so that’s where we put our money. Also, we liked the idea of snazzy outfits and I used to operate a small organic gardening business so I wanted a lot of local, seasonal flowers. We wanted the whole day to feel like a beautiful Sunday party in a park with our nearest and dearest.

personal woodend sanctuary wedding maryland (15) personal woodend sanctuary wedding maryland (28) personal woodend sanctuary wedding maryland (29)

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of this gorgeous Maryland wedding!

Jay & Kurt’s Intimate Elopement at United Church of Christ in DC

I’m still in Oklahoma (made a quick trip home to my parents’ house in NJ this weekend to see my husband, and family and meet my brand new niece) but will try harder to get more posts up this week. For today we have a lovely little intimate DC elopement. The perfect reminder that love really does come in all shapes and sizes. I love blogging weddings like this that don’t fit the typical “wedding blog feature” mold. Happy Monday all!

Jay & Kurt’s Intimate DC Elopement at United Church of Christ

intimate washington dc same sex elopement (3)

Photographer: Mathy Shoots People | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

On the ceremony:

Our ring bearer was our son, Isaiah, who was adopted in March and our readers were: Rebecca, a family friend who also applied for our marriage license for us, and Kort, a family friend who came from Michigan to be with us.

intimate washington dc same sex elopement (7)

We chose to have our wedding at First Cong. UCC because we are members of the United Church of Christ, and the congregation is Open and Affirming.

intimate washington dc same sex elopement (9) intimate washington dc same sex elopement (4) intimate washington dc same sex elopement (10)

Click inside for the rest of Jay & Kurt’s intimate DC elopement.

DIY Bouquet & Boutonniere Workshop Recap (and some Tips & Tricks)

A few weeks ago with had our 3rd DIY Wedding Workshop with Love Blooms and it was SUCH a fun afternoon! For those that missed it (you missed out!) but I thought I would be nice and share the “How to DIY Your Wedding Flowers” information sheet that Emily shared with our attendees AND some pictures from the event, thanks to the wonderful Cynthia Shipp Photography.

 DIY Workshop Recap: DIY Bouquet & Boutonniere Workshop with Love Blooms DIY bouquets and boutonnieres workshop (9)

Images: Cynthia Shipp Photography

^ What a GREAT class we had!!! :) First, Emily teaches the class about how to pick your flowers, where to find your flowers, and how to start making a bouquet:
DIY bouquets and boutonnieres workshop (6) DIY bouquets and boutonnieres workshop (15) DIY bouquets and boutonnieres workshop (4)

Emily shares SUPER valuable DIY wedding flower tips:

If you end up using wine bottles, you won’t have to worry about the water spilling out, because you probably won’t have to fill the bottles very high to have the stems submerged. If you are transporting wine bottle arrangements it works best to use the boxes that wine bottles arrive to the liquor store in. These boxes can hold 12 bottles, and usually have cardboard spacers, to keep the bottles from knocking into each other. If you ask, the liquor store will provide you will a couple of these boxes.

DIY bouquets and boutonniers workshop (11)DIY bouquets and boutonniers workshop (17)DIY bouquets and boutonniers workshop (18)

Click inside for more pictures from our DIY wedding bouquets & boutonnieres workshop by Cynthia Shipp Photography AND more tips and tricks from Love Blooms!

Even & Jimmy’s Washington DC Courthouse Wedding

Hey Romancers! Happy Monday. Another weekend come and gone. I had a BLAST working Violet & Josh’s wedding at Longview Gallery this weekend with some fabulous vendors (and I’ll be sure to share images from that on my Facebook page when they are done!) but for today I have an awesome simple Washington DC courthouse wedding from you courtesy of Stephen Bobb Photography. I also wanted to let you know that posting might be pretty light these next few weeks. I am tied up in training in Oklahoma for the day job, and not sure I will have much time to blog – but I will try my hardest to schedule some awesome posts, AND at the very least I’ll strum up an awesome giveaway to do when I get back to make it up to you all :) But for now, let’s get to know Even & Jimmy.

Even & Jimmy’s Intimate, Washington DC Courthouse Wedding Pictures

washington dc courthouse wedding pictures (6)

“We chose to do a DC courthouse wedding because we wanted to have a simple gathering of our family and closest friends. And despite spending many years in a long distance relationship, we always met up in DC over the years and have shared so many memories here so wanted to get married in DC as well (and we live here now!). Ultimately, we think it turned out amazing just to have a few folks there to celebrate with us. Even and Jimmy”

washington dc courthouse wedding pictures (8) washington dc courthouse wedding pictures (7) washington dc courthouse wedding pictures (10) washington dc courthouse wedding pictures (9)

Click inside for the rest of Even & Jimmy’s adorable Washington DC courthouse wedding and some lovely wedding portraits on the metro!

Leigh Margaret & Inwook’s Intimate, Korean Infused Maryland Wedding

I was going to write something beautiful to introduce today’s Maryland wedding feature, but what photographer, Steve of An Endless Pursuit wrote, was so much better than anything I could have attempted. So I leave you with his words. Happy Thursday Romancers.

“This was Leigh Margaret and Inwook’s second wedding. The first one was in South Korea and then they came back to the states to have a wedding with Leigh Margaret’s family. This was a small simple wedding. It was actually in a small house/meeting room at a local Gaithersburg community pool. Despite the simplicity, this wedding was beautiful in every way to us. Leigh Margaret and Inwook were incredible to observe and document. They come from such different cultures, there are language barriers, and yet there is a common language they speak through their love. Inwook was so full of joy and delight with his bride, and he expressed it in continuous laughter.”

Leigh Margaret & Inwook’s Intimate, Multicultural Maryland Wedding in Gaithersburg

intimate Maryland Korean wedding (6)

Photography: An Endless Pursuit | Venue: Hadley Farms | Linens & Rentals: Gaithersburg Party Rental | Musicians: Peat and Barley | Catering: LaPrima Catering | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

From the Bride:

Inwook and I were already going to have a huge, fancy Korean wedding. For the party in Jinju, there were 400 people in attendance! That wasn’t exactly my style. It was all very princess-y. If I happened to be a fussy bride, maybe I would have pushed for more opulence with the American wedding. I am thankful for both parties but our second marriage celebration couldn’t have been more perfect. It was intimate, enjoyable, and lovely. Thanks to Mama Manning for making it all possible!

intimate Maryland Korean wedding (3)

We have an unlikely story: I was the English language teacher, he was the student. I’m American and he’s Korean (that’s South Korean, by the way.) But more than proving that two very different people can build a relationship, I hope we are able to encourage others to take a risk romantically. You might just find the most fantastic partner that way.

intimate Maryland Korean wedding (4)

I had always wondered if I might end up with a non-white person. Maybe that’s a strange goal in seeking a partner. I suppose, this idea rendered itself more as an “open mind.” Even with that kind of openness, I had never dreamed he would grow up across the world, in a totally different language and culture. Thanks to his superior English skills, we are able to have a decently communicative relationship. (Guys and girls don’t communicate well anyway, but throw in a language barrier…) I think we balance each other well. We are equal amounts adventurous, but he’s cheerful and I’m sassy. Maybe. I shouldn’t be proud of that…

intimate Maryland Korean wedding (2)

I find the most joy in our shared love for traveling, our desire to bless others, and appreciating our cultural differences. Inwook is so fascinating, I’m not sure if I will ever stop learning new things about him. He would probably confess that I’m rambunctious and dynamic (i.e. crazy), and that keeps him entertained.

intimate Maryland Korean wedding (5)

Click inside for some adorable details form Leigh Margaret & Inwook’s simple, intimate Maryland wedding!

Let’s Get Personal: My Makeup-less Engagement Shoot (a guest post!)

A few weeks ago I saw this post on Facebook (what do you know, Facebook brought some good) by Michael Munoz Photography. It was a gorgeous engagement session (his sessions always are) but what struck me was that the bride to be decided to go makeup-less for the shoot. Now, I have my own personal struggles with makeup and the need to wear it, but that’s not what this post is about. This post (a guest post from the bride to be, Shalini) is about empowerment and doing what you feel comfortable doing – even when it comes to your wedding or engagement pictures. If you would normally go without makeup, NOT dressed to the 9s, then why wouldn’t you do the same thing for your engagement pictures?

At the very least Shalini’s poss “My Makeup-less Engagement Shoot” gives us all something to think about, and though it was originally posted on the blog, Body Loving, I thought it was too important to not re-share here for my readers. A special thanks to Shalini for sharing and to Michael Munoz Photography for sharing his images from the engagement session!

Let’s Get Personal: My Makeup-Less Engagement Pictures (A Guest Post)


About a month ago, my fiancé, Scott, and I had one of those popular (read: overdone) engagement photo shoots. I spent the days prior considering what to wear, what image to portray. Cute and girly? Sophisticated and timeless? “Effortless” and casual? These are pictures that I hope to pass along to our future children and grandkids, so I wanted them to truly represent who we are as a couple.

More confusing than what to wear clothing-wise was whether or not to put on a full face of makeup and go for a “flawless” look or to stick to the bare face I am learning to accept. The ladies at Beauty Redefined have written about photoshopping ourselves out of reality, and I feel like when I wear enough makeup to create a “perfect” image, I no longer look like myself, and am indeed doing just that. It wasn’t until the night before the shoot that I decided: I want to look like myself in these pictures, “imperfections” included, because that’s the Shalini that Scott loves. I also didn’t want to spend an extra 40 minutes primping, or have to worry about getting concealer on Scott’s shirt, or having to re-apply makeup halfway through the shoot. These are often the reasons I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis anyway; it’s just so much easier to go without it.


I was a bit nervous opening up the photos last week, afraid that I’d look horrible, and that I’d made a poor decision in not giving in to societal standards of flawless beauty. I wondered, what if my grandkids remember me as ugly? But then I thought of the pictures I’ve seen of my grandparents in their youth, and it’s not their looks that I notice; rather, I see the love, hope, certainty, and excitement in their eyes, and that is the most beautiful thing you can witness in a couple. When I look at our engagement pictures, I see Scott and myself in our element, happy and goofy, and so in love with each other for who we truly are. I am lucky to have found a man who sees beauty in my “flaws” and has challenged me to see it for myself. I’m slowly starting to see the beauty, and for that, I am ever grateful, Scott.


I’m at a loss for words with how eloquently Shalini described the true importance of engagement pictures (and really, I am going to extend this to all of weddings in general). The love, the hope, the laughter, the emotions – so much more important (and classic) than the material side of things. So I turn this to you Romancers – would you go make-up less for your engagement pictures?

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