Vol 8: The Real Life of a Mompreneur – What Happened to the Details


Image: Maggie with PopWed Co!

I used to be able to multi-task with the best of them. Talking and typing at the same time, answering emails while on a conference call, or simply just doing 3 or 4 things simultaneously. Well, those days are pretty much over.

Now, while I still ATTEMPT to multi-task like I used to, I can’t quite cut it these days. What do I mean by this exactly? Well the details are falling through the cracks and I can’t quite seem to make it stop.

Let’s start first with Evie’s First Birthday Invitation. I poured over this – editing and updating and trying to make it look the cutest I could on my limited InDesign skills. I sent to Andy for proofing and I must have stared at this thing a million times. I finally got as far as I could, and satisfied I sent it off for printing, and then mailing to our friends/family.


And then my sister in law texted me. While the invite is ADORABLE, she said, the date for Saturday is May 14th, not 13th. YIKES.

Fast forward a few weeks and I was busy making a book for my parents of Evie’s first year with them. Again, making the book with a few spare minutes here or an extra chunk of time there, and I was finally happy with it. Finalize, review, add to cart, send to parents. They got the book and were over the moon, but I had done it AGAIN. A picture of Evie & my parents in the hospital …. May 2016. That’s quite the time-traveling baby apparently.

I’ll be honest, I am still getting used to this – not being able to multi-task without some sort of detail falling into error. I am trying to re-read things to the Nth degree or maybe try and focus on singular tasks and not have 8 computer programs open at once, but I feel like that’s sort of hard to do when you are trying to run a business AND be a mom AND be a wife AND still function at your day job.

I think it’s going to take some time for me to try to cut back on my multi-tasking. I know I should, but I also feel like I won’t do it until something more major than a family book or 1st birthday invite, gets hit with my no-longer-detail-oriented ways. I keep hoping it will just stop and I can go back to the ways of pre-momhood where I could juggle all these things and still stay on top of my details game.

So while I’ll try my hardest to stick to 1 (ok maybe 2 max) thing at a time, I’ll also ask everyones’ forgiveness in advance, for when I inevitably mess up those future details.

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Megan & Alan’s Rad, DC-Themed Wedding at Josephine Butler Parks Center

dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (28)

Images: Kristi Odom Photography

When your initial wedding consult is at a bar on H Street and the bride to be tells you she’s going to wear black and they’ve already booked one of the best photographers in town (and my fav wedding venue), well you just know it’s going to be an amazing DC wedding. This was my inclination for Megan & Alan’s Josephine Butler Parks Center wedding, and turns out, it was 100% on the money. DC flag coaster favors, tables named after DC music venues, tattoos, local DC beer, and yes, a bride in black. But let’s not also forget the AH-MAZING tongue-in-cheek diatribe-tribute to Ted Cruz for being the man responsible for these two meeting in the first place. I was honored to get to be their wedding coordinator and can’t wait to share all the amazing pictures & details with you guys today! Here we go:

dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (29) dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (23)

How We Met: We’re both federal employees, and met during the shutdown of the federal government in October 2013. On the first day of the shutdown, Alan was writing at a bar in the middle of the day. He saw Megan, couldn’t place from where he recognized her, only to realize later that she was his top match on OkCupid. He wrote her a message asking if she was also furloughed, and suggested they meet-up for a beer. A week later, with the shutdown in full swing, we had our first date in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday. Over pizza and beer, we got nerdy about policy, music, and tattoos and pretty much have carried on that way for the last two and a half years.

dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (24)

We started planning our wedding early. In fact, even though we had a vacation that happened a few weeks after the proposal, we used our down time abroad to research venues and get an early sense of our expected timeline. That helped us maintain our sanity, and so did the idea that what we DID NOT want mattered as much as what we DID. We had an a la carte approach to tradition, embracing some and skipping others, which meant the big day felt like ours instead of someone else’s idea of what it should be. For example, we had a more formal sit-down dinner (catered by the awesome Eat & Smile), but broke traditions with Megan’s black dress and skipping having a wedding party entirely.

dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (25) dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (26) dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (27)

Friend/Family Involvement: There were a few things about our wedding that were such obvious choices they barely needed any discussion: it would be in DC; there would be good beer and sing-a-long to The Mountain Goats’ “No Children”; and our friend Patrick would officiate. Luckily Patrick agreed and did an awesome job officiating the wedding, making everyone laugh and cry. We also had friends do readings during the ceremony and toasts during the reception. Instead of having any of the family related traditions at the wedding, we decided to host a small rehearsal dinner at Tabard Inn for our families the night before the wedding. This gave us the opportunity to thank them for their support and enjoy their company away from all the activity of the wedding itself.

dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (30) dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (32)

DIY: To limit our to-do list, we decided to not do too much DIY for the wedding. Luckily, between our beautiful venue (Josephine Butler Parks Center) and flowers from Local Color Flowers, we didn’t need to add much to the space. Some of our projects included painting DC flags on the koozies for favors, painting frames, putting together the DC music venue table names, and writing out the menus. The last project was printing our barf bag programs. We had decided early on that our hashtag would be #barfmeganalan so when I saw these barf bag programs on Off Beat Bride, I knew we had to make them. We changed the template up a little bit from the tutorial, and put a thank you note to our guests on the back. Getting them to print properly was a pain at first, and more than once I considered just dropping the whole thing, but I am really glad we didn’t. They are so funny and weird and perfectly suited to us as a couple.

dc themed rad alternative washington dc wedding josephine butler parks center (33)

Read more for soooo much more awesome at Megan & Alan’s DC Themed Josephine Butler Parks Center Wedding!

DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own DIY Household Cleaning Sprays

natural_cleaning_sprays-26 copy

Images: Jenn Heller Design Co.

I‘ll admit that I am super excited for today’s DIY tutorial from Jenn Heller Design Co. Though I have to be honest that Andy does more of the cleaning in our house than I do (he stress cleans and actually LOVES to clean our kitchen … no joke), though I am usually the one buying the cleaning supplies on Amazon. It’d be SO NICE to make some of our own cleaning supplies, so I am pumped Jenn put together these DIY Household Cleaning Spray tutorials (a countertop cleaner and an appliance cleaner). CHECK IT OUT:

How to Make DIY Household Cleaners | By Jenn Heller Design Co.


Ah cleaning.  Who doesn’t love cleaning?  Oh wait – almost no one likes cleaning. The only thing I like less than cleaning is thinking about all the stuff in commercial cleansers, and how much I have to fork out for a single bottle of an eco-friendly(er?) version.

Get ready for a boost to your cleaning power, because these two sprays are a cinch to mix up, work wonderfully, will save you money, and smell awesome! Plus, they’re simple and free from all the crazy superfluous stuff companies add to their products to make their lives easier.

Generally, the supplies for natural cleaning come in quantities that allow you to make dozens of batches from the initial purchase.  While you’re not saving money instantly, you will after a few batches and bonus, that’s one fewer thing to have to remember at the store.

General note on essential oils: they can eventually cause plastic to deform or corrode, which is why they are always stored in glass bottles.  For this reason, glass bottles are preferred for these sprays.  If you have a glass bottle with a threaded cap lying around like for bottled water or cooking wine, it will work great with a spray nozzle you can get from a home improvement store. If you want to buy the pretty bottles pictured in this DIY, I got these from Amazon.

Natural Cleaning Spray: All Purpose Cleaner


This cleaner is soap based, not vinegar based, so it is safe for all surfaces including natural stone countertops!

For each 1 cup warm water, add:

(These ingredients should also be available at Target or other big box stores.)


Stir to dissolve the powdered ingredients, then pour into a spray bottle.  Add essential oils to your taste, but my recommendation is 10 drops lemon oil and 2 drops of rosemary oil. Citrus oils help with cleaning, and both the citrus and rosemary oils have antibacterial properties.


For my glass bottles I needed 2 batches total.

Natural Cleaning: Countertop & Appliance Spray


Because this cleaner is vinegar based, it is not recommended for natural stone counters.

For each 1 cup warm water, add:

Mix the liquids, then pour into a spray bottle.  Add essential oils to your taste, but my recommendation is 15 drops eucalyptus oil and 10 drops tea tree – both have excellent antibacterial properties and a strong fresh scent to counterbalance the vinegar.


Don’t forget to visit my blog and download the labels for  your bottles – complete with instructions right on the bottle!!


To attach your labels to the bottles, I used a simple method favored by home-brew enthusiasts: milk!  Print your labels using a laser jet printer (an ink jet-printed label will run once wet!) and wet the back with milk.  Carefully place the wet paper on your glass bottle and voila! It will stick fast almost immediately, so make sure you position the label carefully the first time.  Smooth out any bubbles and let dry, and you’re good to go.


I hope you enjoy!


This post contains affiliate links that help make Capitol Romance DIYs possible.  Thank you!

The Ultimate Rockabilly Wedding Inspiration Shoot

ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures9

Images: DG Photography

Guyyyyssss. The blogosphere is literally dripping with styled shoots. Some blogs have gone so far as to not accept them anymore. Personally, I’ve cut back, but when a styled shoot like this one drops in your inbox, well the alternative inside me just screams. The tattoos, the fantasy hair, the ink inspired designs, I just can’t!!! These vendors got together at a new venue in Richmond and the result is just so inspiring to me. Hope you all love it as much as I do!

ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures5 ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures13 ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures2

This shoot was a collaboration of many talented vendors. The florist used a photo of a tattoo to create her pieces. The venue is a new wedding venue and is very rural. You can see from the photos that elements that were used to tie into the colorful palate of tattoos! The invitation was actually a thin piece of wood-like material!

ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures8 ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures10

The organizer of the shoot wanted a Rockabilly meets Midsummer dream feel. I think we accomplished this. The couple was married about a year before the shoot. The dress is from Bygones (listed below) however, bits of tulle from the bride’s mother’s prom dress are sewn into the inside to create the crinoline effect.

ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures3 ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures11 ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures1

As a photographer, I looked for inspiration around the venue. One of the photos I love is in the main house where I combined their wall decoration (which was a crate and barbwire) with the invitation and a rockabilly cupcake- I think this is great summary of the whole shoot! I also wanted to achieve an overview effect of the venue and a general feel of the day. Attached is a photo of me in the “bucket” taking one of the shoots of the day.

ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures14 ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures16 ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures17 ultimate rockabilly wedding inspiration ideas pictures4

Vendors ~> Venue: Moon Valley Weddings | Photographer: DG Photography | Organizer: No Ordinary Ordained | Coordinator: Occasions by M&K | Florist: Sarena Floral Designs | Hair: Bobby Pins & Blush, Susan Harris | Make-up: Bobby Pins & Blush, Sarah Lytle | Cake: Sweet Pink Bakery | Dress: Bygones | Paper Goods: Staccato | Couple- Caroline and Charles Oxley

Thou & Preston’s DC Memorial Anniversary Pictures & Marriage Advice

washington dc anniversary pictures (8)

Images: Mathy Shoots People via Two Bright Lights

If you see me today, I am probably mainlining coffee & attempt to soothe my busted feet as I worked a wedding yesterday and didn’t have the Sunday to rest (and stretch and sleep) it off before heading back to the day job. Luckily, despite the rain (seriously, WTF with this rain?!!??!), we had a pretty good week. Full of play dates, movie nights, Netflix, and Alyson & Joe’s beautiful wedding at JBPC yesterday. Almost good enough to forget the horrid stretch of 5am wake-ups Evie has been in. Almost.

For today we have a DC anniversary session!! A travel-happy couple that loves to get pictures taken in the cities they visit (uh, how cool!). Thou & Preston happily shared some marriage & wedding planning advice and I know you guys are going to love the images. Happy Monday Romancers.

washington dc anniversary pictures (7) washington dc anniversary pictures (9)

The best thing about being married is getting to come home to your best friend. I get to spend the rest of my life with my favorite person.

The hardest to learn was how to deal with the in-laws. Luckily moving half way across the country solved that problem:)

washington dc anniversary pictures (4)

Our advice is that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Communication and compromising is important. We put each other first. Everyone else and work comes after.

washington dc anniversary pictures (6)

(Thou also does photography and brought along her Hassleblad for some great photos! )

washington dc anniversary pictures (2) washington dc anniversary pictures (3)

Our biggest wedding planning regret was not having a smaller wedding. I would rather have a smaller, intimate wedding party than something big. We would have done the wedding party size and hired a different photographer if we got married all over again.

washington dc anniversary pictures (5)

Katie & Adam’s Offbeat, Personalized Barn Wedding in Maryland

maryland barn wedding (2)

Images: Daysy Photography submitted via Two Bright Lights

Katie & Adam love Horses, Dogs, HARRY POTTER and Swords. So naturally I wanted to feature their wedding here. I love this wedding because it’s beautiful in its simplicity. The couple made choices for their wedding, completely based on their relationship and their family and the things they love in life.

Katie & Adam Mrs and Mr Session

We met online using ChristianMingle.com. Katie winked at Adam – she thought he was adorable in his picture winking and pointing to the camera and he was amazed that someone so beautiful would wink at him! We talked via email for a few months and then decided to meet in person. On our first date we went to dinner at a local restaurant, went to get snowballs and then talked for the next 4 hours outside by the pool.

Katie & Adam Mrs and Mr Session

The proposal:

We were on vacation in an amazing hotel on the beach in Treasure Island, Florida celebrating our one year anniversary. We had just gotten back from a great dinner from a local 5-star seafood restaurant when Adam left the room for a minute. When he came back in, he surprised Katie with her anniversary gift – a small box! When Katie opened the box, she was at first confused – it appeared to be a ‘golden snitch’ locket from Harry Potter (her all time favorite movie and book series). She thought the gift was really cool at first and was looking it over when she noticed a hinge on one side of it. Katie almost couldn’t open the locket and tried to give it to Adam to open it for her, but she finally got it open. The inside written in Harry Potter script read “Will You Marry Me” – and that is when Katie stopped speaking. Adam got down on one knee, opened up the ring box (upside down by accident) and asked Katie to be his wife. Adam had a whole speech prepared for this occasion, but all that he could get out at the moment was “You make me so happy, Katie will you marry me?” Katie thankfully said yes and Adam is lucky enough to be able to spend his future with her.

maryland barn wedding (4) maryland barn wedding (3)


Meg & Kayla’s Intimate, Art Deco Inspired DC Wedding

View More: http://cyorkphotography.pass.us/capitaromance-kaylaandmeg

Images: CYork Photography

Today we have a modern, intimate DC elopement to share – two lovely ladies that first met on Tinder, but quickly grew to a lasting friendship and eventually a relationship! They shared personal vows with family & friends and through an intimate wedding at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC. Love their art deco inspired design! Check it out.

omni shore hotel modern same sex elopement dc wedding3 View More: http://cyorkphotography.pass.us/capitaromance-kaylaandmeg

Meg and Kayla are one of Tinder’s rare true love stories. They first laid eyes on each other on a phone screen and it was love at first swipe. Kayla recalled in her vows that she was immediately smitten over Meg and just knew she had to meet her. They met in person for the first time at the Dc Zoo. They had a connection neither could ignore and friendship and flirting quickly became more. After a whirlwind courtship they found themselves back at the very same zoo, Kayla on one knee, ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

omni shore hotel modern same sex elopement dc wedding1 omni shore hotel modern same sex elopement dc wedding2 View More: http://cyorkphotography.pass.us/capitaromance-kaylaandmeg

When selecting a venue they agreed the both wanted to be close to the zoo which had been the background of such huge moments in their relationship, so just a few blocks away at the historic Omni Shoreham Hotel they planned their intimate “big” day. Meg allowed the glam of the hotel’s interior architecture and rich, lively history to shape the glamorous Art Deco theme of the wedding. With only 25 guests standing in formation around them, they said their own vows in front of the courtyard fountain and were presented as wife and wife by Meg’s sister.

omni shore hotel modern same sex elopement dc wedding6 View More: http://cyorkphotography.pass.us/capitaromance-kaylaandmeg

A few of the notable details were Meg’s pear shaped engagement ring, Kayla’s stylish socks (which she will tell you look her ages to find), and Meg’s wonderfully simple yet glamorous bridal attire: a BeBe top, Etsy tulle skirt, and amazing jewelled headpiece from Nordstrom.

View More: http://cyorkphotography.pass.us/capitaromance-kaylaandmeg View More: http://cyorkphotography.pass.us/capitaromance-kaylaandmeg omni shore hotel modern same sex elopement dc wedding4 omni shore hotel modern same sex elopement dc wedding5 View More: http://cyorkphotography.pass.us/capitaromance-kaylaandmeg

Vendors ~>Photography: CYork Photography | Cupcakes: The Icing Baking Company ( with DIY glitter zoo animal cupcake toppers to tie in their the couple’s of the DC Zoo) | Flowers: Wehmans Floral Shop | Invitations and guest book: Vista Print | Venue and Catering: The Omni Shorham Hotel, DC

Giveaway: Win a Custom, Personalized Wedding Venue Print


Images: Jenn Heller Design Co.

It’s been FAR too long since we’ve hosted a giveaway here on the blog. But I am exciiiiiiiited for this one. One of Jenn Heller Design Co‘s new products/services is her stunning hand-painted watercolor pieces. She makes this amazing watercolor portraits of people’s pets (buy here) and also offers a personalized prints of your wedding venue. What a COOL gift idea or wedding keepsake to treat yo’ self with!

To continue celebrating the new brand launch & new products, Jenn is giving away TWO 8×10 prints to TWO lucky winners!!! To enter, simply leave a comment on this giveaway using our Rafflecopter widget at the bottom, OR leave a message on our instagram post (or do both for two chances to win). Your comment MUST include your wedding venue or you will not be entered.



Each winner will receive an 8×10 print of their wedding venue (not the original watercolor painting) in elevation, in full colour or tinted monochrome.  The print can be personalized or not per the winner’s preference (personalization options above). Giveaway win can be for a gift (IE does not need to be your own wedding venue), as long as the venue meets the listed requirements.



Venue does not need to be located in the DC area but must be located within the US, and the winning print can only be shipped to a location inside the US.

Venue must feature a building – outdoor garden venues with no building are not eligible.

Venues must be open to the public for weddings – private homes are not eligible for this giveaway.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas : Cotton, Lily of the Valley & Garnet

capro 2nd anniversary guide

It’s been a week. Andy was in California for the most of it and I always get so beat doing the single parent dance. We also have Evie’s first birthday party (of course I’ll be posting pictures on Instagram) this weekend and I have SO MUCH TO DO to prepare. Signs to make, decor to put together, and ALL the food to buy! I’d be lying though if I didn’t admit that I am kind of excited for the little favors we are making for all her cousins & baby friends (yes she has baby friends!). I hope to get some good pics to share on the blog, but in the meantime, we have an anniversary gift guide to share today! A few months ago we shared our first wedding anniversary gift guide and today we’re back with ideas for the second year. The second year is cotton, so here’s our thoughts:

#1. Have your vows printed on a canvas or pillow. I got ours designed by local graphic designer Hitchcock Creative & Rexmake also does KILLER vow prints (with gold foil) that would look SO sick on canvas!

#2. Does your partner have a favorite sports team? Grab a new t-shirt (like The Bryce is Right shirt above) or cap with their favorite team, along with tickets to a game for a fun date night!

#3. Spice things up in the bedroom with a customizable Game of Love sheet set!  

#4. If you and your partner love pour over or cold brew coffee, stock up on some reusable coffee socks

#5. I don’t know anyone that couldn’t use another storage bin to help tidy up their home or apartment. Check out these canvas, monogrammed bins from Aisle Always Love!


What’d we miss?! Add your cotton gift ideas in the comments!

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