Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration & Ideas at Norfolk Botanical Garden

Images: Dragon Studio

We’re fighting some illness here in the Ryback household. Evie seems to be on the upswing (after some serious non-sleeping and coughing earlier this week) but Andy is totally done. I woke up feeling like I was starting to head down the cold hill too – so fingers crossed I can fight it with copious amounts of Vitamin C, Zinc, and spin class later today (sweat it out, right?!).

From the styled shoot vendors:

Working with a company called Joyful Send-off, a nonprofit organization aimed and showcasing the harmful effects that balloons can have on our environment, and providing fun and gorgeous eco-friendly alternatives, Dragon Studio & I worked together to design and implement something that showcased just how beautiful your wedding can be, while still being environmentally conscious. We hope you love the details – from the use of recycled paper, to even using a gown that was hand-beaded and created locally.

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Nancy & Matt’s Fun, Urban-Chic, Modern Winery Wedding in Norfolk, Virginia

Images: The Girl Tyler via Two Bright Lights

Guys you are gonna LOVE this one. I’ve never seen someone do a modern/urban-chic take on a Winery (especially one in Virginia) – but there was no burlap, no mason jars, no burlap in sight! Instead this amazing couple (with the most infectious smiles) use lights, minimal decor & a stunning metallic wedding dress & bridesmaids dresses, to take a super fun twist on a winery wedding. And did I mention how contagious their smiles are in these pictures? Well fine, don’t just take my word for it – I guarantee you will be smiling too by the end of this post!

Our mantra for wedding planning was “nothing has to be anything.”

We wanted to throw a party with good food, good drinks and good music. Nothing had to match anything else or fit any certain theme. Nancy is a hardcore introvert and we wanted to have a celebration with just enough pomp and circumstance for it to feel like a special day without there being too much pressure. We got a friend who is a local sketch and improv comedian to officiate, and our friend who is a graphic designer gifted us the design for the invites.

Kristi & Lee’s Fashionable, Chic Engagement Pictures in Annapolis, Maryland

Images: Karlin Villondo Photography

Happy Tuesday Romancers – sorry for being a day late with your weekly engagement pictures post! The weekend got the best of me, with J&P’s wedding on Saturday, an 8 mile run that killed my legs, and a non-sleeping Toddler … well it wasn’t exactly a restful weekend. We also got together with my sisters last night for dinner and had WAY too much fun over in Arlington :) Looking forward to slowly easing into the week and catching up on things: namely, SLEEP.

Two people fell in love all because of a karaoke bar and a jello shot…. We were both at The Waltz Inn for birthday parties of different friends. It was getting later in the night and things tend to get [black out] rowdy at the Waltz. If you’ve ever been to the Waltz, you’ve probably had a jello shot at one point – you just may not remember. My friend Nick was passing out jello shots and took one with whipped cream and smashed it in my face. Well I thought it would be a great idea to wipe my face off on the shirt of the stranger to my right (sorry, Pat)! The guy ended up being there with Lee and his friends…. Lee’s version of the next part of the story was that he wasn’t sure how Pat was going to react, so he intercepted and bought me a beer. We ended up talking for the rest of the night and before I left, Lee told me (this is my favorite part) to grab a pen and paper and take down his number…. because, ya know, cell phones couldn’t take numbers or anything

Reinaldo & Dan’s Intimate Washington DC Wedding at Meridian Hill Park & Maple

Images: Chris Ferenzi Photography 

A super sweet & intimate DC wedding on the blog today. An adorable couple at one of the best outdoor wedding ceremony locations in DC – Meridian Hill Park. Happy Thursday all.

Dan and I first met in June 2010 in Porto Alegre, Brazil at a party thrown by mutual friends. We were both new in the city, so we were almost was up for something that would allow us meeting new people. There were only three months I was living there. I’ve moved to Porto Alegre from my hometown Braslia in order to pursue a masters in urban and regional planning. Dan was there for the summer to study Portuguese, what was going to be useful for his future fieldwork in Brazil that he planned on doing to obtain his Ph.D. in anthropology.

We very quickly became friends and started spending time together. During the whole month of July I was traveling because it was winter break for us there. I went back to Porto Alegre for a weekend before going to Braslia to fathers day, and that was when we finally got together. On the next week Dan was in Braslia, met all my family and we had our first road trip.

Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Leather, Sunflower & Moonstone

I‘m always bemoaning the lack of content coming in my inbox these days, when Kara kindly reminded me that she had set me up with a TON of wedding anniversary gift guides. We knocked first wedding anniversary and second wedding anniversary gift guides out EONS ago, so apologies for the break, but we’re back for year #3.

Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Motifs: Leather/ Sunflower/Moonstone

#1: Moonstone Pendant Necklace from Mallory Shelter Jewelry

Brought to you by one of my favorite jewelers in Washington, DC, Mallory Shelter has a GORGEOUS moonstone pendant necklace in her shop. (hmmm *adds to cart*).

#2. Moonstone & Lapis Dual Ring from Rachel Pfeffer

This moonstone & lapis ring is to die for – just like everything else on Rachel Pfeffer’s Shop. A great gift idea from another local, DC jeweler!

#3. Leather DC Pouch from Stitch & Rivet

If you are looking for ANYTHING leather than look no further than Stitch & Rivet. I LOVE everything Stitch & Rivet! They have amazing leather bags, pouches, and wallets for everyone! This DC branded leather clutch is EVERYTHING but you really cannot go wrong with any single item from Katie’s shop.

#4. Leather 6-Pack Holder from Milwaukee-based Fyxation

Does your partner like beer and biking? Then how about this leather 6-pack holder that attaches to your bike.

#5. Field Trip to McKee-Beshers Sunflower Field in Maryland

(Photo by Jane Godfrey via Washington Post)

This last one is more of a field trip – an afternoon activity you and your partner could spend together, celebrating year #3 of marriage and frolicking in acres and acres of SUNFLOWERS! Thirty acres of gorgeous sunflowers that won’t be there forever ~ so head on over now!

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