Jordan & Colleen’s Modern, Pink & White, Mormon Wedding in Washington, DC

Images: Dragon Studio via Two Bright Lights

Late to the blogging party today guys! But the shades of pink in this real DC wedding are ON POINT because the cherry trees in my neighborhood are ALREADY blooming. I don’t think I am ready to say bye to winter just yet (Evie didn’t even get to play in any snow), but it’s been nice to be biking to work, and spending weekends at the playground with her. But also, I am terrified for our climate and my allergies are already starting … but also WARMTH. So yes, I am conflicted.

But here’s a gorgeous modern Mormon DC wedding to help distract us from the conflicted feelings on the weather (oh and everything else going on).

The day started off being cold and windy and rainy but held off long enough for us to take some fantastic photos of the family and bridal party around the garden areas of the temple.

We decided to get married on what turned out to be one cold, windy and rainy day in April. As active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there was no doubt that we wanted to get married in one of the church’s temples. Since there is no temple in Virginia, we decided to get married at the Washington, DC Temple.

A temple marriage is a private ceremony, but friends and family were eagerly waiting to greet the newly married us, as we walked out of the temple that seemed like something out of a fairytale with it’s marble structure and elegant features.

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Meet Goodshuffle: The Best & Easiest Wedding and Events Rentals Website

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Image: Goodshuffle

Sourcing rentals for your wedding or event can be a total headache for a few reasons. Once you get over the shock of the cost of renting a single chair, you’ll ask yourself – does everyone in this area charge XX for a chair? Do I really have to go search each, individual rental companies’ websites to see offerings & pricing? Man, it’d be easier to just search one place to get a list of all the rental items (with price comparison) I might need, AND be able to book the rentals right then and there – a one-stop-shop, that lets you actually “add to cart” and schedule your delivery for your rentals.

Well you’re in luck because someone created Goodshuffle for this exact reason. Goodshuffle (made in DC!) was started with the sole purpose of simplifying the event rentals business. Their online marketplace makes it so much easier to find the most affordable prices for whatever your event rental needs might be, and saves you time by centralizing the rentals shopping & scheduling process (More time? Surely something every couple planning a wedding needs).

Goodshuffle has a good deal of tools on their website as well, all with the purpose of HELPING you! You can search through collections to use as an inspiration (what all might I need for a romantic, winery wedding?).

Planners or DIYers can use the tent calculator and tablecloth calculator to help make decisions. Never rented a tent for an event before? The tent calculator helps you to decide the type & size of tent you might need.

Likewise, the tablecloth calculator helps you to decide the size of a linen you will need based on your table sizes. (Side note: this tablecloth calculator tool is almost FUN to play with, but also SUPER useful. I’ve personally worked weddings where the couple opted to buy or rent their own linens and as I dressed the tables, the linens didn’t quite meet the floor so you could still see some not-so-event-ready table legs. Don’t make this mistake!)

You can compare prices, create different carts for your different events, and even schedule deliveries, all through the website.

Goodshuffle isn’t staying put either – they’re planning on adding more tools and products in the near future – including a software for event rental companies to use this month! Stay tuned and check out their site for more information on what’s coming next. I’m gonna go head back over to that tablecloth calculator ;)

*this is a sponsored post. this vendor paid to have this content shared on our blog, however, it was verified that this event was confirmed to meet our requirements and mission*

Jaysen & Christopher’s DC Engagement Pictures at the National Mall

Images: Chris Ferenzi Photography via Two Bright Lights

Hope you guys enjoyed the 3 day weekend and holy crap THIS WEATHER. We spent a good deal of the long weekend outside, enjoying the parks & slides of NE DC with Evie. She returned the favor with only sleeping 3 hours on Saturday night. That was fun. But T & J’s awesome Whittemore House wedding was the best distraction from the lack of sleep, and I enjoyed some serious downtime yesterday to try & make up for it. Looking forward to a short work week (even though Andy will be traveling over the weekend) & getting back into a routine. Here’s an awesome DC engagement session to get your week going.

How they met:

“We met on a crisp fall evening in October 2013. Jaysen had just finished a performance of Measure for Measure at the Shakespeare Theatre and Christopher was returning to the city from a Halloween party at his brother’s house. We wandered around the Gallery Place and Penn Quarter neighborhoods (not far from where we’re getting married!) talking and learning a little bit about each other. Two nights later, we had our second date. Jaysen was fascinated by Christopher’s large family and Christopher wanted to learn everything he could about Jaysen’s life as an actor. Two nights after that, we had our third date, and though it was still early, we both knew that we were falling in love with someone special.

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Fall, Romantic Vineyard Wedding Inspiration in the Virginia Mountains

Images: Megan Vaughan Photography

It’s been a long week. I am very much looking forward to treating myself to a massage tomorrow, working my 2nd wedding of 2017, and then enjoying a day off from the day job on Monday. Hope you guys enjoy the weekend. Here’s some BEAUTIFUL details from a Virginia mountain wedding.

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Jennie & Jeff’s Modern, Metallic Northern Virginia Wedding at Virtue Feed & Grain

Images: Porter Watkins Photography

Jennie & Jeff were one of those couples that I could tell by the inquiry, that I just had to coordinate their wedding. After attending so many weddings as guests, they were sick of the same old traditions and wanted to through a party that was true to themselves – full of flash tatts, Penn State winks, metallic golds, a splash of DIY projects, and one HECK of a party. I only wish I could have seen the pinata part of the evening for myself (yes they had a legit pinata at their reception) but I was 8 months preggo when I worked this one and Alesha took over for me during dinner!

You guys are going to LOVE the details from this one, lots of steal-worthy ideas & Porter Watkins crushes the pictures as usual. Here’s all the details from Jennie!!

When we started planning our wedding, we knew we would have a lot of folks traveling in for our wedding (I grew up in Pittsburgh, Jeff grew up in upstate NY & spent some time in CA after college) so while it wasn’t a destination wedding for us, we looked at every detail and really made an effort to customize, DIY or put our own spin on everything we could to showcase our love of the DC Area & each other.


In an effort to minimize flowers, the bridesmaids carried burlap purses I found on etsy & embellished to match their dresses/earrings.  I carried a burlap/brooch bouquet that Jeff’s mom made & the guys wore corsages that I made from burlap, each with a lego character that represented them.

I found Porter Watkins on the Capitol Romance blog and really liked her style.  It stood out to me that she captured people enjoying themselves & I think that translated into our pictures.  We decided to do a first look to maximize our time with guests after the ceremony.  Those pictures of just us are some of my favorites!

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