Drew & Kelly’s DIY, Family-Oriented, Coral & Grey Wedding

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Images: Cynthia Shipp Photography

When your brother is the groom and the bride is (now) your sister-in-law, the regional requirements of your blog can be ignored. So while Drew & Kelly tied the knot up in Connecticut this past September, and technically this is a DC area blog, the details of their wedding & love story were too perfect to not share. Plus I had the absolute HONOR to serve as their officiant, and so naturally I needed to share this moment with you all. Warning, it’s next to impossible to narrow down pictures that you have such an emotional attachment to, to this one is picture heavy. Happy Thursday you guys.

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We knew we wanted our family involved in everything!  We decided that our wedding parties would be strictly family – Drew’s sisters and brother-in-law’s and Kelly’s brother and step-sister were all included in the wedding party.  Even at the last minute Kelly’s teenage step-brothers became “flower-boys!”

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While working on wedding planning it was very important to us that the ceremony fit our personalities and was meaningful to us.

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Our ceremony included many family elements along the way as well!  Each of our bridal party pairs walked into the ceremony holding their babies (our 4 “flower babies!”) and we recessed from the ceremony with our 8 month old to a live acoustic guitarist version of “Send Me on My Way” by the Rusted Roots!

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We were married under a gazebo overlooking a small reservoir at dusk! We decided who better to ask officiate than Bree – Drew’s sister and wedding coordinator extraordinaire! She knew us and knew what we wanted so she was the perfect officiant fit. She did the most amazing job making us laugh, making us cry, and simply just making us feel comfortable!

^excuse me while I go cry again, after reading these amazingly kind words from Kelly. Love you guys. I was HONORED to be your officiant!

Coral Grey Mill on the River Connecticut DIY Wedding Pictures7

 During the ceremony our mom’s read excerpts from two children’s books – Kelly works in early childhood so this was important to her!  Drew’s mom read from “Oh the Places You’ll Go” while Kelly’s mom read from “The Velveteen Rabbit”.

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^ I tried HARD not to tear up myself during the ceremony. No one wants to see the officiant crying … butttt I couldn’t help it. Everything was just so damn beuatiful, and I was SO happy, and OK, only 5 months post-partum, so let’s just blame that ;-p

View More: http://cynthiashipp.pass.us/drewandkelly Coral Grey Mill on the River Connecticut DIY Wedding Pictures6

We were far from traditional when planning our wedding – our men wore tangerine converse and picked out their own gray suits, our girls wore coral pumps and picked out their own gray dresses!  Overall, we stuck with a gray theme with highlighting undertones of coral and gold.

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Bride to Be Guest Blogger: Our DIY Wedding Centerpieces


Our guest blogger Carolyn is back again, taking her DIY frame serving trays and making them into their final, wedding centerpieces. They came out SO SO good, incorporating both her DIY project and the floral stylings of EightTreetStreet. Check it all out below:

DIY Wedding Centerpieces | By: Carolyn Thomb

For Jon & I’s wedding I knew I didn’t want a cookie-cutter setting for the reception and that for the most part I wanted a different centerpiece for each table. I thought this would add to the over-all feel of the wedding that I was going for, slightly eclectic and vintage-y with some modern pieces added.


So with this in mind I got together with Maribel, of EightTreeStreet and our floral stylist, to come up with some great centerpiece options created with some of the pieces I have collected or made for the wedding. It was such a fun day and she truly amazes me everytime I work with her because of how effortless it is for her to grab some flowers and create a beautiful masterpiece.

This is the formula a created for us to stick to as a guideline for us as well as any other brides looking to do this without help.

Step 1. Use a Tray (like our DIY Frame Serving Tray tutorial) or just a piece of tile, which can be bought from Home Depot for a fairly low price.

DIY wedding centerpieces

Step 2. Use any of the following (choose 1-3) items:

  • large vase
  • candle stick
  • votive glass
  • wine glass
  • small jar
  • tumbler
  • mason jar, etc…


Step 3. Use any of the following (choose 1-3)

  • tall tapered candle
  • flowers
  • crystals
  • tea lights
  • greenery


Add them together and you get a simple, but beautiful DIY centerpiece for Reception or Cocktail Hour


Introducing the “DIY” Capitol Romance Wedding Planner – Download, Print, Plan


Holy Moly am I excited to be dropping this news today. This one has been in the works for weeks (ok, months) and I am SO STOKED to finally get this off my to-do list and out into the world.

Today we are OFFICIALLY making the Capitol Romance Wedding Planner accessible to even more couples – by setting up a PDF printable version so that you can purchase, download, and print at home, to make your own customized wedding planning binder, with all the goods that our planner includes.

Boom. Wedding Planning Made Easy.

Just visit our online store, select the “DIY” Wedding Planner Download (only $15!):


We’ll get your order and send you the PDF:


You can pick any of the current cover options in Hot Pink:


cover options

Then you just print at home:


3-hole punch your print out:


And boom – you’ve got your very own Capitol Romance Wedding Planner, ready to rock your wedding planning and start saving money AND sanity.


We can’t wait to see your DIY planners – be sure to tag us (@capitolromance) in any pictures you take of it!

Upcoming Event: Ask the Newlyweds with GayWeddings

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Join GayWeddings and a Panel of just-married couples at the WeddingWire HQ to hear first-hand what they learned from planning their wedding! “Ask the Newlyweds” will feature three, super cool same-sex newlywed couples that plan to have a laid-back, real-talk chat about what it’s REALLY like to plan a wedding, share some advice, and be free to answer questions.

The event is open to ALL couples (plus their crew!) but space is limited and RSVPing is required.

RSVP here!

The event will feature cocktails, the MOST delicious treats from Buttercream Bakeshop (seriously, the best) and tunes by DJ Tezrah. For more information check out the website. Hope to see you there!

modern same sex orange themed DC wedding (18)

Image: Mathy Shoots People

Vol 7: The Real Life of a Momprenuer: Real Life is Not Full of White Backgrounds


I follow some other fellow moms and a general mom lifestyle account on Instagram and these past few weeks I can’t help but get frustrated at the images they post. Staged, polished, perfected, and (my biggest grudge) full of eternal white backgrounds.

White walls, white bed sheets, white onesies, white everything.

Why does this irritate me so, you might ask? Because anyone with a kid (or let’s be honest here, anyone that has ever even just met a kid), knows that kids are insanely messy. Putting Evie on a white comforter would give me heartburn as I know it would be only a matter of seconds until she did something to stain it.


But I am going to take this one step further and say that to me, these endless white backgrounds and staged photos give the impression that these women’s lives are pristine, clean, and perfect. But that is not real life. Real life is messy. Real life is dirty. And real life is unpredictable. And having a kid only augments those things. I see these pictures and I get funny images of the reality behind it … “no wait, we can’t take a picture until we find a white wall!”.

And seeing endless images of perfectly clean and staged images of kids is not inspiring to me, it’s exhausting. Because my life most certainly does not look like that (it looks much more like the image above – messy hair on my head, attempting to keep Evie from my laptop, and no white backgrounds in sight), and I can’t imagine that in reality, anyone else’s life is really like that either.

So why do we put these images on social media? If this isn’t reality, then what’s their point? I really don’t know. But I can guarantee you that you probably won’t ever see pictures like this on my social accounts, because in all honesty, as a mompreneur, I don’t have the time to stage my images, or spend extra time searching for that perfect white background. I am much too preoccupied with my perfectly messy, dirty, & unstaged life.

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