Giveaway: Win a Custom, Stoneware Wedding Ring Holder

Giveaway: Enter to Win a Custom, Handmade Stoneware Wedding Ring Holder

Thanks to the ever-awesome Love, Lori Michelle, I was introduced to another talented, local DC artist that makes custom items for weddings & special events – this time, from pottery! Meet Sarah (the lady behind Why Food Works) and check out her pottery company, Stoneware By Sarah. You can check out her Facebook page, Stoneware By Sarah, or the store to order a customized piece. All the pots are fired at over 2000F, so they’re oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe! She even has an entire “wedding collection” of pieces that would make for an awesome, local DC wedding gift idea!


A bit about Sarah & her pottery company:

Sarah has been doing pottery for 2 years – she started on a whim, and now thinks she’s hooked for life.  Her main business is nutrition – doing healthy, interactive dinner parties in people’s homes – so it only makes sense that her hobby ends up on the table, too!  After seeing some glass-bottom pieces in a studio, she got the idea to give wedding gifts to friends with glass from the wine served at their reception melted into the bottom of mugs, ring dishes, and spoon rests.  It’s a perfect way to preserve the memory of the day, and would be a great use of the glass broken at Jewish ceremonies, too, since only a small shard is needed to incorporate into the piece!
Pretty rad right?! Well Sarah is giving away a custom wedding ring holder (seen above!) to one lucky reader! Just comment on this post, what you’d use the wedding ring holder for and like Sarah’s Facebook page, and share on Twitter for extra chances to win!


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Let’s Get Personal: New Years Resolution Check-In & Grade

This year I set a New Years Resolution (who didn’t), but I also had some REAL resolve to actually work on the resolution and work to meet it this year. I knew 2014 was going to be a crazy year – personally and professionally, and so far it hasn’t disappointed. With a full set of weddings, starting a new project at the day job, launching the Classifieds, launching the DIY Wedding Workshops, changing up our vendor guide … and SO MUCH MORE, 2014 has already turned out to be one crazy year. And it’s only just May!

So our resolution this year was to work on “follow-through”. Actually doing the things I said I would do. This meant everything from ACTUALLY making that dinner date with a friend or colleague, after the common place “we should get drinks!” is exchanged, to completely some huge projects that we dreamed up and have started. For today’s personal post, I thought it might be fun to check in on my resolution and grade myself for the year so far. Because believe it or not, come June, 2014 is already half-way over (Mind. Blown).

Let’s Get Personal: New Years Resolution Check-In & Grading

offbeat dc wedding blog

I’ll start by saying that this post will include 2 grades, one for my personal life and one for my professional. In both areas I think “follow-through” is important for different reasons. Personally, I had grown pretty tired of the ever-growing flakiness of people in my personal life. Plans are made, and so easily broken or never seen through completion. Cell phones make it too easy to flake out on promises of “texting you later”. Now let’s be honest here. I am 100% guilty of doing this too! Last year I often told friends that I would be somewhere and when the time came, the couch seemed like the better option and that half-truth text message got sent.

“Ah sorry! I didn’t see my phone until just now, probably not going to make it ….” This needed to stop. I needed to be better at following-through on the commitments I made, no matter how informal. So I resolved to do that this year – make those dinner/drink plans we always TALKED about making (but never did).

So far, I’ll give myself a C+ personally (thanks in part to the 2 emails, I literally JUST sent to friends I’ve been meaning to grab drinks with for a few months now). I’m still doing the “sorry I just saw this” text a bit too much, but all in all, I think I’ve been better about making concrete plans with people and actually following through on those plans. The funny thing is – once you ACTUALLY follow-through with the plans, you’ll find that you end up having a GREAT time.

Professionally, I’ll give myself a B. I’ve followed-through on some HUGE things this year already, but there have been 2 projects that fell victim to lack of follow-through on my part. One was probably for the best (and probably won’t come to fruition this year – and that’s OK) but the second, I need to just GET DONE. I’m not sure what it is, but I just can’t bring myself to do the things that need to be done on it.

I guess I should realize that I do have 6+ months left to get my grades up, but hey, at least I am passing ;)

Your turn! How are you doing on your New Years Resolution?

Sarah & Dave’s Modern, Intimate Washington DC Wedding at Fathom Gallery

It’s been far too long since we’ve had Sweet Tea Photography on the blog! But she sent us this darling, modern DC wedding at one of my favorite new(ish) venues in DC and I just couldn’t say no! Fathom Gallery is SO much awesome. Located right in Logan Circle, super industrial meets modern design (the barn doors Sarah & Dave got married under will make you want to move in – I always do every time I’m there), lots of the furniture is provided, and the gallery even prints YOUR photos and hangs them around the gallery during your event!

Seriously. This place is so rad and I am SO pumped that I get to work there in June! I loved how Sarah & Dave used pops of red in their flowers against the sleek, white of the gallery. I also love how even though their wedding was small, it didn’t stop them from having SO much fun once the party started. Thanks again to Sweet Tea Photography for sending us this one!

Sarah & Dave’s Modern, Intimate Washington DC Wedding at Fathom Gallery

modern intimate DC wedding Fathom Gallery


Photography: Sweet Tea Photography | Venue: Fathom Gallery | Wedding Planner: Some Kind of Wonderful Events | Bride’s Dress: Heidi Elnora via Soliloquy Bridal Couture | Catering: 42 Degrees of Catering | Florist: Lynn Vale Studios | DJ: DJ Rich, Bialek’s Music | Celebrant: Capitol Hill Celebrant

2014-05-04_0006 modern DC bride groom

In a truly artful fashion, Sarah and David were married at Fathom Gallery. The couple’s immediate family gathered for a touching and intimate ceremony in front of the gallery’s sliding silver doors (the feature that sold Sarah on the location). Immediately following the ceremony, the rest of the guests hit the dance floor while sporting sunglasses made for the special day, dancing to music provided by DJ Rich from Bialek’s.

modern pink red bouquet

Special touches included linens from the groom’s sister’s wedding for the buffet, framed pictures of the couples hanging throughout the gallery, markers at a dry erase wall for the children to draw on and guests to write greetings and best wishes, and a beautiful roof top deck where guests cool down from dancing.

modern DC bride groom modern intimate DC wedding Fathom Gallerymodern intimate DC wedding Fathom Gallery

Click inside for the rest of Sarah & Dave’s intimate, modern DC wedding at Fathom Gallery.

Corey & Anna’s Cherry Blossom, Washington DC Engagement Pictures

I used to get a TON of “traditional” DC engagement submissions all the time – monument after monument, a million cherry blossoms, and more. But (maybe because I raged against them) it’s been A WHILE since I’ve gotten any and man, I sort of missed them! Don’t it always seem to go ….

So for today we have Matoli Keely Photography sharing Corey & Anna’s beautiful Cherry Blossom, Washington DC monuments engagement session. Classic, gorgeous, and just what I needed today. Take it away Corey & Anna!

Corey & Anna’s Cherry Blossom, Classic Washington DC Engagement Pictures by the Monuments

DC mall engagement pictures

How they Met:

Corey’s cousin, Tyler, met Anna while they were both studying Graphic Design at Harding University. Tyler and Anna became instant best friends. When Corey moved to Alexandria, Virginia in 2010, Tyler insisted that he meet Anna. Tyler’s instincts were right, on January 3rd 2011 Corey and Anna met for dinner at Mai Thai in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Their first meeting went so well that Corey kissed Anna that night and they have been together ever since.

DC mall engagement pictures DC mall engagement pictures DC mall engagement pictures DC mall engagement pictures DC mall engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of this gorgeous DC engagement session – including a shot of that engagement ring AND the proposal story!

Last Call for Alcohol – er DIY Wedding Workshop Tickets!

Happy Friday Romancers! We’re interrupting our normal “wedding inspiration” post with a few announcements and links for the weekend instead! I mean, pretty much everyone and their brother wants to be outside drinking and not strapped to a computer, reading a wedding blog anyway. Am I right? So let’s get this going!

Capitol Romance Announcements & Links for the Weekend!

On Tuesday night, we collaborated with Studio DBI & Typecase Industries to design a dinner party for Union Kitchen’s inaugural “Producer’s Dinner”. Or as DC Eater likes to call it, a Potluck on Steroids.

uk20 uk19

We had a BLAST designing something with Studio DBI that was fun, hip, and BRIGHT (of course). We also loved getting to meet so many awesome food and drink purveyors – all working out of Washington, DC! Man I love this city and getting to be a part of events like this!


[Me making friends with the ah-mazing Rare Sweets!]

One last reminder for everyone that ticket sales for our first DIY Wedding Workshop (this Sunday, 2pm to 4pm at the Ulysses Room) END TONIGHT!!! Please please please share with any of your friends and family that might be interested in learning how to make something special for their wedding or event!

diy how to wedding veil DC DIY wedding veil

We were featured on ScoutMob! Check out the awesome write-up they shared here.


And last, but not least, let’s check in with some of the AMAZING things our blog sponsors are doing!

The Happy Couple blogged a gorgeous Spring Maryland wedding!

Stephen Gosling Photo blogged a beautiful Cherry Blossom Engagement session.

Check out Ribbons & Bluebirds IN ACTION at the Indie Bridal Party DIY Paper Rose Station!

Have a great weekend Romancers! We’re pumped for our first May wedding coordination gig and of course the workshop on Sunday! SEE YOU THERE! <3

Arlene & Adam’s Intimate, Washington DC Elopement at Park Hyatt

Arlene and Adam didn’t want a big wedding. They dreamed of a big honeymoon and a perfect, small, elegant but modern ceremony.

So that’s EXACTLY what they did! I am SO pumped to have Val and Sarah on the blog today, sharing Arlene & Adam’s intimate, DC wedding. Arlene’s BHLDN dress is gorgeous, and her cobalt blue heels are WICKED. But really, my favorite thing about intimate weddings are just how meaningful they are. Strip away the money, the huge guest list, and all the crazy decorations and what’s left is really the MOST important part of the wedding day – ya know, the act of two people actually getting married. Take it away you guys!

Arlene & Adam’s Intimate, Washington DC Wedding at the Park Hyatt

intimate modern DC wedding


Photography: Val & Sarah | Bride’s Dress: BHLDN | Flowers: America’s Beautiful Florist | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

About the couple … and why they decided to get married ;)

After 8 years together, we decided to get married shortly after learning that Game of Thrones Season 4 wouldn’t be on the air until April 2014 and we needed SOMETHING to do until then. Seriously, how sweet is Game of Thrones Season 4 going to be!?

cobalt blue bridal heels

On her dress:

 Just bought it online and loved it and kept it. I got it pressed the week before at Besson’s Cleaner’s on 14th in NW and I’m only mentioning that because I had a bear of a time figuring out exactly what people do about wrinkles in wedding dresses. Turns out you can just get it pressed at the cleaners! Who knew? They even put it in a hanger form so that it kept its shape. Best $20 I spent on the whole wedding.

intimate moden bhldn wedding dress modern groom attiremodern bride getting ready

More from Val & Sarah:

They found the perfect setting at the Park Hyatt in Washington DC by holding their ceremony in the Presidential Suite. Wearing a short dress, and a perfect pair of royal blue shoes, Arlene walked to Adam with Thank You For Being A Friend (Yes, the Golden Girls Theme Song) playing in the background. The pair were married in front of their immediate family by a close friend. Perfect. Intimate. And Gorgeous. What more could you ask for?

intimate modern DC wedding intimate modern DC wedding intimate modern DC wedding

Click inside for the rest of Arlene & Adam’s intimate, modern DC wedding!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Water Color Paper Rose

If you somehow missed the party of the year (aka Indie Bridal Party) then you missed the amazing Ribbons & Bluebirds running an AWESOME DIY station to help pimp our DIY wedding workshops, and give attendees a little taste of her mad DIY skills. Today we are sharing the DIY project that Jenn ran at IBP, so you can make them at home, yourself.

Now, the paper flower is nothing new – but Jenn’s tutorial gives us a fresh look at an old favorite – using water colored paper! This slight addition to the tutorial makes the paper flowers a bit more modern, but just as beautiful as if you use maps or sheet music. Take it away Jenn!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a DIY Water Color Paper Rose

diy how to paper rose tutorial

What you’ll need:

diy how to paper rose tutorial

These paper roses are so easy to make, and come out looking great! They don’t take too long to make either, so gather some friends and a bottle of wine or two, and soon you’d have a pile of paper roses for wedding décor! (Check out the corsages and boutonnieres from Eliza and Josh’s wedding posted last week – you too can make these cool roses!) You can use any paper you like – I used a very simple splash of watercolour in the center of these sheets for some colour, but you could try sheet music, wrapping paper, book pages, origami paper, newsprint, and more!

diy how to paper rose tutorial

Start with 3 paper squares, at least 4” across. Start with one, and fold it in half corner to corner (with the paper design on the inside). Fold in half again and half again, each corner to corner, until you have a triangle with folds along two edges and an open top. Just like making snowflakes or paper hearts in elementary school, cut off the top of the open part into a rounded-top petal shape and cut JUST THE TINIEST AMOUNT off the bottom corner to put a hole in the center. Repeat with all 3 squares.

Unfold your petal-triangles into the flat little flower shapes they should now be. If any of the holes in the center are more than about 1/4” across, you’re going to want to recut them – the smaller the center opening, the easier to stack your layers later! It doesn’t have to be a pinprick, just don’t try and use a layer with a ½” hole in the middle.

diy how to paper rose tutorial

From your first paper flower layer, cut out one petal along the fold lines. For the second, cut out a chunk of 2 petals (1/4 of the flower) and for the third, you guessed it, cut out a chunk of 3 petals! Save all the smaller pieces you just cut, as they’re going to form the center of your flower.

diy how to paper rose tutorial

Click inside for the rest of Ribbons & Bluebirds’ DIY Paper Rose tutorial!

David & Garrett’s Heartfelt, Personalized Maryland Wedding at Walkers Overlook

I’ve blogged a ton of weddings in the 3+ years I’ve been running this blog. Some really stick with me, where I can quite vividly call back from memory the images I laid out and the details I typed. This will be one of those weddings. Mostly because of the emotions that you can seriously FEEL coming out of every. single. image that Leo Druker Photography captured. But the natural, laid-back, details also help. Walkers Overlook, a wedding venue in Maryland, gave David & Garrett that a rustic, homey feel they were going for and their wedding vendors just executed the overall wedding day perfectly.

This, my engaged friends, is why you hire vendors that are not only professionals, but are a match to your personality, style, and nuances. Because then they can create a wedding day like this – one that emanates you and your partners’ feelings, desires, and emotions. I seriously feel like I KNOW these two people just from their wedding pictures. And I sure as hell wish I could have been in attendance at this wedding! But enough from me, more from Leo, David & Garrett.

David & Garrett’s Heartfelt, Personalized Maryland Wedding at Walkers Overlook

rustic personalized same sex maryland wedding


Photographer: Leo Druker | Venue: Walkers Overlook | Florals & Lighting: Edge Flowers | DJ: Bruce Pike | Grooms’ Suits: Custom Suits from My.Suit | Officiant: Friend | Catering: Eat & Smile

rustic personalized same sex maryland wedding

We each had our suits custom made from My.Suit ( We wanted to “go,” but not “match.”

rustic personalized same sex maryland wedding

We opted to not have a specific color palate, nor did we intentionally choose any particular colors. We are inspired by natural elements and asked that the decor reflect the time of year (October). Our one main request was that the florals/decor have an unfinished edge and they used stone, metal, and glass to maintain that feeling.

rustic personalized same sex maryland wedding

On their venue:

We wanted a space that felt like it could have been our home and had a rustic edge. They have a vintage car which they allowed us to use as a bar at the reception.

rustic maryland wedding walkers overlook personalized emotional wedding ceremony personalized emotional wedding ceremonypersonalized emotional wedding ceremony

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Garrett & David’s amazing Maryland wedding. Including some seriously amazing dance moves and some awesome wedding details!

Michael & Marissa’s Washington DC Engagement Pictures in Chinatown

A long long time ago we re-launched this little blog here and to celebrate, Stephanie Leigh Photo Design gave away an engagement session and coffee table book to one lucky couple. Michael & Marissa were that lucky couple and we are so excited to get to share their engagement pictures and love story here on the blog today! I love that their love story includes New Jersey (being a Jersey girl myself) and their proposal story is just too cute. I’ll let them take it from here.

Michael & Marissa’s Washington DC Engagement Pictures in Chinatown

chinatown washington dc engagement pictures

Photography: Stephanie Leigh Photo Design | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

chinatown washington dc engagement pictures

How They Met:

Marissa grew up in New Jersey but was a frequent visitor to the northern Virginia area throughout her childhood as she visited close family friends. Without these visits she might never have applied to any Virginia schools and thus would’ve missed out on meeting Michael.

Michael grew up in Falls Church, Virginia and ironically spent his formative Christmases and summers trekking to New Jersey where his father is from and grandparents lived for many years.

Michael and Marissa had many mutual friends at school but their path didn’t really cross until they shared a business class junior year. They became quick friends and Marissa finally began to take a hint as she departed for Christmas break that year with a dozen roses that were left in her dorm room. Nightly phone conversations over break led to an official first date on Valentine’s Day and here we are almost eight years later in the place where it all started, celebrating happily ever after.

chinatown washington dc engagement pictures chinatown washington dc engagement pictures chinatown washington dc engagement pictures

Click inside for a peak at the gorgeous engagement ring AND to read their adorable proposal story!

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