Tiffany & Ben’s Casual Washington DC Engagement Pictures


I was having some issues getting the images together for this post – so I apologize in advance for how late it is. BUT I promise it’s totally worth it. Tiffany & Ben are awesome people. They are laid-back, cool as ice, and have a seriously rad love story. They are getting married this October at one of Baltimore’s coolest wedding venues (the Corradetti Glass Blowing Studio) and I am absolutely honored that they have chosen me to be their coordinator for their wedding day!

They are pretty much the epitome of my ideal couple and I am so excited to get to share their wedding day with both of them! But first, they had a super rad Washington DC engagement session with their photographer, Olivia Jacob Photography. They casually went around their NW Washington DC neighborhood to take some gorgeous images and they so perfectly capture just how calm, collected and IN LOVE these two are!

Tiffany & Ben’s Casual, Washington DC Engagement Session

hipster washington DC engagement pictures

About the couple:

We were born and raised in different hemispheres but somehow had similar upbringings that featured lots of trees, books, church and Led Zeppelin. The differences of a long standing itinerant lifestyle and a commitment to the town of one’s birth converged in 2011 when we both found ourselves living in NW/DC. We were brought together through equally contentious relationships with the internet, a similar appreciation for Doc Martin boots and common recognition of the genius of Nick Cave.

hipster washington DC engagement pictures

Our differences were evident from the start. One of us liked whisky, the other preferred whiskey. Somehow we overcame this. After a particularly compelling Bass Drum of Death show we fell upon the conclusion that we were onto something good. Whisky, whiskey and rock ensued. A vinyl collection started to grow.

hipster washington DC engagement pictures

hipster washington DC engagement pictures

hipster washington DC engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of Tiffany & Ben’s DC engagement session, including the proposal story!

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Locally Source your DC Wedding at the DC MEET Market!

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dc meet market wide

On Saturday there is an awesome event happening from 11am to 5pm in Logan Circle (15th & P St NW)! It’s called the DC MEET Market and its an event full of over 40 local vendors (designers, artisans, local businesses, and food vendors).

Personally, I am extra excited to meet two artists that I have been emailing with (scheming giveaways to come!) Fast Snail and Type Case Industries – BUT there are a TON more awesome vendors worth checking out that could totally help you plan a locally sourced DC wedding!

More on the event, from the DC MEET Market Facebook event page:

Awesome music provided by Rock-n-Romp! In the mood for a summer kid-friendly concert series? You’re in luck! Rock-n-Romp, a local rock show series highlighting local musical talents will be providing music at the DC MEETMarket. We Were Pirates and Your Pal Pete will be performing this Saturday at the market, with music starting at noon. Plus, kids can rock out with free inflatable guitars and temporary tattoos!

Cool, Refreshing, & Healthy! In addition to handing out complimentary samples of their popular drink products at the DC MEETMarket, Honest Tea will be giving away free reusable Honest bags to customers, who purchase $10 or more at this Saturday’s market!

Attention all Zipsters! Bring your friends to Zipcar’s booth at this Saturday’s market, and Zipcar® will give them $40 in referral driving credit! Plus, they will take $30 off of their first year membership fee (just for being your friend) … so you can tell them how sweet it is to be their friend!

Help spread the word to your friends and family on Facebook today

What do you say Romancers – meet me there?! I’ll be there first thing at 11am on Saturday!

Discount: Makeover & Glamor Photoshoot Giveaway Winner

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First things first, in case you missed our social media announcements – we have picked a winner for the most-entered Capitol Romance giveaway to do, the Makeover/Glamor Photoshoot with Anna D Bruce Photography!

Congratulations SARAH for being randomly selected to win!


Thank you SO MUCH for those that entered – and just for entering, Anna has offered to give you all something special, in case you might still want to do a makeover/glamor shoot. For Capitol Romance giveaway entrants only, Anna will offer:

$125 for a single makeover and photoshoot

- or -

$249 for a double makeover and photoshoot


Bookings cannot be made on Saturdays and the offer expires November 15th!

This would obviously make a great gift for a bride or friend in your life! Or really just a little ‘treat yo self‘ opportunity.

Happy Friday Romancers :)

Dan & Maria’s Black & Red Leesburg Virginia Wedding at Lansdowne Resort

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Greetings from my grandma’s chair! I am currently working from home this morning as I wait for our shipment of reclaimed wood for our new downstairs floors. Very exciting! In the blogosphere though, we have a personalized Leesburg Virginia wedding at Lansdowne Resort courtesy of ZADesignz. Dan & Maria were smitten with each other from their very first date. As Maria tells it, their first date was a 3-hour dinner, that followed with a “had a great time” text and the rest, as they say, is history. They used their favorite colors (red and black) for their wedding colors and added some pops of purple and teal to brighten things up for their summer wedding. The result was a super fun wedding with lots of personalized details!

Dan & Maria’s Leesburg, Virginia at Lansdowne Resort

lansdowne resort leesburg virginia wedding


Photographer: ZADesignz | Venue: Lansdowne Resort | Officiant: Diane Stanley | Day-of Coordinator: Steve Kisner (Lansdowne Director of Catering) | DJ: Dan with Premier DJ Services | Photobooth: Photo in a Box | Linens: A Grand Event | Cake: Lansdowne Resort Pastry Chef | Make-up Artist: Amanda with Tres Belle Beauty | Hair Stylist: Lauren with Tres Belle Beauty | Bouquets: Wegmans | Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angel | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

About the couple:

I’m a high school history teacher and Dan is a consultant for Accenture, an Army National Guardsman, and he founded and runs a fitness website (

simple modern wedding updo

teal tie purple boutonniere

The colors started with black and red because that has unintentionally become “our” colors. They were part of the colors of my own high school, college, and the school where I work, plus our kitchen appliances and bedroom had been (coincidentally) done in that color scheme.

Dan suggested we use it, and then we figured since it was summer and that would be a bit dark, we added the teal and purple to brighten it up, and we think it turned out amazing.

artistic bridal shoe shot


Maria decided to go a more nontraditional route with their flowers, relying on Home Goods, Wegmans, and a few other options to put together some DIY wedding flowers:

 Flowers were not a top priority, so we didn’t use any except some inexpensive white tree-like flowers for the ceremony from Home Goods (which the venue staff then put by our “sweetheart” table, which we thought was a really good idea), the boutonnieres (silk roses from, and the bouquets, which my matrons of honor and I went out and bought at Wegman’s and put together the day of the wedding.

purple mini bridesmaids bouquets

Click inside for the rest of Maria & Dan’s Lansdowne Resort, Leesburg Virginia wedding from ZADesignz.

Becky & Greg’s Washington DC Engagement Session

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We’re back with the full set of Becky & Greg’s Washington DC engagement session from Leo Druker Photography. We also have a TON of awesome details from Becky on their adorable love story!Other then the ultimate cute factor happening here in this e-shoot, I am especially digging their sweaters and scarves. Between that and this slightly cooler summer weather we are having, I am SO SO ready for fall!

Anyway, back to Becky, Greg, the love story & adorable Washington DC engagement pictures!

Becky & Greg’s Washington, DC Engagement

washington-dc-engagement-photos-becky-and-greg (1)

Their love story:

Our story is one of pure romance…because it begins with Facebook stalking.  I knew of Greg well before I was even a blip on his radar.  Greg became friends with some of the kids I went to grade school with when he moved to Yorktown, VA in high school, while I spent those awkward years in Springfield, VA.  Then, in college, he studied abroad with one of my high school friends, who ended up formally introducing us in summer 2008 (thanks Frank!).

washington-dc-engagement-photos-becky-and-greg (9)

It all began at Liberty Tavern, where I approached Greg and shared embarrassing stories of all his friends.  After that, I paid Greg little attention until we met again in October after a Girl Talk concert, and he asked me out on a date via text.  We’ll blame that on nerves.  We had our first date at Coastal Flats, and we stayed until they shut the place down.

washington-dc-engagement-photos-becky-and-greg (7)

washington-dc-engagement-photos-becky-and-greg (8)

washington-dc-engagement-photos-becky-and-greg (3)

Click inside for the rest of Becky & Greg’s adorable Washington DC engagement session from Leo Druker Photography – including the proposal story!

Becky & Greg’s DC Wedding Save the Date Video


This blog post begins with one of my favorite activities – internet creeping. Only in this instance, I actually wasn’t doing the creeping (for once), someone at Andy’s job was. A couple weeks ago, Andy sends me this:

The guy who shot the marketing videos for us (Greg) is engaged.  Greg and his fiance were hanging out with my coworker Aaron this weekend, and Aaron somehow mentioned my name.  Greg’s fiance recognized my name from your blog and was freaking out that she had a connection to you and apparently was saying how she can’t even look at your blog or social media anymore because she thinks you’re too cool and that their wedding won’t be nearly as good as ours.  Hahah.  Just thought I’d share.

Internet stalking is SO AWESOME. But, Becky is 100% wrong. I am NOT at all too cool and their wedding will CERTAINLY be just as good (if not better) than ours. Want proof? Well I’ve got it – these love birds shot an amazing Save the Date video for their upcoming Washington, DC wedding and you guys are going to love it. I certainly did :)

Becky & Gre’s Washington DC Wedding Save the Date Video

washington-dc-engagement-photos-becky-and-greg (1)

[Leo Druker Photography]

Becky shares the deets on their save the date video:

I have been a wedding blog junkie for pretty much the entirety of our relationship, and have watched/cried to a number of wedding videos featuring couples who I’ve never met in my entire life.  Greg of course finds this extremely bizarre, but too bad - I love them and that will never change.  When getting estimates for my own wedding video, which I was absolutely set on having, I realized that the cost for such a thing was so astronomically out of my budget, it was never going to happen.  With my heart crushed, I started thinking of other ideas, and then remembered…oh yea, my future husband is a pretty fantastic videographer/editor…maybe we have something here!

We decided to make a save-the-date video and use it as the homepage on our website, which we listed on the postcards our guests received with the wedding announcement.  As we started storyboarding, we came up with the idea of waking up on our wedding day and collecting our bridal party throughout the city.  We meet at the Carnegie Institution for Science at the end, which is where we are getting married this December, and where I work as a Special Events Coordinator.

We enlisted the help of a friend, who graciously shot the groom’s scenes, while Greg filmed me with my bridesmaids and edited everything together.  The video turned out better than I ever could have imagined, and it was so much fun to make with our friends, all of whom we love so much.  Now we have this memory captured on film that we can watch and cherish for years to come (I’ve watched it easily 50 times already).  It’s also a great way for us to set the tone for our wedding, and a lot of our guests have already reached out to tell us how excited they are for December!

What do you think? Do you guys love it just as much as I do!? The song is just PERFECT! Check back this afternoon for the full set of their awesome DC engagement session from Leo Druker Photography.

Brittany & Nelson’s Yellow, Handmade, Rustic Virginia Wedding


Brittany & Nelson’s handmade, rustic Virginia wedding is one of those submissions that makes me eternally happy to be a wedding blogger. Their love emanates from their images and they planned a wedding in the vein of everything I try  to preach here : exactly as they wanted, as a perfect reflection of their selves & and their relationship. Brittany shared this detail that I think perfectly sets the stage for their entire wedding feature:

“We use the term “yellow” to describe how we feel when we’re together – relaxed, golden, happy – and so it was the basis for our wedding colors (as well as the color of my engagement ring!). The wedding ended up being a beautiful mesh of mine and Nelson’s personalities – Nelson’s charcoal modernism and my sweet, sunny vintage with weathered industrial to hold it together.”

So there you have it – a truly yellow wedding, in more than just the color! A special thanks to Holly Cromer Photography for sharing this gorgeous, handmade Virginia wedding on film!

Nelson & Brittany’s Yellow, Handmade Rustic Virginia Wedding

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding


Photographer: Holly Cromer Photography | Videography: East West Production | Cakes: Homemade | Catering: Canton Buffet | DJ: Derrick Davis | Venue: Moose Lodge, Gallax Virginia  | Ceremony Music: Dogwood & Holly Bluegrass Band | Decorations: Handmade or thrifted | Flowers: Wholesale wildflowers arranged by family

How they met:

We met via mutual friends at Waffle House during our first semester of college. I was majoring in Biology with the intention of entering medical school and Nelson was studying religion and ministry. He flirted like crazy and even though I had a boyfriend at the time, I couldn’t deny the incredible spark between us.

A group trip to Charleston, SC and a summer visit later, we were in love! After two and a half years of cafeteria dates, Skype convos, and blissful soulmateship, Nelson whisked me away for a surprise trip ending in a romantic October bayside proposal. We were married that June just after graduation!

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

peonies bride bouquet

Details on their wedding theme:

The wedding was in my charming hometown of Galax, Virginia. Our theme, color, and mood for the day was yellow. We use the term “yellow” to describe how we feel when we’re together – relaxed, golden, happy – and so it was the basis for our wedding colors (as well as the color of my engagement ring!).

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

^ The girl cousins on my dad’s side have a tradition of sewing a piece of our grandmother’s wedding dress into the lining their own. She passed away two years ago so it was a special way to remember her.

We also included a lot of neutral colors and vintage details that complimented the rustic setting in rural Virginia. The wedding ended up being a beautiful mesh of mine and Nelson’s personalities – Nelson’s charcoal modernism and my sweet, sunny vintage with weathered industrial to hold it together.

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

Details on the bride’s beautiful lace, halter dress and inclusion of winks at her late grandmother:

Though I knew from the beginning I was tired of strapless and didn’t want that, it took me trying on about 25 dresses before I realized I wanted classic all-over lace. I found it in an off-the-rack Tara Keely halter that had modern lines but was still delicate in design and easy on the budget. I added a charcoal satin sash as an accent and to compliment my dark-centered anemone bouquet. In addition, I wore some old gold earrings with pearls in the middle, which is reminiscent of her since her name was Pearl.

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

Love the groom’s charcoal grey suit, and yellow tipped Cole Haans:

Nelson picked a Diesel leather-lapel tux jacket to wear with gray suit pants and a black, white, and gray plaid tie. Nelson is all about his kicks, so he rocked Cole Haan LunarGrand wingtips, which were so indicative of the awesomeness that is Nelson.

handmade eclectic small budget virginia wedding

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Nelson & Brittany’s gorgeous, handmade Virginia wedding caught on film by Holly Cromer Photo!

Cass & David’s Northern Virginia Field Engagement Session


This weekend was one of those rare weekends where Andy & I literally had nothing to do. It was ah-mazing. We got house work done, we took the dog on a long walk, we took a day trip to Baltimore to visit AVAM and stopped by Housewerks & Second Chance on our way home. We watched Harry Potter, cleaned the house, and got a TON of relaxing done. I am quite confident we won’t get to have this sort of weekend again until December.

But anyway – there are more important things at hand, like today’s beautiful Northern Virginia engagement session & love story from one of our FAVORITE DC photographers, Tim Riddick Photography. Tim’s images are always some of the most beautiful & raw that I get submitted to me, and I am always delighted to share his work. David & Cass are no different, and their engagement pictures, set amidst a field during “golden house” are magazine-worthy. Check them all out below!

Cass & David’s Northern Virginia Field Engagement Session at Golden Hour

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

[images submitted via Two Bright Lights]

How they met:

Towards the end of the second semester of having almost every class together, David asked Cass out on their first date. He showed up at her door with a bouquet of flowers and they both proceeded to pretend they were respectable and knowledgeable on classy things like wine. A few months later they went on their first ever road trip—to Myrtle Beach.

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

After graduation, they embarked on a six-week trip to Europe. After flying into London, they bought a Euro-pass and traveled by train to Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome. David then flew home and Cass worked as an RA for a U.S. study-abroad program in Florence for a month.

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

After Europe, they both moved to Brentsville on a beautiful six-acre lot on the river. In search of better job opportunities, they moved to Arlington a year later. David worked as a Web Developer in Alexandria and Cass worked as a Project Manager in Rockville, MD. They lived there for three years.

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

golden hour field engagement pictures virginia

Click inside for the rest of these gorgeous images from Tim Riddick Photography & David & Cass’ proposal story!

Washington DC Elopements: A New, Centralized Resource!

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It’s no secret that I LOVE featuring DC elopements and courthouse weddings on the blog. The intimacy & pure reflection of what a wedding REALLY is (the union & commitment of two individuals) is something I love sharing. Recently, I was chatting with one of my favorite DC wedding officiants, Divine Transformation, and Rev. Laura told me that she would be creating a new website (and Facebook page!) that would solely cater towards couples that were looking to elope in DC!


dc elopments

While Rev. Laura created the site specifically with the LGBT community in mind (as DC legalized gay marriage and as a result, has a long wait time to now get married here), she said it’s meant to be a resource for ANY couple looking to elopement in Washington, DC!

The website has everything you need to navigate the DC elopement scene, and it also has a list of participating vendors that offer specialized packages for couples looking to elope! So – any of my vendor friends out there, if you are looking to offer special elopement packages, you might want to reach out to be listed! ;)

Happy Friday Romancers!

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