Christine & Phillip’s Spring DIY Wedding at Top of the Town in Arlington, VA

This Spring Northern Virginia wedding at Top of the Town is REALLY getting me in the mood for pastel colors and sunshine. I LOVE the mix of teal and pink in their color design and the couple kept things eclectic with a mix of understated vintage details. Plus they did their first dance to a Red Hot Chili Peppers song – how awesome is that? Check out Christine & Phillip’s DIY Spring Wedding feature. Thanks to Kirsten Marie Photography for submitting this one to us – a perfect Spring wedding to celebrate the first day of Spring!

Christine & Phillip’s DIY Spring Northern Virginia Wedding at Top of the Town

vintage spring wedding dress northern virginia

Photographer:  Kirsten Marie Photography | Cake Designer: Dama Pastry | Invitation Designer: Mayla Studios | Floral Designer: MelleFleur | Reception Venue: Top of the Town | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

teal bride heels pink bouquet washington dc wedding invitations

We included pastel colors everywhere to deliver a vintage kaleidoscope effect , an eclectic mix of glassware for the fingers to touch, which we’ve also recently noticed to be popular in trendy speakeasies, and pink up lighting that bridged classic ambiance with views of a global city.

vintage spring wedding dress northern virginia simple bridal hairstyle 2014 vintage spring wedding dress northern virginiavintage spring Northern Virginia wedding

Click inside for SO MUCH more from Christine & Phillip’s Spring DIY wedding at Top of the Town

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DIY Tutorial: How to Make a DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

Happy DIY Wednesday Romancers! I am in a fog of lack of sleep after a bachelorette party weekend in AC and then a quick 2 day trip to Florida to visit Andy’s grandpa. So please excuse my grumpiness, typos, and other sleep-deprived nuances. Today we are sharing the last of our 1 Napkin, 3 Projects DIY tutorial series from Ribbons & Bluebirds. We already covered an adorable DIY Bouquet Wrap and a DIY Fabric Bowtie and for today we have a DIY Ring Bearer Pillow!

Our last project is the ring pillow – the final DIY project to tie together some wedding details. Check out the step-by-step tutorial.

How To Make a DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

DIY ring bearer pillow tutorial

What you’ll need:

  • 1 fabric napkin, at least 16×16” square
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Hot glue gun (low heat if you’re like me and end up touching the glue a lot!)
  • Hem tape
  • Ribbon or twine for finishing
  • Cotton batting for stuffing, like you would use for quilting or upholstery.  (If you know you will never use cotton batting again, use jumbo cotton balls instead.)

The last of our napkin DIYs is just as simple as the first two – a ring pillow you can make in half an hour using your iron and hot glue gun!  This is a low key project with lots of ways for you to personalize – add a buttons or appliques, extra ribbons or a band of lace, or just keep it plain and start with a great fabric for personality.

DIY ring bearer pillow tutorial


Step 1. Start with a corner of your napkin (you may want to refer to your cutting diagram if you’re making all 3 projects) and cut a square keeping the two hemmed edges.

Iron a ¼” fold from the raw edges onto the back of the napkin to create a flap to cover the hem tape.  You may also want to clip the corner to help keep it neat and flat.

DIY ring bearer pillow tutorial

Step 2. Cut your hem tape to fit the length of each raw side, and set it under the ironed ¼” fold.  Use your iron to set the hem tape – refer to the hem tape instructions for exactly how long you should keep your iron over the tape, but when you’re done it will be a secure bond and you will now have 4 finished edges of your square.

Step 3. Starting with the finished corner you just made with the hem tape as the “bottom,” fold the bottom and side flaps towards the middle like you’re making an envelope.  The bottom flap edges want to be slightly overlapped by the two side flaps, as this will help you glue.

Step 4. Starting in the corner with a little extra glue, apply a thin band of hot glue to the bottom flap’s edges one side at a time. Press the side flap over the glue band but be careful not to glue the whole thing to the back of the pouch – you want to make sure the middle stays open to receive stuffing. Repeat this with the other side.

Step 5. Cut a strip of batting that is just narrower than the pouch, and about 2 or 3x as long.  Fold this over on itself a few times, and slide it into the pouch.

Step 6. Fold the top flap down, and secure with hot glue if you would like.

DIY ring bearer pillow tutorial

Finish the pillow with ribbons or twine to hold the rings, and you’re all set!

What do you think!?

DIY ring bearer pillow tutorial

We can’t thank Ribbons & Bluebirds enough for sharing this awesome DIY wedding tutorial series! Let us know if you use them and make your own DIY bowtie, DIY ring bearer pillow or DIY bouquet wrap for your wedding!

Wedding Advice: Wedding Invitation “Must Haves” with Little Bird Creative

Today’s Friday Inspiration post comes to us in the form of an educational guest post from Little Bird Creative! Carina, owner of Little Bird Creative, is on hand today to teach us all about wedding invitation “Must Haves”. What does that mean? Well, to put it simply, wedding invitation suites can include a MYRIAD of options. You could get PRETTY carried away when it comes to your wedding invites, but you really don’t have to! I mean, let’s remember here that an invitation, at its core, is mostly a piece of information – a way to provide your guests with the information they need, to properly navigate your wedding weekend. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t include some snazzy envelope liners, or maybe a scratch-off RSVP or maybe even a scratch-n-sniff invitation (man I wish I had a DIY tutorial link for THAT one!), but they aren’t really “Must Haves”. So here’s Carina to break those down for you instead.

Wedding Invitation Must Haves with Little Bird Creative

how to wedding invitations FAQs

[Design & Printing: Little Bird Creative, Letterpress | Image: Sweet Root Village]

Couples often have questions about which stationery items they need for their wedding invitation suite. More and more you see accommodation information, maps, and other cards communicating every detail with guests. Lots of couples enjoy adding envelope liners, folders, etc. You might receive invitations from friends and feel compelled to follow suit, but you really only need a few pieces of elegant stationery to communicate the wedding details to your family and friends.

Here’s a list of “must haves” and what they should communicate. The simplest of wedding invitations should really only require an invite card, a reception card, and an RSVP card!

1. Wedding Invitation Card should be sure to include:

  • the names of the host(s) (either your parents or yourselves)
  • first names of the bride and groom (middle names optional and include your last names if you are also the hosts)
  • date and start time of the wedding
  • wedding ceremony venue name
  • wedding reception venue location (unless it’s the same as the ceremony venue)

how to wedding invitations FAQs

2. Reception Card:

This card is only necessary if the ceremony and reception will be held at different locations. Be sure to include the start time and address of the reception venue (zip code is not required).

how to wedding invitations FAQs

3. RSVP Card:

RSVP cards are the best way to collect the names and attendance numbers as well as the meal choice from guests, if necessary. Traditional suites will include a stamped envelope for guest to return the card, but for more casual weddings couples might use a RSVP postcard.

how to wedding invitations FAQs

It’s also a good rule of thumb to not forget to get Thank You notes too. If you order these with your invites, early on in the wedding planning process, then you will already have them on hand to use after showers and for early gift givers. A good stationery designer or associate will have additional resources to assist you with your specific etiquette needs.
Hard to believe, but that’s really ALL you need when it comes to your wedding invitations! Doesn’t that simplify things a bit!? A special thanks to Little Bird Creative for sharing today’s guest post!

Maureen & Jess’ Intimate DIY Wedding at Bull Run Winery in Northern Virginia

I’m always in awe of couples that plan their wedding from afar. One of the reasons Andy & I opted to get married in DC (instead of in our hometown of NJ) was that I just couldn’t imagine planning from 4+ hours away. I guess I am too hands-on (and let’s face it, just an absolute control freak) to have been able to do that. But for Maureen & Jess, it worked out perfectly. They planned everything from their home in California, DIYing dozens of fabric flowers for the bouquets, bouts, corsages, and decor, and making their own wedding paper products too. Their ceremony was personalized and I love how they got ready in the house that Maureen grew up in. Thanks to Katie Nesbitt Photography for sharing this one, and thanks to Maureen & Jess for sharing personal details and TONS of wedding advice from their Northern Virgina wedding!

Jess & Maureen’s Intimate, DIY Wedding at Bull Run Winery in Northern Virginia

DIY Northern Virginia wedding Bull Run Winery


Photographer:  Katie Nesbitt Photography | Venue: The Winery at Bull Run | Catering: RSVP Catering | Flowers: DIY, by the bride | Paper Products: DIY, by the bride | Officiant: Family Friend | DJ: Marc Augenbaum DJ Services | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

bride purple flats

If you decided to DIY your own paper products (Save The Dates, Invites, RSVP cards, menus, etc), try to figure out whether it would cost you more money and hassle to print at home or to go to Costco or FedEx Office. As it turns out, for all the paper we printed at FedEx Office, we could have bought ourselves a nicer printer and had something to show for it afterward!

DIY wedding invitations

All of the flowers and decorations were DIY’d by us and our families. Making the bouquets was certainly a labor of love that took a lot more time than we had originally anticipated. We never could have finished them had it not been for our amazing bridal party’s help.

DIY fabric flowers bouquet DIY Northern Virginia wedding Bull Run Winery

Our favorite part of the day was the First Look, which was on a Civil War-era bridge next door to our wedding venue. I had been nervous since waking up the morning of our wedding day. When I saw Jess I felt an overwhelming sense of calm. It really set the tone for the entire rest of the day.

DIY Northern Virginia wedding Bull Run Winery DIY Northern Virginia wedding Bull Run Winery

Click inside for so much more from Maureen & Jess’ DIY Northern Virginia wedding – including a ton of advice from the couple on DIYing their wedding & their biggest wedding regret!

Top Alternative Bridal Shower Ideas in Washington, DC Area

A couple weeks ago a former colleague of mine asked for some suggestions for an alternative bridal shower idea. She said that at this point – most of her friends had already done the private restaurant room, sitting in a circle opening gifts thing and they wanted something different this time around. I immediately Googled “alternative bridal shower ideas in DC” and while I was pumped to see an old blog post of mine pop-up first, the rest of the hits were pretty lacking. So I did some asking and some digging and came up with my own list for her, which naturally makes a really great blog post for me.

Alternative Bridal Shower Ideas for the Washington DC Metro Area

Most of the suggestions revolve around DOING something, instead of just sitting around playing traditional shower games. Lucky for us, we live in an awesome area, full of AWESOME creatives, so I found some pretty great ideas. Here we go!

1. Take a Cooking Class


Andy & I recently took a class at Hills Kitchen in Capitol Hill and it was AWESOME. This would be SO fun to do with a group of friends. We learned a lot and got to eat some yummy food. Plus, after the class, there are plenty of places nearby & walkable to keep the party going.

2. Winery Tours


[Mollie Tobias Photography]

There’s a LOT of wineries just out the Beltway, including Paradise Springs, Bull Run, Barrel Oak and the list goes on. I also found Vinthill Craft Winery which let’s you make your own wine too! Spending an afternoon with your favorite people, sipping wine and enjoying the beautifully scenery of Northern Virginia wineries? I mean, what’s not to like here….

3. Crafting Classes


[Meant to Be Calligraphy Facebook Page]

There are tons of artists in the Washington, DC area that host workshops for you to learn their craft. My favorite ladies with Typecase Industries often host letterpress workshops, and  Meant To Be Calligraphy hosts Calligraphy Workshops!

We’ve also launched our own DIY Wedding Workshops, created exclusively for couples in the DC area to learn how to make things for their wedding. Why not enlist your bridal shower attendees to then help create some paper goodies or other DIY wedding projects for your big day? This would be a PERFECT workshop to bring your ‘maids, mom,  sisters, or partner, and enjoy a glass of sangria and get crafty!

Main DIY Workshop Header

Who doesn’t love to learn something new? Also, any of these classes linked here would be beneficial to helping you later in your wedding planning.

4. Attend an Artisan Workshop


[Lindsey Hite – Ready Luck]

Artisan workshops like MakeTribe, Topaz + Arrow, or Knead & Know or even Cocktail Classes are similar to craft classes, but offer something a bit more curated. Sometimes tied to food or a peculiar craft,they’d be a totally different or alternative thing to do for a bridal shower. [While not as part of a bridal shower, I’m excited to attend my first Topaz + Arrow workshop later this month!]

So what do you think Romancers? Did we hit some good alternative bridal shower ideas? Personally I love a good ole fashioned backyard BBQ with no gift-opening. But let us know if we missed any good ones and we will add to the list!


Sara & Kiran’s Intimate, Urban Winter Wedding in Washington, DC

As a native Washingtonian, Sara only developed her love of bourbon (a love she now shares with her husband Kiran) through working with a Congressman on the Hill. As the only non-Kentuckian in the office, it was only a matter of time before she developed an affinity for that fine southern liquor. Kiran & Sara met working for that same Congressman, and so it was obvious that their DC wedding would contain both their love for DC, and their love of bourbon.

A special thanks to Emily Clack Photography for sharing this intimate DC winter wedding with us!

 Sara & Kiran’s Intimate, Winter Wedding at Carnegie Institute for Science in Washington, DC

intimate DC winter wedding at Carnegie Insitute for Science


Photographer:  Emily Clack Photography LLC | Event Venue: Carnegie Institute for Science | Caterer: Eat & Smile Catering | Makeup Artist: Krystal Morant with Bridal Beauty Associates | Wedding Planner: The Bridal Bitch | DJ: Dan Goldman of Bialek’s Music | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

DC wedding winter wedding bouquet and gown

Sara’s Father is no longer with us and so she gave Kiran his gold cuff links as a gift on their wedding day.

Adland_Bhatraju_Emily_Clack_Photography_LLC_352274_EmilyClackPhotography_Sara26Kiran_January20182C202014_20_low modern DC groom

Sara and Kiran called their special day an “urban winter wedding” Just before their wedding in DC, they had a traditional ceremony in India. For their wedding here, they decided to mix it up a little bit by having an intimate dinner of 50 before the Jewish ceremony. They chose a beautiful venue here in the city and got ready at a boutique hotel just down the road (Hotel Rouge).

DC winter wedding bridal gown modern DC groom winter wedding bride style

They saw each other before the wedding so we could take photos at the National Portrait Gallery in downtown DC, which in my opinion is the prettiest museum in town.

intimate DC winter wedding at Carnegie Insitute for Science

Click inside for the rest of Sara & Kiran’s intimate Washington DC wedding at the Carnegie Institute for Science.

Cait & Bill’s Chilly Washington, DC Engagement Pictures in Georgetown

An adorable Washington DC engagement session this afternoon thanks to one of our FABULOUS sponsors, Stephen Gosling Photography!! Cait & Bill (today’s adorable couple) actually found Stephen thanks to Capitol Romance (aka me!) so I love the way this has come full circle for me to now be able to feature their DC engagement pictures! Oh the power of the interwebs.

Cait & Bill’s Adorable, Washington DC Engagement Pictures in Georgetown

washington dc engagement pictures in georgetown


Photographer: Stephen Gosling Photography | Coasters: Cheers – Sugar Paper LA | Custom – Paper Source | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

washington dc engagement pictures in georgetown

How They Met:

Bill and Cait met on American University’s quad one spring evening in 2006 when a four square game (or box ball, nothing to do with the app) broke out in front of Mary Graydon Center. When four square became a nightly endeavor, we quickly started talking in the hours outside of court time. After developing a friendship, months later, one thing led to another (as these things tend to do). While the two were chatting over AIM, Cait asked the seemingly innocent question, “What am I going to do with you?” The next thing she knew, Bill was at her doorstep with a kiss and the two have been together ever since.

washington dc engagement pictures in georgetown washington dc engagement pictures in georgetown washington dc engagement pictures in georgetown

Click inside for the rest of Cait & Bill’s Georgetown engagement pictures & love story ~ including the proposal and a look at Cait’s STUNNER of an engagement ring!

Giveaway: Custom Wedding Brand & Invitation Suite Design by Ribbon & Ink

It’s Monday. We lost an hour of sleep and I feel like I have exactly one million things to do before I head to NJ on Thursday for a bachelorette party. So why not start this week off with a BANG ~ in the form of a monster giveaway for all you engaged people out there! One of our favorite vendors, Ribbon & Ink, has recently rebranded and updated their website to include a new shop that will sell pre-made (but customizable) wedding invitations!

In order to help Ribbon & Ink celebrate, we are hosting a giveaway of a custom wedding brand & invitation suite design ~ a whopping $400 value! Scroll down for SO MUCH more…


First, a little bit more about Ribbon & Ink:

Ribbon and Ink by Katie Durski is a full service design boutique serving both brides and grooms and event planners. We work directly with clients to create a brand for their event. What does that mean? Well, a brand is the visual identity for your big day. It includes us creating a logo for your event as well as using coordinating fonts and colors to create customized invitations and other printed products. By having a brand for your event you ensure that everything will match and be coordinated for all aspects of that day. You can use the brand board we create to give to florists, photographers, your event planner, and any other vendor so that they can have a clear visual reference for your event

Second, a little bit more about the giveaway:

You will get a brand board that has a full logo, monogram logo, color palette, and patterns customized to your wedding. Katie will then create an invitation, save the date, and RSVP card for you, using those items. Printing will be on you – but Katie will help you through that process (either to print the items for you at cost, or by giving you PDFs of your custom designs so you can print yourself!)

Click inside for some AWESOME examples of Katie’s work AND to enter to win a custom wedding brand & invitation suite design!

Announcements, Links & Other Fun Things for Today

Kicking off this Friday with a few announcements, followed by a STUNNING gothic bridal portrait session, later this morning. Then I am mostly hiberating (aka ignoring Twitter) to tackle the inbox I neglected yesterday and get to work on some new projects I have in the works for 2014.

FIRST – Our amazing Stella & Dot giveaway with Liz ended Wednesday. We are PUMPED to announce our winner:

Kate G!

Thanks to everyone that entered – it was a hugely entered giveaway! (I mean that necklace was GORGEOUS!). And don’t forget that Liz was offering FREE shipping on orders over $25 for anyone that entered the giveaway (valid for the rest of March 2014). Details are back on the original giveaway post. Feel free to contact Liz as well,  for other fun opportunities to see and earn free jewelry!

SECOND – In case you haven’t seen all my tweets & instagramming, tonight is the Grand ReOpening Party for one of our favorite vendors, Typecase Industries! Check out the event details here and I hope to see you there!


THIRD – We are really REALLY excited to announce two upcoming partnerships for 2014. We will be working with The Ulysses Room to host a series of DIY Wedding Workshops (!!!) so much more coming on this soon. And we will also be working with Pop Wed Co. & the DC MEET Market to co-host a SUPER rad event (#PopUpRomance) during the Pride Festival in June. Also more to come on this too – but we are too excited to not at least share the news that these things are HAPPENING.


We are looking for SPONSORS for the workshops – so please email me if you might be interested in collaborating!

Happy Friday Romancers!


Need Help Making DIY Projects for Your Wedding? Attend Our Workshops!