Cristina & Gonzalo’s Dreamy, Springtime Frederick MD Engagement Pictures

Hey wedding planning couples. Want to look extremely gorgeous/handsome on your wedding day? Glowing like your happiness is literally EMITTING itself from your faces? Then you should probably hire Elizabeth Fogarty Photography. She dropped a wedding we worked on together, last week, on her blog – and it’s just so insanely beautiful! Couple that with the MD engagement she shared with us today, and seriously, it’s hard to take your eyes off these images. She finds a way to personify happiness through her images and I just love sharing her work here. Thanks for the submission Liz :)

Cristina & Gonzalo’s Dreamy, Springtime Frederick MD Engagement Pictures

Frederick Maryland Engagement Pictures (7)

Photographer: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

 Talk about a Fairy Tale, well the Latino version with lots of laughter and joy at least. Cristina went down to Peru to help out at an orphanage, and on the LAST week there, she met Gonzalo. During the next few days, he would either look for her or text her. She came back to the States, and it was not quite over yet. It started with facebook chat, made its way to texting, and finally they admitted feelings for each other.

Frederick Maryland Engagement Pictures (8) Frederick Maryland Engagement Pictures (1) Frederick Maryland Engagement Pictures (6)

Click inside for the gorgeous engagement ring and the rest of Cristina & Gonzalo’s engagement session

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#ProducedInDC ~ Urban, Hip Industrial CMYK Wedding & Event Inspiration

A few weeks back Studio DBI and I collaborated to decorate and throw one hell of a dinner party for some amazing local craft food & drink purveyors in DC. The whole shebang went down at the insanely awesome WeWork space in Shaw and was managed by the amazing people at Union Kitchen.

Liza and I wanted to do something fun, urban, and hip, playing off the old Wonder Bread Factory’s industrial, warehouse-like space, with bright colors (of course), some cinderblocks, and pops of whimsy thanks to the ladies at Typecase Industries. We used CMYK colors as our color palette, and tried to be as DIY/frugal as possible re=using pots we owned, and napkins for pops of color. The whole theme was “a gathering of friends & food” and we couldn’t have been more excited with how the dinner party came together.

A special thanks to Rachel Couch with A Muse Photography for taking these beautiful images. In case you missed it, check out the recaps of the dinner party on DC Eater and Union Kitchen’s blog.

#ProducedInDC ~ Urban, Hip CMYK Wedding & Event Inspiration and Dinner Party

industrial CMYK wedding dinner partyindustrial CMYK wedding dinner partyindustrial CMYK wedding dinner partyindustrial CMYK wedding dinner partyindustrial CMYK wedding dinner party

Click inside for the rest of our #ProducedInDC urban dinner party inspiration!

Vendor Spotlight: Kian with Key In Films, DC Wedding Videographer

Last night was EPIC. Andy, Val & Sarah, The Girl Tyler & I danced our shoes off and rocked out to Frank Turner at 930 Club. My throat is sore, my ears are still ringing, and I’m more than a bit dehydrated. But it was all worth it to see one of my favorite artists play one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Plus Frank’s opening act introduced me to a killer local DC rock band, The Deadmen, that I am now listening to on repeat.

Anyway, for today we are going to do a little vendor spotlight. A few weeks back I shared the AMAZING video from our first DIY Wedding Workshop (here if you’ve somehow missed it!). It was made possible thanks to the amazing Kian of Key In Films.

Vendor Spotlight: Key In Films ~ Washington DC Wedding Videographer



I’m Kian McKellar.
I run Key in Films.

Key In Films is on a mission to create freaking amazing videos.

Film is my passion. I work damn hard at it.

The goal? To create films that take your breath away.

Key in Films works with nonprofits, commercial clients, and individuals who are driven to get their project just right. If that sounds like you, take a look around, and please drop me a line if you’d like to talk more.

I’m skinny, sleepy, and a little bit sarcastic.


Check out Kian’s wedding Vimeo channel and consider hiring Kian for your wedding videography needs!

Thursday. Let’s do this. I cannot WAIT for this weekend.

Deanna & Rikki’s Rustic, Heartfelt & Intimate Washington DC Wedding

“We don’t feel wholly comfortable in the limelight and we didn’t want our wedding details to overshadow the significant commitment we were about to make.”

I apologize for the lack of posting yesterday. It’s been an adjustment to say the least, into my new project at the day job and things in my personal life are a bit crazy too. I’m going to need to re-adjust my blogging schedule a bit and not leave these massive real wedding posts until 9pm the night before ;) Anyway, this real DC wedding feature is going to knock your socks off – ok, and let’s be honest, probably tear up, so hold onto your butts.Douglas Pettway Photography sent me this one a few weeks ago and I literally wrote back to him “now THAT’s a REAL wedding feature” the second I finished reading Deanna & Rikki’s write-up. These two lovely ladies poured their souls into their wedding day, with handmade details, custom vows, and even a brand new last name that they decided upon together (more on that later). You really won’t want to miss ANY image or any of the write-up that these two shared.

Deanna & Rikki’s Rustic, Handmade, Heartfelt & Intimate DC Wedding

intimate rustic modern DC samesex wedding


Photographer: Douglas Pettway | Flowers: Eastern Market Vendor | Officiant: Friend | Placements: Handmade by couple

Rikki and I both wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities and our relationship.  We don’t feel wholly comfortable in the limelight and we didn’t want our wedding details to overshadow the significant commitment we were about to make.

Deanna_Rikki_Douglas-Pettway-0006 Deanna_Rikki_Douglas-Pettway-0005fingerprint engagement wedding rings

A little backstory: if it were up to us, we would have gotten married in Oregon (Rikki’s home) on top of a mountain.  But, since that wasn’t possible, we wanted our atmosphere to reflect our love of the outdoors.


Before the wedding day, I was able to pull off the biggest surprise of both our lives, which is truly remarkable because I can’t keep anything from Rikki.  Her brother lives in Oregon and was not going to be able to make it to DC for our wedding.  So, in sneaky fashion, I arranged for his trip and even caught Rikki on video after seeing him for the first time.  We both still cry each time we watch it.  Seeing DC through his eyes, a combat veteran with a brilliant heart and mind, reminded us how privileged we are to be in this place.

modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony

With a total of 14 guests (plus our two sweet pups), we walked from our house to the Capitol Building where we were surrounded by our closest friends and family who witnessed the best day of our lives.  In the shadow of the Supreme Court, we reflected on the institution of marriage and our gratitude for being granted this right.

It felt important to us to take a moment of silence to acknowledge the many couples who are not yet afforded the chance to marry.

I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so beautiful as that…

modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony

We wrote our own vows (that were eerily but unsurprisingly similar) and exchanged rings on which our respective fingerprints are engraved.

modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Rikki & Deanna’ amazing DC wedding ~ including all the awesome handmade details at their intimate dinner reception!

Jessica & Mark’s Rock & Roll, Backyard Engagement in Maryland

I am hurting worse this Sunday night from being a wedding guest, than from having to work a Saturday wedding. Go figure. Apparently I can’t “hang” and drink like I am still 21 and in college ;) But it was a great weekend witnessing my two good friends get married, in a total Penn State themed wedding up at State College, PA. And this weekend we have PopUpRomance on Saturday! You better stop by and join in on the communal art project or witness the vow renewal event at 4pm! Hope to see some of you there :) And now for a little love this Monday morning. Jessica & Mark’s adorable backyard engagement session – I am IN LOVE with Jessica’s rad tattoos and Rosie the Riveter styling. Happy Monday Romancers.

Jessica & Mark’s Backyard, Rock & Roll Maryland Engagement Pictures

backyard rock and roll engagement pictures (2)

Photography: Kathleen Hertel Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

How they met:

We met through my work. And went on our first date on my 28th birthday and instantly hit it off and have been pretty much inseparable since then.

backyard rock and roll engagement pictures (5) backyard rock and roll engagement pictures (7) backyard rock and roll engagement pictures (6)

Click inside for the rest of Jessica & Mark’s adorable, backyard punk rock engagement session and the proposal story!

Capitol Inspiration: Coffee Wedding Details & Decoration Ideas

We’ve been working the last for weekends in a row at some AMAZING weddings. I loved every single one of them, but MAN am I excited to be headed to a wedding this weekend as a GUEST. Not only is it going to be a super fun, laid-back wedding (wedding trivia! cake centerpieces! a bar crawl!) but it’s at one of my favorite places ~ my alma mater, Penn State :)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, whether you are working, relaxing, traveling, or just GSDing. Here’s a little coffee themed wedding inspiration to get you to the weekend.

Coffee Themed Wedding Details, Decorations, and Inspiration from a Styled Shoot

coffee wedding details ideas


Photographer:  Megan Chase Photography | Etsy Designer: Borden Specifics | Makeup Artist: Carolyn Thombs Makeup Artistry & Consulting | Jewelry Designer: J’Adorn Designs | Event Venue: Cervantes Coffee | Etsy Designer: Charonel Designs | Floral Designer: EightTreeStreet | Etsy Designer: milk & honey llc | Invitation Designer: Moments of Happiness Designs and Novelties, Inc. | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

succulent burnt sienna orange bouquet coffee wedding details ideas

 Entitled “Coffee Lovers” this shoot is inspired by the idea that many of us fall in love over a cup of coffee, that our first dates today are mostly at our local coffee shop, chatting for hours as we get to know each other and fall in love. The color palette is not your traditional coffee shoot colors but a spring combination of grey, pinks, terracotta, and peach with hints of copper. You’ll see this palette reflected in the decor and the florals, which include lovely “coffee break” roses in that dark terracotta color.

coffee wedding details ideas

The venue is Cervantes Coffee, a contemporary coffee house and roaster. Located in an industrial complex, the venue features exactly the combination of details the shoot included, contemporary chic designs, with hints of rustic and organic, along with rough industrial edgy details. This you’ll see in the details of the shoot.

coffee wedding details ideas succulent burnt sienna orange bouquet coffee wedding details ideas

Click inside for the rest of the images from this inspirational coffee lovers themed wedding shoot!

Modern, Affordable DC Wedding Transportation Idea ~ Use Uber!

*sponsored post*

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from my wedding coordination clients is what to do about transportation. No one wants to drop hundreds of dollars on shuttles or limos – especially if the ceremony and reception venues aren’t that far away from each other. And for most couples nowadays, the idea of wedding day transportation isn’t so much of an added “must have” detail – it’s simply a matter of logistics.

So what’s the modern DC couple to do? Use Uber of course. And now Uber has gone and made it EVEN easier for couples to use their on demand car service, for their wedding day!


While you still cannot book Ubers ahead of time, the Uber Weddings website does allow couples to create a custom code for their guests to get $20 off their first ride AND the couple even gets a free ride of their own (up to $40)!! Add in some customizable graphics, and you and your guests will be getting to and from your DC wedding locations easily, affordably, and in style!

The customizable code makes it pretty simple for couples to share Uber with their guests. My friends used it last November for their wedding and I had fun helping some of the out of town guests get the app setup on their phone. Everyone thought it was the spiffiest thing ever, and they loved climbing into a sleek black town car at the end of the night.


You can also use Uber for other wedding related activities – rides to rehearsal dinners, picking up guests from an airport, or even for bachelor/ette parties. Personally, we used Uber SUV a few summers ago for a girlfriend’s bachelorette party in DC and it was a huge hit!

So if you might be interested, just head on over to Uber’s Weddings website and apply for a custom code. Within 1-2 days, someone from the Uber team gets back to you with: email graphics to share with guests/add to your wedding site, your customized new user code, and the personal code for your free ride!

But wait, there’s MORE. In case you are BRAND NEW to Uber and haven’t ever tried it before, couples can give it a try for a free ride up to $25, using the code DCWEDDING. That way you can try the app for yourself ahead of time and see how easy it is to use. Believe me, you’ll never consider hiring a shuttle service or limo company again!

*this is a sponsored post. this vendor paid to have this content shared on our blog, however, it was verified that this information was confirmed to meet our requirements and mission*

Wade & Zoey’s Vintage, Rockabilly Themed Engagement Pictures

Currently blogging from the couch as it’s my BIRTHDAY today! Posting will be pretty light this week as it’s a holiday week and I am just getting out of 4 back to back wedding weekends. Lots coming up in June (including our next DIY workshop!) as well, but for now, here’s a super awesome rockabilly inspired engagement shoot from Amber Reinink Photography!

Wade & Zoey’s Vintage, Rockabilly Engagement Pictures

Vintage rockabilly engagement pictures (5)

Photographer: Amber Reinink Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

“Wade and I first met on board USS Wasp back in Fall 2011, we worked in the same department and same space out to sea. The first time I actually remember meeting him and noticing who he was at duty section turnover one morning. I turned to my friend Heather and said “ummm don’t judge me but Brightwell is so freaking cute. “ Honestly from that moment I couldn’t stop thinking about him and finding ways to run into him on the ship. It was hard attempting a relationship because we worked in the same department on the same ship it was something that was really frowned upon. I would stay up extra late out to sea so I could hang out on watch with him and eventually we started talking more and more on the ship. We were spending between 12-16 hours  day together underway between watches, evolutions and meals.  When you spend that much time with the people you work with you talk about everything. I mean we were sitting in a dark room for 8-12 hours a day. We quickly learned A LOT about each other and honestly became best friends. Due to certain circumstances we didn’t start dating till the next spring.

Vintage rockabilly engagement pictures (7)

Our first “date” happened when our ship pulled into New Orleans for a week around April 18th 2012 . We went out as liberty buddies and went down to Bourbon Street to get drunk and dance, and we did just that. I remember being at some bar with a live band playing the song Brown Eyed Girl, this was the first song we ever danced to. Literally every bar we went to played that song that night and we danced to it every time! Later on in the evening after quite a few drinks we stopped at a diner before we had to be back on the ship. We sat down ordered some crappy diner meatballs and I remember after the waitress left, Wade said “What’s the first country that comes to mind, and I didn’t really understand but I do know I said Germany (I have no idea why) Wades next words were “Leave your phone and wallet on the table and lets run away to Germany. For a few moments I thought it was a great idea, I also realized at that very moment I was in love with him. I talked some sense into him about how we couldn’t do that because The Navy would find us, we ate and went back to the ship. He walked me to my berthing and we hid away from one of the security cameras so we could kiss goodnight.

Vintage rockabilly engagement pictures (8) Vintage rockabilly engagement pictures (6)

Click inside for the rest of this adorable vintage inspired, rockabilly engagement session and proposal story!

Book Review: The New Art of Capturing Love

It’s no secret that inclusiveness is one of the pillars of operation here at Capitol Romance. We only accept sponsors and submissions from vendors that also practice the same inclusiveness, and we strive hard to ensure our language and posts on the blog are all-inclusive of ANY type of couple that wants to get married.

Well it seems that some people have started to notice and we can’t express enough, just how awesome that is. A few weeks ago I received an email from Kathryn Hamm – you know, the president and editor of (whoa!), asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing  an advance copy of her latest book, The New Art of Capturing Love. Apparently I left an impression on her after meeting her on a panel up in Baltimore a year ago! Plus, we have a mutual friend in the amazing Maggie Winters (featured in the first Capturing Love) so naturally I was super excited to get an advance viewing of her new book! PLUS She just asked me to participate with her on a panel at the HRC on June 19th! If you are interested in attending this AMAZING event, you can register here. Tickets are free, but you have to register.

Check it out…

Book Review: The New Art of Capturing Love Guide

the new art of capturing love guide

The New Art of Capturing Love Guide is one part gorgeous wedding & love inspiration and one part instructional guide. It features some seriously gorgeous images of couples in love, but it also instructs photographers (and really anyone looking to capture the modern couple) how to implement easy poses and techniques to bring today’s diverse couple into the real focus of the image. I love how the guide shows the old standards to really make an impact on how anyone can better capture love.

The book is a collection of over 180 same-sex portraits with 72 different couples and 48 different photographers. Obviously this makes the guide THE most comprehensive one out there!

same sex dc wedding photography

[Maggie Winters Photography]

 The guide has been getting some SERIOUS PR lately too! Buzz Feed picked it up, and so did HuffPo Weddings! And it’s really not at all hard to see why – the book has some of the most AMAZING images, but really, to me, what makes the book so special and unique, is it’s ability to teach and instruct without a ton of text or demonstration. It’s the visuals that educate and leave a lasting impact on the reader. If you have any uncertainties or hesitations about styling or shoot same-sex couples, this guide instantly clears those up and shows you the way. (Hint: it’s pretty simple, since it’s really about capturing not just two people but the LOVE they share).

same sex wedding photographers DC

[Kat Forder Photography – at Church of the Holy City (where I got married!!)]

A couple weeks ago a vendor friend of mine told me about a local floral/event design/photography business that will only do florals for same-sex couples, not photography. The reason? “Because we don’t really know how to style/shoot same sex couples”. At first I was pretty angered at this ‘excuse’ but maybe I was being naive – maybe there is a difference between styling same-sex and heterosexual couples. Now after reading The New Art of Capturing Love – maybe I was too hard on the company, maybe I should just send them a copy of this book instead.

same sex wedding photography

[Kristina Hill Photography]

Ok, but enough from me – don’t just take my word for it, go buy the book now and check out all the amazing information and images to help your photography business flourish and better capture LOVE. You’ll be happy to notice that a handful of couples that we have featured here, made the guide!

Check out all the awesome places Kathryn & Thea will be:

June 2 – Books & Books (Coral Gables, FL)
June 3 – WeddingWire World (Miami, FL)
June 4 – New Hampshire Professional Photography Association (Manchester, NH)
June 16 – WeddingWire World (Washington, DC)
June 19 – HRC’s Equality Talks (Washington, DC)  <– We’ll be joining Kathryn for this event!! Come check it out :)
July 17 – Tattered Cover (Denver, CO)
Sept 16-18 – Wedding MBA (Las Vegas, NV)

The New Art of Capturing Love guide is out now! Get it now and be on the look-out for more exciting things from yours truly & Kathryn Hamm!

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