Giveaway: Custom 3D Printed Jewelry or Cufflinks from Love, Lori Michelle


**This Giveaway Has Ended – Thanks for Entering!*

Here’s the AMAZING giveaway I promised you after leaving you for an entire week while I was off vacationing in Vermont. I hope this makes it up to you! Introducing Love, Lori Michelle – a 3D-printed jewelry company!

Lori is a digital artist and designer by day, creating architectural renderings and animations for local architecture firms.  Her work with 3D models inspired her to begin creating 3D-printed jewelry designs, mostly as birthday or wedding gifts for close friends.

She has graciously agreed to giveaway one of her custom pieces – a 3D Printed Washington, DC Heart Necklace OR a set of her 3D Printed Washington, DC cufflinks (metal or color).

Enter to Win a Custom 3D Printed Washington, DC Heart Necklace!


— OR —

Custom 3D Printed Washington, DC Cufflinks



How freakin’ awesome is this necklace?! I am in LOVE. Lori explains, “I love the ability to design and create a wearable object with someone specific in mind. The result is always one-of-a-kind — something that speaks to someone’s personality and aesthetic or memorializes a special day or moment for them.”

Click inside to learn how to enter AND to learn a ton more about Lori and her awesomesauce 3d Printed Jewelry company!

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Let’s Get Personal: Going It Alone – Starting a Business By Yourself


The DC wedding scene seems to be full of partnerships – husband and wife photography teams, event planning businesses full of teams, videography duos, and even blogs that are managed & run by two editors.  For me though – it’s a one woman show and sometimes, to be quite honest, it can get pretty lonely.

offbeat dc wedding blog[Val and Sarah]

I’ve tried before to find interns, long-term guest bloggers, editorial partners, and even mutually beneficial co-op situations to try and bring more “partners” into my business (both the blog & the wedding coordination biz) but nothing has stuck. People flake, get busy (I know I am guilty of this too) or their business grows and it no longer includes me.

Now, the point of this post is NOT a pity party (I am not asking people to feel sorry for me at all!)- it’s more of a reflection on what it’s like start to start a business alone and maybe a reflection on why I haven’t been able to nail down any sort of partnership or team. Hopefully this post helps to connect to others that have found some ways to help with this.

offbeat alternative dc wedding blog[val & sarah]

So sometimes I wonder why – why haven’t I been able to find a counterpart? Why can’t I find a solid co-editor, or partner in this business. Is there something wrong with me? Or maybe I am looking at it wrong way.

Do I really need one? Isn’t it a bit more “free-ing” to be able to do whatever I want, without having to worry if my decisions and choices impact someone else. Or better yet – what happens when teams or partnerships disagree?

The journey from starting a blog over 2 years ago … to starting a wedding coordination business just recently … on my own has been an interesting one for sure. And at least I am happy to say that I have met a TON of amazing vendors and people along the way that have been nothing sort of amazing. I know I will prevail and I know by just DOING I am already a great step ahead of the rest of people that might never actually even make it to that execution part of a dream, but I will say that I still think it might be easier, or at least a bit more fun, to have someone to do this all with.

What do you think? If you are a solo business owner, do you like it? Or do you wish you had a partner or team too? If you are a duo – is it all its cracked up to be?


Megan & Geoff’s Classy, Intimate DC Wedding at the Mandarin Hotel

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Happy Tuesday Romancers! Today we are sharing a beautiful, intimate Washington DC wedding thanks to Inspired Photography. Megan & Geoff opted for a super intimate wedding – just the couple, the bride’s sister and husband, and Geoff’s best friend (oh and of course an officiant!) but that doesn’t mean their wedding wasn’t a beautiful reflection of their love story, with some inspiring details!

Megan held a gorgeous dried flower bouquet from Etsy and the most rad BHLDN, short wedding dress. I love that they got ready together, took some beautiful wedidng portraits around Eastern Market … even ending up on the same exact bench where Geoff had not only asked Megan to wait for him as he did a tour in Afghanistan, but also proposed once he returned!

^are there tears in your eyes yet? Check out the beautiful images next!

Geoff & Megan’s Intimate, Classy Washington DC Wedding

intimate washington dc weddings


Photographer: Inspired Photography | Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel | Officiant: Rev. Daniel Kane | Bride’s Dress: BHLDN | Bouquet: New Hampshire Woods Creations | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

How they met:

Geoff and I met in a long line at Peregrine Espresso in Eastern Market. He struck up a conversation and after we finished our coffee, we made plans to meet again. Since I lived on the Hill we spent a lot of our time in the neighborhood and it seemed like we always ended up on the same bench in Stanton Park when having serious discussions about our relationship and future together.

intimate washington dc weddings

He brought me back to that same bench to propose.

dried flower bouquet

intimate washington dc weddings

We’re moving to another city this fall but given that DC has been the backdrop of our relationship and we have so many fond memories here, we felt strongly about having the wedding in DC.

intimate washington dc weddings

intimate washington dc weddings

Click inside for the rest of Megan & Geoff’s intimate Washington DC wedding!

Grant & Kelly’s Adams Morgan & Blossoms DC Engagement


A new to Capitol Romance photographer is sharing a gorgeous DC engagement with us today! The beautiful love of Grant & Kelly, set amidst the Cherry Blossoms and then in the couple’s home neighborhood of Adams Morgan. Audra Wrisley Photography wrote to us, excited to submit her session which featured two “Very DC” elements: blossoms in the Basin and good ole AdMo.

We get a lot of cherry blossom engagements, but some shine above the rest – and obviously the fact that the session involved an ADORABLE pup named Ellie, totally swayed my vote on featuring ;) Special thanks again to Audra Wrisley for sharing her images!

Grant & Kelly’s Cherry Blossoms Washington, DC Engagement

adams morgan washington dc alternative wedding engagement pictures

^I totally can’t get enough of this DC mural. Or Ellie appearing to “look away” as her masters smooch. LOVE.

How they met:

Grant and I met in Washington, DC in 2009, after returning from Peace Corps in Guatemala and Ukraine, respectively. We saw each other for the first time at the Peace Corps Career Center, where we both used to go there to work on our resumes and job applications. After a couple weeks of seeing each other there and at other events around DC, Grant asked me on our first date. The following Saturday, he took me to dinner in Chinatown and to the National Portrait Gallery.

DC engagement cherry blossoms

DC engagement cherry blossoms

DC engagement cherry blossoms

adams morgan washington dc alternative wedding engagement pictures

Click inside for the rest of Kelly & Grant’s DC engagement session – including their proposal story!

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: Wild Cub “Thunder Clatter”

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wedding music that doesn't suck graphic

Happy Monday Romancers! We are kicking off the week with a “Wedding Music That Doesn’t’ Suck” song suggestion and will be back this afternoon with a lovely engagement feature!

Today’s song is from the new artist, Wild Cub, with their song “Thunder Clatter” and I think it would make a great addition to your cocktail hour playlist OR would be a great upbeat recessional song.

Wedding appropriate lyrics include:

Waiting on love to call
Hidden in the fall

I hear it call in the center of it all
You’re the love of my life, the love of my life

Check it out:

What do you think of this one ?

Capitol Inspiration: Vivacious Pink Wedding Design & Decorations

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Well we’ve made it. Somehow. Barely. If you don’t follow me on twitter or instagram, Andy & I have been going through a bit of a home renovation and it’s been QUITE the week. We have no working kitchen appliances, have been mostly living out of our upstairs (until yesterday, then it became the basement) and on Wednesday our AC stopped working (but thankfully it is now fixed). So needless to say, this Friday is one that I really didn’t think I would see, but couldn’t be happier now that it’s finally here.

So though I am pretty sleepy, with a scratchy throat and an eye twitch that has been going since Monday, the floors are ALMOST done and to help us all get to the weekend, I have a super bright & modern wedding shoot to share for today’s Capitol Inspiration.

A special thanks to MeShenee Photography for submitting this one via Two Bright Lights.

A Modern “Vivacious” Pink Wedding Styled Shoot

modern unique DC wedding dress


Photographer:  MeShenee Photography | Graphic Design: Happy Life By Design | Floral Designer: EightTreeStreet | Makeup Artist: G.L.A.M Girlz | Linens and Coverings: LinenTablecloth | Bakery: Meli and Kanela | Invitation Designer: Moments of Happiness Designs and Novelties, Inc. | Jewelry: Peace Love Bling | Dress Designer: Solitary Pearl | Hair Stylist: Styled By Genese| Venue: Tabula Rasa | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Details from the designers:

We teamed up to design a non-traditional Fall/Winter wedding in a bright palette using Pantone’s 2013 “vivacious,” a rich fuchsia color. The shoot aimed to celebrate an exciting Urban wedding in pinks and fuchsia, with silver, chartreuse and yellow accents.

This inspiration photo shoot celebrates an organic combination of Indie wedding designers (gowns, jewelry, florals, sweets) – a natural blend of modern and sustainable design.

hot pink modern DC wedding

The main aim of this shoot is to inspire brides to include thrifted/recycle components that can be seen in a modern palette and decor style. Most times when you hear “Green” wedding you think of rustic or vintage decor, our idea is that you can always find a modern or contemporary twist to green wedding decor as well.

modern DC bride

Flowers come from organic farms, and the wedding gown is designed by one of Ohio’s up and coming Indie designers, Solitary Pearl.


Click inside for the rest of this non-traditional, modern brightly colored DC wedding shoot!

Bri & David’s Offbeat Coral & Mint Wedding at Zion Springs Bed & Breakfast in Virginia


Today’s real Virginia wedding feature comes to us from Traci J. Brooks Studios (you might remember Traci from her own, super rad Virginia wedding). It includes a ton of DIY wedding projects & decorations and a beautiful color palette of coral & mint, all set at a bed & breakfast! Bri & David planned and executed a wedding that was completely them!

They played offbeat games at their wedding (the Italian knee game & shoe game) and crafted a photobooth so their guests could have a fun & laid back time. Check it all out below!

Bri & David’s Coral & Mint, Virginia Bed & Breakfast Wedding at Zion Springs

offbeat virginia wedding coral mint DIY bed & breakfast


Venue: Zion Springs Bed and Breakfast | Photography: Traci J. Brooks Studios | Videographer: Ted Brooks | Floral Designer: Mel’s Bells Wedding Flowers | Make Up Artist: Carissa Willmington | Catering: Urban BBQ | DJ: Joel Tigges | MC: Travis Havens | Wedding Coordination: Toni Schwarting

On their coral & mint wedding color palette:

We were originally going to go with the colors orange and blue, but as we got closer we felt that orange and blue was too bold. We wanted something softer but still colorful. Brittany decided on the colors when she saw two Essie nail polish colors Tart Deco and Turquoise & Caicos. The colors then changed to coral and mint!

coral mint wedding

coral bridesmaids dresses

On their overall vibe & “feel” of their wedding:

For the overall feeling for the wedding, Brittany wanted vintage tones mixed with DIY crafts and decor. We strove to save money by making our own centerpieces, picking flowers from a local flower farm and making props such as the photo booth wall and the ribbon curtain.

One of our goals was to make our wedding fun and relaxed.

mint tie groomsmen


coral mint green bouquet

Click inside for the rest of Brittany & David’s DIY, Virginia wedding at the Zion’s Bed & Breakfast.

Capitol Advice: Top 5 Tips for Creating a Packed Dance Floor


Do you want your dance floor to be packed at your wedding?! Well, other than making sure you hire a top notch band or DJ, we have DJ G Events guest posting today, sharing 5 other tips for getting your guests up and moving – and your dance floor packed. Let’s get this party started (yeah, I went there).

Top 5 Tips for Creating a Packed Dance Floor

[Image : Live It Out Photography]

Hey Capitol Romance readers! DJ G Events is here and ready to tell you the top 5 tips to create a packed dance floor. After playing countless weddings in and around the DC-area, DJ G Events has mastered the art of getting people up and out of their seats, so take a break from stressing about flowers, food, and your guest list, and read on to find out how you can ensure everyone – from grandparents and parents, to friends and loved ones – dances the night away on your special day.

  1. You are the stars of the show

People come to your wedding to see you. Surprise! This means that if you and your betrothed prefer to chat at the bar or hangout at your table, so will your guests. If, on the other hand, you’re hiking up your gown or loosening your tie while trying not to sweat through your dress shirt as your jump up and down to your favorite songs, rest assured your guests will do the same.  So free your mind and get out on that dance floor – the rest will follow.

[Image : Kristi Odom Photography]

  1. Set a schedule

One of the biggest myths of wedding planning is that your dance floor needs to be packed for the entire reception. But, even seasoned party animals need to hydrate and rest their feet from time to time. Avoid dance floor fatigue by creating a reception schedule that splits the dancing into 45 or 60 minute sets using natural breaks like: speeches, bouquet toss, cake cuttings, and dessert service.  You and your guests will appreciate the down time, and will hustle back to the dance floor re-energized.  Make sure your DJ / band and caterer communicate regarding the reception timeline, so that everyone is on the same page and the night flows seamlessly.

Click inside for the rest of DJ G’s Tips for having a packed dance floor at your wedding!

Cyndie & Mike’s Quirky “Love Birds”, Virginia Wedding

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Cyndie & Mike made a few key decisions for their Virginia wedding early on and it became the basis for their entire, quirky, DIY wedding. Mike loves the color green – so their wedding colors became 2 shades of green and from their they decided to include a forest theme, as they both love hiking AND the forest, at the top of a mountain hike, is where Mike asked Cyndie to be his wife. :)

Cyndie’s mom and some family friends took on the “labor of love” for this wedding, hand-crafting the flowers, wooden coasters, centerpieces AND decorations for the wedding! Check out the entire wedding below, submitted by Softbox Media Photography via Two Bright Lights.

Cyndie & Mike’s Quirky “Love Birds” Wedding at the Reston Sheraton in Virginia

offbeat quirky Virginia wedding


Photographer: Softbox Media Photography | Hair Stylist:  Jewel Hair Design | Floral Designer:  Twinbrook Floral Design | Reception Venue:  Sheraton Reston | Ceremony Location:  Saint John Neumann Catholic Church | Bridesmaid Dresses:  Bobbie’s Bridal | Bakery:  Amphora Bakery | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Cyndie and Mike are filled with love in their touching Catholic ceremony at Cyndie’s childhood church and reception at the Reston Sheraton. They’re a quirky, offbeat couple that loves to be silly and loves to love. They even put “lovebirds” (a Jaybird and Hokiebird) atop their cake as homage to their alma maters.

simple virginia wedding bride

My mother probably did more to put things together than Mike and I combined. She was our hero who took our vision and helped make it a reality. She never pushed her own vision but was always happy to give advice if I didn’t know the direction to go.

romantic half-up bridal curls updo

My mom is an amazing gardener and her lily of the valley was always my favorite. The bouquet was very fragrant and smelled beautiful throughout the ceremony.

natural greenery bouquet

i LOVE these black lace bridesmaids dresses with the light green sashes – so stylish, modern and flattering!

offbeat virginia wedding black & green

Click inside for the rest of Cyndie & Mike’s forest-themed Virginia wedding!

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