Vol 2: The Real Life of a Mompreneur – A Guest Post!

dc woman owned small business momprenuer (3)

Images: Anna Meyer Photography

Yesterday I launched a new series, documenting my journey & experiences as a Momprenuer and I am excited to announce another facet of it – featuring OTHER Momprenuers in the DC area. I figure no one just wants to hear about ME all the time, so I thought it might be fun to share some stories of other Moms in the area that are killing it (or struggling or rocking or rolling) at home and with their small business. So for today’s post we have Rachel Maucieri, a lifestyle and fashion wedding photographer here in DC that only recently moved to the DC area. She’s going to share her story and some FAB pictures of a recent family shoot she did at Union Market. And then at the end she has a killer Anniversary Session she shot back in Texas before she moved here. Though it’s from Texas and not DC, it was just TOO COOL not to share. So deal with it. And Happy Friday ;)

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Hi! My name is Rachel Maucieri. I am a lifestyle + fashion wedding photographer here in DC. My husband and I have been here for almost a year now, so allow me to tell you a little about where I came from and what we were up to before landing in the district.

I met Phil Maucieri when I was in 8th grade through some metal friends at my church. We quickly became good friends and remained that way all the way through high school. We both went to the same small college in western Oklahoma and had some of the best times of our lives with some of the very best people in the world. The summer before our last year in Oklahoma we both went to Elizabethtown, KY for the summer to work at my dad’s church as summer student interns. Neither of us had feelings for the other at the start of the summer but it didn’t take long at all for the flirty humor and time together to kick in! We spent every day together and everything we loved about each other as friends magnified and new things to love began to pop out of nowhere all over the place!

dc woman owned small business momprenuer (2)

We returned to Oklahoma in August for the start of our last year at school and began officially dating once we got back into a normal rhythm and realized that our feelings were, in fact, true and not just “summer lovin’”. After we said tearful goodbyes to our friends and the flat land of western Oklahoma, we packed up and didn’t stay sad for too long because we knew we were starting a new chapter and that we were starting it together. We moved to Kentucky, made new friends, got new jobs, and continued our education. That next Thanksgiving, to my surprise, Phil planned a beautiful proposal and engagement party the night before the holiday. It was the best start to the holidays and 6 months laterwe were married in May!

We lived in beautiful little Elizabethtown for 3 years. We loved the windy country roads, the tall ears of corn in the summer, and the lightning bugs illuminating our back yard. We decided to move to Austin, TX and the week after we made that decision we found out we were pregnant! I was immediately terrified, excited, and even more terrified. I was moving away from my mom and we were changing locations as well as jobs. I had every right to be scared! But as always, with the life of a new beautiful baby, there were more reasons to be joyful and thankful than anything else!

dc woman owned small business momprenuer (4)

We moved to Austin when I was entering into my second trimester. We instantly feel in love with Austin and with the people we were meeting. As much as we loved Austin, we knew our time there was going to be temporary. After almost 2 years of living in and loving Austin we moved to Washington, DC.

Moving to DC has been our family’s biggest adventure yet. We had never moved somewhere that we didn’t know a single person. We had never lived in the northeast. We had never lived in the heart of a city. We had an 11 month old, Judeth, and I was 8 months pregnant with our son, Samuel. All of these things were huge life changes for us and they all happened in the dead of DC winter. We felt nervous, excited, and scared, but also content because we knew what we were doing was right and the next step for our family. We absolutely love this city, our lifestyle, and the wonderful community we have been submerged into in the last year. Our kids are now almost 2 and 9 months and they love each other so much. We love the way our family has been designed and are so thankful.

That is just a bit about me, my family, and our love story.


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Vol 1: The Real Life of a Mompreneur – The Struggle is Real


Images: Maggie from Pop Wed Co

A friendor of mine (friend vendor) recently told me she was pregnant and wanted to know “how I did it all”. She said she’d be interested in reading posts about my newest job, being a mom, on top of running a side hustle and maintaining a full-time job and still being a good partner to my husband (and the job list goes on). I was apprehensive at first, because I don’t want this place to become a momblog, but I have written about my trials and tribulations as a small business owner in the past (to great response) and so I thought maybe I could throw a post in here and there.

Plus, I am really struggling as of late, and any time I find myself in such a low place, writing a blog post about it almost always helps. So here I am, a “momprenuer” and apparently to some people on the outside I am successfully “doing it all”. Well let me tell you, quite frankly, I am so very far from that. To me, I am “getting by” at present. I am furiously doggy paddling to keep my head above the waters as I watch so many of my friendors doing so many things that I wish I could do.

There’s a million events I am not attending. There are blog posts collecting dust in my mind, never finding their way to WordPress. There’s a million items for the online shop I haven’t yet designed, and there’s the unanswered survey I started in December to get a promo video for CapRo shot. There’s my already forgotten video series (boy 1 episode, that was short-lived ;-p). And probably more items than I can rattle off right now because my brain is absolute mush (almost always these days).

But this isn’t meant to be a SAD or “feel bad for me” post. (I swear!). Because while there are a million things I feel like I am NOT doing, I am simultaneously doing ten thousand more. I’ve hired another coordinator for the coordination team, I’ve got round 2 of our wedding planner in the print shop, I’m somehow blogging 3-4 times/week since the new year, and I am somehow still married to an incredible man and attempting to parent & teach an equally awesome baby.

For every event I miss, there’s an equally cool milestone I am witnessing at home. Evie learned to crawl this week AND feed herself! It’s truly amazing to watch such a little creature have to LEARN SO MANY THINGS in such a short time, all while having no way to express his/herself and also grow teeth at the same time.

So while the Instagram accounts might show you that motherhood is an endless amount of white backgrounds and impeccable kids clothing, I am hear to tell you that it’s neither of those things – it’s a rollercoaster ride. It’s a rollercoaster ride unlike one you’ve ever been on. Happy one minute and crying the next (both Evie and I). Logically sane, but emotionally unstable (Just me). It’s a struggle and it’s REAL and it’s daunting to think that it won’t be going away any time soon. But I look forward to at least sharing some of that ride with you here. I hope you don’t mind.

DIY Tutorial: How to Make DIY Marbled Clay Dishes

tutorial pic

We’ve got our guest blogger, Kara, back today to share another DIY tutorial that she initially planned to make as bridesmaids gifts, but ran out of time and made some for herself instead (and the leftovers made great holiday gifts!). Take it away Kara!

DIY Clay Marble Dish Tutorial | By: Kara Britanik

I love having little dishes around the apartment where I can stash my rings, earrings, and other jewelry as I take them off throughout the day. As soon as I saw these DIY versions floating around Pinterest, I knew I needed to try making them myself.


  • Oven bake clay in multiple colors (like these)
  • Rolling pin or large jar
  • Ramekins or any small oven-safe dish (like these)

Marbled Dish 1

Step 1. Roll each color of clay into ropes about 5 inches long. I recommend using white as your base, and then choosing other colors that complement each other and look good when mixed. You’ll want your white rope to be about twice as thick as your colored ropes.

Marbled Dish 2

Step 2. With all your ropes rolled out, twist them together into one big rope. Roll them out so the colors start to combine, and your rope is about twice the original length.

Marbled Dish 3


Step 3. Fold your rope in half, twist the ends together, and roll it into one big rope again. Repeat this 2-3 times, until your colors are nicely combined.

Marbled Dish 4

Step 4. Smoosh (that’s a technical term, right?) your clay rope into a ball. Make sure you can see your colors on the outside of your ball. Using your rolling pin or a large jar, roll out your ball of clay. Try to roll it into a circle. You want it to be about ¼ – ½ inch thick.

Marbled Dish 5 Marbled Dish 6


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Serefina & Jacob’s Flower-Inspired, Vegan Maryland Wedding at Church & Company

vegan organic flower succulent maryland wedding (8)

Images: B.O.B Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

We figured if were all a little mismatched, we would match. I suppose you could say that’s our philosophy on life.

Today’s real Maryland wedding is filled with SO much awesome. A laid back couple that used their love of flowers, their mismatched outlook on life, and really just wanting a fun, relaxed day that was a reflection of their personalities. Can we say the perfect Capitol Romance wedding feature?! All the details on Serefina & Jacob’s beautiful Maryland wedding are below! Enjoy.

vegan organic flower succulent maryland wedding (18)

Jacob asked me to marry him in April and since we both were excited to get married as soon as possible, we decided on a fall wedding (six months of planning!). To be perfectly honest, our date was determined by the availability of our church and our photographer, Jillian at B.O.B Photography. We both knew we wanted to take our vows at our neighborhood parish and I knew that *only* Jill could photograph our wedding!

vegan organic flower succulent maryland wedding (17) vegan organic flower succulent maryland wedding (23)

In essence, we wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities: we didn’t care about the niceties so much as the actual wedding and reception to be fun and laid-back. I was so non-committal about the details that I basically just chose a palette of colors that I affectionately called, “autumn.” Jacob was the same way. We figured if were all a little mismatched, we would match. I suppose you could say that’s our philosophy on life.

vegan organic flower succulent maryland wedding (2) vegan organic flower succulent maryland wedding (24)


We chose Hampden as our location because we got to know each other here, we fell in love here, and now we live here… growing our little family. Our story could be mapped in this area. It was natural to have our wedding at our neighborhood parish, St. Thomas Aquinas. A friend of mine mentioned that he knew Alex of Church and Company and that we should check out the place for a reception site, knowing my tastes. We walked into this former church on Falls Road and knew *immediately* it was of our aesthetic: quirky paintings, old, old furniture, gray walls, antique taxidermy.

Alex is a buff on the history of the neighborhood as well! (Turns out our church was designed by the same architect that built Church and Company over a hundred years ago!)

vegan organic flower succulent maryland wedding (1) vegan organic flower succulent maryland wedding (3)

I told my bridesmaids that I wanted each girl to wear something long and flowy, each of a unique color. They ended up choosing maroon, sage, navy blue, lavender/gray dresses. (Yes, I was super non-committal.) The groomsmen chose navy suits (because Jacob figured either most men had one already or would likely need one) with white shirts. He chose for pocket squares and ties, a brown cloth with pink anemones. All wore brown wing-tips. My dress was from BHLDN, sweetheart top, mermaid-cut. My tailor, Ann from Ann’s Silver threads in Arbutus, Maryland, worked *wonders* – essentially giving me a butt though I don’t have one. I was very lucky with my dress! I tried it on at the store with two girls holding it closed in the back since their sample was a size 6 and ha! I am not a 6. Bought the dress online on the hope that a larger size would fit. Between good luck and a very good tailor, the dress fit wonderfully!

vegan organic flower succulent maryland wedding (10)


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Danielle & Tyler’s Colorful Richmond Virginia Engagement Pictures with Murals

alternative virginia engagement pictures (5)

Images: Amber Kay Photo

It’s MONDAY. Where does the weekend go? We spent ours completely cleaning out and re-organizing the office (aka CapRo Headquarters). It felt good but took SO LONG. This weekend we’ll be trekking up north (NJ and CT) for my neice’s 1st birthday! Just crazy how fast the days, months, years fly lately. So without more from me, I can’t WAIT to share this super rad engagement session this morning. Tattoos, GREEN HAIR, murals, and so much love & laughter. Let’s get to it.

alternative virginia engagement pictures (19)

Danielle and Tyler were high school sweethearts and have been dating for over 6 years. They are a fun couple full of inside jokes and off beat humor and they couldn’t be more awesome if they tried. Danielle is a hair stylist and you just never know what color hair to expect from her…but it’s always fun and colorful! Tyler is finishing up his degree at VCU and the couple lives in Richmond, VA. When they were thinking of places for engagement photos I knew it had to be fun and colorful just like them and support their sense of personal style. There’s no place better than the many colorful murals that are painted all around the city and a back alley or two also worked out awesome.

alternative virginia engagement pictures (11) alternative virginia engagement pictures (9)

Danielle and I met sometime freshman year of high school at North Stafford High School through marching band; though neither of us can recall a specific instance of us actually communicating that first year of knowing each other. We began actually talking to each other and getting to know one another during our sophomore year, and soon began officially dating. We were kind of “that couple” throughout high school, who were always seen together no matter what time of day, or what class we should have been in. I do not think it was a surprise to anyone when we moved away to Richmond for college together, where we have been very happy ever since.

alternative virginia engagement pictures (15) alternative virginia engagement pictures (8)


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Join Dream Defined Events for their Launch Party on Monday!

*sponsored post*

Dream Defined Events Launch Party

Monday, January 11th | 6pm to 9pm | Provision 14

DDE Launch Announcement 2

Guys! There’s a new wedding planner in town and her name is Jamie & her company is Dream Defined Events AND to celebrate her launch she’s letting you drink, get some grub, and have a good time on her! That’s right – F R E E, FREE! So if you’re looking for something to do on Monday night (because who has plans on a Monday night?), grab your partner, grab your roommate, grab a few event professional friends, or just ride solo and join in on the fun. Everyone is welcome!

Provision 14 Lounge 2

^What a COOL looking spot!

Here’s all the details:

WhenMonday, January 11, 2016 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

WhereProvision 14 | 2100 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 (Provision 14 is located on the corner of 14 St. and V St. NW in Washington, DC. It is only a 5 minute walk from U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Station.)

RSVP: FREE but please RSVP using this link! No tickets required!
Provision 14 is located on the corner of 14 St. and V St. NW in Washington, DC. It is only a 5 minute walk from U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Station.

Why: IT’S FREE! And…

Right?! So much better than your original Monday plans I’m sure! So head on over to the Eventbrite page, RSVP, and enjoy a fun night out to celebrate a new ladyprenuer & event company in town!

*this is a sponsored post. this vendor paid to have this content shared on our blog, however, it was verified that this event was confirmed to meet our requirements and mission*

Sofia & Brent’s Maryland Themed Wedding at the Music Center at Strathmore

maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (5)

Images: Angel Kidwell Photography

Happy Thursday Romancers! I have a super sweet Maryland themed wedding for you today. Behind the scenes I am (attempting) to put together a “year in review” for Capitol Romance’s 2015. I have ALL the ideas, but it takes some time to not only gather all the numbers but lay it out nicely (especially considering my graphic design skills are elementary at best). Hoping I can get that out to you this week! If you’re interested, it will be sent via our newsblast, so sign up if you haven’t already! Take it away Sophia & Brent!

maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (20) maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (21)

We chose to have the ceremony at the UMD Memorial Chapel since we met on the UMD campus our senior year there. Our wedding date is the 6-year anniversary of us meeting and is exactly 1 year after we got engaged. We are incorporating the UMD mascot (Terrapin) into parts of our wedding day – the escort cards and programs will have Terps on them, for example.

My sister gave me a pre-wedding gift, a notebook of letters she gathered from the women from both sides of the families that were now connected by Brent & I marrying. There were words of love, welcoming, support, wisdom and memories.

maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (25) maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (22)

We chose the Music Center at Strathmore for the reception site because we wanted a modern and dramatic reception space.o Our colors are pink and gold with accents of black. These are colors that we (mostly Sofia) were drawn to as we started planning. We are also incorporating polka dots into parts of the wedding (the groomsmen bowties, cocktail hour flowers) because Sofia loves them!

maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (24) maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (1) maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (3)

Our two sisters are readers during the ceremony and are also in the wedding party. Sofia’s sister will also be singing a song towards the beginning of the reception (she is surprising us with the song!). Brent’s two best men are his cousins.

maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (4) maryland themed strathmore music wedding pictures (18)


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District Bliss DIY Workshop: Photography + Styling for Creatives (& Anyone!)


Image: Lauren Louise Photography

ICYMI District Bliss has taken over the DIY Workshops formally known as Capitol Romance DIY Workshops and their first workshop is THIS MONTH. They’ve pulled in an AH-MAZING photographer, Lauren Louise Photography, to teach attendees how to up their photography game to take better pictures for their website, personal marketing materials, PR items, and more.

The workshop will take place on January 31st at 1pm to 3pm at Logan Hardware on 14th Street in DC!

Buy Tickets


There’s an Eventbrite page that has LOADS more information about the workshop (plus it’s where you buy your tickets because you DON’T want to miss this one, especially if you are looking to up your social media marketing game these year and want better images to add to that) and the fabulous photog hosting the workshop. Lauren is going to teach all you lovely attendees how to focus on styling, manipulating light, product placement, and more. The goal is to help ANYONE truly represent their brand or business (or maybe just work on their photography hobby) through better images.

What’s the best part?! Everyone is welcome!

You don’t have to be an artist, a bride, or even consider yourself creative to attend District Bliss DIY; EVERYONE is welcome! So hop on over to the Eventbrite page now and get your tickets (only $15) before they sell out!



Chris & Stef’s Winter, Snowy Engagement Pictures in Virginia

snow winter engagement pictures virginia (5)

Images: Nicki Metcalf

Can you tell I am excited to finally have a little winter in the weather? Kicking of the 2016 blogging season with this SNOWY (please, can we get SOME snow soon?!) Virginia engagement session. I hope you guys had a great Holiday break and OMG HOW IS IT 2016!? There is so much to do but I love the start of a fresh new year – it’s like this wide open canvas in front of me, just waiting to be scribbled all over. I can’t wait to see where this year takes me and Capitol Romance.

This little blog will celebrate it’s FIFTH year in business at the end of this month. I really cannot believe I’ve been blogging for 5 years. It’s grown in ways I NEVER imagined when I started it and I am just so excited to see where it goes next. Thank you to my readers (old and new) that maybe just found Capitol Romance or have been reading since the beginning. You guys make this blog & business possible. Let’s do this 2016.

snow winter engagement pictures virginia (8) snow winter engagement pictures virginia (1)

How they met:

I was leading a bible study that she was a part of, and we got to know each other a little bit. She claims that what lead her to like me was when I made Guacamole for our Bible study and apparently I am really good at it.  I first started to notice her one night when it snowed, and we did a little redneck sledding, which means we tied a tow rope behind my Jeep and pulled people through the snow.  I decided I was going to try just being pulled on my body and she was the only other one to volunteer even over all the guys and I was like yep that is the one.

snow winter engagement pictures virginia (7) snow winter engagement pictures virginia (6)


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