Bride to Be Guest Blogger: When Something Goes Wrong During Your Wedding Planning


Image: Jenn Heller Design Co.

I’m DYING with this commute to Chantilly this week guys (each way has been well over an hour drive … I was not cut out for this …) but Kelsey’s guest posts on wedding planning always bring a bright spot to my day. Plus I get to see her & her fiance tonight, plus their wedding is in two months(!), plus it’s going to be awesome. Also, this week is ALMOST over and I am headed to NYC for my mom’s birthday to see Puffs so let’s get to it!!

When Something Goes Wrong While Wedding Planning | Guest Post by Kelsey

I’m getting married in two months. Two months. Do you know how soon that is? A kangaroo could give birth…twice in two months. (You’re welcome for that holiday party fun fact). Seriously, the countdown is on. It’s not quite the final countdown, but this is the dress rehearsal to the final countdown. So in the spirit of panic, today we are going to talk about what to do when something goes wrong.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, when you are planning your wedding something is going to go wrong. It just is. Accept it. You won’t know when and you won’t know what, but it will. You think everything is going fine. You’ve got your spreadsheets, your timelines and then.


Wanna know my moment? It was a small snafu, involving, oh you know, the MOST IMPORTANT DRESS I WILL EVER WEAR IN MY LIFE. Ok. I’m back. First thing’s first. Whatever goes wrong, it is important to remember not to go all Gone Girl on whoever ruined literally everything. You’ve got to get solution-y, or as my marketing friends say, it’s time to ideate.  Before that, let me tell you what happened to me.

I bought my dress and it was wonderful. Then I had to wait five months until I got the call. Let me tell you about the call that changed my destiny. Backstreet Boys…anybody? The dress was ready.

So I went to the salon with my mom and there it was. Just like I remembered. I stripped down, remembered I forgot to shave my armpits, and attempted to put on the dress. Please note the word attempted. The sales associate assured me that she just lotioned her hands so the zipper was slippery. Then she called in my mom to tag team. Mom attempted to hold things (i.e. me) in while they zipped the dress. Long/tight story short, the dress was too small. The sales associate said the dress was fine and it would be fine and I was all…


I left without the dress. Then I got a call from the salon manager. Again, a reminder, stay cool. No one wants to help a bridezilla. No matter what goes wrong, address the situation head on and immediately. Involve only necessary people and stand your ground. Remember to repeat the goal to the vendor/in law/whoever and establish a timeline for the solution. What’s going to be done and when. Finally, if the timeline is longer, when will you touch base next?

If you’re wondering, a new dress was rush made. I picked it up two weeks ago. It fits. And because I was firm but mentally stable, I got a complimentary veil out of the whole thing. Good things come to those who wait.

As I always say, if Britney can make it through 2007, you can totally make it through this.

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It’s Monday. I had my last wedding of 2016 (and it kicked my BUTT) and dragged Evie & Andy out at the crack of dawn yesterday for a family photoshoot (the things they do for me). I’m stuck in training for the day job in CHAN-FREAKING-TILLY all week. Oh and the Racist Cheeto is still our President-Elect … but let’s focus on the POSITIVE, shall we?

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Wedding Inspiration with Berry Tones & Bold Colors


Images: Jessica Maida Photography

It’s December. It’s Friday. It’s my last wedding of 2016. I leave you with this gorgeous bold berry inspired wedding shoot. Have a great weekend Romancers!

raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride5 raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride7

Inspiration for this styled shoot started with the color scheme of rich, warm berry tones creating the palette of bold colors alongside an edgy bride/groom and glamorous linens. While this was a mini shoot detailing two different tablescape options we also carried the color through to our bride. She carried the gorgeous and deep, vibrant bouquet with and without flowing ribbons with a few subtle floral touches in hair.

raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride2 raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride8

The lush greens of the evergreens in the backdrop provided the additional layer of rich, organic hues for the season.The second tablescape option featured the same burst of colors but with a more contrasting effect with the light and white linens as a more winteresque backdrop. Sweet Fix provided the berry tarts as place holders for the our guests while some place settings boasted the calligraphy inspired glass menus by Lauren Perry Studio.

raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride3 raspberry-and-gold-wedding-inspiration-tattooed-bride6

“My favorite detail from this shoot has to be the cake; the bold design has me head over heels,” said Event Designer and Planner Kerri Buster with Blush Events Planning.


Photographer: Jessica Maida Photography | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: 707 Fine Clothing | Beauty: Avenue 42 Style Studio | Event Planner: Blush Events | Linens and Coverings: Classic Party Rentals of VA | Floral Designer: Flowers Makes Scents | Calligrapher: Lauren Perry Studio | Dress Store: Sealed With A Kiss Bridal | Cake Designer: Sweet Fix | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Tarynn & Petar’s Lavender & Serbian Infused Wedding at Chantilly Country Club

Images: melbeephotography LLC

Country club weddings aren’t usually my thing, but when I saw a flower crown on BOTH the bride and the groom’s heads during the ceremony, I thought this one deserved a second look. Turns out it was full of really cool details, mostly surrounding the groom’s Serbian heritage. The family traveled from overseas to be with the newlyweds and the ceremony included Serbian touches like plum whiskey (I’ve had this before – it’s STRONG), a crowning ceremony, and readings that were translated into Serbian!

Check out the full wedding and some insight from the Bride on the blog today.

When we were planning our wedding, my husband and I knew we wanted to create a timeless feel with a number of personalized details to make the day extra special. We are still shocked by how amazing everything came together.

The lavender floral arrangements exceeded my expectations, the music was upbeat and had everyone on the dance floor, and the food was absolutely fantastic.



In addition, we were able to incorporate a number of Serbian traditions into our ceremony to reflect my husband’s culture and upbringing. We were so lucky to have family and friends that contributed their talents to our wedding.

Vol 11: The Real Life of a Mompreneur – No Time For Yourself


Being a small business owner doesn’t leave you much time for yourself – add a kid or two (or more) to this formula and the time for your self seems to shrink to almost nothing. Being a mompreneur, you have to make sacrifices, and while I knew time was going to be one of those sacrifices when Evie came into the world, I’ll admit that I wasn’t fully prepared for just how little time you have left for yourself.

“Me time” was not something I even thought about or considered before Evie – because without kids you can pretty much just do what you want, when you want (within reason of course). Want to go for a run? Sure! Want to swing by H&M after work? No problem. Want to go see the latest Harry Potter movie? Which showing! For those of you with kids though, you know this is not the case – it takes plans, babysitters, scheduling, and packing at least 2 extra bags of STUFF.

And that’s only if you actually find the energy to do the things you want to do.

I’ll admit that this has been a real struggle for me – finding time to exercise, go shopping, or even just veg out. There really isn’t much time for that when your a parent – business owning or not. And even if you have an amazing partner (like I do!) that helps to prep dinner so you can squeeze a workout in, or offers to do the food shopping this week so you can hop into a store and find some new clothes, it can be extremely hard to realize that you really have little to no time for yourself.

I know this is something I am just going to have to continue to work on. To accept, and understand that that is just the reality for now. I have to tell myself that in the grand scheme of life, working out and buying clothes aren’t as important as spending time together as a family, and working hard at both my jobs. I need to accept that the time to myself is infrequent and cherish it when I can get it and be OK with the fact that for a while, during these child rearing years, I am just not going to get a bunch of it.

I’ll continue to have good days and bad days on the subject and I’ll continue to look for ANY advice to help in this area if you’ve got it!

Stay strong out there, fellow mompreneurs.

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