Capitol Romance: Helen & Glenn’s Dramatic, Stormy Northern Virginia Engagement Sess

This weekend was a bit of a roller coaster for me. I had a nice relaxing night in with Andy on Friday [we watched Looper, I was meh about it].  And Saturday kicked off like most of our Saturdays have the past month – with our long run for our half-marathon training. At mile 6, I decided it might be fun to trip on some pavement and go arms and knees first into the gravelly sidewalk in front of the Capitol Building. Yeah, ouch. So after an extremely kind stranger drove Andy & I back to our house, I spend the rest of Saturday mostly on the couch dabbing my scrapes and icing my bruises. Not fun.

Sunday got better though – I met with KD Creative to discuss some new branding and a new website for the coordination business I now run on the side :) THAT was certainly a highlight. Anyway, enough about me, I hope you all had a great weekend [hopefully safer than mine] and onto our Monday engagement feature from Amie Otto Photography, submitted via Two Bright Lights.

Amie shared:

We had been having lots of storms and bad weather and had to reschedule the session several times. Between the couple’s work schedule and mother nature, we were having a difficult time making it happen. On the third reschedule, the weather, once again, looked questionable. We were able to delay it by a few hours, missing the rain, but getting a great dramatic sky. We were just finishing as the rain started again! Success!

Helen & Glenn’s Dramatic, Stormy Sky Engagement Session in Northern Virginia

Click inside for the rest of this dramatic, Northern Virginia engagement session from Amie Otto Photography, including the proposal story!

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Capitol Inspiration: A Hot Pink, Ocean City Maryland Beach Themed Wedding

Bringing the heat with a bright, hot pink beach themed wedding in Ocean City, Maryland from Kathleen Hertel Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. Nothing like a good summer, beach-side wedding to distract from the cold, dreary rain that is currently happening in DC.

Get inspired with our Friday, Capitol Inspiration, Wedding Inspiration post! Happy weekend!

Wedding Inspiration From a Hot Pink, Ocean City Beach Themed Wedding

Click inside for the rest of this awesome, beach-themed wedding at Ocean City, MD!

Capitol Romance: Robyn & Shawnee’s Snowy Richmond, VA Love Shoot

Add Kimie from IYQ Photography to the long list of people I have met online, that I am DYING to meet in person. Our email exchanges are always fun and she hands down sends me some of my favorite features to date. Today’s snowy love shoot is no different.

This shoot at Libby Hill Park in Richmond, VA, has all the makings of a Capitol Romance feature fave: the adorable dog, the snowy weather, and a gorgeous couple SO full of love and laughter.  I know you all will enjoy Shawnee & Robyn’s snowy love shoot just as much as I do. A special thanks again to IYQ Photography for the images [submitted via Two Bright Lights].

Robyn & Shawnee’s Snowy, Richmond Virginia Love Shoot at Libby Hill Park

How they met:

Shawnee and I actually met on okcupid. I made a profile a few years ago but never took meeting anyone on it seriously. But when she messaged me I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet her! She messaged me on valentines day of last year. We started talking and realized we had a bunch of mutual friends and decided to meet. It was peaceful and honest. She swept me off my feet! We hung out for a few weeks, until one weekend she planned a camping trip for the two of us in the Shenandoah mountains. March 19,2012 is the day she asked me to go steady!

What they love most about each other:

Shawnee: The first thing I noticed about Robyn was her incredible smile. It is very sincere and her eyes light up when she is truly happy, which I hope will be for many years to come with me. My favorite thing about her is that she can make me laugh in any circumstance. It’s impossible to have a bad day when she is around. She makes me incredibly happy.

Robyn: Shawnee’s eyes! They grabbed me the first time I saw her. What I love the most about Shawnee? What’s not to love!? She is the kindest, gentlest and most honest person I know. From the very beginning I have felt invincible with her. I felt no matter what life throws at us we have the strength to go through it together. For the first time in my life I saw true beauty; inside and out!

Click inside for the rest of this adorable love shoot, including the proposal story!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Custom Tufted Headboard

Ok, so this post is not really wedding related. BUT I know for a fact that a lot of my readers are already married, so I have often thought about how to broaden the blog a bit to focus on marriage & happy relationahips in general, just as much as on weddings.

So, while I get busy attempting to figure out how to do that, I am excited to share a really cool lifestyle DIY tutorial today from Kelly Ewell Photography!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Custom, Tufted Headboard

 [original post here]


  • your choice of fabric
  • plywood
  • 2″ foam
  • batting
  • Sharpie
  • ruler
  • spray glue
  • staple gun
  • long upholstery needles
  • wax upholstery thread
  • washers
  • crown molding
  • 2×3 wood planks (like 2×4′s but less wide)
  • wood stain and brush
  • connecting brackets and screws (I’m not sure what these are really called but I’ll show them below)
  • patience

What To Do:
1. Measure the width of your bed for how long you want your headboard to be. Now I measured my mattress and took into consideration that the duvet and all adds some width because it’s fluffy. So I maybe added an inch to each side. This was the width I made my plywood.

(As a side note and jumping ahead, I added the wood frame around this so the headboard ended up even wider. I totally didn’t consider that when measuring. Oops. It looked too wide to me, but everyone else said they would have done the same thing. So maybe it’s ok.)

2. So you have your width, and the height it really just subjective. How tall do you want the headboard to come over your mattress? Once you determine that, you’ve got your size.

3. Onto the plywood. I didn’t get one 4′x8′ big sheet and cut it down to size. We got two smaller 2′x4′ pieces. Less cutting and they fit in the car. We bracketed them together, made our measurements, and cut the length. Since our height was 2′, we didn’t even have to cut for that dimension. Now you have your base.

(As a note, the plywood is needed to give the headboard strength. I saw some websites that used peg board since it had all those little holes in it, but it’s way too flimsy in my opinion.)

Click inside for the rest of the step-by-step guidelines and pictures to make a DIY Tufted Fabric Headboard!

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