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Interested in her stop motion video work?! Check out a video here

Interested in her beautiful wedding photography? Check out some of her favorite images:


blacksburg-va-wedding-photographer-holly-cromer03  blacksburg-va-wedding-photographer-holly-cromer05


blacksburg-va-wedding-photographer-holly-cromer08 blacksburg-va-wedding-photographer-holly-cromer09



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Capitol Romance: Cyndi & Alan’s Washington Monument Engagement

Spring and sunshine and monuments and LOVE. Nothing really says Washington, DC more than this shoot from Will King Photography ! Submitted by the bride to be (yay! I love when couples want to be on Capitol Romance!!) and full of a beautiful love story and proposal.

Let’s get it going!

Cyndi & Alan’s Washington DC Engagement by the Monuments


About the couple & how they met:

Cyndi grew up in New Jersey, attended college at Virginia Tech and had been living in Arlington Virginia for 3 years when she met Alan. She and a friend had been invited to a group house in OBX for Memorial day weekend. They had been going back and forth as to whether they should go since they wouldn’t’ know many other people.

Alan had grown up in Maryland, attending University of Maryland and was living with roommates in Chevy Chase.  He had made plans to go to Dewey Beach for Memorial Day weekend, but when plans fell through he asked a friend if he could join in on the OBX trip he had gone on the year before.


Alan arrived at the house a day later than everyone else, but quickly had Cyndi laughing about a new Cereal Restaurant that opened by where he lived. She appreciated his patience when teaching her horseshoes and had hoped he would ask her out by the end of the weekend. When that didn’t’ happen, she gave him her number, and worried the entire drive home that that had been too forward of her. Alan called the next night to ask her to the Cereal Bar Restaurant.


They spent the summer dating across state lines, and that September Alan moved to Arlington also within walking distance of Cyndi. They spent the next two years getting to know each other.washington dc engagement pictures blog

Click inside for the rest of this Washington, DC engagement session ~ including the proposal story!

Capitol Wedding: Megan & Gabe’s Springtime, Pale Pink Maryland Wedding

If your allergies haven’t smacked you upside the head yet like me, then maybe all you need to do is take a look around you to notice that spring has FINALLY sprung in DC! I am not sure I am digging this heat wave [I love me some 50s & 60-degree April weather … but 90? Come on now….] but at least everything is blooming and looking seriously gorgeous.

Enter a beautiful, romantic wedding from Megan Beth Photography. Pale pinks, ivory & gold, soft florals, lots of champagne, and a beautiful Historic Mansion venue in Columbia Maryland. I couldn’t think of a better spring inspired wedding to share! Megan & Gabe also had a tight budget to work in – so they share lots of good advice for our other budget-conscious readers!

Megan & Gabe’s Pale Pink, Spring Time Wedding at Historic Oakland Mansion in Maryland

spring inspired pale pink vintage maryland wedding oakland mansion blog


Caterer:  Olazzo Catering | Floral Designer:  Stacy Bowen Flowers | Reception Venue:  Historic Oakland Mansion | Dress Designer:  Mikaella Bridal,White by Vera Wang | Specialty Foods:  Baklava Couture | Submitted: Two Bright Lights

From the photographer, Megan Beth Photography:

This beautifully elegant day they envisioned, involved Megan and Gabe surrounded by all their friends and families. Of course with champagne, cake, lots of cake, laughter and an overwhelming amount of love. And with nine tornadoes touching down in Maryland not only twenty four hours prior, the sun rose that morning, the sky was clear and out came the absolutely most beautiful day for Gabe and Megan’s wedding.

spring inspired pale pink vintage maryland wedding oakland mansion blog

On their beautiful, romantic color scheme of pale pink, ivory & gold:

I chose the colors (pale, blush pink with ivory and gold accents) because I wanted the “feel” of the wedding to be romantic. We knew that no matter what we chose for colors, venue, details, etc. that the wedding would be fun because we have such a fantastic group of friends and family.

So while I knew the reception would get wild and crazy, I wanted the beginning of the evening to feel calm and classic. For a late spring/summer wedding, I felt I was dealing with the perfect time of year to pull “romantic” off. One of bridesmaids and best friends described my wedding vision as being like the bubbles in champagne. As a champagne-lover, I totally agreed – classic, but fun and bubbly.

spring inspired pale pink vintage maryland wedding oakland mansion blog

Since my grandmother had passed and would not be able to see me get married, I really appreciated being able to hold onto one of her family’s traditions. Also, as my “something old” and “something borrowed,” I wrapped a handkerchief around my bouquet that was brought by my grandmother’s aunt when she came to America from Europe in 1916.

spring inspired pale pink vintage maryland wedding oakland mansion blog

spring inspired pale pink vintage maryland wedding oakland mansion blog

Love this details & incorporation of family heritage in their wedding:

One of my favorite things about our wedding was when I got to walk with my parents and bridesmaids from my house to the church. It was a tradition in my grandmother’s village in Germany for the bride’s family to walk her from her house to the church.

spring inspired pale pink vintage maryland wedding oakland mansion blog

I love the Megan got ready in her childhood home and even more that the couple’s first look was in the backyard she grew up in. Beautiful.

spring inspired pale pink vintage maryland wedding oakland mansion blog

Click inside for the rest of Megan & Gabe’s beautifully romantic Maryland wedding from Megan Beth Photography.

Capitol Romance: Yvonne & John’s Old Town Alexandria, Northern Virginia Engagement Session

We’re back this afternoon with a beautiful Northern Virginia engagement session from Carrie Holbo Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. Yvonne & John (hey that rhymes!) met in the Air Force and are getting married later this year in Vegas (wooo!) but they wanted to have their engagement session near their home in Old Town Alexandria. It’s hard to tell that this shoot was in January – the light looks warm and inviting, and Yvonne & John don’t look cold at all!

The two of them are gorgeous and so in love and have quite the surprise proposal story to share! Congratulations Yvonne & John!

Yvonne & John’s Northern Virginia Engagement Session in Old Town, Alexandria

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

How they met:

John and I had a mutual friend who was trying to play match maker (and it worked) and told me about him and vise versa. We then found each other through her “friends” list on Facebook and friended each other.

At the time, I was on a 6 month deployment to Tampa Florida and had 1 month left before I returned to Virginia when John and I started communicating through e-mail. It only took a few days for me to realize that we had a lot in common and the conversations started flowing! After a few days of e-mails, we exchanged phone numbers and we moved on to text messages and phone conversations…we talked everyday after that! John and I made plans to meet for the first time in person the night I returned from Florida. We were both so excited and were counting down the days until then! I left Florida on Wednesday 8 June 2011 and arrived on Thursday the 9th and met him for dinner as soon as I arrived. We’ve been together ever since…

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

old town alexandria VA engagement pictures northern virginia blog

Click inside for the rest of this beautiful Northern Virginia engagement session in Old Town, Alexandria, and for the awesome surprise proposal on an airplane!

Let’s Get Personal: Lessons Learned from my First 2013 Wedding!

Happy Monday Romancers!!

I hope everyone got to take advantage of the seriously gorgeous spring weather that we are FINALLY having in DC! My weekend was JAM-packed with action, starting Friday with my first wedding of 2013 as Capitol Romance Wedding Coordination! It also included TONS of house & yard work (mulching, raking, and cleaning – oh my!), a trip to Ikea, painting our bedroom, and our re-scheduled Love Shoot in celebration of Maryland marriage equality with Maggie Winters Photography!

I will be sure to share some more details on our recent bedroom upgrading and our shoot with Maggie soon, but for this morning I thought it might be fun to share 5 things I learned this weekend. Coordinating my first 2013 wedding (and really, first wedding as an official wedding coordinator) was amazing. It helped that my bride and groom were the coolest, but I also had a blast learning a TON and I thought it might be fun to share some of the things I learned with you all!

Check back this afternoon for a beautiful Old Town Alexandria, VA engagement feature!

5 Things I Learned this Weekend:

intimate jefferson memorial wedding

[a sneak peak from Amanda & Jason’s wedding via my phone. More amazing pictures from Stephen Gosling Photography pending]

1. DC weathermen are never right

All week Friday was to have 100% change of rain with a high of 50. Amanda kept asking me “what do we do?!” and I replied, “other than buy some umbrellas? Nothing. DC weather is as predicable as the future – they never get it right.” And thankfully they were at least consistent in their inaccuracies, because Friday was 60 with not a cloud in the sky!!! The lesson here is bigger than DC weathermen’s lies though, its that you can’t plan your wedding around the weather – you need to realize it can change in a heartbeat, and you have to be ready and willing to accept that!

2. Balloons do not work outside when there is a breeze

My whole plan for Amanda & Jason’s decor was oversized balloons. I had seen this picture online before, and was in LOVE. We bought the balloons and the helium tanks, and I got to the Jefferson memorial to setup and …. there was a gusty, constant breeze blowing in my face – which meant balloons were NOT going to stand up like that. What was I thinking?! So the lesson here is to anyone considering balloons as a decoration for an outdoor wedding – make sure there is no wind in your forecast :)

3. Tourists can be friendly (and actually helpful too!)

Usually this time of year in DC drives me insane – tons of people flooding our city that cannot navigate the streets nor our metro system. But during my setup for the wedding I had a TON of tourists stop by asking questions about the setup and even more about the wedding. My favorite tourist couple though was one that actually asked if I needed help setting up anything !! It was so nice of them.

4. I need to find a good, dependable shuttle service for weddings in this city

I had a terrible experience with our shuttle service for our wedding and the shuttle for Friday wasn’t much better – it got lost, the driver couldn’t find the memorial and needed one of the guests to direct them – oh yeah and they were 45 minutes late for the ceremony (no joke!). Does ANYONE know of any decent shuttle/transportation companies in this city? I’ve pretty much given up and really only tell my couples to use Uber at this point!

5. Great wedding vendors make my job easy

Last, but certainly not least, I had to share that amazing wedding vendors really make your wedding not only wonderful & beautiful, but WAY LESS STRESSFUL. I joke when I say that it makes my job easy, but really it does make the entire wedding planning process easier on everyone if you take the time to hire top notch, quality vendors. My bride on Friday was all smiles over everything! Her flowers were stunning (crafted by Love Blooms Here), her hair was GORGEOUS (Jewel Hair Design – of course) and the photographer (Stephen Gosling) kept both the bride & the groom happy through their first look, through a lost shuttle, and through to the dinner reception. Professional, talented, vendors that fit the couple, make a happy couple. And a happy couple makes for a happy coordinator :)


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