Capitol Romance: Eliza & Josh’s Offbeat, Nerdy Library Engagement Session

I met Eliza (the bride to be in this rad engagement I am about to unleash on you) after she was reffered to me for her awesomely sounding “DIY, small budget, internet hipster meets Tolkien & CS Lewis” wedding. It PAINED me to not be available to work their wedding, but I made Eliza promise I could share it here on Capitol Romance ;) We then shared some emails about Quidditch teams and other Harry Potter interests (she played on a team called the Badassalisks … I think I immediately called my husband to tell him this after reading her email). And then I cried a bit more about not being able to work their wedding.

But seriously though – Eliza and Josh are awesome and so naturally their offbeat, nerdy library themed engagement session was too! A special thanks to Stephen Deleon for the images.

Eliza & Josh’s Offbeat, Nerdy Library Engagement Session

creative unique hipster engagement pictures in library

About Us & How We Met:

Josh and Eliza met via a classic rom-com cliche — a wedding. Actually, the real story is a bit more convoluted. In 2007, Josh left behind a career as a classical pianist to enter law school in New York City. But his best friend and former roommate, Danny, asked Josh to play piano at his 2008 wedding in Richmond. Danny happens to be Eliza’s cousin, from her vast — and close! — Irish family. At this wedding, Josh caught sight of Eliza and was immediately enamored. Eliza was similarly enamored when introduced later that evening.


creative unique hipster engagement pictures in library

The two talked the rest of the night (completely ignoring friends and family) and promised to continue talking despite the distance between Pittsburgh (Eliza’s home) and New York. Several months and many hours of conversations later, Eliza told Josh she wanted to explore grad schools in NYC. Josh kindly offered a place to stay, which Eliza gladly and excitedly accepted.

In New York, Josh took Eliza to all his favorite places, and even a few schools, and Eliza gave Josh a hand-knit hat. Finally on the day before Eliza had to leave, Eliza and Josh confessed to one another their feelings and decided to give this long distance relationship a try.


creative unique hipster engagement pictures in library

The next year saw their relationship straddle the distance between Pittsburgh and New York, DC and New York, and Dublin (Ireland) and New York, until Eliza got that acceptance letter to a grad school in the city. Eliza moved in the fall of 2009. Still, she spent her summers in DC interning at federal agencies while Josh stayed in New York finishing his degree and working at law firms. When Eliza graduated, she moved back to DC to work as an embedded librarian while Josh remained in NYC working as lawyer.

Both are super-psyched for Eliza to move permanently to New York this fall.

creative unique hipster engagement pictures in library

creative unique hipster engagement pictures in library

creative unique hipster engagement pictures in library

creative unique hipster engagement pictures in library

Click inside for a TON more from Eliza & Josh’s super hip & slightly nerdy library engagement session! AND the proposal story!

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Let’s Get Personal: My weekend

Hoping you all had a great weekend. Friday was, well, crazy with everything that went on with the Boston bombing suspects. I couldn’t bring myself to blog when those crazies were still on the lose, so I stayed low key and glued to Twitter and was relieved to find out, while shopping at Whole Foods, still glued to Twitter, that they finally got the second suspect.

Friday night was a low key one for my husband and I, but we were up bright and early Saturday to run a 5k Fun Run in support of the Boston Marathon victims. We joined Sarah (from Val&Sarah fame) and about 50 other DC area runners to run a quick route down on the mall. It was amazing – gorgeous weather, lots of tourists cheering in the name of Boston, AND we raised over $900 to send to the Mayor of Boston’s charity!

[a headless Andy with our makeshift bibs]


Then we headed home to paint our house!! And Sarah, being the awesome person that she is, not only hung around the rest of the day, but helped us paint! What an awesome lady ;)



And after:


After painting we cut our jungle of a lawn and did some general housework. We were EXHAUSTED Saturday night, and mostly just fell asleep on the couch watching Game of Thrones (just Season 1)!!

Sunday we were up again to make some knobs for our bathroom medicine cabinet, run to Home Depot (of course…we pretty much do this every weekend), clean the INSIDE of the house, and work a little more on our bedroom. Our bedroom is coming along – we recently got a stunning mirror at IKEA and some pretty gorgeous lamps that I love. We also splurged a bit on some brand new, white dressers and painted the room a grey-ish purple. Then I was on the hunt for a vanity for my end table/makeup desk. I had no idea what would fit next to the bed and work in our theme and then I came across this AWESOME steel vanity on Craiglist.

It was listed as a Norman Bel Geddes steel desk – and I had no idea what that meant. But a quick google search led me to some pretty pricey (and freakin’ awesome) industrial furniture online. I made an offer on the desk and was SO ecstatic that the seller took it! Also, DC is such a small world – the seller turned out to be one of my husbands coworkers. No joke.


Sweet right?! Though it’s pretty dirty and and I have no idea how to clean/polish/care for it – anyone have any experience with steel out there?! Other than the fact that the piece is the perfect size and look for what we wanted, I was also pretty stoked to read more about Norman Bel Geddes – how he designed furniture “of the future” back in the early 1900s and was even commissioned to help design a part of the 1939 World’s Fair. I pretty much love the fact that we have a unique, one-of-a-kind antique in our bedroom!

After a long Sunday I am going to shut this down and will finish blogging my engagement session tomorrow! Hope you all had a great weekend, thanks for stopping by & reading the recap of mine :)

Capitol Romance: Edwin & Roger’s Travel Themed Picnic Love Shoot at University of Maryland

A couple months ago Maryland made some strides in pushing our country in the right direction, with voting in marriage equality for ALL Americans. Maggie Winters Photography & I were so excited for Maryland that we decided to host a “Love & Equality, Maryland Marriage Equality Love Shoot Giveaway!”. We were so excited at all the amazing entrants we got – and were even more excited to pick our winners, Edwin & Roger.

They shared with us their love of whiskey, traveling, their adorable pup Sophia, wine, food, and of course, each other. They met at University of Maryland – so we all knew that would be the perfect place to have the shoot! Our shoot came together amazingly (is that a word?) and I can’t thank Maggie Winters enough for the amazing images she created. I also need to thank Roger & Edwin for being such awesome subjects and for being so darn cute, stylish, and in love!

**And in case you missed it, this shoot was featured first on Charm City Wed!**

Edwin & Roger’s Travel Themed Picnic, Styled Love Shoot at the University of Maryland

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

Edwin’s winning giveaway entry:

My fiance Roger and I have been engaged since I proposed two Christmases ago. Initially we decided on a tentative date of October 2013 with the hopes that Maryland would vote for equality. Now that they’ve done it (yay!) we’re in super planing mode for fairly small and intimate ceremony.

Roger and I met during our final year of college at two different schools. He graduated from the University of Maryland College Park and holds that school very close to his heart. We’ve even discussed having the ceremony at the chapel on campus.

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

He, and I, would love a campus photo shoot on the grounds of the university that taught him so much, solidified his strong work ethic and really helped him become the man I love.

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

Omg Sophia stole the show more than once during our shoot. Just lookathatface !!!

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

Can’t stop laughing at the “selfie” Edinw & Roger pulled out with the vintage camera shots!

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

travel themed picnic university of maryland engagement pictures

Click inside for a TON MORE from Edwin & Roger’s travel themed picnic, love shoot at the University of Maryland!

Capitol Romance: Lauren & Jeremy’s Modern, Classy Day After Wedding Portrait Session in DC

We’re back this afternoon with a stunning, classy day-after wedding portrait session in Washington, DC. The session, from Terri Baskin Photography, features a gorgeous couple with some seriously classy and modern style. Plus the bride has tattoos, bold makeup & a rockin’ statement necklace – so you know I’m in heaven :)

Other than the beautiful pictures for the shoot, I loved the details and reasoning from the couple, Lauren & Jeremy, on why they decided to do formal, styled pictures the day after the wedding. To them, it was simple, after going to a few weddings where the couple seemed to be MIA from most of the cocktails [due to pictures] they knew they didn’t want that to be the case for their wedding. To them, spending time with their guests was THE most important part of their wedding day – so they pushed their portraits to the day-after with some beautiful styling.

Jeremy & Lauren’s Modern & Classy, Day-After  Washington DC Wedding Portrait Session

classy green modern DC wedding portraits pictures


Photographer: Terri Baskin Photography | Make-Up Artist: Ericka Marie | Event Planner:  Miraculous Events | Floral Designer:  Wedding Muse | Wedding Dress Store:  Formal Envy | Submitted: Two Bright Lights

green wild modern classy flower bouquet


modern tattooed bride DC wedding portrait pictures

classy green modern DC wedding portraits pictures

classy green modern DC wedding portraits pictures

Click inside for the rest of Lauren & Jeremy’s modern, classy DC day-after wedding portrait session!

Giveaway: Custom Thank You Cards from Mayla Studios, Invitations & Fine Paper Goods in Virginia


Kicking off hump day this week with a giveaway and discount promo to Mayla Studios: Invitations & Fine Paper Goods.  Barbara recently emailed me to share the launch of their new website – and I was thrilled to have her generously offer to host a giveaway and discount promo here on Capitol Romance! Mayla Studios is located in Fauquier County, VA, but their couples are all over the DC metro area!

Here’s what we’re offering: 1 set of 25 Thank You Cards to one lucky winner and 15% to any entrant for the next 30 days from this blog post!

Just enter by leaving a comment on this post and using our Rafflecopter widget! Contest closes Friday, April 26th 2013.

Before entering – check out some of Mayla Studios‘ awesome work!

discount giveaway DC MD VA wedding invitations discount giveaway DC MD VA wedding invitations

discount giveaway DC MD VA wedding invitations discount giveaway DC MD VA wedding invitations

discount giveaway DC MD VA wedding invitations

discount giveaway DC MD VA wedding invitations

discount giveaway DC MD VA wedding invitations


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