Capitol Inspiration ~ Halloween Weddings

Personally, I am a fan of themed weddings. But, I think the best way to pull off a themed wedding is to FULLY commit to it. Don’t just throw one random element in there, use some creativity and keep your wedding design intact by really diving into the theme in all its glory. Today, I wanted to showcase some weddings that took on a Halloween theme – and did it properly. Some went the literal sense [full-on Halloween Costume Party Wedding] and some used lots of awesome “spooky” elements to make their Halloween Wedding a really awesomely themed one. Enjoy!

Jen & Jimmy’s Vintage Horror Themed Wedding [via the Loveliest Day]

[Photos by Mathieu Photography ~ more Vintage Horror Film Wedding Pictures here]

A Day of the Dead Engagement Shoot [via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings]

[photos by La Photographie ~ more images here]

Kathy & John’s Halloween Costume Party Wedding in Baltimore [seen here on Capitol Romance!]

[photos by Roman Grinev ~ more on our blog feature here]

Rebecca & Kreg’s Halloween Wedding from White Rabbit Studios

[more on White Rabbit Studios site]

 A Halloween Wedding in New Orleans! From Green Wedding Shoes

[more on GWS!]

…and finally … A Chic Halloween Wedding Styled Shoot from The Sweetest Occasion

[beautiful inspiration from The Sweetest Occasion]

Would you have a Halloween Wedding?? I would love to have one and go all out like Kathy & John and have guests come in costume for sure! Happy Halloween everyone!

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Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: “I Put A Spell On You”

 [image via ActiveRain]

For today’s blog posting we are going 100% with the obvious theme, Halloween!! What did you guys dress up like over the weekend??

So for today‘s “Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck” we will suggest the all too appropriate, “I Put a Spell on You” [the original, I know, I am partial to the Better Midler version from Hocus Pocus too … ] by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

I love you
I love you anyhow
And I don’t care
If you don’t want me
I’m yours right now

You hear me
I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine

Be sure to stop back this afternoon for some Halloween weddings!!

Engagement Party Gift Idea: AHeirloom State Shaped Cutting Boards

Looking for the perfect, modern engagement or wedding gift? Well, Etsy seller AHeirloom, has you covered.

AHeirloom ~ Making it digital and heartwarming since 2010

A couple weekends ago, I attended my bestest friends’ engagement party in Philadelphia, and I already knew what I had planned on getting them ~ the wood cutting board [also makes a great cheese plate/board] shaped like Pennsylvania. AHeirloom also carves a heart over your city of choice, and I also got my friends’ wedding dte carved into the bottom left of the board.

My friends told me it was their favorite [and best] engagement present they received! SUCCESS!

I just wanted to mention [before I showcase some of the awesome states/products AHeirloom makes] that I really find it important to support local artists [including Etsy artists, even if they aren’t local to you, they are small business owners] for your wedding. Besides all the cultural/societal ramifications of supporting local/small businesses, it really is the perfect way to get custom, PERSONALIZATION into your wedding. I have yet to meet an Etsy seller that didn’t brighten my day with a personalized note, or thank you for buying their products. And I loved ALL the things I bought for my own wedding from Etsy sellers.

Ok, enough preaching for a Friday. Basically, go check out AHeirloom and if you need an engagement gift, gift for a bridal shower, or even a wedding gift ~ and you want something useful, creative AND personal, be sure to check out these awesome state shaped wood cutting boards!

[Oklahoma State Wood Cutting Board]

In addition to US States, they also do some regional shapes AND some European country shaped cutting boards!!

[Brooklyn Shaped Cutting Board]

Ok I couldn’t resist … Hawaii cracks me up … so many little wood pieces!

[Hawaii Shaped Wood Cutting Board]

A close-up of the heart carving

[AHeirloom Heart Carved into State Shaped Wood Cutting Board]

Let us know if you end up getting this as a gift for someone! You won’t be sorry :) Have a great weekend everyone, we will be back Monday with some Halloween-inspired weddings & music!


Rachael & Grayson’s Virginia Wedding at the Fort Meyer’s Office Club

This afternoon’s adorable real wedding is by Evelyn Alas Photography. It features traditional families, a long line of military men on the groom’s side, and a beautiful ceremony at the Old Post Chapel & reception at the Fort Myer’s Officers Club  in Arlington, VA.

Rachael & Grayson have a beautiful love story and, naturally, had a beautiful wedding too! I am so happy to be able to get to share all the details with you today!

Rachael & Grayson’s Virginia Wedding at the Fort Meyer’s Officer’s Club

Let’s hear how Rachael & Grayson met [from the bride herself!]:

…Well I guess I should start with how we met. A few years ago, on Christmas Eve, Grayson and I were roped into doing a reading for church by our lovely choir instructor/ church organist… neither myself nor Gray were in choir, but that didn’t seem to matter to her. Even though we’d been in the same church a hundred times this was first time I’d ever seen Grayson, and he saw me. My first thoughts were “OO he’s cute.”

Naturally after having spent most of the service checking him out, my good friend Melissa, to whom I owe much of this meeting, insisted I go talk to him. Best decision I ever made. After some small talk, I used an all too cheesy line which I will not be sharing publicly, and gave him my number. That night we started talking, and one thing led to another. We dated all through my last 3 years of college, even though we went to seperate universities, 2 hours apart.

love all the lace happening here & the “i do” on the bottom of Rachael’s shoe!!

A bit about Rachael:

As for me  there’s really not much to say, I’m not one to toot my own horn if you catch my drift. So I’ll give you the briefest of overviews…

I was not born into a military family, and therefore much of this is new to me. My dad is in international marketing and my mom’s a teacher. I was born the first (and smartest :) just kidding) of 3. I graduated from Radford University in Radford, VA in the winter of 2010 and came back to Washington, D.C to complete my internship.

I am the blue jeans and t-shirt type of girl. I like the outdoors to a point, but you wont catch me on any survivalist shows anytime soon. I love good food, good people, great conversation, and good company. I was raised by opinionated people so naturally I have none of my own (NOT).

I love the jeans & T-shirt kinds of girls. I am exactly the same way Rachael :)

A bit about Grayson [from Rachael … if you couldn’t tell …]:

Grayson is the oldest of four children. Born into a multi-generational military family, he soon found his own niche. After graduating from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Grayson commissioned into the United States Army and began Infantry school (IBOLC). After completing IBOLC Gray became an official Infantry Officer, and started Ranger School.

Grayson is smart, funny, loyal, talented, kind, and many other things that I won’t embarrass him by going on about. He loves good food, good people, and great company (so do I), so naturally he fits right in with my family! You’re likely to find Grayson out on a survivalist show with Bear Grills one of these days, he loves that kind of thing. Grayson has a comedic side as well, he’s an all around good guy, and I am lucky enough to love him.

Grayson lookin’ like a STUD with his groomsmen

in love with Rachael’s stunning purple gemstone necklace. the color, the shape, everything about it.

The simple white palette for the boutonniere and bouquets was made by  by Royal Floral Designs


Rachael tells us why they chose the Fort Meyer location for their wedding festivities:

The location was suggested originally by my mother in law, who had attended several ceremonies and services at Fort Myer. The old post chapel is just a really beautiful little church not known to many, and my husband really fell in love with it. Also Fort Myer or Joint base Myer-Henderson Hall as its now known, is a really beautiful and historic post.

oh my, i LOVE this shot of the chapel that Evelyn Alas Photography got. those chandeliers! what a seriously gorgeous place to get married!!

Click inside to see the rest of this beautiful, traditional military wedding at the Fort Meyer base in Arlington, VA!

Giveaway ~ Silk Floral Fascinator from Harry Potter Wedding Shoot!

This morning we have an exciting announcement. The amazing creative genius that crafted the beautiful hairpiece for our bride in the Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration styled shoot has allowed us to giveaway the hairpiece she hand-made for the shoot [a $115 value]!!!

Christina Devers is the mastermind behind the amazing floral bridal hairpiece you see above. Her company, Zazzaretti Bridal makes bouquets, bridal sashes, and more. You MUST check out her shop .. you will not be sorry.

The hairpiece above was made using:

~ hand pressed silk dupioni petals and leaves
~ golden Swarovski crystal stamens burst from the center
~ curly tendrils (formed with gold artistic wire) hammered for strength
~ approx. 4″ diameter
~ backed with a double prong hair clip

As mentioned above, this “Purple Palette Enchanted Peony Hair Fascinator retails at $115, and if you aren’t lucky enough to win the one we are giving away, then you can buy your own here.

How to enter:

Simple, leave a comment on this blog post, to enter. And as with all of our giveaways, becoming a Fan of Capitol Romance on Facebook will also get your name in a second time!

The contest will end on 11.11.11 [the DVD release for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 … yes I know, I am awesome for picking this date].

GOOD LUCK! and thanks again to Christina of Zazzaretti Bridal for not only donating this amazing fascinator to our shoot, but for allowing us to do a giveaway with it here on Capitol Romance!







DIY Tutorial: How to Make Fabric Flower Shoe Clips

We got a few comments on our bride’s shoes from the Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration shoot. They were actually a combination of Blowfish shoes that I already owned, and DIY flower shoe clips, that Abby made from leftover fabric from the amazing floral hairpiece made by Zazzaretti Bridal.

Blowfish Festival Peep Toe Wedge in Khaki



And now for the “how to” make these awesome DIY flower shoe clips ~ a perfect way to personalize/customize your wedding shoes or your bridesmaids shoes with an easy DIY project!

DIY Tutorial: Ruffled Flower Shoe Clips

[from Mrs. Priss blog’s post here]
















  • Lightweight synthetic fabric
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Needle & thread
  • Ink Pen [or a pencil works too!]
  • Shoe Clips… [we got ours from Michaels]

For the rest of the instructions [including pictures!] for these awesome fabric flower DIY shoe clips, hop on over to Mrs Priss’ original blog post.


Harry Potter Wedding Shoot ~ Behind the Scenes & More!

Good Morning Romancers! This morning we have a whole bunch of behind the scenes shots and additional pictures from our Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration shoot [originally featured on Green Wedding Shoes]. Here you will get to see some amazing shots from Abby Grace Photography that didn’t make it into the Green Wedding Shoes post AND a ton more “inside” scoop from what went into the shoot. The DIY projects, the vendors, the details – the entire story of how one simple email exchange between Abby and I turned into a full-scale wedding shoot based on Harry Potter.

[image via Green Wedding Shoes]

So as I mentioned, it all started with a simple email thread between Abby and myself. I had just gotten back from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter … and I was depressed. So Abby mentioned ~ why don’t we do a styled wedding shoot, based on Harry Potter. And I was sold. For one, we are both HUGE Harry Potter fans, and for two, there was really nothing else out there.  A million months ago, when I first started my blog, I had done a “Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration” post, using images I had collected from Google.  The post surprisingly gets a decent amount of traffic to my blog … so I knew that there was a desire out there for this sort of shoot. People love Harry Potter, and like me, it is a part of their lives; it was only natural that people would want to include Harry in their wedding.
The hard part is the how – how do you incorporate a magical, fictional story into a wedding, without it coming across cheesey or like a child’s themed birthday party? Abby and I decided that we would have the Harry Potter themed shoot hint heavily at elements from the books – but never point directly at them. If you weren’t a Harry Potter fan, then the wedding style would just appear organic, aged, slightly rustic, with a wink at the magic within.  And so it began ….

One of the first vendors we pulled on board was Tyler Fitzhugh of Voila Events Studio. Tyler was not familiar with Harry Potter – but we were OK with that, because we wanted to make sure our ideas were staying wedding-appropriate, and that a non-Potterhead would still like what we were designing.

Tyler in action putting the finishing touches on the pie dessert table

After Tyler, I knew we would want an invitation suite for the shoot, and I immediately knew the right woman to call on. Wendy of Weswen Design. Wendy and I had been email buddies for a while [and you might remember that she has done some guest posting here on Capitol Romance] so I already knew she was a Harry Potter fan. One email was all it took – and Wendy was instantly on board to create the most amazing Harry Potter inspired wedding invitations, menus & a wedding program based on the “Daily Prophet”.

The rest of the vendors came together rather quickly. Tyler hooked us up with an amazing hair & makeup team, and Abby found the amazingness that is Concepts Created for the farmhouse table [never underestimate the power of Craiglist]. Bryan was insanely generous – offering to deliver and pick-up the beautiful hand-crafted farmhouse table, made from repossessed wood. I think he said the table in our shoot was from some REALLY old bank. Love it.

Now onto the pie table …

The pie table was actually a blessing in disguise. We had originally wanted to do a Harry Potter themed dessert spread, but fairly last minute, the baker we had lined up, backed out ~ so I immediately thought of PIES. What is more British [and thus – Harry Potter appropriate] than pie? A quick Google search brought me to Mom’s Apple Pie Co., in Leesburg, VA, right near our shoot location.

One quick email later ~ and bam, we had a very generous donation of 3 fruit pies and 4 mini pies. They looked incredible, and they tasted even better.

For the display we used one of the many, incredible vintage pieces from Maggie & Jason [more on Maggpie Vintage Rentals in a bit], my mom’s lace runner [thanks mom!] and we actually used Harry Potter books to make the stands different heights. Did anyone catch that?? We took the dust jackets off so that only REAL Harry Potter fans would notice….

I had seen Maggie’s suitcases on her website, and I just KNEW we had to have them. I wasn’t sure where we would use them, but once things started rolling at Lost Creek Winery, the idea popped into my head to use them to display the mini-pie wedding favors [that Ms. Abby Grace painstakingly slaved over to make]. The way they stacked up, a bit haphazardly, evoked a somewhat eclectic feel ~ which for some reason made me instantly think of the Weasleys. I could imagine suitcases being all stacked and mismatched in their house.

This next shot was an absolute accident.  I literally almost stepped on poor Trevor here, and Ashley [our beautiful model] graciously agreed to take a pic with him. I joked that this was a great alternative to that “couple holds inanimate object in hands” shot, that seriously every wedding/engagement shoot seems to have recently. This one was cool, because Ashley was holding an ANIMATE object. Take that!

Ok, this next part ~ the Harry Potter inspired assignment cards was one of my favorite parts. Possibly because I was so proud of the idea, but also because I thought it was a perfect example of how our shoot was perfect for both Harry Potter fanatics, AND non-fans. We wanted to do something different for the seating assignments display – ie. not folded cards on a table.

The idea of hanging keys sort of floated into my mind ~ it reminded me of at the end of Book 1, where Harry is down the trap door and he is in Professor Flitwick’s protection. All the flying keys, and Harry needs to fly on his broomstick to find the one that fits. Not everyone might have realized that was what I was going for [I am seriously obsessed with Harry Potter] but, it was still a cool effect. Don’t you think?

Plus, Tyler’s sister, Leta is a calligrapher [Decorative Lettering by Leta Layne] and she HAND WROTE the names on these cards. Abby & I used lesser known characters from the books for the names.

We bought the keys on Ebay [the best place to find affordable skeleton keys] and then used twine to hang them from the trees. A pretty easy DIY seating assignments display.

Lucy & Bobby’s Fall Virginia Engagement Session

A cute, fall Virginia engagement session from Kelly Ewell Photography [submitted via Two Bright Lights]. Nowadays with all the stylized engagement shoots and random props, and dress-up that couples do [not judging, I dig those kinds of shoots too!], it is sometimes refreshing to still see couples just take more traditional engagement pictures, showcasing THEM and their love for each other.

Meet Lucy & Bobby:

Lucy and Bobby were engaged in May in Wisconsin where they were living, and Bobby chose to make it a family affair. They were sitting next to each other and Bobby’s little niece brought Lucy a card from him. As she was reading, his nephew followed with the ring. Of course she said yes!

Click inside to see the rest of this adorable, portrait engagement shoot in Leesburg, VA

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: “Magic”

You will quickly see a theme to this week’s posting.

As you no doubt have seen by now, the Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration Styled Shoot that Abby Grace Photography and I put together [along with a list of some INSANELY talented wedding vendors in the DC metro area] was on Green Wedding Shoes last week. We were beyond pumped to have such an incredible blog accept and recognize our hard work.

So for this week, I will be sharing WAY MORE from the Harry Potter wedding shoot … some new pictures [not on the Green Wedding Shoes feature], a giveaway from an item used in the shoot, a DIY tutorial from the shoot …. and maybe more! So to kick things off, I figured a Harry Potter appropriate song for a party would be B.O.B’s “Magic” featuring River Cuomo.

“I’ve got the magic in me
Everytime I touch that track it turns into gold
Everybody knows I’ve got the magic in me”

This alternative wedding song suggestion would be perfect for your reception. It would be a great, upbeat song for your wedding party entrance, or could even make for a really fun choreographed first dance song, especially if you really did use the Harry Potter themes for your wedding!

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