Capitol Vendor: Tabibi Design – Washington DC Wedding Graphic Designer

[A reminder to the vendors that read this blog – if you want a spotlight done on your company, just shoot me an email!]

This afternoon I have a Washington, DC wedding vendor spotlight for you all! Everyone, meet Tina and her Washington, DC based Design & Stationery company, Tabibi Design! Tina designs invitations and paper goods for weddings and has been working as a designer since 2000.

So I asked Tina some questions, so you guys could get to know her better ~ and then we have some amazing shots of some more of her recent wedding design & stationery work!

Q1. How did you get into invitation and stationery design?

I pursued graphic design after graduating from the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. Since 2000, I’ve worked as a designer for studios and in-house creative departments. Over the years, I’ve been asked by family members and friends to assist with their design needs but my departure into the world of invitation and stationery began with my own wedding in 2008.

Q2. Describe your style in ten words or less.

Fresh. fun. unique. modern. engaging.

Q3. What do you use/where do you go for inspiration?

Wow, good question. My inspiration comes from so many places. Web sites, blogs (such as yours), magazines, books, patterns, type treatments, photos, illustrations and many times from the client. The list is endless. My initial sketches for any project is a good way to brainstorm and gathering inspiration from all sorts of media allows me to define my thoughts.

Q4. What is your favorite thing about living in this area?

I love the Metropolitan area because it offers such an array of cuisines, culture, history, events and things to do. I live in Arlington and can enjoy the benefits of the suburban and city life in such a short distance.

Q5. ​What is your favorite music artist of the moment?

Hmmmm, this is a tough question because I have music for different moods. Whether I’m working in the studio or at a remote location, the ipod is on! I enjoy such a wide range of music. At the moment, my playlist consists of everything from Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, to Foster the People, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Rihanna, Mumford & Sons, and yes, holiday music! My latest download was the new Coldplay Album.

First I wanted to share a few shots of the couple/their wedding party, so you could see how awesome Tina is at matching the couple’s stationery and paper design products to their overall wedding theme/personalities [photos by Deborah Schmitz Windsong Portraits]

And now, the GORGEOUS paper goods! The following are invitations, signage, and other various paper goods all designed by Tabibi Design.

 Want to see more of Tina’s amazing designs? Then, become a fan of Tabibi Design on Facebook!


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Katherine & Ted’s Light Purple, Modern Washington DC Wedding

This morning I have something of a gorgeous wedding from amazing Washington, DC wedding photographer,  Sam Hurd Photography.

Sam had submitted this beauty to me a few weeks back [via the always wonderful, Two Bright Lights], but I held on to it, with hopes of getting some more details from the coupleunfortunately Katherine & Ted are crazy busy lawyers with crazy busy lives, but I couldn’t keep these stunning wedding pictures to myself any longer …. and anyways, like Sam told me, “I’ll leave the rest of the story telling up to the photos ….

Katherine & Ted’s Quintessential Washington, DC Wedding

A bit more from Sam Hurd Photography:

After having such a blast with Katherine and Ted during their Georgetown waterfront engagement session [with their ADORABLE doggy!] I just couldn’t wait to photograph their wedding day.

It was a craaaazy hot day, but everything came together with their ceremony at Dahlgren Chapel in Georgetown University. Kathy looked amazing in her Vera Wang gown, and Ted didn’t stop smiling all day long. Once they tied the knot everyone headed to a gigantic celebration at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Talk about a gorgeous venue! After delicious meals and touching toasts everyone took to the dance floor to let loose. The wedding band had everyone on their feet all night!!

There are so many beautiful touches to this day – I know it will serve as a some great inspiration for traditional and nontraditional brides/couples alike! Plus, I LOVE Katherine’s dress & her lilac bridesmaids dresses too! Enjoy!

Katherine’s ruffled wedding dress is SO dreamy

hahaah love the look on the pup’s face!

love this lilac bridesmaids’ dresses

Click inside to see the rest of Katherine & Ted’s Lilac Washington, DC wedding by Sam Hurd Photography

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt

Happy DIY Wednesday, on this horribly rainy day! Seriously, days like this should be auto-PTO for everyone. Anyway, as promised, I will be sharing my own DIY tutorial today – something I actually made from Pinterest!

DIY No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt Tutorial


– 5 X 5 Canvas Drop Cloth

– 3-5 Yards of Fabric [Depends on how many ruffles you make … I only did 3 ruffles and I used anoter canvas drop cloth as my ‘fabric choice’ since I wanted a neutral, sturdier, almost burlap-like skirt]

– LOTS of hot glue & a hot glue gun

– Ribbon

– Sturdy scissors

Tutorial Instructions:

I started out using this DIY No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt tutorial [via My Crazy Life blog]. The tutorial said it took her 5 hours to make – and I scoffed. 5 hours? No way … but boy was I wrong :)

The first few steps were taken right from the tutorial:

1. Start out by making sure the canvas is square by folding into even quarters.

2. Then fold the square one more time into a triangle to cut the canvas into a circle. [I totally eye-balled this … the first time I didn’t cut it small enough, so I re-folded and cut it again, I also roughly measured the diameter of my tree stand/stump to guestimate the circle needed for the center circle of the skirt]

3. Then cut a straight line from the edge of the tree skirt to the center circle, so that you can get the skirt around your tree!

*For the rest of this DIY No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt tutorial – please click inside to read more!!*

Capitol Video: Matt & Kristen’s St. Michael’s Wedding Video

Another beautiful Washington, DC area wedding video from KD Productions to share with you today!! This one is especially awesome because Katie is introducing motion graphics into her weddings films to give them that something special – to me, it reminds me of the opening of some sort of Indie movie and I really, really like it.

More from Katie on Kristen & Matt:

Kristen and Matt were married October 15, 2011 at The Oaks Waterfront Inn in St. Michaels, MD. It was a beautiful outdoor Eastern Shore ceremony on the water.

The reception was indoors at the Oaks where there was a photobooth with props for guests to take ridiculous pictures. It was a really fun wedding to be at … the bridal party entrance was probably one of the most entertaining I have seen and you can see it in the video.

[image via Andrea & Renata Photography]

From the bride, Kristen:

Matt and I met at church when we were 13 years old and remained acquaintances while we attended middle and high school together in Northern VA.  We went to separate colleges and after graduation both ended up living in Arlington, VA and in 2008, playing in the same social kickball league.

We started dating, fell in love, and during a family trip to Hilton Head SC in May of 2010, Matt proposed to me after a short walk on the beach. 18 months later we were married in St. Michael’s MD, a favorite summer destination of ours.

The video captured all of the things we remembered as special moments, and more, on our wedding day.  I love that we have a creative and artistic interpretation of that special day to relive it over and over again.

Enjoy! [And I will be sharing some of the songs from the video in future Monday music posts, just FYI!] Thanks again to KD Productions for sharing her amazing talent with us!

Kristen & Matt | 10.15.11 | St. Michaels, MD from Katie Durski on Vimeo.


Capitol Idea: Bridesmaids Blog

This one is for the bridesmaids … I actually did this when I was the co-maid of honor in my sister’s wedding back in 2008. When it came time to start planning things for my sisters’ wedding, I had an idea, why not start a simple blog for the Bridesmaids. An easy place where all the ladies of Jill’s bridal party could go for information, reminders, and to share in the planning of Jill’s wedding!

Apparently I was a blogger at heart, before I really knew it!

Jill’s Bridal Beauties Bridesmaids’ Planning Blog:

On the blog we were able to plan her bachlorette party, our bridesmaids dresses, and her shower! Then, when the wedding date was coming up, I asked everyone to leave their final wishes for Jill and I made the blog into a book using Picaboo – so she could see all the background planning we had done, and she could keep it as a memento.

Here is how the blog turned book, came out:

 An explanation on the title page was for Jill. She had NO idea we had done this whole blog thing, and we gave her the the book the day before her wedding when we were getting our nails done.

 This was from when we had picked a shower date and our bridesmaids dresses! All the information on ordered and time lines and pricing was kept here.

 I added pictures from her bridal shower and everyone else shared pictures from their own cameras here too!

I ended the blog AND the book with asking all the bridesmaids to leave final wishes for Jill. At this point, more of her friends had been added to the blog too – as we planned her bachlorette party.

And so I propose this idea for you bridesmaids out there [or hey, equal opportunity – groomsmen too!] to use a blog to organize your planning for the respective bride or groom.

And as always, let us know if you end up doing this!!

A Christmas Tree Farm Love Shoot

Prepare to have your eyes melt with this gorrrrrrrrgeous Christmas Tree Decorating love shoot from Abby Grace Photography. My husband and I bought a real Christmas tree for the first time this year, and we decorated it last night – I was SO happy! I really love decorating a Christmas tree – mostly because I love the memories and conversation that surround the ornaments you pick out of the boxes and place on the tree. Each one brings a certain anecdote, emotion, and story to it – and it really makes for a wonderful evening of reminiscing with family [or friends!]

I’ll talk more about my own tree decorating on Wednesday when I share the DIY ruffled tree skirt I made yesterday, but for now, I’ll let the talented Abby Grace Photography take it from here.

Shawn and Ashley were married in June of 2010 and, due to an unfortunate series of events, ended up having their wedding photographer switched on them the morning of their wedding. They won a photo session with another area photographer last year and decided to make fall/Christmas photos a yearly thing. Ashley and I were roommates in college so I was SO excited when she called me up for this year’s shoot! I suggested decorating a Christmas tree on a tree farm, so we met up at Krop’s Crops for our session. Photographing Shawn and Ashley was an absolute breeze- when you have a couple as in love as these college sweethearts, I really don’t end up having to do much work. It was awesome!

Remember last week when we talked about doing something for your engagement shoot? Well here is another perfectly executed example of this. I know you guys are going to love this one! Plus, it is SURE to put you in the Holiday spirit if you aren’t just yet!

** PS- apologies for the picture heavy post – but there were just WAYY too good to cut back **

Read more to see the rest of this beautiful Christmas Tree Decoration love shoot from Abby Grace Photography!

Music from Of Monsters & Men

Not all that wedding related, just a song that I am currently obsessed with that I felt the need to share this Monday morning. Originally heard thanks again to my Satellite radio [I sound like an info-mercial, I promise I am not…]’s indie station. This new band is called Of Monsters & Men, and their single “Little Talks” is just so catchy & awesome, I am obsessed.

Since it’s not all that wedding related – instead, I would say, use this song to add to your cocktail hour iPod playlist, or vendors – add it to your editing/working/etc playlist :)

Do you like it as much as I do ?

Capitol Ideas: DIY Wedding Hair Classes for the DIY Bride

Be Jeweled ~ How To Hair Classes for Every Woman

A couple weeks ago, my favorite Washington, DC wedding hair stylist, Jewel Hair Design, launched a new part of her ever-growing businessBe Jeweled hair styling classes. These are a PERFECT option for DIY brides or budget-conscious brides that want to learn how to style their hair from a professional, but don’t want to pay for a stylist on the day of their wedding. The Be Jeweled hair classes would also be a super fun way to kick-off your bachelorette party or just have a fun girls night!

More from Jewel Hair Design:

Have you always wanted your own personal hair dresser to style your hair every morning?
Have you ever left the salon loving your hair but knowing you’ll never get it to look the same way again?
If you answered yes, there’s hope for you!

This is your chance to learn from a licensed professional in the comfort of your own home! The staff at Jewel Hair Design will answer questions and teach you “step-by-step” with a hands-on, personal approach!

Learn How To:

  • Blow dry your hair properly
  • Flat iron your hair efficiently
  • Curl your hair to get romantic waves
  • Create a quick up-do for a night out on the town
  • Get creative with accessories
  • Use the right products for styling

How it works:

Jewel Hair Design will come to you, all you need to do is host the party for you and at least three guests, and supply a few mirrors to use during the class! [If more than 5 people attend there will be a giveaway of product at your party. The host will also be given the gift of being our model during the class!]

Customize your party by choosing the topics you want to learn from the list above.  Jewel Hair Design can accommodate large groups (5+ guests) if you have the space! We will provide 2 licensed professionals at your function.

For more information, pricing and answers to your questions, contact Jewel Hair Design today!

Corrie & Tim’s Alternative Leesburg Virginia Wedding Video

At this point I think I have exhausted everything I could out of one of my favorite weddings [and couples] from this past wedding season. Corrie & Tim, you might remember, are the couple that gave me this awesome, modern Mumford & Sons wedding song suggestion, allowed me to live-tweet their wedding, AND had some of the coolest wedding pictures, including Corrie as a bride in chucks, and some rad wedding portraits with vintage garden tools.

Now I am thrilled to be able to share their wedding video teaser from Jason Stewart. Everything about this video is SO Corrie & Tim, and I LOVE how Jason edited the clips to perfectly match the music.

Corrie & Tim’s Leesburg, VA Wedding Video

Tim & Corrie – Teaser from Jason Stewart on Vimeo.


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