Capitol Wedding: Kathy & Jon’s Halloween Costume Party Wedding in Baltimore, MD

After attending the Nonconforming Bridal Fair this past weekend (more on this later in the week!) I was reminded of a real wedding feature that I had waiting in my inbox for a bit of time now, that was nonconforming in EVERY sense of the word.

How nonconforming you ask? Well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

That’s right folks: A Zombie Bride with a Halloween Costume Party Themed Wedding. Kathy & Jon tied the knot last fall up in Baltimore, MD at Chase Court and Roman Grinev Photography was there to capture all the totally fun (and totally offbeat) details of the day!

Thanks to Roman Grinev Photography for sharing these images!

Kathy & Jon’s wedding cake was made by the famous Charm City Cakes!!

The aptly themed seating cards were modeled after toe-tags!! Love it!

LOVE the table setup & decor!

Brides with Tatts … swoon!

Family and friends got into the spirit by dressing up for the wedding. Love this!

The actual ceremony itself, was a personal and intimate ceremony performed by a close friend.

Nothing quite like a bride smiling through her Zombie makeup.

Just such a fun, offbeat wedding right outside Washington, DC! I would kill to see someone do this in DC proper!! We’ll get there though, right DC?

Thank you again to Roman Grinev for sharing, and congratulations to Kathy & Jon. You are both in for quite the life of wedded-bliss after pulling off a wedding like this! (Hey that rhymed!)

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Capitol Romance: Bree & Thomas’ Cherry Blossom Engagement

One of the very first photographers I met when I started my blog was the ever-gracious, Julie Napear. I cannot thank her enough for helping me build content at the very beginning of my rather clue-less endeavor into Wedding Blogging.  She gave me one of my first Real Capitol Weddings and my very first Capitol Vendor Spotlight. I am so pumped today to be featuring some new work from Julie, the adorable & fun engagement shoot of Bree & Thomas.

And naturally you can totally called me biased on my opinion of this shoot because I share the same name with the bride, AND I have a soft spot for high school sweethearts (I married mine too!). But, I am OK with that. Judge away :)

Bree shares with us a bit about her & Thomas:

We are actually high school sweethearts. We met in wrestling, the coach made him wrestle me because I was beating all the boys :) haha. We started dating our freshman year when I met him at a swimming hole with him and his friends. He taught me everything, including how to drive a stick. After we graduated, he went to Liberty to pursue Criminal Justice and was on a wrestling scholarship, while I attended LFCC for education. We got engaged on Feb 12, 2010. It was suppose to be on Valentine’s day but he got too excited! Haha. We bought our first house in Maurertown. As for wedding details: our wedding is Aug 6 at Bowling Green Country Club, with an outdoor ceremony & indoor reception.

Such an adorable story – I love the tidbits about Bree kicking ass at wrestling and that Thomas was too excited to propose to wait until V-day! Thank you to the love birds for sharing your story & e-sess with us. Special thanks again to Julie Napear Photography for letting us share these images!

I can’t post a feature without announcing my favorite shot … I think it’s this one! Love Bree’s smile & Thomas’ affection.

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: Wait

I have loved Something Corporate since as long as I can remember. They are my most favorite band, the one to which I have countless memories, thoughts, & emotions forever ingrained in my mind, heart, and soul.

I remember falling asleep to Cavanaugh Park on repeat my freshman year of college and I remember blasting Fall in a friend’s car at the Home Depot parking lot in State College, PA my junior year. I still remember the Something Corporate concert where I was such a tough girl and put gum in someone’s hair (I know…lame & awful). I remember driving home for Christmas breaks, with Forget December blasting and I still get goosebumps every time I hear Hurricane. I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Something Corporate broke up and I will NEVER FORGET the amazing reunion show at the 930 Club this past year, where I have never been as sweaty or happy in my life.

I have seen Something Corporate more than any other band I have ever followed. Their music and lyrics will forever be major part of my adolescence and so it was only natural that we used one of their songs during our wedding ceremony.

In April of 2010, SoCo released, “Played in Space” a compilation of their greatest hits and some re-recordings.  Wait, an amazing song off one of their very first albums, got the re-release treatment.

Though I’m weak inside

I’m thriving just the same

Still calling out your name

I will never be able to listen to this song the same way anymore without thinking of the exact moment in my ceremony where I hugged every single one of my immediate family, best friends, and wedding party members. One of the most emotional & elated feelings in my life.

I apologize for the rather personal reflection on today’s Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck suggestion,  I just could not resist from sharing this song with everyone else.

Friday Faves: April 29, 2011


This has been a GREAT week for Capitol Romance! We had our HIGHEST view count ever yesterday (thanks to our shout out on Rock and Roll Bride’s Thursday Treats – did you see it?!) and this week’s first-ever giveaway with Deda Notions! We also had some new facebook fans, bringing us up to 120! We also got invited to the Nonconforming Bridal Fair this weekend as a special guestso please look for us if you are attending!!

Elsewhere on the interwebs:

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> Annapolis, MD Brides & Couples rejoice, the launch of your very own website for the ultimate in wedding resources and inspiration will be on Monday!

> This wedding is so freakin’ awesome. You must see.

> Thinkin’ of adopting a kitty? Why not help out with this a-dorable orange furball that needs a home or foster…

> OMG I think I’ve watched this 8 times already … ok wait, make that 9 …

> Need some food inspiration in your life? Start following (twitter too) this brand new blog for your inner chubbette.



Our Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone that took part in our first ever giveaway with Deda Notions! The giveaway was a HUGE hit and Deb certainly deserves the recognition! It was my absolute pleasure to meet Deb and learn about her Etsy shop. I, myself, will certainly be purchasing some of her awesome luxury handmade items in the near future.

So without further ado, congratulations to our winner:

Sarah Denise

To everyone else, check back soon on Capitol Romance for our next giveaway!

Capitol Wedding: Melany & Jun’s Offbeat, Modern Korean Wedding in DC

My search for nontraditional and unique weddings in the Washington, DC area is endless. Which is why, when I find weddings like Melany & Jun’s (courtesy of Melanie Yu Photography), I am reassured that my goal is attainable and there ARE offbeat couples in this traditional city – I just need to keep searching!

Melany & Jun’s Korean/Taekwondo wedding is AWESOME. Thanks to Melany, I get to share ALL the details too! The laid-back bridal hairstyle, the awesome dress (and even more awesome necklace Melany donned), the non-matching groomsmen attire, and my favorite: their offbeat & nontraditional “first dance”.

Melany shares…

Picking the Grand Atrium for our reception was a no brainer. They were, by far, the most cost effective venue – which provided catering, decorations, an open bar, and DJ services all inclusive! There were no hidden charges – the open bar and bartender was an EXTREMELY CHEAP flat rate for 4.5 hours. There was no corking fee if we decided to bring additional/specialty alcohol; no service fee to cut and serve our custom wedding cake (they offer a variety of cakes within house, as well); etc. Our DJ’s had a great voice and was very easy to work with as I was trying to pick and plan the reception agenda. I’ve also heard from a number of people that they loved the 2-level floorplan. It was certainly unique to have a bar/lounge feel on the main floor – complete with a fireplace and leather lounge chairs – and a separate dining level upstairs that overlooked the dance floor below.

My original wedding dress was an unconventional one I picked up on a whim from Nordstrom. It was an empire waistline gown by Sue Wong, crystal band below the chest, then a full-length skirt covered in white feathers. It was very pretty, but the more and more I thought about it, I really wanted to have a more “traditional” dress for wedding photos. I couldn’t fathom spending an uber crazy amount of money on a dress I’d only wear once (plus the fact I had already bought and altered the Sue Wong gown), so I scoped out dresses on I fell in love with one, prayed that it would fit, and went for it. It was perfect & very “me”.

The blusher veil was purchased back when I thought I was going to wear the Sue Wong dress, so I kind of bought it to match that. The big white flower and feather accent matched the feathers on the original gown pop, but I liked it so much that I didn’t want to buy a different one. Luckily, the “new” dress was quirky enough to compliment the veil and the overall look when I put everything together became eclectic, which is sort of how I define my fashion sense.

The necklace I picked up from Urban Outfitters one day. I wanted a statement necklace because everything else was so white (I NEVER wear white – with the exception of my taekwondo uniform). I looked at some necklaces at Swarovski, but everything I found would make the overall look too “pretty” or too “wedding”. I liked the Urban necklace because it was funky. The earrings I wore were from college days. It was just by coincidence that I had something already laying around that matched the necklace.

My fishtail hair was something I picked literally 5 hours before my salon appointment. haha. I didn’t really care much about my hair. I didn’t even die it to cover the grays…

I love how cool & confident Melany looks right before the “first look”.

I am obsessing over Melany’s bright blue fingernails too! OMG LOVE this!

To see more from this awesome offbeat wedding – please click inside!

Just For Fun: Beepart Vinyl Wall Decals

My friend Amber sent me the facebook page of this company eons ago, and ever since then I wanted to share it. Beepart makes FREAKIN’ AWESOME vinyl decals and these decals are just too cool not to feature. (Plus I am infatuated with their logo … like if I could marry it, I would).

Though not entirely wedding-centric, I think these decals could be used for a wedding in a few ways – you could certainly buy one or two decals to use as your photobooth background. Or – gifts for your wedding party? I would forever be at the mercy of a bride or groom that gave me one of these decals for being in their party!

Now let’s showcase some of these babies!

First, their too cool for school wall decals:

I need this tree one stat! So cool!

This would make for an awesome ceremony backdrop! Could you ceremony pics in front of this??

And now some awesome smaller, custom decals:

Don’t forget stickers:

(seriously in love with this decal … makes me want to do Roller Derby SO BADLY)

click inside to keep reading!

DIY Honeymoon with the DIY DC Duo

Emma, our DIY DC Bride, leaves us with one final post from her ongoing series here on Capitol Romance

How to DIY your Honeymoon!

Well, I’ve done it, I have gotten married and I can now officially call myself “Mrs. Emma Picard”  I am stoked.  I wanted to thank Bree for featuring me on Capitol Romance.  It has been so much fun.  (aw shucks Emma, you’re certainly welcome!)

I have discovered that many brides suffer from a condition called “Wedding Planning Blues“.  This is when your wedding is all over and you were so involved that now you have tons of spare time that you just feel so empty and anxious by not having anything to plan.  I don’t know a cure for this (too bad! I have this something awful), but I know I have kept myself busy with thinking about a DIY scrapbook for my photos (and hopefully I can convince Emma to share this with us!!!).  I have also been toying with the idea of a Trash the Dress session???  We will have to see about that!

For my last post, I will talk about my DIY honeymoon.  Of course there are travel agents, but they are an ever-dying breed because more people have learned to be internet savvy to research and find great travel deals on their own. 

My hubby and I just got back from 2 weeks in Ireland. We booked on our own. I waited for 6 months for the $950 airfare to go down and finally on a Tuesday morning, I found a business class fare round trip for $650. I called right away and they only had 2 tickets available. I used miles to pay for one ticket and some partial airline credits to pay for the other. The balance was $350. I booked a bed and breakfast voucher package with a travel agent in Ireland online called It included a rental car and 10 nights at our choice of over 2000 “B & B”s across the country and it was $850 for both of us. I used Sheraton points to pay for the other 4 nights in Dublin. And we bought excess insurance for our car hire just in case from a 3rd party cause it was less then purchasing it from the rental car place online for $30. So total without food (but including full Irish breakfast every day) our honeymoon cost $615 per person for 2 weeks. Great deal. It was fabulous and so green.

Here’s how I did it…

Step 1: Ask yourself the important questions that will help you decide where to go… how much time can we get off work? can we go right after the wedding? what type of honeymoon do we want?  relaxing?  beach? active? mountains?  hiking? peaceful? spa? cultural?  What type of accomodations do you see yourself in?  Hut? bungalo? villa? castle? What do you imagine doing each day? touring? sight seeing? golf? lounging? massage? museums? nightclubs? shopping? How long are we willing to fly?  how much are we willing to spend?  do you care what the weather is like? Is it hurricane season? do you care if people speak english?

Step 2: Narrow down your top choices for islands/cities/countries that you would like to go to.  Don’t pick a specific hotel or resort yet.  If you are still having trouble picking a place to go, try a website called travel muse who offers a program for travel inspiration.


Real Capitol Wedding: Emma & Claude

I am beyond pumped to share Emma & Claude’s DIY DC Wedding with you all this morning! After WEEKS (months for Emma) of sharing this awesome couple’s DIY projects, tips, tutorials, and insight with you – we now get to see all their hard work as it came together beautifully for their wedding!

Emma has been SUCH a huge help with all her guest posts – and I hope she will continue to share any ideas or DIY projects she might come across in the future with us :) Congratulations to Emma & Claude, we hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Ireland and we thank you for sharing your big day with us!

Emma’s day was perfect, and she said the only hitch was:

…the cupcake delivery driver mixed up a box of our order and someone elses, so we ended up with a dozen vanilla with blue frosting, instead of chocolate with pink frosting.  I called Georgetown Cupcake and they have agreed to refund all of our money and to give us coupons for the chocolate cupcakes.  They are good people there.

There is always something that will go wrong (for us, it was that the sound guy was inept and didn’t bring the ipod to speaker cord … almost had a disaster there….) but lucky for Emma, Gtown Cupcake is so awesome that it turned out OK in the end :)

Thank you to Rodney Mickle of Studio Blue & Bella Pictures for letting us share these images of our DIY DC Duo’s fabulous DIY Intimate DC Wedding!

Emma’s dress came out GORGEOUS! Check out details here

This one one of my favorite pics of Emma – she looks beautiful and so naturally happy. Also her DIY Hair & Makeup came out fabulous!!

Claude’s boutonniere came out so perfect & matches Emma’s fascinator to a “t” !! Details here

Ahh!! My favorite project of Emma’s was her DIY Clutch – it came out SO gorgeous!!

Need Help Making DIY Projects for Your Wedding? Attend Our Workshops!