Local Find: Nonconforming Bridal Fair 2011!

On Sunday, May 1st there will be a bridal fair for the unconventional bride in Washington, DC! The Nonconforming Bridal Fair will be held at the ARTiculate Gallery in downtown DC near the Farragut North metro stop at 1100 16th St. NW.

About the fair:

For the brazen bride, the traditional white dress with a tried and true ceremony just wont do! The nonconforming bride desires a wedding that is as unique as she is!

Whether you are wearing a suit instead of a dress, getting married underwater instead of in a church, or just “non-traditional” by any sense of the word. Whether you’re just looking to add a little whimsy to your wedding or dare to be totally different, you will find help and resources at The Nonconforming Bridal Fair!

The Nonconforming Bridal Fair brings you a vast selection of wedding professionals, experts and suppliers to turn your wedding vision into reality!

Here’s what awaits you at The Nonconforming Bridal Fair:

  • Savory food and delicious cake and confections tastings
  • Brilliantly unique and different wedding designs and ideas
  • Informative workshops to designed to save you time and money
  • Fabulous interactive wedding showcases
  • Savings of up to 50% off your wedding needs
  • Plan your entire wedding in 5 hours or less!
  • Chance to win over $5,000 in prizes!

Posh Swag Bags for first 100 people through the door and much, much more!

Let us know if you plan on going! Would love to hear more about it from any couples that attend!!

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Music for your mood.

My friend Steve just shared this new website with me and I could NOT keep it to myself. I think my photog friends might be particularly amped about this find for their long editing sessions.

Stereomood: It’s a website that builds music playlists based on your MOOD!

It reminds me of Pandora - but, takes it one step further …. I am LOVING the “sunny day” playlist that I have going until my work blocks it :)


Caron & Deborah’s Offbeat, Purple Trash the Dress Session in Rock Creek Park

It was Deborah’s amazing dress, in all its PURPLE glory, that first caught my eye when I saw this lovely “Trash the Dress” shoot from Kelly Prizel Photography. The dress, along with this cool couple, and Kelly’s awesome photog skills, make it one of my favorite features so far! I was also super pumped to learn (I didn’t know this ahead of time, though I am familiar with the blog) that Kelly is the creator of the ah-mazing blog, So You’re EnGAYged!

If you haven’t heard of So You’re EnGAYed – then I definitely recommend checking it out. It is a truly wonderful wedding resource for LGBT & Allied couples!

Now onto Deborah & Caron:


Deborah and Caron are the singers/musicians behind the band Deborah Vial which is big in the Texas area. They are now semi-retired and live in Hawaii but when they heard that DC legalized gay marriage- they decided to plan their wedding for DC in just a few weeks … We headed over to Rock Creek Park in DC and decided to get our feet in the river. Nothing too drastic as they were tired from the wedding day and it was *cold*. Note to self: when shooting in a river, wear crocs as river rocks are sharp and slippery.

Forgive me for posting so many images of just Deborah but I’m slightly obsessed with her purple dress. Like, way obsessed.

– Kelly Prizel

Like Kelly, I am somewhat obsessed with Deborah’s purple dress. I initially wanted a non-white wedding dress myself (I was ADAMANT that I get a dress I could wear again), however, in the end I opted for my handmade dress in white with my hot pink cummerbund. I LOVE(d) my dress, but I still have a sweet spot and underlying jealousy of brides that accept the nontraditional & offbeat challenge and wear a non-white dress!

Congrats Deborah & Caron!!

Click inside for the rest of Caron & Deborah’s offbeat, Trash the Dress session in Rock Creek Park, DC!

Dustin & Torrey’s Offbeat Washington DC Wedding Portraits

When Heather from Heather Bee Photography emailed me last week, I was super anxious to get a shoot from her up on the blog ASAP! Especially after I found out about her “Bee Redeemed” series. Heather explains:

Without  fail I will be at a wedding, church, or even the grocery store and when people find out that I am a wedding photographer they feel the need to tell me how horrible their wedding photos are.  The lesson of  “getting what you pay for” is a hard lesson for many people when it comes to wedding photography.  Well at the end of the day the flowers are dead, the cake is eaten, and your dress sits in a box.  All you have are the images that were created on that day.  So, for those of you who have yet to be married….do not skimp on your wedding photographer.  Make sure your personalities mesh and that you love their work.  Then hire them:)

I am launching a new type of session called “Bee Redeemed”.  The “Bee Redeemed” session is just exactly how it sounds; let’s go out and redeem your wedding day images.  Get your dress out of the box (yes, even if you have preserved it…is your daughter really going to wear it??) and get your hubby in his suit or tux and lets go make some amazing images!!!  It really is a lot of fun, I promise:)

What a great idea to help out couples who are less than thrilled with their original wedding pictures – or if anything else – just want to get back into their wedding attire for a fun love shoot.

Enter Torrey & Dustin.

Heather explains how she came to be shooting Dustin & Torrey in Eastern Market (side note: I adore Eastern Market as an engagement or love shoot locale in Washington, DC … seriously):

[Dustin & Torrey] got married almost exactly a year ago and they have yet to get their wedding photos. Yeah, you read that right, a year ago. Also, the ones they have seen have been, well less than stellar. Having good images was really important to Torrey so you can only imagine the heartbreak when she realized she may never get her photos. Enter me:) I had photographed one of Torrey’s friends weddings and she loved the images so we decided to get dressed back up and get some rockin’ images in her wedding gown.

And now you all get to enjoy them … take it away Heather, Dustin, & Torrey:

A note from Torrey:

Dustin and I really wanted to have a “Vintage” feel at our wedding that was held at Potomac Farms in Lovettsville, VA (coincidentally, since our last name is Lovett..;) )which is why I chose the dress I did, from Ellie’s Bridal boutique in Alexandria, VA… I wanted the wedding to be a fun kind of vintage which is why we chose Chuck Taylors and pin stripe suits for the fellas to wear… :) I also chose to have my tattoos exposed, I’m a firm believer that they are a part of who I am. . .:)

The original photos from our wedding came out less than desirable … they took 14 months to get from the “photographer” and when we received them I was extremely disappointed… All along I had spoken with Heather about the situation and she suggested we do “redemption” photos and they came to be everything I had hoped the originals to be. Heather captured us perfectly… They were fun, sexy and completely romantic.

If I could do it all again, the photos you’d be looking at would be the ones from my original wedding which I would have had Heather take… But since I can’t turn back time I’m thankful for our “redemption”

I simply adore this vintage-inspired shot of Torrey:

Click inside for the rest of Dustin & Torrey’s adorable DC wedding portraits at Eastern Market!

Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: “Home”

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros have a gift for writing commercial-worthy songs. You will recognize a handful of their stuff, but for today’s wedding music that doesn’t suck, I chose “Home”.  I think you will instantly recognize the tune, but it’s the lyrics that I invite you to take a closer look at.

The lyrics are perfect for wedding appropriate ceremony music, your first dance, or to have your photo slide show run to.  It doesn’t get much more adorable than this:

Holy roly, me, oh my, you’re the apple of my eye
Girl, I’ve never loved one like you

Man, oh man, you’re my best friend, I scream it to the nothingness
There ain’t nothin’ that I need

I’ll follow you into the park, through the jungle, through the dark
Girl, I’ve never loved one like you

Moats & boats & waterfalls, alley ways & pay phone calls
I’ve been everywhere with you

I am conjuring the most adorable first dance EVER in my mind right now. (This is probably sad, that I sit at work thinking about strangers’ first wedding dances …). I digress, just listen and let Edward & his Magnetic Sharpes take you away … home is wherever I’m with you …

Tales of a DIY DC Duo: Chapter 7 “DIY Flowers”

This is Chapter 7 of an ongoing series following the journey of a couple throwing an intimate, DIY wedding in Washington, DC. Be sure to check out the earlier chapters from this series for some great DIY tips & inspiration!

OK, I know this is an intimidating thought, but take a deep breath…

YOU CAN DIY your flower arrangements, even if you are not a florist! I promise, you don’t need a professional.

Look, there are some AWESOME silk flowers out there these days and you can find them pretty inexpensive too. I know what you’re thinking… “But I want fresh flowers“. I know fresh flowers add a certain flair, I do. And that is why I am suggesting that you use silk flowers just for certain things, to help with your budget and DIY creativity.

My suggestions:

  • Keep your bouquet using fresh flowers, because the likelihood of a closeup is high
  • Those little decorative flowers that are important to you, but are just a passing glance adding to the general ambiance of a room to everyone else? Do yourself a favor, save yourself some money and consider tackling your peripheral table arrangements, pew flowers, ceremony decorations and reception centerpieces by DIY or silk flowers.
  • If you have a long engagement, then you will have plenty of time to try and try again to get them to look perfect the way you want them
  • Research pictures of arrangements you like online and in magazines and just go for it!

I made 3 large flower arrangements for my bar, my appetizer table and my cake table. I bought the flowers from Williamsburg Pottery which has a HUGE selection of inexpensive and high quality silks. I bought cherry blossoms, twigs and pear blossoms along with some smaller unrecognizable pink flowers. Then I purchased 3 large vases from Michaels (they were on sale after Christmas for only $3 each) to put them in.

Real Capitol Wedding: Erin & Nick – Part 2!

Welcome back to the second half of our 2-Parter on Erin & Nick’s fabulous wedding from Meghan Lynn Photography! Before you feast your eyes upon our second round of pictures from this outrageously fun wedding, be sure to see Part 1 from yesterday if you haven’t already!

Yesterday, I mentioned how Part 1 had set the stage with the bright colors, beautiful glow, and abundant emotions. I also mentioned that Part 2 brought the FUN. Well then … are you ready for the fun?

Someone did a good job on their toast!

*Get down girl, go ‘head, get down*

Beautiful shots of the Mother-Son dance & Father-Daughter dance!

This cake is brought to you by Yia Yia’s Bakery

This looks like the Cupid Shuffle to me!

This groom can GROOVE! Get it boy!

These next two are some of my absolute favs … I just adore that you can see Nick & Erin both peaking at each other, just waiting for one or the other to smoosh that cake in the face!

And then … the aftermath!

Is it me? Or is “younger boy that can breakdance” a new common wedding trend? What makes this picture for me though are everyone’s reactions … especially you, “fist over mouth” guy.

Congratulations Erin & Nick – may you both have a fun & fabulous, long & happy life together!

Real Capitol Wedding: Erin & Nick – Part 1

Confession time: I have been sitting on these pictures from Meghan Lynn Photography for a while now … why? Not because I didn’t like them (I love them) and not because I didn’t want to feature them (I have been dying to feature them) … it’s because I literally COULD NOT decide which pictures to post. I could barely stop myself from asking Meghan for every single picture in the gallery!

The colors are gorgeous, the venue is beautiful, the couple is so in love, and the emotions are not only insanely palpable, but so vividly captured in Meghan’s pictures.

Therefore, I have decided to break Erin & Nick’s wedding feature into a 2-parter! Today I will feature Part 1 and then tomorrow I will post the rest of the pictures in Part 2!

First a bit of background from photographer Meghan:

I was honored to be a part of Erin and Nick’s wedding at Mountain Branch Golf & Grill. Erin and Nick are one of the happiest couples I’ve had the privilege to know and work with. Erin was absolutely glowing with sheer joy all day, and you can tell from the way Nick looks at her that he knows how lucky he is.  I have never met a happier couple than Erin and Nick. From start to finish, what strikes me about this wedding was how much FUN they had.

Today you will see EXACTLY (and I mean exactly) what Meghan is talking about with Erin’s glow and Nick’s expressions of sheer adoration. Tomorrow… well, tomorrow you will see the FUN. I hope the contagious nature of these pictures will carry with you during your St. Patrick’s Day festivities the rest of the day! Enjoy!

I am in LOVE with all these bright colors!!

These gorgeous bouquets were made by Mary-Ruth Chapin

*Deep breathe in!!*

*annnnd breathe out!*

I love the simple flower decorations and flower centerpieces – you could totally DIY these!

The look on Nick’s face!!! Adoooorable (so precious!).

This one cracks me up – could not resist!

Erin is clearly having the time of her life!

These beautiful, bright bouquets against the non-matching black bridesmaid dresses? Swoooon!

How could I not end with this one!?

**Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for Part 2 of this awesome, real wedding!!!**

Just For Fun: Remy’s “I’m a Caps Fan”

Hey there readers!

While on my daily browsing of Arlnow.com (Arlington, VA’s local blog) I came across Remy’s new video. Remy of the “Arlington Rap” and “Metro Song” fame, has a new one about being a Capitol’s Fan. I am not a big hockey or Caps fan … but in case you are, enjoy!

Remy\’s \”I\’m A Caps Fan\”

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