Wedding Music That Doesn’t Suck: Jump (For My Love)

I have what some might call, an unhealthy obsession with the movie Love Actually. It’s an annual part of my “Christmas Movie Must Watch” repertoire and quotes from the movie make normal, daily appearances in my every day conversations (mainly with my husband, since no one at work would probably understand what I was referencing when I say things like “just in cases” and “i hate uncle jamie”).

Though I probably couldn’t narrow down my top favorites scenes to just five, there is one that has always been a consistent front runner … the Hugh Grant dance sequence.

Love Actually – Hugh Grant Dance to Jump

 It turns out the song (Jump For My Love by the Pointer Sisters) from this clip also has some fantastically appropriate wedding related lyrics and could be an awesome way to exit your wedding ceremony, rock down the aisle to your wedding ceremony, or use as a modern, upbeat reception entrance song.

 Your eyes tell me how you love me
Can feel it in your heart beat

…. And now I am off to go watch Love Actually in its entirety…

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Capitol Advice: Hiring A DJ

I am never one to shy away from giving my opinion – and as a staunch fan of hiring a live band for my wedding, I didn’t even consider DJs. However, I know that some people do, and others have some pre-concieved notions about DJs for a wedding.

So for this afternoon, I have some fabulous advice & insight from a professional, for those of you that might be considering the DJ route. Ormaybe even for those that wrote off DJs like me … but should maybe give them a second chance!

Please welcome Adrienne from  (with additional credit to Evan Reitmeyer of MyDeejay, who is the president, resident mix-master and bride favorite) with some candid, truthful, and honest advice about hiring a DJ for your wedding!

Before we even talk about finding a wedding DJ, let’s take a moment to clear out all the bad juju in your brain lingering from bad DJ experiences in your past. You know what I’m talking about; the guy in a Hawaiian shirt and oversized sunglasses who ruined your friend of a friend’s wedding with Disco Duck, the used car salesman who DJs on the weekend and spammed your cousin’s wedding with his own advertisements and, of course the lounge singer creep in the glitter bow-tie who hit on the mother of the bride all night between his sleazy announcements. Take a deep breath and cleanse your mind of these stereotypes. Exhale. Now are we ready to talk about wedding DJs?

Finding a wedding DJ is no simple task. It isn’t like finding a locksmith where you can pretty much run your index finger along any page in the phonebook and find a guy (or gal) who can at least pop your door open for you.  Here in the Washington area, we’re blessed with tons of talented (and some not so talented) DJs more than happy to do your wedding but how are you supposed to pick one?

The first thing you should do before you even start looking (after exorcising the bad DJ demons out of your mind) is to look at what you, as a couple, want in a DJ. Think about your own personal style and what kind of personality your potential DJ will have to be able to express that through music to your guests. Do you want a boisterous extrovert who will rally your guests to the dance floor or do you prefer a more laid-back professional who will let the music do the talking? Do you even care? No one’s saying you have to have a preference either way, but if you do, now is the time to figure that out.

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Paul & Angie’s Offbeat, Glen Echo Park Maryland Wedding ~ Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of the fantastic and fabulous offbeat Washington DC wedding of Paul & Angie! Be sure to check out Part 1 here, if you haven’t seen it yet!

Offbeat unique Washington DC wedding Glen Echo Park wedding venue (10)

Let’s jump right back into the fantastic Glen Echo Park wedding

Angie shares some insight into their wedding coordinator:

We were also incredibly lucky to have found a wedding coordinator who was just as excited about our “not-quite-traditional” choices as we were. Arney at Pineapple Productions was in step with us through our planning process. She was especially helpful to us, as we were planning from California. She became our “woman on the ground”,  handling all the details so we could focus on planning our ceremony.  (I strongly encourage anyone planning their wedding to hire a coordinator – even just a “Day-Of” coordinator. It was a great help and really took the edge off of the logistics planning and details)

Adorable hand-made popcorn cookies as their favors!

Friends helped Angie & Paul in a TON of the aspects of their wedding, including making the popcorn cookies!

Friends helped Paul decorate Glen Echo’s Bumper Car pavilion and Cuddle Up pavilion the morning of our wedding. A friend made my earrings. Friends performed our ceremony music. A friend baked and packaged popcorn-shaped cookies for everyone. Our DJ was a friend. Two of Paul’s aunts put together all the items for our Persian ceremony. And we had friends and family offer to stick around after the reception to help us take down decorations and make sure nothing was forgotten.


I love the way the brightly colored paper lanterns pop in these reception shots!

An old bumper car pavilion. Enough said!

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Paul & Angie’s Offbeat Glen Echo Park Maryland Wedding ~ Part 1

What happens when you take a fun-loving LA couple, and have them throw a wedding in DC, at one of my favoritest alternative DC wedding venues, ever?!

Easy. You get one of the best, alternative wedding features on my blog, to date.

This one is going to be Good, people (with a capitol G). So good that we’re actually going to split it up into a two-parter since there are just too many fun, offbeat, and personal details to focus on.  Thanks to the awesome wedding photographers, Joe & Katye, of The Happy Couple I get to share this amazing, offbeat DC wedding with you!!

I am fairly certain that is the most awesome picture ever and I would be happy just being able to share this one picture alone. Lucky for me (and you) I have plenty more to share, starting with a bit about how Angie, Paul, and how they met.

By the time we got married, we’d been together over 12 years.  We met while at college in St. Louis and were friends for a couple years before we started dating in 1999. After graduating, we lived together in Northern VA for a few years before moving to Los Angeles where we currently live.

We love vintage and mid-century decor. We love tiki and rockabilly themes. We love bright colors. We love our family and friends.

A tea length dress, Mohawk, and an alternative, antique brooch boutique? this is my kinda wedding!

In love with Paul’s blue chucks and Angie’s gorgeous green wedding shoes.

You can plainly see why  I am so obsessed with Glen Echo Park … what other DC wedding venue gives you shots like this?!


Click inside for the rest of Part 1 of this amazing, offbeat Washington DC wedding at Glen Echo Park!

DIY Inspiration: Sheet Music Wedding Decorations & Decor

I love music.

Probably more than love. I am OBSESSED with music. So, it’s no wonder that when I see people using music as a theme in their weddings, I want to break into a spontaneous dance party, on the spot.  Specifically, I am loving all the DIY wedding projects and decorations I have seen from sheet music!!!

So for some DIY wedding inspiration today ~ I thought I would share some awesome DIY projects that used sheet music. Enjoy!

Sheet Music Wreath

[via Ken Kienow Photography from Emily Porter‘s Wedding]

Sheet Music Paper Flowers (um. incredible)

[via My Girlish Whims blog – with a tutorial!!]

Sheet Music Heart Garland

[via Maisy & Alice Etsy shop]

Sheet Music Envelope Liner

[via We Can Do It Girls ~ with tutorial!]

Sheet Music Gift Wrap

[by Stephen D via Country Living]

Sheet Music Flower

[via No Impact Bride blog ~ this blog has a TON more sheet music inspiration too!]

Also, we have a tutorial to make your own paper flowers from sheet music here!

Send in your sheet music projects from your own wedding!!

DIY How To: Wreath from Ribbons

Originally seen on Pinterest, this adorable DIY Wreath made from ribbons would be a spectacular alternative or offbeat wedding decoration idea. I think it could also be a cute alternative for a flower girl to hold (instead of a basket of flowers or a kissing ball).

DIY Ribbon Wreath

The handmade craft blog, The Long Thread, shares this easy tutorial on how to make the ribbon wreath you see above!


  • 12″ foam wreath form
  • 24 yards 1 1/4″ black grosgrain ribbon (or less if using a wider ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape


  1. Cut 45-50 16″ pieces of ribbon.
  2. Tie one strand of ribbon in a knot around the wreath.  I used a “messy knot” — right over left, then right over left again, pulling in the opposite direction.  It doesn’t really matter how you do it as long as you are consistent all the way around.  Repeat with the knots, pushing them close together, until you fill the wreath.
  3. Cut one long piece of ribbon (48″) and tie one end to form a knot.  Leave a long loop for hanging and tie another knot onto the wreath.
  4. Trim any frayed or long ends.

For more fun craft ideas, be sure to head on over to The Long Thread!!

Julie & Ryan ~ A Leesburg, Virginia Wedding Video

A few months ago I started my attempt to find more videographers and wedding videos from Washington, DC weddings (and beyond). Sadly, I have not been very successful ~ so I am still on the look out for submissions of wedding videos, video save the dates, or anything else DC area videographers (and readers!) want to send my way.

My friend recently asked me if getting a videographer was worth it. Before he finished the question, I nearly yelled “YES” in his face. The video captures a whole separate viewpoint of your day, in addition to your wedding pictures. To have our ceremony on tape, to me, is priceless. And watching everything in action, from your day, is just not something you can put a price tag on. I probably watch my wedding video (just the 3 minute recap clip) once, every other week.

If my words can’t convince you … then maybe Tara K Foto & her fiance, Sebastien‘s video of Julie & Ryan’s wedding will.

Julie & Ryan, September 2010 from tarakfoto on Vimeo.

From Tara:

I directed and edited the video, and Sebastien is the cinematographer. Using Eddie Vedder’s “Just Breathe” (Julie & Ryan’s song, and the song for their first dance at the wedding), our vision was to create a short narrative film to illustrate their elegant and relaxed wedding day.

Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful wedding video as much as I did!

Thanks again to the DC wedding videographers, Tara K Foto  & Sebastien Tobler films for sharing!

Julie & Ryan’s Romantic, Rustic Leesburg Virginia Wedding

Well you saw the sneak peak yesterday, and now I have the beautiful pictures and details … and later I will have the emotionally charged and just absolutely stunning wedding video to share with you!! Aw here it goes (name that ’90s TV show reference…)

Julie & Ryan got married at the Merriweather Manor in Leesburg VA this past September. This beautiful, vintage affair was masterfully captured by Washington, DC wedding photographer, Tara K Foto. The wedding video (which I am seriously insanely excited to get to feature) that you will see this afternoon, was a collaboration between Tara’s photography business and her fiance’s film studio, Sebastien Tobler Films. More on that later …

A bit about Julie & Ryan:

This gorgeous couple actually met in high school (we all know how I feel about high school sweethearts :) and are very laid back and love the outdoors. They have traveled all over the world and had guests from all over attend their wedding day (including Guatemala & Canada)!

Tara also shared that both their families were just so full of laughter, especially on the wedding day. This is totally evident in the photos!

Whoa, the Merriweather Manor is a seriously beautiful, Virginia wedding venue!

Julie’s vintage, lace wedding dress is gorgeous.

Yes! I love simple hairpieces on brides!

Just look at that lace gown and with the ribbon around the center? Just beautiful!

And there are those laughs Tara told us about!!!

Click inside for the rest of this beautiful, vintage manor wedding in Leesburg, VA.

Sarah & David’s Casual, Great Seneca Park Maryland Engagement Session

Another beautiful engagement shoot this morning from Zareth of ZADesignz (courtesy of Two Bright Lights). This Maryland engagement session is sure to get you pumped for fall weather.

Sarah & David had their casual, outdoor engagement session in Great Seneca Park, Maryland and I just know you guys are going to like this one!


About the couple:

David and I met on a hot summer day in June 2008. We were both volunteering at the Maryland Special Olympics at Towson University. I was timing the races and David was bringing athletes around. We talked each time he brought a group of athletes through. We began dating and explored Baltimore together, where I was living at the time. A year later we moved in together in Columbia, which was betwen our jobs.  David planned a day for us in Baltimore last August. We first went to the aquarium, and then a restaurant in Little Italy, and finally to a bench where we had our first kiss by the water. That’s where he proposed! We now live in a townhouse we bought in Columbia, where we enjoy the diversity and green space.



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