Sarah & Colin’s Celebration of Love & Life, Maryland Summer Camp Wedding

I’ve been struggling with how to open today’s real Maryland wedding feature. When I got an email saying “you have a submission from An Endless Pursuit“, I was immediately elated because their submissions are some of my absolute FAVORITES.  Steve’s email outlined a perfect Capitol Romance submission:

“The gist of the big day was: Two desperately in love individuals enjoying the company of those they cherish for a weekend, surrounded by elements which represent who they are as a couple, individuals, and members of a cherished community (i.e. having a whole lotta fun while immersed in mother flippin’ beautiful rustic chic details)”

And then he explained why this wedding was so extra special: the bride’s family suffers from a degenerative muscular disease and the reality is that they don’t have much time left – so every moment they spend together is that much more precious. The bride, Sarah, said, “If my brothers are still standing by [the wedding], it will probably be the last event they do.”

The enormity and gravity of this is hard to capture in words. It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? I mean, for me, it makes a lot of the wedding industry fairly trivial and inconsequential in comparison to what it should truly be about: two desperately in love individuals enjoying the company of the ones they cherish, surrounded by the elements that represent who they are ….

It’s not about the money, it’s not about the blogs, it’s not about the details. It’s about the love. The love between two individuals. The love between a family. The love between you and your friends. The love between these things is what a REAL wedding is.

Maybe it’s this gloomy foggy day, but I am having a hard time not tearing up through writing this. It’s just an incredibly moving story, and I am just emotional that Sarah & Colin were brave and amazing enough to want to share it with not only me, but my readers. Sarah & Colin, your celebration of love & life through your amazing Maryland Summer Camp wedding will be a post I will come back to again and again when I am frustrated with the wedding industry. I will read this and look at the insanely stunning images An Endless Pursuit captured, and I will be reminded of what weddings truly mean. So thank you, times a million, for sharing.

Sarah & Colin’s Celebration of Love & Life, Maryland Summer Camp Wedding

personalized maryland wedding summer camp


Photographer:  An Endless Pursuit | Dress Designer: Kenneth Pool | Makeup Artist: Beyond Brides Hair & Makeup | Event Venue: Camp Puh’Tok | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

From their photographer Steve (one half of An Endless Pursuit):

This may have been our favorite wedding of the year, plus they found us on Capitol Romance! Sarah’s immediate family suffers from a degenerative muscular disease, Myotonic Dystrophy. In order to truly celebrate family together, including those members that might not be around much longer, Sarah and Colin rented a summer camp in northern Maryland for a full weekend of fun and festivities with all of their dearest family and friends. The guests slept in log cabins in the woods (including me). Everyone stayed up late each night with a celebration around a bonfire with s’mores and beer. There was a sunday pool party to relax after the big wedding day on Saturday.

rustic maryland wedding dressglitter purple bridal shoes rustic pink bride bouquet

From the groom, Colin:

“I have spent many nights trying to figure out where all of her patience and persistence came from, let alone why in the world she was so intent on loving me. I have yet to answer that question, but I do know at least that she loves me almost as much as I love her which is a whole freakin’ lot! So as of this point in my life, two and a half years later, I am now the most honest man you will meet, I am no longer a smoker (YAY!!!!!!!), my meals consist of half vegetables, I finished my bachelors degree in math, I rarely drink more than what I can handle, and my family and I are getting along wonderfully. This is all in addition to the tons of adventures Sarah and I always end up on. So, in the end, I owe Sarah my life because I will now live a long and very happy life. If it weren’t for her, God only knows what trouble I would have gotten into. She truly is my everything.”

^Are we crying again yet?! (I mean, I am).

stunning first look pictures beautiful first look pictures

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of this amazing, moving Maryland wedding – including their beautiful handmade details inside the summer camp & some more beautiful portraits.

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A Washington, DC Proposal | Maria Linz Photography

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A Navy Memorial Proposal | Marcella Treybig

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A Surprise DC Proposal | Sandra Sitar

Pantone Placid Blue Color Wedding Inspiration Board

Though the weather says otherwise, it’s a hard to believe that people are already talking Spring. I saw someone on Twitter mention pulling out their Spring wardrobe (umm I am still in boots/scarves/sweater mode) and I am terrified to walk into a Michaels or Target – they probably have bathing suits out. But the reality is, in just two months spring really WILL be here and I guess it’s best to start preparing! So for today, we have another awesome wedding inspiration board from LoveBuggs Weddings.

This time Divinity tackles Placid Blue! I really love this shade because it makes me think of soft, billowy, cotton. Any one else? Or I’m just crazy ;) well enjoy regardless!

LoveBuggs Header_Pantone Placid Blue

pantone placid blue wedding inspiration

Image Credits

Bridal Gown with Blue Sash: Grey Likes Weddings via Jennifer Blair Photography | Blue Shawls for Guests: Martha Stewart Weddings via Harwell Photography | Blue Upholstered Chair & Bar Tray Florals: Charleston Event via Heirloom Creative | Groom & Groomsmen in blue ties: Style Me Pretty via Brandon ChesbroPale Blue Flower Girl Dresses: Snippet and Ink via Bryce Covey Photography | Meringue Sandwiches: Magnolia Rouge via Jennifer Hejna

Jenn & Dan’s Intimate, Modern & Local DC Wedding at the Tabard Inn

This wedding packs a bunch of my favorite things. An intimate ceremony at the Tabard Inn, a bride in an AWESOME alternative wedding dress (and neon green heels to boot), an offbeat, backyard reception in Mt. Pleasant, and so many rad, local DC wedding vendors! The photographer, Michelle VanTine Photography, sent us this one and opened the submission with, “Any wedding that starts with me walking in to the bride and groom getting ready together and the bride drinking “Raging Bitch” beer and putting on bright green shoes is automatically going to be awesome!” And man, was she right. Check out Jenn & Dan’s awesome, intimate & local Washington DC wedding!

Jenn & Dan’s Intimate, Modern & Local Washington DC Wedding Ceremony & Backyard Reception

offbeat intimate small budget DC wedding


Photography: Michelle VanTine Photography | Ceremony Venue: Tabard Inn | Reception/Party Venue: Mt. Pleasant Shabby Chic BnB | Catering: Green Plate Catering | Band: Dry Mill Bluegrass Band | Event Design: Taylor and Hov | Rentals: Something Vintage Rentals | Flowers: Local Color Flowers | Beer: 3 Stars Brewing Company | Cheese: Righteous Cheese | Lighting: Yours Truly Lighting | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jenn & Dan had their wedding ceremony at the Tabard Inn but instead of a normal wedding reception to follow, they had a simple, vegetarian dinner with an intimate group of friends & family. Then, they next day, they through a big, backyard party in Mt. Pleasant with a bluegrass band, vintage rentals, and drinks & outdoor games! Love this idea for couples on a budget.
offbeat intimate small budget DC wedding

From Jenn:
Dan and I are a pretty laid back pair, so we decided early on to have a small wedding. Much easier said than done! But somehow we navigated those waters and ended up with 48 guests at the beautiful and quirky Tabard Inn. The outdoor patio has a fantastic secret garden-esque feel. And best of all, no decorating required!
parents wedding portrait offbeat intimate small budget DC wedding offbeat intimate small budget DC wedding
We wrote our own vows- Dan’s were characteristically goofy and sweet at the same time.  Let’s just say there was lots of laughing/crying all around. The service was followed by cocktail hour and dinner upstairs in the private dining rooms.  We added some personal touches to dinner, including photos of our parents and grandparents on their wedding day for guests to see.  We also made chocolate truffles as favors using my late grandmother’s secret recipe.
offbeat intimate small budget DC wedding offbeat intimate small budget DC wedding details offbeat intimate small budget DC wedding details
Click inside for the rest of Jenn & Dan’s offbeat, DC wedding – including all the awesome decor and setup at their backyard bash!

Sponsor Love: Pop Wed Co – DC Elopement Ceremonies & Photography

We have a brand new sponsor on our side bar and we are THRILLED to tell you more about them! They are Pop Wed Co and, in their own words, they’re: a team of elopement-planning-awesome! A photographer & a civil celebrant planning the most fun elopement weddings for couples from all over the world, that want to get married in Washington, DC.

dc elopements

Now you KNOW we love elopements here on Capitol Romance, so obviously we think Pop Wed Co is such a rad idea! Plus they made a stop motion video, using dinosaurs, to explain the company, which is just all kinds of awesome. Check it out:

With the Pop Wed Co package, Maggie & Steven offer one-hour elopement weddings, including a legal ceremony and a wedding portrait session, plus all sorts of extra goodies! How It Works.

Want more awesome? Check out some of Maggie‘s previous elopements:

dc elopement pictures offbeat dc elopement pictures offbeat dc elopement pictures

So if you or someone you know might want to elope in DC – be sure to let them know about Pop Wed Co!

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