Melissa & Telly’s Intimate MD Courthouse Wedding & Charthouse Reception

Hey Romancers! I am up in Boston this weekend for a dear friend from highschool’s wedding (yay! wedding guest! woo hoo!). But wanted to leave  you with a little something something for your Friday. Have a fabulous long weekend and a very happy Labor Day (Go Penn State!).

Melissa & Telly’s Intimate Annapolis MD Courthouse Wedding

simple Annapolis MD courthouse wedding (9)

Photography: Angel Kidwell Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Melissa and Telly decided to have a relaxed Annapolis courthouse wedding with their nearest and dearest ending the night with a delicious sunset dinner at the Chart House.

simple Annapolis MD courthouse wedding (13) simple Annapolis MD courthouse wedding (2) simple Annapolis MD courthouse wedding (4) simple Annapolis MD courthouse wedding (3) simple Annapolis MD courthouse wedding (5)

Click to see the rest of Melissa & Telly’s adorable Maryland Courthouse wedding!

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Kris & Emma’s Space Themed, New Years Eve Wedding in Arlington, VA

“[We] were very focused on making our wedding exactly what we wanted. Our motto was that, “There are no have-to’s.”

So Kris and Emma (together they are Kremma) decided to have a New Years Eve wedding bash with an oh-so-excellent SPACE theme! Seriously, this wedding rocks so hard. Thanks to Leo Druker Photography for sharing his images! Take it away Kremma!

Kris & Emma’s New Years Eve, Space Themed Wedding in Arlington, VA

new years eve space themed wedding (18)


Photography: Leo Druker Photography | Hair & Makeup: Bridal Artistry | Officiant: Ceremonies by Jeff | Flowers: Edge Floral | DJ: Marquee Artists, Bobby Jae | Day of Coordinator: JEM Events | Venue: Renaissance Arlington Capital View

 Wedding philosophy: Kris and I (together, we’re Kremma) were very focused on making our wedding exactly what we wanted. Our motto was that, “There are no have-to’s.” Neither of us is very traditional, and we wanted the wedding to really feel like “us.” We absolutely resonate with Bree’s statement on her wedding post that, “you don’t HAVE to do what everyone else does when it comes to your wedding. You really can do exactly what YOU want to do, and still have the best day of your life.” Bravo!

new years eve space themed wedding (50) new years eve space themed wedding (49)

We are huge space/sci-fi/aviation nerds. We met at the International Space University (we swear – it’s real). I have a degree in Space Policy and work at NASA Headquarters. Kris is an emergency doctor who also specializes in aerospace medicine. Space is a shared passion of ours, and many of our friends work in the industry as well. It wouldn’t have been “us” without a few spacey and sci-fi elements.

new years eve space themed wedding (52) new years eve space themed wedding (53) new years eve space themed wedding (1)

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Kris & Emma’s space themed, New Years Eve wedding!

Ashley & Jason’s Simple Linden Row Inn Wedding in Virginia

Ashley and Jason definitely know how to throw an unforgettable party. This wedding came standard with taco costumes, a surprise mariachi band, and a vintage trolley to transport guests to a concert at Brown’s Island. Thanks to A Lovely Photo for sharing this simple, FUN Virginia wedding at Linden Row Inn.

Ashley & Jason’s Simple Linden Row Inn Wedding in Virginia

simple modern green Virginia Inn wedding (7)


Photographer: A Lovely Photo | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

 Jason and my story begins back in September of 2009. I was living in Columbia, South Carolina after college and looking for a job in Richmond, where my at the time boyfriend had just been transferred. I got a call from Mapcom Systems and arrived for my interview on a Tuesday morning, talked with the CFO and some other folks before he told me he wanted me to meet Jason. When Jason walked in to the room there was instant attraction; butterflies I had always heard about but never felt. We spent a long time talking about traveling and our personal interests, completely disregarding the fact that I was on a job interview, almost as if we were on a first date. Shortly after talking with Jason, I was hired for the job on the spot and living in Richmond that October, with my boyfriend. I started work and instantly created a connection with a small group of friends in the office, Jason included, however he happened to be dating someone as well (who sat directly across from my cubicle) and because of that was always a little shy around me and somewhat distant.

simple modern green Virginia Inn wedding (5)

Over the next several months, both of us still in other relationships, Jason would always include me in email invites to lunch with the group or on skiing trips to Wintergreen; I always declined because of my dating situation, although I always wanted to be around him. Late that summer, my boyfriend was transferred again to North Carolina, and I stayed behind for my job and knew that long distance relationships were hard. Come October, one of our co-workers had a Halloween party. I had no idea who would be going, didn’t see Jason’s name on the evite RSVP list, yet decided to go anyways. I arrived at the party, had a beer and talked with some of my co-workers when I heard someone yell, “Taco is here”! (Jason came in second place in a taco eating contest in college and since has had an extreme obsession with Mexican food, dones a taco costume every Halloween and even has worn that costume in many a half marathons, hiking trips and it even made it to Iceland on a trip Jason took with his dad).

simple modern green Virginia Inn wedding (12) simple modern green Virginia Inn wedding (3)

Back to Halloween, once Jason arrived, I felt myself instantly come alive! We had such a fun time, more fun than I had had in as long as I could remember. I couldn’t remember the last time I had laughed as much as we did that night. Extremely hung over and tired from the night before, Jason asked me the next day if I wanted to go on a hike with him. He picked me up at my apartment and we had a long ride in his white Tacoma (which I always looked for every morning I pulled in the parking lot at work hoping he was in that day) and talked and talked and got to know each other on a level we had not yet done at work. We shared a beautiful (and grueling) hike together and then ate Subway on the tailgate of his truck and continued to talk and laugh and get to know each other more and more. We spent the next month or so hanging out, going on dates here and there but being fresh out of a relationship (and working right next to his ex-girlfriend) we both decided that maybe it would be best to slow down a bit and try this later.

simple modern green Virginia Inn wedding (4) simple modern green Virginia Inn wedding (1)

Click inside for the rest of Ashley & Jason’s beautiful Virginia wedding at Liden Row Inn

Alison & Dave’s Casual, Beautiful Washington DC Engagement Pictures

A little laid back romance to get your week started. We have Alison & Dave’s adorable, casual Washington DC engagement pictures and love story thanks to Sarah Gormley Photography. We’ll be blogging all week and heading to Boston for the labor day weekend to watch a friend say I DO (woo hoo! I get to be a wedding guest!). Happy Monday Romancers.

Alison & Dave’s Laid Back, Gorgeous Washington DC Engagement Pictures

alternative washington dc engagement pictures (7)

Photography: Sarah Gormley Photography

How they met:

Alison and I met while we were both living in Brooklyn. Our first date was at a bluegrass show in Red Hook. I made a stellar first impression by (1) showing up drenched after forgetting my umbrella and (2) accidentally going to the wrong venue. Through the magic of text messaging, we eventually located each other. And, luckily, Alison found the whole absent-minded professor routine endearing. We spent the evening enjoying the music, giggling, and sipping good whiskey. The whole thing, even the errors, just seemed to fit.

alternative washington dc engagement pictures (5) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (3) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (2) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (1) alternative washington dc engagement pictures (9)

Click inside for the proposal story and rest of these kids’ adorable DC engagement pictures!

Capitol Inspiration: 1950s & 1960s Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup Inspiration Pictures

About a month ago we launched our new series, Breaking Bridal trends, with Suzanne Eden from the Makeup Chic and Ky Washington of Richie Makeup. Last time we featured how to wear wedding-appropriate pony tail hairstyles and orange shaded lipstick for your wedding. Today we are sharing some vintage bridesmaid hair & makeup inspiration (1950s & 1960s) with yours truly playing model :) I had SO much fun getting all dolled up in 1950s and 1960s hair & makeup and think just about ANY bridesmaid could use today’s post to pull off the vintage look. Take it away Suz!

Breaking Bridal Trends: 1950s & 1960s Vintage Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup Inspiration

vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (5)


Images: Creative Ideation | Makeup: The Makeup Chic | Hair: Ky Washington – Richie Makeup | Bouquet: Highway to Hill | Model: ME!! | Hair Accessories: Petal Pushers

Inspiration, Tips & Advice for styling yourself as a vintage inspired bridesmaid:

Our looks were inspired by popular shows like Mad Men and Magic City which take place in the 1950’s to late 1960’s and who better to represent the most desired decades of all time then our favorite off-beat wedding blogger, Bree.

Our makeup and hair team along with fabulous photographer Serena, from Creative-Ideation raided Bree’s closet full of past and present bridesmaid and wedding guest dresses to show Capitol Romance readers how the vintage look can be easily accessible for bridesmaids with just a few simple beauty touches.

The key to accessible vintage 1950’s and 1960’s makeup can come to life with three simple touches– lashes, liner, and lips.

vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (1)


I am a huge fan of “end lashes” also known as “accent lashes”. They are easy for beginners to apply and give you a subtle hint of flare that every vintage bridesmaid wants without being excessive and upstaging the bride. The lashes I used are Ardell Lash Accents.

vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (18)

1950’s Eye Liner

Use a soft Kohl eye liner pencil right over top the accent lashes and try to keep the eye liner line as close to your lash line as possible. Take a small eye liner brush or q-tip and apply a eyeshadow over the eye liner line that you created. 1950’s eyes should be soft with a touch of smokey, “bedroom eyes” is what they are referred to back then.

vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (22)

1960’s Eye Liner

As for the 1960’s, the eye liner was more graphic and bold, but not many people want graphic and bold statement eye liner for a wedding. Keeping that in mind, you or your makeup artist can create a light smokey winged liner with an soft Kohl eye pencil and a touch of eyeshadow. Using a small eye liner brush or a q-tip, sweep powder eye shadow towards the outer corners of the eye and extend slightly past the outer corner.

vintage bridesmaid makeup hair inspiration (3)


I love pink lips for a vintage inspired wedding because its fresh and with the right hue of pink for your skin tone, a pink lip color can completely brighten up your face!

1950’s Lips

For the 1950’s look, I used a lush and creamy bright pink on Bree. For a splurge, a similar pink to try is Tom Ford Flamingo Pink which was actually used on the set of Mad Men. For a steal try, Femme Couture in Flirty Flamingo.

vintage bridesmaid dress hair makeup (23) 1960’s Lips

The actual lipstick craze in the 1960’s was frosted and matte. I wanted Bridesmaid Bree’s 1960’s lipstick to be more accessible for a modern bridesmaid, but still have a vintage element. I used a bright pink matte lipstick and added a touch of concealer and a little setting powder to dull out the brightness and give her lips an illusion of frost.

A splurge to try is is MAC Candy Yum Yum and a steal to try is Femme Couture Bellini Fizz. You can use both lip colors separately or mix them for a softer look.

vintage bridesmaid makeup hair inspiration (1)

An extra lipstick tip for a more matte look is to blot! Blotting on a paper towel helps to seal the lipstick on your lips.

Click inside for MORE vintage bridesmaid hair and makeup inspiration!

Abby & Logan’s Thrifted, DIY Cloverdale Barn Wedding in Virginia

Logan & Abby, the adorable couple from Monday’s sunrise engagement feature with ukeleles, are back! This time with their ADORABLE thrifted, handmade barn wedding at Cloverdale Barn in Virginia. With a set decision on having their wedding at a barn, Abby & Logan picked the other details along the way, like the lack of color scheme, an adventure theme, and lots and lots of tchotchkes! There is a TON to love in Abby & Logan’s Adventure themed Virginia wedding. So take it away guys!

Abby & Logan’s Thrifted, Adventure Themed Virginia Barn Wedding

thrift store travel themed barn wedding virginia pictures (13)


Photographer:  An Endless Pursuit | Venue: Cloverdale Barn | Caterer: Boyd’s Nest | Floral Designer: Wild Green Yonder | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Logan and I started with a barn. We both knew we really wanted to have our wedding in a barn, and we thought it would also make everyone feel more casual and like they could really let loose and relax. We found Cloverdale Barn in Winchester, VA tucked away on a back country road on this huge hill with tons of sky overhead, which was important to us. After walking into the barn with all of it’s twinkly lights we looked at each other and said, “Are you done? I’m done.”

thrift store travel themed barn wedding virginia pictures (27) thrift store travel themed barn wedding virginia pictures (35)

I think we went through about 10 color palette possibilities before we eventually said “Let’s just not pick colors!” Which actually went pretty well if you stay in a general idea of what you want it to look like, which we knew was muted pastels, and quirky whimsy.

thrift store travel themed barn wedding virginia pictures (8) thrift store travel themed barn wedding virginia pictures (7)thrift store travel themed barn wedding virginia pictures (32)

Click inside for SO much more awesome from Abby & Logan’s Virginia wedding.

DIY Tutorial: How to Make DIY Hand Holding Peg People Cake Topper

A few weeks back we shared this awesome DIY tutorial on how to make mini balloons for your wedding cake topper. The mini balloons could be inserted to just about any cake topper, but the tutorial featured these adorable, custom mini peg people (that mirror the bride and groom) and for today, Ribbons & Bluebirds is going to tell you how to make those mini peg people! Take it away Jenn!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make Alternative Mini Hand Holding Peg People Cake Topper


I came up with the idea of painted peg dolls with arms, because I wanted to have something hold my balloon bunch topper. Painted peg dolls are very popular as toppers because you can customize them to look just like you!!

You will need:

  • 2 wooden peg dolls, roughly 2” tall
  • Approx. 6” of straight wire
  • Masking tape
  • Acrylic paint
  • Hot glue
  • Modge Podge or other sealer.
  • Floral stamens (optional)


Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: Paint your dolls, and give them time to dry. Make sure you have leftover paint for both skin colours, as well as the suit or shirt colour if one of your dolls has sleeves. I recommend this excellent tutorial on how to paint the dolls (minus painting the arms, since you’re going to add those later):


Step 2: To make the arms, hold the piece of wire up to the “shoulder” of the peg doll, and cut it to just past the “waist” of the doll. Cut 3 more pieces of this length.

Wrap all 4 wire pieces in masking tape, tapering the tap from narrower at the “hands” to wider towards the shoulder. Let the masking tape extend slightly beyond the wire to give you flexibility in the length later.

diy_peg_people_with_arms-1_stomped diy_peg_people_with_arms-2_stomped

Step 3. To make a sleeve, start by tearing off a piece of masking tape longer than the arm. Trim one end to give the sleeve a clean edge, and line up the arm parallel to the long edge of the tape. Place the arm near the top edge of the tape with the “hand” sticking beyond the edge. Wrap the arm in the tape lengthwise to form a smooth sleeve, pressing down on the edge to secure the tape.


Step 4: Paint the arms, using your skin tone on the hands and bare skin and shirt or jacket colour on the sleeve. Let dry.


Click inside for the rest of our Mini Peg People DIY tutorial!

Sara & Mayan’s Simple Summer Garden Wedding at Antrim 1844 in Maryland

Sara and Mayan met through work and fell in love! Sara made the flower arrangements and the decorations for the wedding. Mayan’s mother and brother and sister in law flew over from Israel! I love how simple and soft this summer garden wedding is. Sara’s simple wedding makeup and soft (DIYed) romantic curls in her hair were the perfect touch to this beautiful Maryland wedding.

 Sara & Mayan’s Summer Garden Wedding at the Antrim 1844 in Maryland

summer garden wedding maryland pictures (9)


Photographer: Kirsten Smith Photography | Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Antrim 1844 House and Hotel | Bride and Bridesmaids Dresses: Love it at Stella’s Bridal | Groom and Groomsmens Tuxes/Suits: Dana’s Tuxedo | Hair & Makeup: DIYed by the Bride | Florist: and Michaels – arranged by Sara and her mom! | Caterer: The Antrim | Cake: Bakery Express Ms. Desserts | Officiant: Ellen Schwab | DJ & Uplighting: Jordan and Lior from Event Pro Live | Programs/Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

summer garden wedding maryland pictures (6)

One of the reasons why we chose the venue because Mayan’s name in Hebrew means “fountain” and he is a Leo, so when we saw that the fountains had lions on them, we loved that! So fun! The venue is just amazing and the garden is so beautiful. We fell in love with the flow of the property and the luxury of being able to have everything in one place for the day’s events. I wanted bright and happy colors but also an elegant touch, so we kept a bright color scheme for the flowers and details kept a “bright and fun yet sophisticated” theme throughout.

summer garden wedding maryland pictures (3) summer garden wedding maryland pictures (4) summer garden wedding maryland pictures (7)

We kept things pretty traditional yet simple as far as the ceremony, but our timeline was nontraditional. We wanted to have cocktail hour before the ceremony and wanted to be there for it to mingle with our guests. So it was nice to spend time with them before the celebration started! I wore a different dress too so that no one would see my wedding dress until I walked down the aisle. :)

summer garden wedding maryland pictures (8)

Click inside for the rest of Sara & Mayan’s beautiful summer garden wedding in Maryland!

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