Candace & Art’s Black & Gold, Vintage Inspired Wedding in NY

I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it to Friday this week. The day job has been keeping me long, and I am prepping/gearing up for one of my biggest weddings this weekend. So not a lot from me today. Just enjoy this Black & Gold, Vintage inspired wedding inspiration post and get your early bird tickets for our next DIY workshop on June 29th before the prices go up on Sunday!

Let’s get it going.

A Black & Gold, Vintage Hollywood Inspired Wedding in New York

vintage hollywood inspired wedding (14)


Photographer: Kathleen Hertel Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

We chose black, white and gold to be our wedding colors. The color combination is very retro and classy. We planned our wedding to take place in the Hudson Valley because the bride’s large Italian family all dwells there. The bride and groom both reside outside of Los Angeles, so the entire wedding was planned without ever seeing the venue. The bride’s father had been to weddings at the venue and went and met with the owners and then gave the bride his approval that she would love the venue. The 4th of July seemed it would be a perfect date.

vintage hollywood inspired wedding (8) vintage hollywood inspired wedding (9)

The bride and groom love everything 1940’s and 1950’s. The groom is an avid collector of old cars and the couple always listens to oldies’. The Dutchess Manor in Beacon, NY was the perfect venue for their retro wedding. The interior decor was mostly black and gold so it really tied in the wedding colors.

vintage hollywood inspired wedding (3)

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#PopUpRomance Recap ~ Nicole & Rose’s Vow Renewal at the DC MEET Market

“It has been crucial to our relationship to have love that surrounds us each and every day. “

A few months ago I met with Virginia & Sarah from the DC MEET Market and they mentioned that their June market would be Pride focused since it was going to occur during the Pride Parade. I was PUMPED and immediately though, “how cool would it be to have a couple get married at the market … during Pride?!?!?!?!”. So I immediately called up my girl, Maggie Winters Photography and luckily she loved the idea just as much as I did.

What followed was months of crazy planning – website building, branding, marketing planning, and the execution of our giveaway to one lucky couple that could renew their vows at the market, during Pride! We called it #PopUpRomance (one half Capitol Romance and one half Pop!Wed Co). I never dreamed how amazing this would actually turn out.

#PopUpRomance Recap ~ Nicole & Rose’s Vow Renewal During Pride Weekend in Washington DC



Photography: Pop Wed Co | Coordination: Capitol Romance | Venue: DC MEET Market | Cake: Fresh Bakes | Flowers: Eight Tree Street

I can’t have imagined a better couple to win our vow renewal giveaway. Rose & Nicole have been married for 4 years and entered our giveaway so that they could reaffirm their messages and feelings of love with everyone around them. Their story is insanely heartfelt. So much so, that I wanted to share it again here.


This was Nicole’s entry into our contest:

My wife & high school sweetheart, Rose, and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary next March. This will mark the day that we rushed off to the courthouse in DC, only a few short weeks after same-sex marriage was legalized there. In fact, when we first heard the news about DC, Rose started talking marriage right away.


 I always envisioned something more romantic, so I started plotting while she kept pushing the subject and I would evade her questions. All the while, she was thinking I was getting cold feet about taking the plunge, but I was actually planning a proposal. On Valentine’s Day weekend, right before a huge snowstorm, I ran out and bought a ring and then invited our close friends over and asked her to marry me during a game of Catchphrase. It was really important for us to have them there because we have struggled within our community for acceptance and we are very lucky to be in a great place now. A few weeks later, we made it official!


Messages of LOVE come in all shapes, sizes, and AGES!:

MaggieWinters-PopUpRomance-2-S7G_5749 MaggieWinters-PopUpRomance-2-S7G_5760

Rose inspires me each and every day. Together, we make each other better people and I like to think we have helped to teach others about love and equality.


Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of #PopUpRomance!!!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make Glitter Ombre Oversized Monograms

It’s been a brief hiatus for our DIY Wednesday features, but Ribbons & Bluebirds is BACK today with a KILLER DIY tutorial today! It includes monogrammed letters (a great wedding DIY decor item), glitter, and ombre – I mean, what’s not to love!? Take it away Jen!

DIY Tutorial: How to Make Glitter Ombre Monogrammed Letters for your Wedding


What you’ll need:
• Paper or wooden letters of your choice – they do need to be thick enough to stand up on their own. Mine are the kraft letters from Paper Source.
• Spray Glue – I like 3M Super 77 – or regular glue (see note below)
• Glitter sealer – I used Krylon Glitter Blast Sealer Spray
• Glitter of at least 3 colours.
• Paint (optional)
• Modge Podge or similar brush-on glue for sides (optional)

DIY monogram glitter ombre letters

I can’t lie to you – I love shiny things. I love sparkly things, I love glittery things, I love things that catch the light… apparently I also have the brain of a bird. So it should be no surprise that I love using glitter in my craft projects, but I consider it a personal challenge to take glitter beyond the ordinary. Not this far beyond, but beyond. One of the projects I made last year as part of my staged tablescape series was an ombre glitter ampersand, and I absolutely adore it – it is on display in my office now all the time! So here’s my tutorial for a glitter ombre monogram project – perfect for a table display at weddings, showers, parties, or any time you need a punch of sparkle!

DIY glitter ombre monogram letters

Step 1. If you’d like to paint the background of your letters, now is the time! I painted my D and T initial letters in a rich metallic green paint. **I highly recommend painting or sealing paper letters – I decided to leave the top of my ampersand blank to let the kraft paper shine through, and that ended up being a mistake. When I sprayed the glitter sealer the kraft paper got very blotchy. I ended up needing to paint over it in a pale gold to match the glitter.**

DIY ombre monogram letters wedding

Step 2. If you want your glitter to fade in (if you’re not covering the whole letter in glitter) then spray glue should be your glue of choice. If you’re planning to coat the whole letter in glue, you can use whatever glue works best for you. When using spray glue, be sure to use a well-ventilated area and cover any surfaces that you don’t want to be vaguely sticky. I always try and work outside with spray glue.

Start by spraying the back of your letter, in even light even strokes. This should allow you to lay the front of the letter on a table and apply the glitter – if you’re glittering the whole letter, you will need to work in two stages to allow you to still pick up the letter.

DIY metallic ombre letters

Step 3. Start with your “top” glitter colour and apply a stripe across your letter. Sprinkle the glitter more lightly where you will fade in your new colour. Repeat with all your colours until you get to the edge of the letter – you should have stripes of colour across your letter.


Click inside for the rest of this AWESOME DIY ombre glitter monogram tutorial!

Mitch & Shawn’s Modern, Chic Washington DC Elopement

I’ve lived in Washington, DC for 7 years now (god, typing that makes me feel SO OLD), and for some inexplicable reason I’ve never witnessed the Pride Parade. So this year, I made up for it tenfold, but not only witnessing the parade but actually getting to WALK IN IT!!! The amazing Kathryn Hamm at GayWeddings invited our entire PopUpRomance team and winning couple (and their family and friends!) to walk with WeddingWire’s “#WedWeCan team. It was amazing, enthralling, and so many other feelings that I am not able to capture here with mere words.

I’ll be writing a full recap of PopUpRomance and our day at the MEET Market soon, but I couldn’t help but share a little insight before today’s post. Today we shared the wedding on Mitch & Shawn – a couple that had been together 13 years. THIRTEEN YEARS before they were finally able to be legally married. They are from Florida, but chose to fly to DC to to have an extremely private marriage ceremony at the Westin. No details, no family, no big fancy dinner, no DJ. Just two men, their extremely dapper suits, and the love they share.

Mitch & Shawn’s Modern, Chic Washington DC Elopement


Photographer: Cavin Elizabeth Photography | Officiant: Rev Kirsten Blom-Westbrook | Venue: Westin Georgetown | Submitted via Two Bright Lights


A note from the photographer:

Of course, Mitch and Shawn were glowing after they exchanged their vows at the Georgetown Westin for their gay marriage ceremony. I nearly teared up during this part. It truly was so much more special for me than any wedding I have ever attended. Knowing that Shawn and Mitch have had to wait for over a decade to have this special day just makes this so meaningful.


Epstein_Wornkey_Cavin_Elizabeth_Photography_WashingtonDCPhotographer064_low Epstein_Wornkey_Cavin_Elizabeth_Photography_WashingtonDCPhotographer047_low Epstein_Wornkey_Cavin_Elizabeth_Photography_WashingtonDCPhotographer020_low

Click inside for the rest of Mitch & Shawn’s intimate, Washington DC elopement at the Westin.

Cristina & Gonzalo’s Dreamy, Springtime Frederick MD Engagement Pictures

Hey wedding planning couples. Want to look extremely gorgeous/handsome on your wedding day? Glowing like your happiness is literally EMITTING itself from your faces? Then you should probably hire Elizabeth Fogarty Photography. She dropped a wedding we worked on together, last week, on her blog – and it’s just so insanely beautiful! Couple that with the MD engagement she shared with us today, and seriously, it’s hard to take your eyes off these images. She finds a way to personify happiness through her images and I just love sharing her work here. Thanks for the submission Liz :)

Cristina & Gonzalo’s Dreamy, Springtime Frederick MD Engagement Pictures

Frederick Maryland Engagement Pictures (7)

Photographer: Elizabeth Fogarty Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

 Talk about a Fairy Tale, well the Latino version with lots of laughter and joy at least. Cristina went down to Peru to help out at an orphanage, and on the LAST week there, she met Gonzalo. During the next few days, he would either look for her or text her. She came back to the States, and it was not quite over yet. It started with facebook chat, made its way to texting, and finally they admitted feelings for each other.

Frederick Maryland Engagement Pictures (8) Frederick Maryland Engagement Pictures (1) Frederick Maryland Engagement Pictures (6)

Click inside for the gorgeous engagement ring and the rest of Cristina & Gonzalo’s engagement session

#ProducedInDC ~ Urban, Hip Industrial CMYK Wedding & Event Inspiration

A few weeks back Studio DBI and I collaborated to decorate and throw one hell of a dinner party for some amazing local craft food & drink purveyors in DC. The whole shebang went down at the insanely awesome WeWork space in Shaw and was managed by the amazing people at Union Kitchen.

Liza and I wanted to do something fun, urban, and hip, playing off the old Wonder Bread Factory’s industrial, warehouse-like space, with bright colors (of course), some cinderblocks, and pops of whimsy thanks to the ladies at Typecase Industries. We used CMYK colors as our color palette, and tried to be as DIY/frugal as possible re=using pots we owned, and napkins for pops of color. The whole theme was “a gathering of friends & food” and we couldn’t have been more excited with how the dinner party came together.

A special thanks to Rachel Couch with A Muse Photography for taking these beautiful images. In case you missed it, check out the recaps of the dinner party on DC Eater and Union Kitchen’s blog.

#ProducedInDC ~ Urban, Hip CMYK Wedding & Event Inspiration and Dinner Party

industrial CMYK wedding dinner partyindustrial CMYK wedding dinner partyindustrial CMYK wedding dinner partyindustrial CMYK wedding dinner partyindustrial CMYK wedding dinner party

Click inside for the rest of our #ProducedInDC urban dinner party inspiration!

Vendor Spotlight: Kian with Key In Films, DC Wedding Videographer

Last night was EPIC. Andy, Val & Sarah, The Girl Tyler & I danced our shoes off and rocked out to Frank Turner at 930 Club. My throat is sore, my ears are still ringing, and I’m more than a bit dehydrated. But it was all worth it to see one of my favorite artists play one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Plus Frank’s opening act introduced me to a killer local DC rock band, The Deadmen, that I am now listening to on repeat.

Anyway, for today we are going to do a little vendor spotlight. A few weeks back I shared the AMAZING video from our first DIY Wedding Workshop (here if you’ve somehow missed it!). It was made possible thanks to the amazing Kian of Key In Films.

Vendor Spotlight: Key In Films ~ Washington DC Wedding Videographer



I’m Kian McKellar.
I run Key in Films.

Key In Films is on a mission to create freaking amazing videos.

Film is my passion. I work damn hard at it.

The goal? To create films that take your breath away.

Key in Films works with nonprofits, commercial clients, and individuals who are driven to get their project just right. If that sounds like you, take a look around, and please drop me a line if you’d like to talk more.

I’m skinny, sleepy, and a little bit sarcastic.


Check out Kian’s wedding Vimeo channel and consider hiring Kian for your wedding videography needs!

Thursday. Let’s do this. I cannot WAIT for this weekend.

Deanna & Rikki’s Rustic, Heartfelt & Intimate Washington DC Wedding

“We don’t feel wholly comfortable in the limelight and we didn’t want our wedding details to overshadow the significant commitment we were about to make.”

I apologize for the lack of posting yesterday. It’s been an adjustment to say the least, into my new project at the day job and things in my personal life are a bit crazy too. I’m going to need to re-adjust my blogging schedule a bit and not leave these massive real wedding posts until 9pm the night before ;) Anyway, this real DC wedding feature is going to knock your socks off – ok, and let’s be honest, probably tear up, so hold onto your butts.Douglas Pettway Photography sent me this one a few weeks ago and I literally wrote back to him “now THAT’s a REAL wedding feature” the second I finished reading Deanna & Rikki’s write-up. These two lovely ladies poured their souls into their wedding day, with handmade details, custom vows, and even a brand new last name that they decided upon together (more on that later). You really won’t want to miss ANY image or any of the write-up that these two shared.

Deanna & Rikki’s Rustic, Handmade, Heartfelt & Intimate DC Wedding

intimate rustic modern DC samesex wedding


Photographer: Douglas Pettway | Flowers: Eastern Market Vendor | Officiant: Friend | Placements: Handmade by couple

Rikki and I both wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities and our relationship.  We don’t feel wholly comfortable in the limelight and we didn’t want our wedding details to overshadow the significant commitment we were about to make.

Deanna_Rikki_Douglas-Pettway-0006 Deanna_Rikki_Douglas-Pettway-0005fingerprint engagement wedding rings

A little backstory: if it were up to us, we would have gotten married in Oregon (Rikki’s home) on top of a mountain.  But, since that wasn’t possible, we wanted our atmosphere to reflect our love of the outdoors.


Before the wedding day, I was able to pull off the biggest surprise of both our lives, which is truly remarkable because I can’t keep anything from Rikki.  Her brother lives in Oregon and was not going to be able to make it to DC for our wedding.  So, in sneaky fashion, I arranged for his trip and even caught Rikki on video after seeing him for the first time.  We both still cry each time we watch it.  Seeing DC through his eyes, a combat veteran with a brilliant heart and mind, reminded us how privileged we are to be in this place.

modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony

With a total of 14 guests (plus our two sweet pups), we walked from our house to the Capitol Building where we were surrounded by our closest friends and family who witnessed the best day of our lives.  In the shadow of the Supreme Court, we reflected on the institution of marriage and our gratitude for being granted this right.

It felt important to us to take a moment of silence to acknowledge the many couples who are not yet afforded the chance to marry.

I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so beautiful as that…

modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony

We wrote our own vows (that were eerily but unsurprisingly similar) and exchanged rings on which our respective fingerprints are engraved.

modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony modern intimate same sex DC wedding ceremony

Click inside for SO MUCH MORE of Rikki & Deanna’ amazing DC wedding ~ including all the awesome handmade details at their intimate dinner reception!

Jessica & Mark’s Rock & Roll, Backyard Engagement in Maryland

I am hurting worse this Sunday night from being a wedding guest, than from having to work a Saturday wedding. Go figure. Apparently I can’t “hang” and drink like I am still 21 and in college ;) But it was a great weekend witnessing my two good friends get married, in a total Penn State themed wedding up at State College, PA. And this weekend we have PopUpRomance on Saturday! You better stop by and join in on the communal art project or witness the vow renewal event at 4pm! Hope to see some of you there :) And now for a little love this Monday morning. Jessica & Mark’s adorable backyard engagement session – I am IN LOVE with Jessica’s rad tattoos and Rosie the Riveter styling. Happy Monday Romancers.

Jessica & Mark’s Backyard, Rock & Roll Maryland Engagement Pictures

backyard rock and roll engagement pictures (2)

Photography: Kathleen Hertel Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

How they met:

We met through my work. And went on our first date on my 28th birthday and instantly hit it off and have been pretty much inseparable since then.

backyard rock and roll engagement pictures (5) backyard rock and roll engagement pictures (7) backyard rock and roll engagement pictures (6)

Click inside for the rest of Jessica & Mark’s adorable, backyard punk rock engagement session and the proposal story!

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