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Laura Beth & Jascha’s Butterbee Farm Engagement Pictures in Baltimore, Maryland

Images: L.A. Birdie Photography

Greetings from beautiful Wells, Vermont. It’s officially family vacation time for me and after (somewhat) surviving the 9+ hour car ride (split over two days with a stop in NJ) with a non-napping toddler, we are finally in vacation mode on the lake. It’s GORGEOUS up here and I will try my best to get some blogs up this week, including today’s adorable farm engagement session in Baltimore. These adorable met online and work on a floral farm – where these pictures take place. Hope you guys have a great week while we enjoy all that the farmlands of VT have to offer.

I moved back to Baltimore a few years ago to start my flower farm, Butterbee Farm. I had just gotten out of a relationship around the same time, so I went on OK Cupid to distract myself. I got a message from Jascha, who had just graduated from MICA’s painting program, and was interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Neither of us thought online dating was going to help us meet someone for real, so we were both totally authentic with each other on our first date. We met at my farm, where he helped me plant and weed for a few hours. I wore my normal dirty farming jeans and T shirt. I figured if it was meant to be, he wouldn’t mind!

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Nikki & Julie’s Maternity Session & Journey to Pregnancy

Images: Carletta G Photography

What a weird and crazy week this turned out to be. We’re dealing with the world’s fussiest toddler (teething? cold? normal toddler-dictator tendencies? who knows?!), trying to get ready to leave for vacation TOMORROW, and still trying to stay on top of life, work, and wedding land – fun! I am so looking forward to a week in Vermont – disconnecting a bit from the seemingly never-ending cruelty of our news cycle & spending some time with family & nature. Happy Friday Romancers.

Nikki and Julie met in December 2006 at a meeting for those who’d signed up to be volunteer team leaders for MLK Day of Service at the George Washington University, where the two are alumni. Shortly after making their relationship ‘official,’ a close friend remarked, “I’m going to plan your wedding.” Five years later in July 2011, that same friend would serve as the day of coordinator for their nuptials. “Just like we knew we’d be together for a long time after we met, we knew we wanted to become parents together,” says Nikki. “However, it wasn’t always clear how we would make that happen.”

Alex & Neal’s Casual, Meridian Hill Park Engagement Pictures with Pup Penelope

Images: Robin Shotola Photography

I hope you guys had a good weekend, I feel like we got a lot done at our new micro-rental apartment and made some headway on the new focus in our life: the massive renovation of our Brookland home. Andy & I took Friday off to officially sell our Trinidad Rowhouse, make a quick trip to IKEA, and otherwise try and maximize & organize the 600 sq ft we now live in. Saturday was full of renovation planning & confirming, and friends’ BBQs and yesterday we celebrated Andy with breakfast, a massage, and some cuddle time. We leave for our family vacation in less than a week (how!? JUNE IS FLYING BY) and I am hoping to use some lake time to knock off a TON of things that have been sitting on my CapRo to-do list for weeks now.

For today, we have an adorable DC engagement session featuring the CUTEST dog named Penelope. Happy Monday Romancers.

From the bride: “Penelope is really, in every way, our dog-ter. We adopted her as a tiny two month-old pound puppy at Washington Animal Rescue League when we moved to the DC area. We had both spent many many years of wanting a dog — both separately and then as a couple. Penelope is incredibly gregarious in a way that we aren’t naturally so sometimes we’ll be walking down the street and a person we’ve never seen before will say “Hey Penelope!” like they are old friends. She meets most of these neighborhood friends when she’s on walks with her dogwalker, Kim.

Kirsten & Andrew’s DIY Maryland Wedding at Cylburn Arboretum

Images: Barbara O Photography

This Fall Maryland wedding full of warm colors is exactly what I need right now. After yesterday’s horrible events in San Fran & Alexandria … and just everything else going on in my life, it’s always good to re-focus back on L-O-V-E.

From the photographer:

Kirsten and Andrew wanted to bring a little of the outdoors to the room where they got married. They made heir own arch using trunks and filled the room with fall colored flowers and pumpkins. They also made a gorgeous wooden ‘instagram-like’ board with pictures of themselves. During the ceremony they both watered a tree that will be planted at their house and represent their deep rooted union. It was a day full of smiles, tears, laughs and some pretty awesome dance moves.

Why we chose colors – we wanted fall-ish colors that weren’t too Halloween-y. We loosely chose mustard, Marsala, and sage, although we tried not to follow that too strictly. Also copper! There is copper in his ring and my engagement and wedding rings are rose gold, so we spray painted some elements copper as well.

Guest Post: How to Be Different in the Wedding Trend Spectrum

Image: Kristi Odom Photography | Megan & Alan’s Rad DC Wedding

Hey guys – it’s me, Bree, remember me? I used to be a regular blogger, keeping this site up to date and sharing rad wedding things with you … and then life got in the way (as it usually does) and I’ve been MIA. If you follow my social media, then you know it’s mostly due to the fact that we officially moved out of our rowhouse in DC. We close on Friday but are mostly settled in our new, tiny, digs for the short-term. It feels good to have one move down (though we’re still waiting for internet….) but I am sure things are about to heat up with decisions for the renovation, so things aren’t exactly quieting down. I’ll try my best to post when I can, but continued warnings that life is CRAZY so I won’t promise you more than 2-3 posts/week going forward.

For today, we have an advice piece from Wendy at Outreach Mamma. She’s sharing her advice & tips for keeping your wedding fresh & unique! Take it away Wendy.

How to Be Different in the Wedding Scene | By: Wendy Dessler

Cell phone cameras and social media have made our world so very small. We share wedding photos real time, and every moment of nearly every wedding is documented and hash tagged for all to see. Once something goes viral, it quickly feels like every couple is copying the idea, and while copying is a form of flattery, not everyone wants a cookie-cutter wedding. Here’s some ideas to help you have a unique, but MEANINGFUL wedding that is true to you!

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