Laura Beth & Jascha’s Butterbee Farm Engagement Pictures in Baltimore, Maryland

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  • June 26, 2017

Images: L.A. Birdie Photography

Greetings from beautiful Wells, Vermont. It’s officially family vacation time for me and after (somewhat) surviving the 9+ hour car ride (split over two days with a stop in NJ) with a non-napping toddler, we are finally in vacation mode on the lake. It’s GORGEOUS up here and I will try my best to get some blogs up this week, including today’s adorable farm engagement session in Baltimore. These adorable met online and work on a floral farm – where these pictures take place. Hope you guys have a great week while we enjoy all that the farmlands of VT have to offer.

I moved back to Baltimore a few years ago to start my flower farm, Butterbee Farm. I had just gotten out of a relationship around the same time, so I went on OK Cupid to distract myself. I got a message from Jascha, who had just graduated from MICA’s painting program, and was interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Neither of us thought online dating was going to help us meet someone for real, so we were both totally authentic with each other on our first date. We met at my farm, where he helped me plant and weed for a few hours. I wore my normal dirty farming jeans and T shirt. I figured if it was meant to be, he wouldn’t mind!

We went from dating to really serious about each other fast, partly because Jascha started working with me on the farm, so we got to be together every day! It was amazing and so much fun to have a partner who cared as much as I did about the business.

Two years later, I was driving back from delivering flowers one day, and when I parked he came over to the truck with a little posy of flowers and proposed through the open window! I had actually planned to propose to him, and so I gave him his engagement ring that same afternoon.

We got married last September in my parents’ backyard, and did our biggest flower harvest ever for the wedding. I feel so incredibly lucky that every day I get to work with my husband!

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