Danielle & Tyler’s Colorful Richmond Virginia Engagement Pictures with Murals

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  • January 11, 2016

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Images: Amber Kay Photo

It’s MONDAY. Where does the weekend go? We spent ours completely cleaning out and re-organizing the office (aka CapRo Headquarters). It felt good but took SO LONG. This weekend we’ll be trekking up north (NJ and CT) for my neice’s 1st birthday! Just crazy how fast the days, months, years fly lately. So without more from me, I can’t WAIT to share this super rad engagement session this morning. Tattoos, GREEN HAIR, murals, and so much love & laughter. Let’s get to it.

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Danielle and Tyler were high school sweethearts and have been dating for over 6 years. They are a fun couple full of inside jokes and off beat humor and they couldn’t be more awesome if they tried. Danielle is a hair stylist and you just never know what color hair to expect from her…but it’s always fun and colorful! Tyler is finishing up his degree at VCU and the couple lives in Richmond, VA. When they were thinking of places for engagement photos I knew it had to be fun and colorful just like them and support their sense of personal style. There’s no place better than the many colorful murals that are painted all around the city and a back alley or two also worked out awesome.

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Danielle and I met sometime freshman year of high school at North Stafford High School through marching band; though neither of us can recall a specific instance of us actually communicating that first year of knowing each other. We began actually talking to each other and getting to know one another during our sophomore year, and soon began officially dating. We were kind of “that couple” throughout high school, who were always seen together no matter what time of day, or what class we should have been in. I do not think it was a surprise to anyone when we moved away to Richmond for college together, where we have been very happy ever since.

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I had planned to propose on our third anniversary (Jan. 02, 2012). I thought we would have some nice, special evening out, and I would ask at some point during our date. However, because I am horrible at hiding anything from her, she was very aware that I had something going on. I knew she was anxious about whatever news I was keeping from her, so I moved my proposal up a few days to New Years Eve. We were at a close friend’s New Year’s party, and it just felt like the right time to do it. I ended up actually proposing right about midnight, so as I did it, fireworks went off in the background behind me (in reality, this was super coincidental, though I really should tell the story as if I planned it). It took a couple years to get all the pieces together for our wedding day, but it all worked out rather perfectly in the end.

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