2013 July 01

Tim & Vanessa’s Nerderiffic, Offbeat Virginia Engagement Session

I’m not going to lie to you – this Monday feels especially tough. I didn’t get much sleep this weekend, and this constant thunderstorm weather is just totally messing with me. I don’t think I’ve ever craved a July 4th/mini-vacation like I am this week.

That being said – life goes on right? And for me that means, work, blogging & wedding planning – and hey, I can’t REALLY complain about those last too ;) Also – today’s “nerderiffic” Virginia engagement session really makes me happy. It includes a DIY, knitted viking hat & beard, and a Mario Bros inspired wedding website AND proposal! A special thanks to Saperstone Studios  & Two Bright Lights for the submission.

Tim & Vanessa’s Offbeat Virginia Engagement & Mario Bros Inspire Proposal

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

How they met:

Vanessa and Tim connected over OKcupid when she realized his online profile contained a puzzle within the text about himself. Intrigued, she messaged him and several e mails later, set up their first date.

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

On their engagement session:

After the ‘pretty’ images were done and out of the way, we went back to their place for something more ‘them’. Vanessa had DIY’d a viking hat/beard for Tim while they were dating but thought it would be fun for her to wear the horns instead. More horse playing ensued to capture a series of fun, ‘them’ images.

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

offbeat nerdy virginia engagement

Click inside for the BEST, nerderiffic proposal ever – video included!!!!

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