Capitol Inspiration: Jenn & Brian’s Intimate, Yellow & Green Wedding in Leesburg, VA

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  • June 28, 2013

Not a ton of details for today’s Virginia wedding feature, which is mostly why I am keeping it more as an inspiration post, instead of a real wedding post! Regardless of the lack of details though, there is a lot to love about Jenn & Brian’s intimate, yellow wedding at the gorgeous Morven Park venue in Leesburg, Virginia.

I actually worked my first wedding at this venue – so I can attest to its beauty firsthand. The gardens surround the historic home, with their brick walk ways and iron gates, look like something from a fairytale, and the carriage house rental space is SO unique – with both indoor and outdoor space, strung lights, and cobbled stone floors – it’s really, really, awesome, I just wish it wasn’t so far from DC ;) (hey, over an hour is far to me!).

Photographer, Kelly Ewell Photography shares some beautiful moments, telling the story of Jenn, her new husband Brian, and her father in their moments before the walk down the aisle. In addition – there are a ton of bright yellow wedding decor & design elements in their flowers, centerpieces, & decor – so I know you guys will love them! Happy Friday – hope you all enjoy your weekend!

A Bright Yellow, Intimate Northern Virginia Wedding at Morven Park



Photographer: Kelly Ewell Photography | Venue: Morven Park | Submitted via Two Bright Lights



Photography, Kelly Ewell recounts the high emotions and moments of the bride, groom, and father of the bride before the walk down the aisle:

When I last saw Jenn, she had just finished apply her makeup. Calmly sitting inside the Laundry and Dairy Building with a handheld mirror and surrounded by half eaten bagels and bags of cosmetics. After putting on her dress with the help of her mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law, her yellow feather shoes slipped on and she was ready to go.


When I last saw Brian, he was pacing the grass. A cracked joke slipped from his lips in between heavy sighs and last checks of his cufflinks and straightening his jacket and tie. As he stepped to the front of the reflecting pond, his brother stood by his side and he exhaled one last heavy sigh.



When I saw Jenn’s father, he was leading her down the aisle. Emotion strained on his face and a lip began to quiver. His eyes began to well with each step closer, and closer still. Jenn laughed to hold back her own tears, clutching her flowers closer.

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

When the three met at the base of the well trodden brick steps, Jenn’s dad kissed his daughter and took a seat next to his wife. He was about to watch his only daughter become a wife of her own.

outdoor wedding ceremony northern virginia morven park

Click inside for the rest of this intimate, Northern Virginia wedding at Morven Park – including some awesome yellow wedding decor & design details from the reception!

Surrounded by about 40 close friends and family, Jenn and Brian became husband and wife among the pastoral setting of Morven Park in Leesburg with a yellow and black themed wedding.

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

They dined on cobblestones and danced among historic buildings on the old Governor’s mansion grounds. If you asked Jenn what she was looking forward to most, there was a lot – marrying the man I love, seeing each other dressed up, me in my dress and him in his suit, having our first kiss as a married couple, walking to the reception as a married couple, being surrounded by friends and family, just about everything!

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

bright yellow lemmons centerpieces

bright yellow northern virginia wedding morven park

outdoor wedding venue northern Virginia

outdoor wedding venue northern Virginia

Congratulations Jenn & Brian! Thank you for sharing your beautiful, intimate Virginia wedding at Morven Park with us! A special thanks again to Kelly Ewell Photography & Two Bright Lights for making this feature possible.

outdoor wedding venue northern Virginia


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  • I love her dress. So dreamy. The venue is stunning too. I kind of wish there had only been 40 people at our wedding… Lol. But… that’s like our immediate family plus our bridal party. Haha! There was no way. Intimate weddings are so nice though.

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