2013 June 10

Capitol Romance: Brittany & Anthony’s Backyard, Casual Engagement Session

Monday is rough. Especially when it’s raining (a double sucker punch, if you will). But Brittany & Anthony’s backyard Virginia engagement session from Holly Cromer Photography, is sure to make you smile and forget ALL about that crappy rainy Monday weather (and commute!).

I love so much about this engagement session – the couple is so laid back and effortlessly cool. I love that they had their engagement at their home, inside and in their backyard, with their dogs joining it. Everything about this session just seems to be so “them” – and I don’t even know them!!

Oh and just wait until you read all the beautiful details of their love story. A special thanks again to Holly Cromer for submitting!

Brittany & Anthony’s Backyard, Casual Virginia Engagement Session

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

How they met (from Brittany):

Like many young couples, Anthony and I met in college; at a party no less. There were, of course, plenty of other people to meet and mingle with. But for some reason we just kept running into each other throughout the house and engaging in conversations about music, future world travel, and drinking games. In hindsight, that magnetic reaction we felt that brought us together throughout the night was love.

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

It was our junior year and we had a class together with a maniacally intellectual professor who at times was a personal hero, and at other times was a personal pain-in-the-butt. So I sometimes found my attention wandering. Before I had actually met Anthony I had noticed a tattoo of a silhouette of a cow under a green leafy tree on his arm, contrasting boldly with a hot pink shirt he’d been wearing. Class after class I would stare at it, the most beautiful tattoo I’d ever seen.

Anthony and I spent a long time admiring each other, going to the same parties but hesitant to talk to one another. It’s the only relationship where I’ve fallen in love before even getting to know the person.”

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

How they met (from Anthony):

“As cliché as it sounds, meeting Brittany started by seeing her across a crowded room. This was no classy bar with candles and piano music, however, this was the epitome of college house parties; drowning in noise, profanity, and general uncleanliness. Through the bodies and sounds I found myself fixating on this small, thickly-banged vixen. I recognized her from a shared class but we’d never actually interacted before.

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

By the kindness of the stars in the skies she saw fit to exchange fluttering eyes with me, and I eventually took the opportunity to try talking with her. Miraculously she proved to be funny, intelligent, involved, and willing to keep talking to me despite my firm belief that she was entirely out of my league. Not wanting to seem too over-eager I eventually came up with an excuse to go elsewhere and we parted ways – but a house party can be a small place, especially at a small school in a small town. As the night continued we managed to bump into one another again and again, at times exchanging glances, smiles, sometimes entire conversations.

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

I finally found a way to hold her company in a comfortably nonaggressive way under the guise of teaching her a drinking game about a river. We ended up playing through the entire desk, possibly more than once, talking about everything under and above the sun. By the end of the night we were no longer strangers to one another – we parted ways with a hope and understanding that our next class together might prove exponentially more thrilling.

For days and weeks after, my mind raced through the first moments of seeing her across the room, the electricity sparking from her eyes into my mind; all I could think was “what I wouldn’t give for the chance to spend more time with her”. I still think that.”

^Can we all just say, “awwwwwwwwwwwww” together?!!?

offbeat casual backyard virginia engagement session

Click inside for the rest of Brittany & Anthony’s laid back, casual engagement feature and the proposal story!

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