Capitol Romance: Trish & Ned’s Quirky & Fun Washington, DC Engagement Session

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  • March 18, 2013

Welcome back this afternoon to a super fun & quirky Washington, DC engagement session from Cassidy Duhon Photography, styled by Blue Canary Events. Trish & Ned have a fun love story and I was just smitten with Trish’s awesome grey & blue heart sweater. The couple met online, but found that they both lived in DC and both worked in Alexandria (the first two coincidences of many in their love story).

The couple took to the streets of Georgetown for their engagement shoot with some awesome pictures and of course, a ton of love!

Trish & Ned’s Quirky & Fun Washington, DC Engagement Session in Georgetown

quirky washington dc engagement pictures

How they met:

Ned and I met as many modern couples do these days… online! After exchanging a few quick emails, we happened to discover that we both lived in Washington, DC and worked in Alexandria, VA. I thought, while sitting at my desk, in the heart of Old Town, what an amazing coincidence – he’s writing me emails a block away from me right now. (And also, it might be awkward if I accidentally ran into him on my way home.)

On our first date, later that week, we met in Mt. Pleasant at a neighborhood bar and had drinks. We had a great time, good conversation, and stayed out talking later than we both had originally planned. When it came time to walk home, we kept waiting for each other to veer off onto another street but when we got to Ned’s house it became apparent.. we lived right across the street from each other! We used to joke that we were so close to each to each other, we could string two tin cans together from our bedrooms to chat. Hence, the idea for our save the date cards.

We quickly learned that not only do we live across the street from each other, work a block away from each other. Our birthdays were one day apart, our dad’s have the same name (Gerald). And we have the incredibly particular request of having our water with “no ice, please!” Must’ve been meant to be.

Trish & Ned 015

Trish & Ned 026

Trish & Ned 035

Click inside for the rest of Trish & Ned’s Washington, DC engagement session from Cassidy Duhon Photography & to read the proposal story!

The Proposal Story:

Fast forward one year later, Ned was insisting on taking me sailing for our anniversary. I was very hesitant about the idea of sailing in the middle of November so I kept saying we could do something low-key and stay in. But he was oddly persistent and told me he’d pack us a picnic. Even though, when the day finally arrived, there was NO WIND for sailing, it turned out to be a beautiful day.

So, we decided we would just motor out into the bay and have our picnic. Of course, the motor would cut out and leave us stranded in the water for a little, but with my suspicions as to why we were out here, I thought, maybe Ned should have some minor hiccups. He popped the question, didn’t drop the ring in the water and we toasted to champagne that he secretly stashed underneath the ice in the cooler.

Trish & Ned 027

Trish & Ned 063

Trish & Ned 073

Congratulations Trish & Ned! Best of luck with your upcoming wedding. A special thanks again to Cassidy Duhon Photography for submitting her images.

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